Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub IV by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ The Newest Newlyweds ( Chapter 9 )

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Chapter 9
Yet another Titan wedding. The tower had never been so full before. It was full of Titans, a few of their spouses that weren't Titans, and children. Of course, Alex was the oldest, so he was in charge of all the younger kids. There were so many people that they almost ran out of room. And that was saying something!
But now they were all sitting within the church, waiting for Bumble Bee to walk down the aisle. Once again, both Raven and Beast Boy were in the wedding party. Their children were set up in the front row, along with Caley, with a few of the other Titans to make sure they were okay. The six-month-old twins sat in their seats, sleeping and sucking their thumbs.
Finally the music began to swell and Bumble Bee walked down the aisle. Cyborg actually looked pretty nervous up until then. But that all melted away when he saw her. Soon the ceremony was underway and vows were being exchanged. Raven and Beast Boy looked at each other from across the way and smiled at each other. They had been married for a little over a year now, yet it seemed like it had been only yesterday. Everything seemed like only yesterday.
Cyborg and Bumble Bee kissed and everyone clapped. They both blushed and then proceeded down the aisle and out of the church. Now it was time for the best part of every wedding. Reception! Alex loved this part of the wedding and he had told Arielle about it in full detail. She couldn't really remember the two she had been to, so she was excited.
Once everyone reached the dance hall the real party started. Cyborg and Bumble Bee made their way around the room to say hello and be congratulated. Alex ran straight to the dance floor and began to dance. He was so cute, not really being able to find the rhythm and just jumping up and down and flailing his arms.
“He definitely takes after you,” said Raven as she sat down at their table.
“Yeah, but I think I'm a little more coordinated than that,” laughed Beast Boy as he set both baby seats on the table. Arielle ran off to the dance floor and began to dance with her older brother. Austin and Aaron were awake now and quite interested into what was going on. “I think we should show them off now that they're awake.”
“Okay,” said Raven starting to undo the clasps on the seats. “Who do you want?”
“I'll take Austin,” said Beast Boy reaching into one of the seats.
“Then you want this one,” said Raven taking the other babe out and handing it to him.
“Damn, I just can't tell them apart!” said Beast Boy. He took the child and got him comfortable in his arms. “So… which one is this again?”
“That's Austin!” said Raven. “I swear, I'm going to get them monogrammed clothes.”
“Can we?” asked Beast Boy hopefully.
Raven rolled her eyes and picked up Aaron. They both went out to the dance floor and found Alex and Arielle. Alex had been given plenty of room on the floor since his dancing was very physical and he could accidentally bump into or slap someone. And then they saw the cutest thing ever. Arielle was dancing with her favorite of favorite uncles… Uncle Speedy. The two had a cute little bond and she loved it whenever he came to visit. They asked him to keep an eye on her and Alex and then went off to mingle with everyone.
“I still can't believe you had two!” said Flash.
“And they're both so adorable!” said Jinx. She made baby noises at them and then turned to Flash and slapped him in the arm. “Why can't we have kids yet?”
“Hey, I like things fast,” said Flash. “But there are some things I like to take slow.”
While those two got into their little argument, Beast Boy and Raven moved onto another group. They made their way around to the room and heard basically the same things. No one could believe that Raven had had twins, everyone thought they were cute, and everyone asked if they were finally done having kids. Beast Boy and Raven happily said, “Yes.”
After a while they sat back down to feed the two. Raven had packed plenty of bottles filled with her milk and they each fed one. They watched Alex moved around the dance floor and dance with everyone at least once. The DJ even dedicated a song to Alex and he was beaming. They saw Arielle dancing on Speedy's feet with a large smile on his face.
Cyborg and Bumble Bee finally had a chance to sit down as well. They had spoken to everyone and were in need of a glass of water at least! Their feet were already hurting, at least Bumble Bee's were, and were ready to call it a day. They had no idea how exhausting it was to get married.
“Well, we're probably the last to say it, but congrats,” said Beast Boy.
“Thanks,” said the two newly weds.
“Tired?” chuckled Raven.
“I never thought I would want to go him in the middle of my own wedding reception,” said Bumble Bee.
“Don't worry,” said Beast Boy. “All you have to do now is relax and enjoy yourself.”
“The only thing you have left to do is your first dance,” said Raven.
“Well, it looks like Alex won't be givin' us a chance,” laughed Cyborg as he spotted the blond little boy spinning around.
“He sure does love to dance,” said Bumble Bee.
“Speaking of kids,” said Raven. “I don't want to start an argument or anything, but have you thought about kids?”
“Yeah, we have,” said Cyborg. “We have to adopt, obviously, but we're gonna wait a little while.”
“Well, it's nice to know that you have a plan,” said Beast Boy.
“Yeah, we decided to figure everything out so we wouldn't end up like them,” said Bumble Bee pointing to Jinx and Flash. As much as the two loved each other, when they fought, they fought! They were across the room pointing and yelling at each other, making everyone around them actually laugh.
Speedy came over to the table with Arielle in his arms and said, “Hey guys.”
“Speedy, I think you're trying to steal my baby girl,” said Beast Boy smiling.
“Yup,” said Speedy with a smirk. “She's mine now.”
“Hey, if you want one of my kids take a boy,” said Beast Boy. “I've got plenty of them.”
“I wanna dance more,” said Arielle excitedly.
“Okay, let's go,” said Speedy with a smile and the two headed back off to the dance floor.
“Wow, I can't believe that,” said Bumble Bee. “Speedy told us that he never wanted kids, and here he is practically asking to adopt Arielle.”
Robin, Starfire, and Caley came over and sat down. Caley had clung to her mother the whole time and was scared to death of all the people. She had never been there for one of these large events and she hoped to never go to one again.
“Hello everyone,” said Starfire sitting down.
“So what's everyone talking about over here?” asked Robin.
“Kids,” said Raven.
“That seems to be a running theme,” laughed Robin. They had just come from being in the middle of the Jinx/Flash fight.
“Robin and I are thinking of having another,” said Starfire.
“Oh no,” said Cyborg. “We talked about this, if you want more you have to adopt.”
“Cyborg, you can't tell us if we can or can't have kids,” said Robin.
“Well, if you are I am not gonna be there,” said Cyborg. “And you should find a fallout shelter.”
“Why?” asked Starfire.
“Cuz, that's the safest place for you to give birth,” said Cyborg. “Or back on Tamaran.”
“Perhaps I shall do that this time,” said Starfire thinking.
“Starfire, I'm not really comfortable with you having a child off of this planet,” said Robin.
“Why not?” asked Starfire.
“I don't know, I just think it would be better if we stayed here,” said Robin.
“But Cyborg is right, it would be safer for everyone if I gave birth on my home planet,” said Starfire.
“Starfire…” started Robin.
“How about you just not have anymore kids!” said Cyborg, growing tired of this conversation that was growing into an argument. “That'll keep everyone safe and happy.”
Soon the reception was winding down and everyone was ready to go home. Cyborg and Bumble Bee had shared their first dance and were happy that they didn't have anything else to do. Alex had passed out from all of the dancing and was now sleeping in a chair with his head resting on his crossed arms on the table. Arielle was asleep too, but she was asleep with her head on Speedy's shoulder.
Everyone headed back to the tower and dragged themselves into bed. The children never woke up as their parents put them in their pajamas and then put them in their beds. Then the parents crawled to their own beds.
“Oh, I hope there aren't any more weddings for a while,” said Raven. “They're really more work than anything.” She crawled into her bed and let out a long sigh as her muscles relaxed into the cool sheets. Beast Boy joined her and wrapped his arms around her, as they usually slept.
“Well, I think we're good for a while,” said Beast Boy settling in.
“Thank God,” said Raven, closing her eyes and cuddling closer to her husband. He hugged her tighter and they both let out a pleasant sigh. Their aching bodies absorbed into the bed and into each other.