Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Naked Truth ❯ Terracotta Pie ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
         &nb sp;  We were finally spending a quiet night inside the T Tower.  We had just gotten back from tracking the Element Fiend in the sewers when we came home and Beast Boy told us about Terra.  I didn’t want to hope for too much when Beast Boy said that she was no longer a statue, but I also wanted to believe him.  Of course Terra and I didn’t get along too well when she was unpetrified, but I wanted to make my amends.              After BB explained why he ditched us while we were getting down and dirty in the sewage, Starfire and Robin went into Robin’s workshop to do who knows what?  Cyborg left for the kitchen while BB sulked on the couch.  His sulking didn’t last long, of course, so he started playing video games.  That left me to myself.  I sifted through the ceiling and leaned on the rail of the roof.              We finally beat the Brain, Mullah, Rouge, and that old guy.   We met a lot of other teen superheroes and made more friends and honorary Titans.  I couldn’t help feel that evil would never die out, even though we made allies all over the world and that all of our nemeses were frozen solid.  All of them with the exception of Element Fiend, X, and any new villains that decide to pop out of nowhere.  No, just give it a few more years and we will have to refreeze even more super villains.   At least the world is a little safer now.             My thoughts drifted to Terra again.  Terra was back.  I could only hope she wouldn’t hurt Beast Boy again.   I know he went to visit her after she was rock hard and we were asleep.  I knew because I, myself, went to visit her.  I would sometimes see flowers or rocks, a couple of times a slice of anchovy pizza.  She risked her life to save us and the city, so I wanted to do everything in my power to help her return to her squishier self.   I wondered how she freed herself from that rock.  Could she have regenerated her power after all of those months? Or maybe the rock was tired of holding its master?  Or even worse, something stronger than us had freed her?  My eyes opened wider.  Element Fiend!  Is it possible?             ; “Hey, Rae.”   Cyborg said through a mouthful of quadruple decker sandwich.  Thankfully, he swallowed his mouthful.  “What’s up?”           &nbs p; “Just thinking about Terra.”  I was still weighing the possibilities in my mind.  Could that thing have done this? I knew he could change himself based on things he touched.  Anyone could see that after he changed to cement.  But could he change others?  I almost missed what Cyborg was saying.             “Do you think she’s really back?  I mean, someone could have just destroyed the statue or added it to their collection.  Maybe BB just saw someone who looked an awful lot like Terra.”  Cyborg was beside me, leaning on the rail and speaking in a whisper.  The wind blew my hood away from my face and whipped my hair with it.  Cyborg and I turned towards each other.             “I think she’s back.  I don’t think BB has jumped off the crazy end yet.  I just wonder why she hasn’t come to the tower.”  I looked down and into space.             “We have been gone for a few months gathering people and, you know, kicking bad guy butt!  Maybe she did stop by here.”  Cyborg laughed slightly and ruffled my hair.  I looked into his face.             “Cyborg, if Beast Boy did see her, there is no way she couldn’t have seen us and Element Fiend fighting.  Beast Boy saw her across the street from us.  This just doesn’t make sense.”  I sighed and closed my eyes.  “Something just isn’t right.”              “Did you name that big white hulk Element Fiend? I like that.  You should come up with all of the bad guy names.  You shouldn’t worry about Beast Boy and Terra too much.  Maybe she just isn’t ready to face us yet.  Maybe she thinks we are mad at her.  She might feel a little guilty still about the whole betrayal thing.”  Cyborg pushed himself away from the rail softly and grabbed my shoulders.  “Look, we have other things to worry about besides Terra.  We have to find out more about this Element Fiend.”           & nbsp; “Cy, I think Terra’s return is connected to Element Fiend.  It might not be connected.  She could have been unshelled for any number of months, but it’s too ironic that they both show up in front of us at the same time.”  I looked up one more time at Cyborg.  He dropped his hands away from my shoulders and looked to the right and above my head, in his own little world.             “You might have something there, Rae.  We will have to look into this.  After all, you can sense things, right? I don’t think this is just a coincidence.” Cyborg shook his head once.  “Well, I’m going to hit the hay.  It’s been a long day.  Don’t stress yourself over this too much, Raven.  We are going after that thing again tomorrow.”  Cyborg walked away and through the door.             Now I was almost positive that Terra and Element Fiend were related.  But I was also a little exhausted from all the fighting, thinking, and talking.  Also the atmosphere around Cyborg and me.  Maybe we could have a relationship like Starfire and Robin?  I’m not good with relationships so I’m not even going to think more on that one.              What about my kids?  Now that we weren’t going all over the world, maybe Robin would let Melvin, Timmy, Teether, and, yes, even Bobby stay with us. Stay with me.  I didn’t feel right with just leaving them at the monastery or whatever that place was.  I wanted them to be nearby.  I would have a talk about this with Robin tomorrow.   For now I was going to sleep.