Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Super Smash Brothers of Melee ❯ 3, 2, 1, FIGHT!! ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Link and Zelda charge forward. “Time to wreck some wires.” They both leapt up into the air and Link tossed his bombs down along with Zelda's flares.
KAPOW!! The monsters fell over, but not beaten.
Robin and Copy cat were staring Marth and Roy down. “Come and get us you ungrateful little pests.” thundered Roy as he a Marth charged with their swords at the ready.
Robin pulled out his staff, and Copy-Cat sprung out his wolverine claws. (Just like on X-Men.) “Go!” cried Robin.
Robin and Roy began clashing their weapons together. “Give-up, puny human! For no one has ever survived the awesome power of my sword of the Fire Emblem!”
“Not until now!” protested Robin, and he managed to always stay on Roy's level and keep up with his moves.
Marth on the other hand wasn't faring so well against Copy-Cat. Not only was Copy-Cat able to use his claws like a shield and sword, but his Foresight let him read Marth's mind so he could always be ready for anything.
“Oh no you do not!” Copy-Cat growled as Marth lunged his sword right at him. Using his foresight to see it coming to him in slow-motion, Copy-Cat did a mighty big leap over Marth, causing him to miss his shot.
BASH!! Copy-Cat gave Marth a big smack in the face with his tail.
Marth got up. “I have not even begun to fight.” he bellowed.
“Then let us have more action!” roared Copy-Cat.”
Samus was already surrounded by four Wired Frames and by Falco, and Pichu. “Ha, ha, ha… now we have you, Bounty Hunter!” Falco chuckled as he got out his blaster.
“Hang on, Babe!” called Cyborg as he flew in with his jet-pack to the rescue. “Thought you could some help.”
“Thank you, Cyborg.” Samus said. “Now let us blast them good.”
The fighters went down like bowling pins. Cyborg and Samus smirked at each other and then went into battle.
Three more Wired Frames were charging directly towards Pikachu, and Kirby. Kirby quickly inhaled Pikachu and copied his form. “Hit them at full force we must.” Said Pikachu.
“Agreed.” Said Kirby.
“PIKA!!!” they both cried together, and blasted the monsters with huge bolts of thunder and lightning causing their circuits to short out. So at least they were gone, but many more were left.
Mario was being held at point by his Doctor-counterpart, and Luigi. “My own'a brother… how could you?” he asked.
“Hmm, mm, mm… I just'a thought it was time to grow up.” Luigi hissed. “But don'ta worry, we be a' together again soon.”
Dr. Mario held out a Vitamin-Pill. “Heh, heh, heh… this won't'a hurt a bit.” His sniggered. “In a few moments you will'a be one of us.”
But Before he could get Mario to take the pill, it was snatched from him by Raven's magic-wave. “Huh?”
“Never take unperscribbed medicine”
Dr. Mario was really annoyed, but then he looked behind Raven, and saw Mewtwo sneaking up behind her. “Heh, heh, heh… poor girl… you are about'a to be sickened!!”
Raven looked around just in time to be hit hard by Mewtwo's psychic attack. “Pathetic fool!” he chuckled. “Now you are mine!”
BAM!! Mewtwo was knocked down. “Show me your moves!” he stated, but then.
“WARLOCK KICK!!” Ganondorf snuck up on him from behind. “We don't think… we know!!”
The fight waged on!
Peach was being held hostage by two other Wired frames and by Mr. Game&Watch.
“Poor little princess we have now.”
“and beat you dearly, we shall how!”
“Ah! Someone help me!” cried Peach.
Terra and Yoshi were on their way on one of Terra's floating stones. “Do it now!” cried Yoshi. Terra nodded and focused her energy.
Suddenly, a boulder came out from under Peach and began to carry her away. The Wired Frames babbled in sheer anger, and Mr. Game&Watch was furious.
“You clumsy fools, look what you've done!”
“Peach has escaped and it is not fun!”
“Don't worry Princess.” called Terra. “Go for it, Yoshi.”
Yoshi nodded. “EGG ROLL!!” and he curled himself up inside a protective egg and speed forward like a rouge bowling ball.
CRASH!! Right into Mr. Game&Watch and the monsters. “STI-RIKE!!” Terra cheered.
But still, the battle seemed far from over.
Blackfire's minions had completed their work and were ready to present to her their plot to conquer the Earth.
“Behold, Empress Blackfire.” Said Minion-One, he clicked a remote-control, and in marched the Teen Titans… or actually, Robot-Versions of the Titans.
“These are the latest in android replica-technology.” replied Minion-One. “They are designed to look, and act exactly as the Titans themselves would.”
He turned on the demonstration screen, which showed the Robo-Ttians in battle . Their powers were exactly like the real Titans, and using all the knowledge from watching the Titans through their spy robots…
The Robo-Titans were designed to mimic all the Titans moves, and strategies.
“Excellent.” Blackfire smirked. “Send them to Earth at once. I want to rule it by sundown!”
The Minions nodded, and sent the Robo-Ttians off.
In Gotham
All the citizens in town were running a muck in panic, and from none other than the Teen Titans, who were roaming about and making a mess of things.
“You haven't a chance, Earthlings!” Robin snarled in a robotic-voice. “Surrender to Blackfire.”
The police had arrived on the scene to arrest the Titans, but these new Robo-Titans proved to be too much for the Gotham forces.
“Yo… you can run, but you can't hide from us!” growled Robo-Cyborg.
In less than an hour, entire town was running a muck in panic and fear as the Robo-Titans began smashing and breaking everything they saw.
Blackfire saw everything from her Ship. “Ha, ha, ah, ah! You may have done something right for a change.” she said to her minions. “Set course and prepare for landing! It's time for the people of Earth to accept their new Queen.”
Her Ship flew straight downward into the city, and Landed directly on the top of Titans Tower. This began to tell everyone that the Teen Titans they saw were fake, and was part of another world domination plot.
Blackfire and her minions headed off to join the Robo Titans to wreck the city, and recruit the towns-people for their own slaves.
“The Earth… is mine!!” Blackfire yelled out, and her wicked evil laughter echoed loudly across the city.
Meanwhile, on Melee
The battle was still going on as Donkey Kong swung back his fist. “KONGO PUNCH!!” and he really knocked a Wired Frame out of the park, but suddenly he began to feel really sleepy.
“Hey! What's-- Ugh!!” and he was out.
It was Jiggly Puff using her enchanted singing to put DK to sleep. “Hee, hee, hee… Music soothes the savage beast!” she mocked. “JIGGLY ROLL!!” and she rolled herself up and charged like Yoshi did.
CRASH!! DK flew backwards, SMACK!! Right into a rock-wall which woke him up. “Ow! AAH!!”
Then more Wired Frames went after him, alongside Jiggly Puff. “Attack him! Attack him!” she roared.
But from up above, Beast Boy, as a Green Falcon, flew over head. Then he changed into a giant Walrus and fell SPLAT!! on top of the Wired-Frames.
He changed into his normal-shape. “Dude. Talk about a splitting headache.”
Jiggly Puff was still on the move toward DK to finish him off, but as she neared him, Browser Dropped down from above. “Going somewhere?” he asked. “I'll show you where.”
He picked her up and tossed her far away like the deflated Balloon she was. “Donkey Kong!”
“Dude… you alright?”
“I am undamaged… but we must regroup.” said DK
All the Smash Brother's and the Titans all gathered together. Almost all the Wired Frames were gone… but the Plague-Patrol still stood ready fro more, worse than that, Cyborg's alert began beeping.
“Yo, trouble back home.” he said. “I can't figure it out but it's pretty bad.”
“Then we'll have to wrap things up here.” said Robin.
“I agree.” added Link. “Smash Brothers… let's do it!”
All his comrades concentrated along with him and they summoned forth, crates, barrels, Capsules and Party balls, which blew open to reveal all sorts of weapons. (The items from the game)
“Everyone take a weapon. They cannot defend against this sort of power.”
After healing their energies back to full power the all took hold of a weapon and poised it at the charging enemies., and those who hand no weapons relied on their own powers
“Attack… DESTROY THEM NOW!!” cried Roy.
“Ready… Aim…” Link said. “FIRE!!”
Rays… Explosives… Magic… and powerful smacks. All this combined together to form one colossal wave of Energy that shot straight for the enemies.
KAPOW!! They were hit hard.
All the Plague-Members screamed and yelped in sheer pain as their bodies began to spark and flare-up in fire. (Sort of like Power Rangers)
All the Smash Brothers and Titans turned their back and did their victory poses as behind them all the monsters fell over followed by HUGE EXPLOSIONS!!
The Battle was won.
Unfortunately, none of the monsters were dead. Link had also told the Titans that everyone on Melee had uncharted life-forces, which prevented them from being destroyed in battle.
Unless there was a way they could be defeated once and for all… they would always return. For now… the monsters decided it was time to retreat. “We won't forget this Super Smash Brothers!”
“Be gone creatures!” snarled Link.
All the Plague-Members took off on their horses, but Roy stayed behind for a moment. “Someday when have not the aid your little friends, we shall return!”
“Save your breath for your retreat!” growled Robin, and then Roy rode off into the sunset.
Meanwhile, on Master Hand's ship
The Real, Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Jiggly Puff, and Mr. Game&watch headed up to he bridge where Master Hand was waiting impatiently.
“Come in here all of you, and report!” he thundered. “Have the Super Smash Brothers been captured?”
“Regrettably, no Sire.” Ganondorf answered. “Unfortunately they have escaped.”
“Escaped?!” Master Hand winced and he turned angrily around. “I must be hearing things. Did you just say “Escaped?!”
“Yes… I'm afraid so.”
Master Hand curled into an upside down fist, showing that he was angry. “You had better have good explanations for this blunder, each of you… and you had better capture them soon before I run out of patients!”
Jiggly Puss hovered about. “The Plague-Patrol reported strangers Your-Highness.”
“Those Mysterious strangers we saw earlier… I know!” replied Master Hand. “We find out who these meddlers are, and teach them a lesson!”
“I know who they are, Sire.” Mewtwo boasted.
“He does not!” growled Ganondorf. “What we know is; they came here from another planet, and when they leave we'll able to follow them home.”
“And then we will destroy them!”