Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ Christie Monteiro: More Than What Meets The Eye ❯ Enter The Iron Fist ( Chapter 2 )

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Enter The Iron Fist

I sit patiently on my flight as it heads towards Japan. I never realized just how long it would take to get from Brazil to Japan. It's excruciatingly boring!!! Sitting in this seat, I continue to readjust my pants. I'm wearing red jean shorts with a tight white t-shirt. My black arm-bands feel almost as if they are trying to trap my wrists. I know that this is just because I am nervous. I keep crossing my feet, my black sneakers almost fighting with each other. The flight attendant politely serves me the Diet Coke that I had asked for. After thanking her, I take a sip of the almost stale tasting fluid. If I could open the window, I would pour it right on out on to some poor unsuspecting person basking in the sunlight. That thought had me laughing to myself as I imagined several different persons being splashed upon and cursing up to the sky. After I finish laughing, I reach up to my chest and clutch my necklace. It was a red butterfly necklace that Eddy had given to me a few weeks ago. I wear it a lot and now my desire to find Eddy has increased.

A couple of minutes later, I feel a thump in the back of my seat. Then another, and yet another. I turn around to see a little Brazilian boy. "Could you please stop that? Thank you." I say to him politely. He smiles at me and nods. I love kids. Suddenly, I feel the thumping again. I turn around and smile, but almost as a warning. He smiles back and stops. Then I feel it again. "Alright, let me tell you something." I say as I unbuckle my seat belt and turn around to face him, his mother fast asleep in the seat next to him. He smiles and comments "You look like this girl I saw in Playboy before." I cringe at the thought and smile at him while saying "Oh is THAT so?" I laugh to myself as I turn around and reach into my purse on the next seat. I remove a rubber band and grin as I turn around again. Quickly, I position it above his arm and release my fingers, letting the rubber band go SNAP! on his skin. He cries out and wakes up his mother. He points to me and I just politely wave to her. She eyes me down and acts as if I did something.

I turn around and laugh silently to myself. Once his mother had fallen asleep again, the kid started to kick my chair. I spin around with my drink in hand and splash it into his unsuspecting face. He looks at me shockingly as I smile and say "This is gonna be one LONG flight for you if you keep it up." He pouts and I turn around, refastening my seatbelt. Brat. I take it back, I don't like kids. Annoyingly, I grab a black hair scrungie out of my purse and use it to tie my hair back into a tight ponytail, letting a little bit of my hair hang down my right cheek. When the flight attendant comes back down the aisle, I ask her how much longer it will be until we reach Japan. "About three more hours miss." She replies. I smile at her and once she walks away, I roll my eyes. This is torture, but if it's gonna help me find Eddy, then Amen.


Praise the lord! I'm now starting to grab my bags out from the compartment above my head and I can't wait to get off this plane. After tauntingly smiling to the discouraged little boy behind me, I begin to walk down the aisle to exit the plane. I walk down the stair case, watching my step so as not to trip. Upon reaching the inside of the airport, I quickly ran over to a payphone. It wasn't long after that a yellow taxi cab had pulled over next to me at the entrance. After the man eagerly took my bags and put them into the trunk, I said "Could you take me to the Mishsima Grand Hotel please?" He smiles while opening my door for me and said "Honey, I'll take you half way across the world if you asked." I smile politely and wait patiently for him to enter the driver's side of the car. It took him a very short while and soon we were on our way.

An hour later…

We pull up to the entrance of the hotel. It looks illustriously perfect. Along the way, I had told the driver that I was participating in the tournament. Now, I attempted to give him the money for my ride and he said " No, it's on me. Just having you in my presence was payment enough. Good luck with the tournament. Maybe I'll see you again sometime." I smiled and recoiled my hand while saying "Why thank you. Such a gentleman." He blushed and waved goodbye to me as the bell hop and I entered the building. I walk inside and I almost drop dead. This place is beautiful! Every detail was perfect in here. From the marble floor, to the ivory hand crafted stair cases, this place was deluxe in every way. I walk over to the receptionist and ask him for my room key. He takes my name and asks me to sign a sheet affirming my participation in the tournament. As I read the contract, I playfully tap the pen against the marble countertop. Then, I sign it.

After handing me my room key, I follow the bell hop up to my room. The poor man tries not to show any pain as he hauls my bags over his shoulders while waiting for the elevator to open. Once inside, he slowly put the bags down. " So, you're going to be fighting in this year's tournament?" I look over to him and reply "Yes, I'm looking for someone. Someone special." He nods as the elevator opens, leading the way to my room. He stopped about four doors down on the right side and said "This is it." I used the key to open the door myself. I open the door wide for him and tell him "You can just put the bags down on the bed, thanks." He sighed with relief as he placed the bags down on the large bed, turning to me expecting a tip. I gave him a little something for his troubles and said goodbye as he left the room. "I hope you find who you're looking for Miss Monteiro." I thank him as he closes the door.

Once I'm sure that he's out of earshot, I scream and run around the room. It's gorgeous. The lilac bed sheets seemed to cry out to me. I was pretty tired, so I pushed the bags off of the bed and kicked my sneakers off as I collapsed backwards on to the bed. Suddenly, I heard the mail shoot move. I observed a white envelope fall thru as I sat up on the bed. Wondering what it was, I picked it up and began to tear it open. After pulling the white paper out from the envelope, I began to read it. It read " Dear Participant, we hope that you have had a pleasant trip arriving here in Japan. This is to announce that tomorrow night at precisely 7:30, there will be a banquet held in honor of the tournament. If you need anything at all, feel free to call up the front office. The cafeteria is open to midnight every night. Help yourself to the fine foods at our expense. Also, you are free to use our training facilities downstairs. Enjoy your stay here at the Mishima Grand Hotel. Sincerely, Mr. Heihachi Mishima."

I toss the letter upon the elegantly carved bedstand next to the bed. I just need to nap a while first. I fall down on to the bed again and whisper "Just a little while…" to myself.


I wake up to pitched blackness. "God, what time is it?!" I cry out as I sit up on the bed. I look over to the alarm clock and it's bright red numbers red 9:13. I flicked on the light and slowly rose off the bed. After stretching out a bit, I walked over to my bags on the floor and picked out something to wear as I felt hungry. I wasn't about to go downstairs in public wearing this. I pulled the black scrungie out of my hair and shook my head back and forth, letting my burgundy colored hair flow freely. I pulled out a pair of black dress pants and a green silk dress shirt. After finding my sandals, I began to change. After I was finished changing, I took out my toothbrush and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth to rid that morning breath that I now had. After finishing, I picked up my comb from one of the bags and brushed my hair. "Okay, I'm ready." I said as I grabbed my room key and left the room.

Instead of taking the elevator, I decided to take the stairs. I'll take any extra exercise that I can get. Soon, I found myself standing in front of a woman at the cafeteria counter. "Can I help you hun?" I smiled and replied "Yes, may I get a steak with a side of salad please?" She nodded and called out the order to the chef in the back room. I sighed and leaned back against the golden railing behind me. My eyes strayed around the cafeteria to catch a glimpse of any other fighters. Only a few people were sitting in the large area. All of them spaced apart from each other. One man that I saw almost had me burst of laughing for his blonde hair was gelled straight up into some kind of Mohawk. He nodded to me and I nodded back. I scanned the room further and spotted a two Chinese girls who looked to be around my age. One of them was wearing a short pink dress and had black hair captured in pig tails. The other girl had auburn colored hair and was wearing a bright orange tank top with a pair of blue jeans. They were both sitting together laughing and eating their food. I decided that I wanted to sit with them.

Soon thereafter, the kind woman handed me a tray with my order on it. I thanked her and walked over to the two friendly faces. "Hello. May I sit here with you?" I asked shyly. They both smiled and said sure. I anxiously took a seat and began to cut into my steak. "So you're a newcomer right? What's your name?" The pig tail haired girl asked me. "Oh my name is Christie Monteiro. It's nice to meet you." I said as I dropped my fork and extended my hand to shake both of their hands. "My name is Ling Xiaoyu." The pig tail haired girl told me as she shook my hand. I moved my hand over to the other girl who smiled kindly and said "Hi. My name is Miharu Hirano." We began to talk for awhile, actually becoming good friends as we did so.

"So what's your reason for entering the tournament?" Xiaoyu asked me. "I came to look for a man named Eddy Gordo. Have you by chance seen him?!" The two girls looked at each other and then back to me while shaking their heads. I exhaled in disappointment. "What are your reasons for entering?" I asked my two new friends. Ling Xiaoyu was the first to speak. "I'm also looking for someone. His name is Jin Kazama. I heard that he might have entered the tournament as well." I nodded and then looked to Miharu. "I'm helping Xiao look for Jin and I also am a newcomer. I wanted to test my skills which I learned from Xiao." I smiled at my friends and we continued to talk as we ate together.

Soon, we finished and I decided that I wanted to explore this hotel a little more. Xiaoyu and Miharu said that they were tired and were thinking of sleeping. I smiled and said that it was nice to meet them and that I would see them tomorrow. We then parted ways as I began to walk around and take in all of the glorious sights. " This is really a nice place…" I couldn't take my mind off of Eddy, for I was actually wandering around in search of him. With no luck, I then went back up to my lush and plush room. Tomorrow's going to be a big day. I should try and sleep so I can search for Eddy again.

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