Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub IV by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ Family Photo ( Chapter 10 )

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Chapter 10
Raven softly combed Arielle's strawberry blond hair and then put it into a half ponytail, using a sparkly elastic. She helped her dress into a lovely white dress with purple flowers around the hem. They were going to get their pictures done that day, as well as a family portrait. Raven had wanted to do it for a while and figure that it was time. Arielle had turned three a month before and twins were now nine months old. Alex was going into the first grade in less than two weeks.
“Mumma, I don't like those shoes,” said Arielle.
“Why not?” asked Raven.
“They hurt,” said Arielle.
“They're too small?” asked Raven.
“Yeah,” said Arielle.
Raven sighed and put them aside. She went into her daughter's closet and looked for another suitable pair of shoes. Luckily she found a pair of less dressy white shoes, but they would work fine. “Okay, let's get you into these.” She helped her put them on and then took a look at her. “Perfect, now go sit on the couch and don't move.”
“'kay,” said Arielle and off she went.
Beast Boy was getting Alex ready, but luckily he was old enough to dress himself, if he was given the clothes of course. Once he had his nice clothes on Beast Boy parted his hair on the side and gelled it so he looked very proper. Once he was done he sent him to sit on the couch as well and then went to get the twins ready.
Raven was already in their room undressing Austin. Beast Boy took charge of Austin and the two parents began working in unison.
“Is Alex all set?” asked Raven.
“Yup, he's sitting in the common room,” said Beast Boy.
“Good,” said Raven. She still had to get ready herself, as well as Beast Boy. They hoped the kids could wait a few minutes while they did so.
Once the whole family was dressed and primped they were off to the mall, where the photo studio was. As they drove the kids began to fidget in their nice clothes.
“I don't like my hair like this,” said Alex sadly. “It's really stiff.”
“You can wash the gel out when we get home,” said Beast Boy. “I promise.” Alex sighed and leaned on the window. He was all the way in the back with Arielle. The twins were in their seats in the middle.
“Mumma, this dress is scratchy,” said Arielle.
“You only have to wear it for a little while,” said Raven.
“Why are we getting our pictures taken?” asked Alex.
“Because we want to remember what you looked like when you were this old,” said Raven.
“But you have pictures of us,” said Arielle.
“This place takes really nice pictures,” said Beast Boy. “At a very un nice price,” he added under his breath. It was true; the whole package they were getting was going to cost them a pretty penny.
“Can Christine be in the picture?” asked Arielle holding her doll up.
“I would like it if she wasn't,” said Raven. “But if you want her, then that's fine.”
Arielle hugged her doll close and smiled. She loved that doll more than anything and she would have been devastated if she couldn't be in their family pictures.
They arrived at the mall and the whole clan made their way to the photo studio. There were other families there with other little kids looking rather uncomfortable in their nice clothes.
After a few minutes it was their turn, and they felt bad for the other families that would have to wait for them to be through. Raven knew exactly what she wanted, and it was going to take a long time. She wanted pictures of each of the kids by themselves. Then one of all four. Then one of just Alex and Arielle. Then one of Alex with the twins. Then one of Arielle and the twins. Then just the twins together. Then one with Beast Boy and the three boys. Then one of Raven and Arielle. Then one of Beast Boy and Arielle. Then on of Raven and the three boys. Then the one family picture. Yes, it was quite a package.
By the end each of the kids was feeling slightly cranky and just wanted to strip out of those horrid clothes and go home. They were relieved when their mother finally said, “I think that's it.” Alex and Arielle let out a dramatic sigh and said, “Finally.”
When they got back to the tower they found Cyborg ranting and raving about something to Robin. Bumble Bee was all smiles and she was laughing at the situation. They had a funny feeling about what it was about.
“Well, you better figure something out,” said Cyborg. “Because I'm not gonna be there this time to restrain her.”
“Don't worry, I'm gonna talk to Star and figure something out,” said Robin. “You won't get caught in the crossfire this time.”
“Damn right I'm not, because I'm not gonna be anywhere near the city that day,” said Cyborg.
“Hey guys,” said Beast Boy. “What's goin on?”
“Starfire's pregnant,” said Bumble Bee happily.
“Really?” asked Raven smiling.
“Yeah, she's lying down right now,” said Robin. “She was feeling a little dizzy.”
“Awesome, dude,” said Beast Boy going over to Robin. “Congrats.”
“Congrats my ass,” mumbled Cyborg.
“Don't worry about him,” said Bumble Bee. “We're all happy for you and Star.”
“I'll go see if she needs anything,” said Raven. She turned to her kids and said, “You can take your clothes off now, but…” Alex and Arielle were already gone and all that was left was their clean clothes left in a pile on the floor. “…don't leave them on the floor,” she finished in a sigh.
“Well, let's pray for a boy this time,” said Beast Boy patting Robin on the back.
“Have you told Caley yet?” asked Raven picking up her children's clothes off the floor.
“Yeah, I just did,” said Robin. “She's a little confused, but I think she has some idea about what's going to happen.”
“Yeah, that's how Arielle was when we told her that Raven was pregnant,” said Beast Boy.
Alex reemerged into the room with a basketball in his arms. “Uncle Cyborg, wanna play?”
“Sounds good,” said Cyborg. He really needed to get his mind off of the fact that Starfire was pregnant again. The two headed up to the roof to play.
Raven went to Starfire and asked if she wanted anything. She said that she was tired and feeling a little queasy, so Raven made her some tea. She gave it to Robin and told him to go bring it to his tired, pregnant, wife. She just loved rubbing in the fact that he was definitely in a committed relationship now. Robin couldn't believe that he had been so afraid of commitment a few short years earlier.
That evening as Raven and Beast Boy put their children to bed they explained that their Auntie Starfire was pregnant. Arielle was excited about it, but for Alex, it really was no big deal. He had watched his mother get pregnant twice and his Auntie Starfire once before. So hearing this news was like finding out it was time to go to the dentist. It was just an annual, common thing to him.
“Poor Cyborg,” laughed Beast Boy as he brushed his teeth. “After all he did to keep them from reproducing.”
“Well, there wasn't anything he could really do to stop them,” said Raven brushing her hair.
“Seriously, though, I'm surprised he didn't slip something into Robin's drinks that makes a guy sterile,” chuckled Beast Boy as he spit. “Do they have something like that?”
“Radiation,” said Raven tying her hair back. “Though, I doubt it could fit in a drink.”
“Ha ha,” said Beast Boy sarcastically. He went to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her on the back of her neck. “You're just so smart, aren't you?”
“Only when it comes to you,” she said playfully back with a smile.
“Ooh, and you've always got those quick comebacks,” he said pulling her even closer to him. “Is your brain working faster than mine?”
“Possibly,” she giggled.
They stood there for a minute or two in each other's arms. They both closed their eyes and soaked in the moment. The day seemed to just fly by. Each day seemed to fly by these days. It was hard to believe that once in their lives they had time to sit around and actually feel bored. Now they were busy all the time. Not that they were unhappy about it.
“Ready for bed?” asked Beast Boy.
“Yes,” said Raven and the two went over to their bed.
They crawled in and got comfy. Beast Boy leaned over to her and kissed her. It was a long, sweet kiss that made Raven realize something. He really did love her. She was loved and she loved him with all her heart. As he released the kiss and kept him close and looked into his eyes.
“I love you,” she said.
“I love you, too,” said Beast Boy smiling and kissed her again.
“Thank you,” said Raven.
“For what?” asked Beast Boy.
“For loving me,” said Raven. “For being so wonderful.”
“I could say the same to you,” said Beast Boy.
“But you don't know how long I waited to feel this way,” said Raven snuggling closer to him. “I always thought that I wasn't meant to love or be loved. And you proved me wrong. So, thank you.”
“Wow, I proved you wrong and you're actually happy about it,” chuckled Beast Boy.
“Don't get excited, it's a one time deal,” said Raven laughing.
“Then I better gloat as much as I can,” said Beast Boy. Then he grew a little more serious. “But, I really think you should know that I feel the same way. I always thought I knew what love was, until I fell in love with you. You showed me what actual love felt like. And you've given me everything I've ever wanted.”
“Of course! You've given me four beautiful, great children, you've given me your love, and you've promised to always be with me for the rest of my life. I could never ask for anything more.”
“Are you always going to feel like that?” asked Raven.
“As long as I live and then some,” said Beast Boy kissing her. “We're forever.”
Those two words were so simple, yet so perfect. We're forever. Raven could have cried. She held him tightly and didn't let go all night. And Beast Boy never released his grip of her for a moment.