Tekken Fan Fiction ❯ Miharu's Story ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Hello and thank you for choosing to view my story. I would like to apologize on behalf of myself. ^_^ If you reed my other stories they are on temporary pause. And I am no longer doing those unless I can get greater ideas or I get back into them someday. So bare with me. I will update the others ASAP. I do have other things I must work on too. Anyway, This is a Tekken story. It takes place after Tekken 4 and Xiaoyu was the winner of the Tournament. It is after Xiaoyu and Miharu, her school friend, have finished Xiaoyu World or whatever she called it. A new Tournament is being start by an unknown person, since Heihachi is dead. Yes, Heihachi is gone, and good riddance to bad rubbish. Characters that are involved in this story most.

Miharu (Main Character in this story.)




Rica (Own Character)

Riyac (Own Character)


Miharu paced back and forth wondering. Xiaoyu, in her large seat, was watching her go back and forth.

"Miharu? What are you doing?" She asked, Miharu didn't respond.

"Miharu!" Xiaoyu yelled.

"What!" Miharu replied

"What are you pacing for?"

"Well, it's just… I think there is something missing with the park."

"What do you mean? It looks fine to me."

"Ticket booth! We forgot the Ticket Booth."

"Ticket Booth?"

"Yeah… It's like, you win tickets from games and such and you spend them at the Ticket Booth for rewards and such."

"Great Idea."

"It wasn't my idea, they are in just about every other park like this in the world."

"But wouldn't we need games too."

"Of cause. A park like this needs more than just rides."

"Okay." Miharu and Xiaoyu go to the large window and look down upon their nearly finished creation.

"Hey look down there. There is a fight going on down there. Who are they?" Miharu asked.

"I don't know, but I'm calling the security." Xiaoyu goes over to this speaker on her desk. "Security, there is a fight going on down in the main district of the park. Apprehend them and bring them to me.

"Yes, Ma'am." A security guard replied. Xiao looked down to see the two people who were fighting knock out all of the guards.

"Ah… those stupid security guards. Come on Miharu." Xiaoyu went for the door.

"Xiao? Where are you going?" Miharu chased after her.


"So… let us continue." Jin said.

"Yeah, pretty annoying having Guards interrupt us."

"Why in heavens name did you choose to fight in a theme park, Hwaorang?"

"Because there are so many people to watch us."

"Out of the question."

"Hey we were fighting a minute ago." Hwaorang got into his fighting stance. Jin, the same. They resumed their fight only to be disturbed once more by Xiao and Mi. Xiao instantly gained the magical hearts in the eyes look while looking at Jin. Miharu was rather confused and looked at Hwaorang.

"Okay, you boys can either fight elsewhere or fight us." She threatened. Jin sighed and Hwaorang replied with a cocky tone.

"Us, fight you? That's a laugh."

"YOU OVERCONFIDENT JERK!!!" Miharu yelled at him. Then she lunged at him swinging for his head, Hwaorang ducked and Mi lifted her foot above him. She was holding her foot with her hand and let it go knocking straight down on Hwaorang and knocking him out. Jin looked at Hwaorang's miserable failure. Miharu looked at Jin.

"You're next unless you're afraid." Jin lifted an eyebrow.

"You are about as overconfident as loser over there." He said calmly.

"You… jerk." Mi rushed over to him. Jin kicked upwards, hitting Mi right under her chin and she flipped backwards and landed on her front.

"You can't win while you are pissed."


"Yeah you are."

"AHHH!!!! Forget it. Xiao, I am going home. I'll see you tomorrow… K?"

"Yeah, okay. See you tomorrow. Bye." And Mi walked of towards her home. On the way through the streets she was thinking about Jin and Xiaoyu, how they basically had a relationship and she didn't. She decided she was going to go look for someone to love. Her excitement about it all was cut short as she walked past and alleyway where a muscular man grabbed her. Her mouth was covered so she couldn't cry for help. The streets were clear so the public were not around and no one saw the incident. She was pulled into the alleyway where she managed to free herself and kick the muscular man in the chest and jump away. She faced her abductor but didn't get a clear view of his face because she was hit over the head. A normal sized, evil looking man had a baseball bat that he hit her with. He hit her so hard she went out cold. The muscular man went on one side of the alley and an unknown other guy went over to the other side, like there were on guard. The normal sized man had his perverted little wish he wanted as he had full control of what to do with his little unconscious victim.


A/N: I would write this part but in involve serious hentai that I am no good at anyway. It is also rape so those are two very good reasons why this part isn't going up. If you enjoy hentai then you can do 2 things. 1 you can read another hentai full story (ask Kattx) or imagine so enjoy the rest.


After the evil man was done he threw the naked Miharu out of the alleyway as if she was junk. Her clothes, torn and ruined, soon followed her. The three men walked off, leaving an exposed Miharu…

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