Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Super Smash Brothers of Melee ❯ The Super Smash Brothers ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Master Hand's massive Ship began opening fire upon the defenseless planet down below trying to disrupt the surface.
Not to Far away from the Earth, Starfire's wicked Sister, Blackfire, and her minions were in their own Spaceship plotting the next attack on the Earth, but Blackfire was using the Ships view-Scope to stare farther off in the direction of Melee.
She growled and snarled as she saw what was happening. “Of all the rotten luck… why him?” she grunted.
One of her minions nervously approached her. “Empress Blackfire?” he said to her. “I believe the Earth is over this way, not out there.”
Blackfire growled angrily. “Who cares about that?” she snarled. “That giant pain of a glove, Master Hand has revealed himself again. He and his minions are blasting some planet to rubble out in Alpha-Centauri.”
Obviously Blackfire knew, Master Hand way back, and she really wished she hadn't.
“But Empress… that should be wonderful news.” replied Minion-One. “Master Hand is even darker than us all.”
“I really do favor Master Hand.” said Minion-Two… wrong words to say.
Blackfire smashed the scope back up into the ceiling. “Really?! Well… I hate him! I hate him even more than I despise My Sister and the Teen Titans.”
She sat down miserably on her throne and sulked hard. “For as long as I can remember… Master Hand has always been trying to one-up me. Be more evil, more wicked that I am.”
She had a point there. So far she had tried to conquer Tameran, and Copy-Cat's home Planet, Psyconia, and she failed miserably and lost everything… yet Master Hand, all he had to do was spot a planet and finish it off.
“Empress… if it will make you eel better, we are presently working on a plan to conquer the Earth as you had instructed.”
Blackfire just snuffed. “Really… but then again I suppose you've forgotten about the Titans?!” she snapped.
“On the contrary Empress… the Titans will never be able to escape this plot.” replied Minion-One.
Blackfire just rolled her eyes. “Whatever… just get on with it!”
Meanwhile, at Titan's Tower
The Titans had contacted Galfore, and were already busy at work trying to find out more about the Planet Melee.
Cyborg checked the reports on the Master Computer. “Well if this signal's right… it's definitely showing some interference within the planet's environment.”
“Oh dear… I was most afraid of this.” sighed Galfore over the Video-Com.
“Uh-huh… and just how far is this planet anyways?” asked Raven.
Starfire told them that Melee was very, very far away, in the constellation of Alpha-Centauri. She turned on the Star-Map of the Galaxy, and mapped out the position of the three different planets.
Earth was located in the Orion-Arm… Tameran was located just outside of that… but Alpha-Centauri was located a much greater distance from both planets. “I regret to say that it is far beyond our reach.”
This was definitely something to work on. “Who inhabits it?” asked Robin.
“They are called Meleeans, Robin.” replied Starfire. “They are of a highly intelligent and gentle race who have for many generations befriended our people of Tameran.”
Galfore nodded, “It was my Grandfather who sealed the friendship with the leader of their planet, King Nintendo. They were like brothers.”
The Titans knew they had to do something about this. “Copy Cat… can your ship take us there?” asked Robin.
“I believe that it can…” answered Copy-Cat. “But I dare not to attempt such a task. Although my ship is capable of super-speed, it does not provide us with the proper defenses.”
“That's not all.” said Cyborg. “The atmosphere on the planet's not fit for us to breathe. We'd have to wear our oxygen helmets with limited supplies of air.”
“I don't believe you guys.” Said Beast Boy. “We're the Titans, and taking risks never stopped us before.”
“I'm with Beast Boy.” said Terra. “We have to at least try something.”
Robin thought on it, and he agreed. “We should go check it out.” He said. “And we can board the T-Ship onto Copy-Cat's ship incase of space-attacks.”
Galfore almost looked as though he was speechless. “Titans… would you really all this for me?” he asked.
“Of course we shall.” said Starfire. “You have looked after me since I was a little Bongorf, and I still owe many a great deal to you my Kenorfka.”
Robin nodded along side his wife. “We owe a lot to you already Galfore. I think this is something we can do for you.”
Galfore nodded. “Well said. Friendship is a very powerful force. I commend all of your for your courage. Please, do try and find out what has happened to King Nintendo.”
The Titans nodded. Then they signed off and began to prepare things.
The Next Morning
At dawn… both ships were ready for launch.
The Titans were in the T-Ship going over their check lists, and Terra was with Copy-Cat in Copy-Cat's ship. “Terra… are all the systems ready?” he asked.
Terra gave him thumbs-up.
Copy-Cat smiled and flipped up his communicator. “Robin, everything has secured. We are free to depart on your orders.”
Robin confirmed that. “Cyborg… is your Waning Generator functioning?”
Cyborg check his Wrist-Computer. “She's purring like a kitten.” he said. “Now we'll know if Earth's being attacked and we can head on home again.”
Robin and the titans went over their lasts check, and everything was green and go. “Okay everyone… Remember, We're only going to investigate. The distance and the lack of oxygen could affect us immensely. So we can't become involved in the conflicts.”
All the Titans confirmed that.
“TITANS… LAUNCH!!” and the T-Ship took off into the sky.
“LIFT OFF!!” and Copy-Cat's ship followed.
The two ships met up with each other in orbit, and the T-Ship was docked inside the hanger-bay on the bottom level of Copy-Cat's ship.
The Titans came up to the main control-ops. “We have cleared Earth's Gravity.” Said Copy-Cat. “Course plotted and confirmed… Prepare for full speed ahead!”
The ships motors ran wildly and… ZOOM!! Right across the Solar System.
Blackfire was peaking through her view-scope again. This Time straight at the Earth. “This is strange.” she said. “Where are those Titans?”
“As strange as this, Empress… our sensors cannot locate the Teen Titans anywhere.” said Minion-One. “The perfect time for us to unleash our attack.”
“Good… but get a move on it!” growled Blackfire. “We must conquer the Earth before Master Hand gets his sightings on it.”
“I assure you Empress… we will not fail you this time.”
Later on
Copy-Cat's ship was already in orbit around Planet Melee, and the Titans were now fitting on their oxygen helmets.
These helmets would provide them with oxygen, and allow them to communicate to each other without using their communicators.
They were multi-colored to suit each other Titans.
Robin… Red.
Strafire… Pink.
Cyborg… Grey.
Beast Boy… Green.
Raven… Dark-Blue.
Terra… Yellow.
Copy-Cat… Black.
Finally… Robin made sure he had on his Rocket boots as he knew he would probably need to do some flying like all the others.
“Is everyone good to go?” asked Robin.
Copy-Cat activated the camouflage so the ship would be invisible and undetectable. “Everything is ready.” he said.
“Okay Raven… take us down.”
Raven nodded. “Azarath… Meterione… Zinthos!” and used her powers to transport everyone safely off the ship and down to the planet's surface.
They landed in area near all the commotion. “All right everyone… stay alert.” Said Robin. “Be prepared for anything.”
The ground suddenly began to rumble around them followed by large banging sounds. “Do you hear those explosions?” asked Raven.
“It sounds as though they are coming closer.” added Starfire.
Suddenly, Copy-Cat's head perked up. “My Foresight is tingling!” he said. “EVERYONE WATCH OUT!!”
Several laser beams, and explosive began to fire all around them from the sky and causing a big mess around them that almost knocked them off their feet.
“Whoa… Dude… someone out there's using some pretty heavy-duty fire-power.” snapped Beast Boy.
“But what? There's nothing out here but rocks and craters.” said Terra.
Cyborg did some scanning, and there was really nothing around them. “It's got to be another Spaceship trying to disrupt the planet's surface.” he cried. “Let's get out of here while we still can.”
Starfire, Copy-Cat, and Raven flew on their own, while Cybog used his jet-pack, Robin used his rocket-boots, Beats Boy changed into a Falcon, and Terra jumped on a rock she made soar through the air.
All the Titans agreed and took off into the air, and the firing stopped.
“Yo… they've stopped.” said Cyborg. “But I'll bet it'll start up again soon.”
“In the meantime, we need to figure out where it's coming from, and who's doing it.” said Robin.
“Whoever they are… the are very close. I can sense them.” added Copy-Cat.
“And most importantly… where are the Meleeans?” said Raven.
As they flew, Beast Boy looked over his side, and began flying down in a different direction. “I believe Beast Boy has just found where they are.” said Starfire.
The all followed the Green Falcon down to a clearing just near what appeared to be a mine site. Beast Boy resumed his normal shape.
He looked over the rock formation at the creatures down below in the mines, waeitn gas masks and monk robes. “Dude…” he said. “Who are those guys, and what are they doing?”
Some of the minors looked up. “I think I see movement over there.” Said one of them, and then he along with 14 other of his companions fled off.
“Now where are our warriors going?” asked their leader… who happened to be King Nintendo.
The other Titans laded near Beast Boy. “There could be the Meleeans.” said Starfire. “But I cannot be certain. I do wish know what it is they are digging for.”
Cyborg stepped in. “According to my scanners… this area of the planet is honeycombed with pockets of poisonous gases that are just below the surface.”
That explained why they were wearing gasmasks, and why the air was so toxic. “But would anyone want to release poisoned gas?” Robin wondered.
Suddenly, Copy-Cat had that funny feeling again.
“Copy-Cat… what is it?” asked Raven.
Her Boyfriend slowly turned his head. “My senses tell me… we are being watched!”
They all turned around sharply to see fifteen strange creatures of different size, and shape hop down from the rocks and surround them.
“Intruders!” the leader snapped behind his mask. “What are you all doing here?”
Robin stepped forward. “Wait, we mean you no harm. We come to your planet in peace.” he said.
“Ha! A most likely story.” growled the largest creature.
“No, it's true.” said Cybog. “We received a report that your planet was in danger.”
“You lie!” snapped a female creature. “We sent no messages to the likes of you!”
The leader stepped forward again. “You pose as friends, but your garments betray you.” he snapped. “Yes, I can see it all now. You were sent by Master Hand to further enslave our people!”
Now it was Beast Boy's turn to step up. “Whoa Dude… back up a minute.” he snapped. “We came from the planet Earth. We don't even know who this Master Hand, Dude is.”
“They are lying.” Two small miners said together. “They intend to destroy us.”
Then a lot of the other miners began to agree.
“Agree, Pikachu does. Teach them a lesson we must.”
“Mama-Mia… We gonna smash-a dem like-a meatballs.”
Then they all held their hands up high and their bodies began glowing, and the leader said. “Now my friends… we must unlock the powers of Light and Justice to become the heroes of our planet.”
They all shouted out together… “NINTENDO… POWER-ON!!” and to the titans shock… they began changing their forms.
(SSBM INTRO plays)
There were all kinds of different creatures. Elves, animals, even creatures who looked pretty ugly but pretty mean.
As the music seemed to near its end… all the 15 fighters stood in formation.
“Link!” “Zelda!” “Mario!” “Bowser!” “Peach!” “Yoshi!”… “Donkey Kong!”… “Cptn. Falcon!”… “Ness!”… “Fox!” “Samus!”… “Kirby!” “Ice-Climbers! (Blue: Popo… Pink: Nana) “Pikachu!”
The all stood in a line, as bright explosions blew up from behind them, and a disembodied voice cried out their name through the air.
Link drew out his sword, and shield and he leapt high up onto a hilltop over looking the Titans. “Now You shall pay!” he said sharply.
“Dudes… these guys defiantly have the wrong idea about us.” said Beast Boy.
Link held his sword up to the sky. “Here me now! There is no room on this planet for Master Hand, and his evil Plague-Patrol. It is time for you to stand with me, defenders of Melee.”
“Whoa! Can't we just talk this out?” asked Terra.
“Silence!” snapped Link. “Words have no meaning on a planet under the cape of war!”
The Smash Brothers began charging forward. “For Melee my friends!” cried Link and then he too jumped in, and the battle began.
“TIITANS… don't hurt the,, but defend yourselves.!” cried Robin. “GO!!”
The battle had begun.