Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub IV by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ The Note ( Chapter 7 )

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Chapter 7
Bumble Bee was looking through all of the dresses in the bridal shop. The wedding wasn't for another five months, but she was afraid that if she didn't keep working on it she would fall behind. Starfire and Raven had been there before, getting the wedding jitters, and were there to help. They had two twin strollers, one holding the two month old Austin and Aaron who were asleep, and the other holding one year old Caley and two and a half year old Arielle. Alex was at school and that gave Raven a few free hours.
“Are you sure bridesmaid dresses are supposed to be like this?” asked Bumble Bee.
“Oh yes,” said Starfire. “Most dresses of the bridesmaids have puffy sleeves and skirts.”
“No they don't,” said Raven. “Only the ones you like, Starfire. My bridesmaid dresses were elegant.”
“I would rather go elegant than puffy,” said Bumble Bee. “Sorry, Star.”
“I guess I shall never understand earthly wedding preparations,” said Starfire in a sigh.
Bumble Bee walked around a little bit and then came back to the other two with a wide selection in her arms. She held them up for Raven and Starfire to see and asked them what they thought.
“Oh, that one is lovely,” said Starfire clapping.
“I thought you said you wanted elegant,” said Raven.
“It is elegant,” said Bumble Bee.
“We'll look like bananas!” said Raven. The dress Bumble Bee was holding was bright yellow with a white frill down the middle. It did, indeed, look like a peeled banana.
“Fine, what about this one?” asked Bumble Bee holding another one up.
“That's better,” said Raven, approving.
“Oh, must it be so dark?” asked Starfire.
“It's navy blue,” said Bumble Bee. “It's not that dark.”
“But we will stand out next to your white dress,” said Starfire. “And it is to be your day, so you should be the one doing the standing out.”
Bumble Bee sighed and placed that dress aside as well. While all this was going on the children sat quietly in their carriages. All but one. Little Caley was getting restless and wanted her mother. She began to whine and squirm about in her seat. Arielle saw this and offered her her favorite doll.
“Caley, you wanna hold Christine?” asked Arielle.
“Mama,” said Caley looking away from the doll and towards her mother.
“She's busy,” said Arielle. “Hold Christine.”
“Mama,” said Caley again growing upset. She leaned back into her seat and began to rub her eyes tiredly. She was in a little yellow dress and yellow shoes. Her red hair was down with three little barrettes that Starfire loved to put in her hair. She grabbed one and began to play with it while she whined.
Arielle sighed and looked around. She didn't like feeling upset, which she was since Caley was, and looked for anything to take her mind off of it. She wished her brother was there to calm Caley down. She was in a little purple sweat suit with a bright pink flower in the middle of the shirt. Her strawberry blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail with a pink scrunchy. She kicked her little legs back and forth in a bored manner and watched as her princess sneakers went back and forth.
The twins were fast asleep in their carriage. They were in matching blue onezies and each had a blue pacifier in his mouth. They were definitely identical. They even slept in a similar fashion that was absolutely adorable.
“Okay, we hafta choose between these two,” said Bumble Bee holding up two bridesmaid gowns. One was champagne colored with a green sash and the other was pale pink with a ruffled neck. Both were elegant, but both were very different.
“It's your wedding,” said Raven. “You choose whichever one you want.”
“But I don't want you to wear somethin you hate,” said Bumble Bee.
“I like both,” said Starfire.
“Okay, so, Raven, you choose,” said Bumble Bee.
“Bumble Bee, I don't really care,” said Raven. “Choose the one you like better or the one you hate. Personally I would want to get Starfire back for making us wear those dreadful pink dresses.”
“But I like both,” said Starfire. “Wait… I thought you liked those dresses.”
“No one liked those dresses,” said Raven.
“Okay, okay,” said Bumble Bee. “I choose… this one.” She held up the champagne dress. Raven was very relieved, since she didn't like the pink one.
“Wonderful,” said Starfire.
“Okay, let's go order some in your sizes,” said Bumble Bee and they all headed to the front desk. Raven and Starfire grabbed the carriages and began to push them. Caley had fallen asleep and Arielle was relieved.
Once that was done they headed back home. Raven had to go pick up Alex from school and it was naptime all around for the kids. The men were busy doing various things, including taking down a few criminals, and would be out for a while.
Raven waited outside of the school in the parking lot. She was in the new T-van that Cyborg reluctantly made. The twins were asleep in their car seats, which were on the two middle seats. And Arielle was nodding off in her own car seat all the way in the back, her doll safely tucked in her arms.
Suddenly all the children were being led out of the school. She looked among the children and saw a beautiful blond head and knew it was Alex. He knew where she was, since she parked there every day, and spotted her right away. A large smile grew on his face and he waved. She waved back and started the van back up. He reached it and opened the door up excitedly.
“Hi mumma!” he said as the door flew open. He was a little too loud and woke up everyone who had been napping. Arielle was a little startled, but quickly went back to sleep. The twins, on the other hand, weren't very happy and began to cry. “Sorry,” said Alex feeling bad.
“It's okay,” Raven said in a sigh. “They'll fall back to sleep when we start moving.”
Alex sat next to Arielle, in a booster seat, in the back. He buckled himself in and Raven pulled out of the school. The twins were still crying and now Alex felt really bad. He leaned as far as he could to them, which was hard since he was strapped in, but he reached them. He softly stroked their little blond heads and hushed them. Slowly the two stopped crying and fell back to sleep.
“They're asleep again,” whispered Alex.
“Thank you sweet heart,” said Raven with a smile. “Now sit back in your seat.” Her mother senses were always at work and she was always nervous that something would happen. Alex smiled and sat back. “So what did you do today?”
“We learned a song to remember the alphabet,” said Alex. “And then we glued macaroni onto colored paper, I chose blue, so that it spelt out our name.”
“Sounds like fun,” said Raven.
“And then at recess we played with jump ropes,” said Alex continuing on. “And Joey tripped and got stuck in the ropes. But he was okay and I helped him up. Oh!” He reached into his backpack and grabbed a small piece of paper. “My teacher wanted me to give you this.”
“What is it?” asked Raven.
“I dunno,” said Alex shrugging. “She said it was important.”
“You didn't get in trouble, did you?” she asked getting serious.
“No,” said Alex.
“Are you sure?” asked Raven looking at him through her rearview mirror.
“Yes,” said Alex innocently.
Raven knew that Alex never lied; he was just too pure and innocent to do such a thing. Now her mind was full of questions as to what was in the note from his teacher. She looked at him again and saw him looking out the window. He certainly didn't seem nervous, so it mustn't have been anything bad. She saw Arielle's little head bent forward, fast asleep. She looked at her twins and saw that they were also asleep, thanks to Alex.
Poor Raven had a bit of trouble getting all of her children into the tower. She had two portable car seats in her hands and Alex was dragging the grumpily half-asleep Arielle in behind her. The men were back and were lounging about. Starfire and Bumble Bee were there as well and everything seemed pretty calm. As soon as Beast Boy saw Raven and the kids he jumped up to help.
“Thanks,” said Raven as he came over and took the twins.
“Daddy, I've got some stuff to show you,” said Alex excitedly.
“You do?” asked Beast Boy with a smile.
“Yeah,” he said and then ran off towards his room to put his backpack away.
Raven picked up the very tired Arielle and said, “I'm going to put her down and then I have to feed them.”
“Okay,” said Beast Boy and he headed towards their room.
After Arielle was put down and the twins had their little tummies filled Raven now had to deal with the whole note issue. She went to the common room and found Alex showing all of his papers to Beast Boy.
“My teacher says that I'm really good at coloring,” said Alex proudly.
“You sure are,” said Beast Boy admiring his son's work.
“Alex, can I have that note from your teach?” asked Raven.
“Sure,” said Alex reaching into his pocket.
“What note?” asked Beast Boy.
“My teacher gave me a note to give to you,” said Alex. He handed the note over to Raven and then gathered all of his papers back up. “I'm gonna go play in my room.” And with that he left.
“Why the hell would his teacher send him home with a note?” asked Beast Boy.
“Well, let's see,” said Raven and she opened the note to read it. It read:
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Logan,
I thought you should know that Alex is one of the best students that I or any other teacher has ever seen. He is not only disciplined and polite, but he knows how to calm the class down when they are getting disruptive. It is actually quite interesting to watch him. He seems to have the ability to make everyone around him happy and cooperative. He is also very willing to learn and excels in everything he does. I don't usually say anything, but I thought you should know that you should be very proud of him.
Sincerely, Ms. Merriweather
Raven felt very relieved and she handed the note over to Beast Boy. He read it and smiled.
“And here I thought it was going to be something bad,” said Beast Boy.