Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub IV by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ A Big Party ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter 8
The whole tower was decorated once again. Alex was bouncing around unlike anything they had ever seen before. That was because not only was it his sixth birthday, but this was the first time he was going to have a friend birthday party. He had made so many friends in school that Raven and Beast Boy agreed to let him have his friends over. This was the first time the Titans were really going to be having people in their home, so they had to make the right impression.
“Did you get the games?” asked Alex looking through the bags of decorations and such. He was already wearing a blue party hat that matched his blue overalls and shirt.
“Of course I did, buddy,” said Beast Boy. “Hey, get out of there!” he said once he saw that Alex was in the decoration bags.
“How many kids are going to be here?” asked Robin as he did his best to set up the piñata that Alex insisted on having because a bunch of other kids had had one at their party.
“Twenty, I think,” said Beast Boy.
“Twenty kids!” said Robin.
“And their parents,” said Raven from the kitchen.
“Jesus, that's a lot of people,” said Robin shaking his head.
“Well, we can't help it if our son's the most popular guy in school,” said Beast Boy proudly.
“Beast Boy, he's in kindergarten,” said Raven. “There are no popular kids yet.”
“Just a preview of things to come,” said Beast Boy with a smile. “Cuz, by the look of how things are goin, he's gonna be.”
“Mumma, Aaron and Austin's crying,” said Arielle skipping into the room. She was in her favorite pink party dress and was twirling around in it.
“Okay, thank you,” said Raven and she headed out of the room to her babes.
“Well, I'm done,” said Bumble Bee tying up the last party favor bag. She and Starfire had been working on them all morning.
“What a wonderful idea,” said Starfire admiring them. “To give gifts to others instead of receive them.”
“I'm not getting any presents?” asked Alex shocked.
“Don't worry, you're gonna get plenty,” said Beast Boy. Just then Cyborg walked in with a pile of them in his arms. “See?”
Alex was pleased and went off to bother Robin with the piñata. Beast Boy was done with the decorations and was pretty pleased with the results. He looked out the window and saw the ferry heading towards their tower with all the party guests.
“They're here,” he said. “I'll go bring `em in.”
“I wanna go too!” said Alex.
“Alright birthday boy,” said Beast Boy scooping him up. “Let's go get your friends.”
“Oh, I must go get Caley,” said Starfire going to wake her napping daughter for the party.
“Cyborg, do you think the tower can withstand twenty little kids?” asked Robin.
“Well, it's held up after like a dozen Titan get-togethers,” said Cyborg. “And multiple villain attacks. But if it isn't ruined by the end of this day, we can officially call it indestructible.”
While the Titans did their last quick preparations Raven entered with both boys in her arms. They were five months old now and were very interested in what was going on around them. She put them in their little seats so they could see everything that was going on.
“Where's Beast Boy?” asked Raven.
“Showin' the party guests in,” said Bumble Bee.
“They're here!” asked Raven. “I'm not even ready.” She ran off to make herself look presentable. She was nervous about meeting all of these other parents and the last thing she wanted them to think was that she was one of those mothers who spends the day in her pajamas.
Just as she returned the doors opened and a crowd of people entered. They were all a little in awe of the fact that they were meeting the Titans, the people who kept their city safe for so many years.
“And this is where the party is,” said Beast Boy showing them in.
“Cool,” said all of the children at once.
“Come on, I'll show you around,” said Alex to all of his friends, and then ran off.
“Don't run!” called Beast Boy. “Come on in.” He said to all of the parents. They slowly entered and looked around at the size of the common room. They were met with friendly smiles from the rest of the Titans.
“Hi everyone,” said Raven going over to them and shaking everyone's hand. “It's nice to meet all of you.”
“And over there is Cyborg, Bumble Bee, and Robin,” said Beast Boy. “Where's Starfire?”
“Getting Caley ready,” said Robin.
Suddenly all of the kids reentered behind Alex, who was running. “Don't run!” called Raven this time. They all slowed down and Alex went to show them all of the games they were going to play and the piñata.
After a few minutes the ice was finally broken and everyone grew a little more comfortable. The parents relaxed and finally took off their coats. They realized that even though they were Titans, they were just regular people too. The kids had gotten over the fact that their favorite superheroes were there, and began to play with Alex.
Not all of the children were from Alex's class, a few were siblings of his classmates. So that meant that there were even more kids than expected. But the Titans really didn't mind. And there were a few for Arielle and Caley to play with. One parent was pregnant, so there went the hope that for once someone wouldn't be pregnant on Alex's birthday.
“You're children are gorgeous,” said a mother named Marcia. She was about thirty and had short auburn hair. She looked like the average soccer mom, with a smile on her face and a schedule in her head.
“Thank you,” said Raven. She had noticed that the youngest parents there were still five years older than her and Beast Boy. This made her feel a little uncomfortable, but Beast Boy reassured her that it was okay.
“How old are your twins?” asked a mother named Lilly. She was a beautiful blond haired woman in her late twenties.
“Five months three days ago,” said Raven.
“Mine are three, but they're at home with their father,” said Lilly. “How did your pregnancy go?”
“Not very well,” laughed Raven.
“Yeah, same here,” said Lilly. Raven now felt a little more comfortable. They were talking to her like any other mother. This was what she had hoped for.
Beast Boy and the rest of the guys were hanging out around the snack table. They had more diverse conversations going on than the women. Robin was talking to a few about his favorite crime cases with plenty of gore. Cyborg was keeping a few entertained explaining all of the electronics he had put into tower and then they went into sports. Beast Boy went back and forth in all the conversations, making sure to talk to everyone. He really did know how to handle parties.
“Daddy, can we do the piñata now?” asked Alex.
“Not yet,” said Beast Boy.
“When can we do it?” asked Alex.
“How about in ten minutes?” said Beast Boy.
“Okay,” said Alex running off. He quickly ran back and asked, “How long's ten minutes?”
Beast Boy chuckled and said, “I'll tell you when, now go play.” Alex smiled and ran back over to the children.
“Wow, I've never seen a kid so well behaved on their birthday,” said one of the fathers named Jeff. He was about thirty or so and looked to be a military man. “How the hell did ya manage that?”
“I dunno,” said Beast Boy. “He's just a good kid. Actually, all of my kids are.”
“Man, I wish my kids were like that,” said another father named Nick. He was in her mid thirties, making Beast Boy really feel young. “My boys are fighting nonstop and my youngest girl just cries and cries.”
“Yeah, mine too,” said Robin laughing.
After ten minutes went boy Best Boy announced that it was time for the piñata and all the kids squealed. Robin was in charge of the rope that the piñata was hanging on, since he had rigged it up. All the children were lined up; they were jumping up and down with excitement. Alex was first so they blindfolded him, turned him around three times, and let him swing away. It was lucky that the common room was so big, there was really no chance of anyone getting hit. Except for poor Robin. As each child went up for a turn he had to jump and duck out of the way of the bat. He got hit a couple times, but the best one came from a little girl named Tanya who got Robin right in the… well, let's just say that Cyborg knew that he was going to win America's Funniest Home Videos.
After the piñata was done they had pizza and then cake. After that it was time for gifts, then more games. All of the parents were really impressed with how well they had set up the party. No one was crying; no one threw a tantrum. By the end all the kids were happy.
“Thank you all for coming,” said Raven. The ferry was returning to take all the party guests away. “I hope you all had a good time.”
“That was the best party ever!” said a red haired little girl named Liza who was missing a tooth in the front.
“I don't wanna leave,” moped a little boy named Kevin.
“Can we come back?” asked a boy named Mikey.
“Sure!” said Alex. He waved to all of his friends and they were gone. He sighed happily and then went straight to his pile of presents. He sorted through them and chose one to play with.
“Well, that went over well,” said Raven pleased.
“I think everyone enjoyed themselves,” said Beast Boy.
“Yes, we must have them back soon!” said Starfire.
“How'd the tower hold up?” asked Robin.
“A little messy, but other than that it's fine,” said Cyborg looking around. “How're your nuts?”
Robin growled and said, “Fine. And speaking of which, we're not having any more piñatas.”
“But that was my favorite part!” said Alex hearing the conversation.
“Well, I'm not holding it up anymore,” said Robin. The other giggled and Robin hobbled away.
“Well, let's clean this place up,” said Bumble Bee.