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Neon Genesis Evangelion and all related characters, concepts, etc., are
property of ADVision and Gainax. I only *wish* they were mine.
This is a Re-write of my first stab at an Evangelion Fic. Let me tell you that up to chapter 24,
I loved this anime, then as so many others it turned dark and
painful, Though I didn't disagree with who Shinji ended up with, I still didn't like how the others were treated.
So, this and my other Eva stories to come will focus on giving those characters a fair chance at a happy ending.
So this is fair warning to a good amount of Waff, romance, and character development!
So I am writing this story to show what I thought would be an alternate ending to the series
where Rei and Asuka lived!
Hopefully the creator of the series will make more movies and hopefully
they will give us a more hopeful ending. Thanks to Andre Laval and Ryan Xavier for prereading this revision!

Bonds of Love and Survival

Chapter #3. A Scare, and a Pledge

Author's Note: Due to my Pre-readers being unavailable, this chapter will be the Beta version until I can get it pre-read. If you want to help me with pre-reading my chapters, e-mail me! < dennis_d@popmail.firn.edu>

A Scare:

The day before our journey began, I was having one of those dreams most teenage boys have,
a gorgeous woman coming to take me away, with the hazy outlines and the gorgeous smile.
Then it changes to the two girls now in my life. They were the ones dragging me away,
then I see Rei letting go and having a pained look in her eyes. I am concerned and reach to her.
Then she doubles over, holds her stomach and starts to whimper in pain.

This sound of crying wakes me up and after I rub the sleep from my eye with the one free hand I had
(It was previously encircling Asuka's sleeping shoulder), I then take a look at Rei.
Now I saw and heard what was the cause of the whimpering.
I asked her; "Rei-chan, what's wrong ?"
She had a perplexed, and frightened look, "I think I'm... broken. I'm having ... abdominal discomfort ... and I am having a bloody discharge between my legs." she answered in a more anguished tone than normal,
then looked down as my gaze followed.

Now, being a teenage boy, The idea of a woman's period was mostly a taboo subject,
especially for a kid like me who didn't have the best luck with girls, ... till now.
So, after about 10-15 seconds in stunned silence I realized what was happening to Rei.
I immediately turned around and gingerly woke Asuka up and waited for one of two reactions,
either a bear hug of an embrace, or her good arm lashing out at whomever had the gaul to wake her.
She was the one who usually woke me up, so I had to wait and see which response I was going to get.

Suddenly, I found myself in a crushing bear hug. Then after exchanging good mornings with Asuka,
I explained what I thought might be happening to Rei. Asuka grumbled some germans expletives, then got up and turned the portable light near the door to our room.
What I saw before I passed out was approximately 40% of the lower part of the bed sheets and Rei's night gown stained with what we all know comes when a girl's period starts!

I was out for what Asuka told me was about a minute.
Finally in frustration, she threw a glass of cold water on my face startling me awake.
After I got my bearings, I saw that Asuka was walking back in our room. She then told me to pick up Rei, and bring her to the bathroom, and then lay her down in the bathtub.

I was about to stammer a protest at having to get near or step on the "Stuff".
Asuka grabbed my face by it's sides and with a clear view she said "Listen Baka Shinji, I don't like this situation any better than you, but Rei has to be taken care of. That is what you've been doing, right?"
I shook my head yes!. "Good, Well then Baka, you have to pick her up gently, and bring her into the bathroom and set her down in the tub." She then closed the distance between our faces, ... by mere inches.
"Is that understood, Shinji." I again, shook my yes, and she then let my face go, and pointed to our room mate who still lay on the bed. I took a breath, and moved to the other side of the bed. I motioned for he to sit up so it can make picking her up easier. She complied and I gingerly picked her up.

She let a pained gasp and I quietly said sorry to her. I maneuvered her around the now stained futon and carefully passed the door as I made my way to the bathroom with Rei in my arms. She was surprisingly light ,though a bit heavier since the time after the fifth angel attack, where i picked her up after we left her entry plug.

I carefully put Rei down in the tub, then Asuka sent me out of the bathroom with a demand to make breakfast while she helped Rei clean up and explained the significance of the menstrual cycle to her.
Asuka later told me that the talk they had was more of a confirmation of information
on a woman's period rather than telling a girl who had no knowledge of it.

I later found out that Rei, who before third impact was designed not to have ovaries,
therefore could not have children, and so was told that the women's menstrual cycle wouldn't have affected her.
It fell to Asuka to review the process, as well as the maintenance involved.
She also discussed rather begrudenly the physical and emotional effects that a period has. Rei as always took all the information in and kept asking clarifying questions of a now flustered Asuka, who when about describing, in intimate detail the affects of said discharges if not curbed!
By the time she was finished Rei understood, but seemed a bit greener in complexion
when they did come out of the bathroom.

After about 10 minutes, in which I had a nice breakfast made for the girls, I see Asuka helping Rei who was obviously in pain walk slowly to the dining room table. I quickly walked around to Rei's other side
and help her sit down. How she put up with this, while both were still recovering from the injuries they woke up with, I'll never know. Though except for their arms, they were pretty much healed up.

After we all sat and started eating, Asuka spoke;
"Shin-chan, We will need to wait 'til next week to take our trip"!

I asked "Why?"

She answered, "Because since this was Rei's first period, she won't be able to move around very well, and she will have painful cramps for the next few days." I saw the way Rei looked and the begrudged concern in Asuka's face, I then agreed. So, we pushed out planned start for our trip one week.

Over the past weeks both girls have stopped fighting, well I mean they still had arguments,
but not like the way they reacted to each other before Third Impact.
I also saw in Asuka a small change in the severity of her remarks to me and even more to Rei.
Now let me make this clear that Asuka still bit my head off when I made a mistake,
or when Rei had frustrated her. But the intent behind her remarks was much less negative, and more like a stern older sister lecturing us because we made a mistake and had to be told what should be learned from it.
It wasn't a simple case of lashing out because she wanted us to feel her inner pain of worthlessness she had before Third Impact. This changed was noticed not only by me, but by Rei as well. And that in itself shows that Rei who wouldn't have cared how Asuka felt before, now I had noticed that change as well.

After breakfast, we helped Rei to the couch, got a heat pack for her stomach and start some of the nature video she had come to like. (One of the finds we found was a generator which we placed in the next door apartment, with enough fuel to work all the major appliances including the tv and vcr.)
Asuka then sends me to the nearest drug store to get pain medications to help with Rei's cramps
and to help her be more comfortable.

A morning talk:

What follows is what the girls talked about during my absence, I found out much later about this!

Asuka and Rei now sat in the living room both watching the nature video. Asuka had been mulling over just what and how to begin her talk with Rei. Finally she just dove in!

Asuka started; "Well how do you feel now Rei-chan?

"I am fine Asuka-chan, though I still feel some abdominal pain." Rei answered while still keeping her eyes on the TV.

" That's normal. Remember what I told you in the bathroom, the pain you feel is simply you body getting rid of the materials your uterus uses when a baby is made." Asuka answered her, but she turned her head as she did.

"You mean conceived." (After a long pause) "This does prove the fact that I can conceive a child if Shin-chan and I ... "

Asuka quickly Interrupted " ....Yes, you can have a baby just like me too, Rei-chan (Asuka was a bit peeved, but nothing like she could have been before T.I. ). "So, you just need to take it easy for the next few days, let nature take it's course and let your body do it's job. "Then a thought , no a fact now occurred to Asuka.
She asked; "Well, guess your not a doll anymore, ha Rei-chan!" This statement brought out a slight smile of appreciation from Rei to her room mate , and now friend (Yes she can call her that now)!
Rei knew that this conversation the two were having wouldn't have happened this way before.
A little while later Rei asked a question after shaking her head yes to Asuka's asking her if she wanted more potato chips
"Asuka-chan, when will you be one with Shin-chan?" in a quiet and non aggressive tone.
This shocked Asuka so much she choked on a snack she was eating. After some coughing a patting on the back by Rei, and a glass of water, a red faced Asuka composed herself enough to answer Rei's blunt question.
"Well. I think we all are too young for making love." Asuka continued, "We need to survive first before we can think of doing that.... or have kids" Asuka then thought, "With Shin-chan, Wow I couldn't have thought that before. but now, ... now it could be possible, But I do need to work this situation out so We can make it to Okoyama in one piece!"
Asuka then continued, "Plus, you know as well as I do, Shin-chan has to grow up a little more physically, and Emotionally before I or you should approach him." (Plus both of us need to as well)
"But, ". Asuka had a sneaky look on her face. "that really doesn't stop us from flirting with him or kissing him, do you know what I mean Rei? "stated Asuka with a rye grin.
"I think ... I understand, we can get close to him ...with out becoming one and risk pregnancy. Am I right Asuka-chan?" Rei said with a slight blush on her face. Asuka noticed this!
"Well I think you are becoming more normal everyday, Rei-chan." They now smiled at each other.
"Look Rei, lets make a deal, OK!" Asuka said.
"What sort of agreement are you seeking Asuka?" Rei asked
Lets call a truce when it comes to Shinji." Asuka looked at Rei as though she knew what she meant, ... she didn't!
"I do not understand Asuka, can you explain this to me." Asked Rei. Asuka groaned!
She bit her lip, let out a long breath and then continued,
"Ok, What I mean is simple, we will not pursue any romantic interests with Shinji-kun until we make it to Okayama and established a place to live and survive there. Then We will then compete for Shinji's heart.
Is that descriptive enough Won ... Rei?" Asuka's slip of the tongue did not go unnoticed by Rei who raised an eyebrow but nothing else.

After a moments pause Rei replied,
" Why do you think we are competing for Shiji-kun's affections.
He brought us both back to be with him. I do not see a reason to compete. To me he has already made a decision." Rei then turned back to the TV as Asuka sat there staring at her open mouthed.
Rei quietly pushed Asuka's mouth closed with her finger.
Asuka seemed in a daze with what Rei had said. Was that the real reason they came back?
Was Asuka there to be with Shinji, because Shinji wanted her to?
And if that was true, would she be able to tolerate Rei not only as a room mate for now, but sharing Shinji's heart as well? Now She was mad, not as much as Rei who clued her in on what was a plausible reason for their situation, but at Baka Shinji. Then she thought about it a bit more as both sat on the couch. Shinji only opened the door, It was the girls who came back on their own accord. "But why did Rei think that Shinji would have feelings for both of them, an not make a choice?" Asuka turned and asked Rei that same question.
I s it not obvious Asuka, Why would he wish us back both. If he really had decided on one of us,
would he not have wished for just one to return with him.
That hit Asuka between the eyes "Why both of us?" She thought.
Then, after a pause, "Tell you what, "said Asuka, "We'll talk to Shin-chan when he gets back
and see if we can get an appropriate answer, OK?"
"That is acceptable." Answered Rei!

******************************************************************* *************************************

A Slow Walk:

As it plodded at a slow rate along heading towards Okayama, the white production EVA sensed another of it's brethren. I moved slowly towards it. If finally finds the MP Eva laying on it's side. It had obviously fallen from a standing position. Per it's instructions it received from an unknown source, it just needed to touch the dead form and the 2nd Eva would come to life. It did just that and when it had fully awakened, within 10 seconds some communication was exchanged, then the 2nd Eva stood up with each scanning the horizon.
Then, each started moving away from each other in opposite directions. Each would now had a mission to complete first before continuing to Okayama. To awaken those Evas that could function.
Finally, their plan was revealed for those who saw it as it was. To wipe out the Lillum,
and avenge their benefactor's hate at those who live on earth, especially those in Okayama.
As they slowly moved away from each other, a diminutive girl was staring at a monitor,
analyzing the situation. She was contemplating a course of action.
"They'll eventually come here." she said to herself. "Well, I'd better tell the others and prepare for this".
She then ran out of her lab and to the family's living room!

****************************************************************** **************************************

A Sudden Storm:

As Shinji was walking back from the drug store through a slow but brisk wind as the cool weather continued.
He carried a bag full of over the counter pain killers for Rei as well as medicines to help with queasiness, and fever and some other general supplies he knew they needed back at the apartment.
He spotted at an abandoned jewelry store. He was thinking of the situation of his living arrangements with the girls and why he had brought them both back with him. "I must ... love them both enough ...to have wanted them here with me." He smiled at the realization. "Maybe I need to show them how much they mean to me." With that said aloud, though nobody was around to hear it, Shinji entered the store and started looking for 5 rings, that matched. He has made up his mind now, though the time to give them those rings would have to wait until they were settled in Okayama, and that Asuka more than Rei would accept this unique proposal.
In his mind he wanted the girls to have engagement rings so they would know how he felt for them, plus why not get the 3 matching wedding bands now for later. Shinji was feeling that confidence he now seemed to posses since the decision he made to come back after Third Impact.
He was more decisive and had more of a backbone. He knew that because of this,
the girls were also acting differently than before.
They had to, because they knew they had to adapt to survive. But agreeing to what he was thinking was a long way from that, so he would take it slow and see how it would work out. He knew now that he didn't want to lose either of them, but that was still a possibility, especially when it came to Asuka and how she would react.
So, Shinji would wait, and be patient and hoped that all would work itself out, especially this!
As these thoughts were flying in Shinji's head, a heavy snow storm suddenly started.
This brought back Shinji's thoughts to the present, and he started running home. ("I hope I can go through with this when the time comes!") He thought to himself as he made his way back to their apartment.
He then felt a feeling of ... dread run through him.
He picked up his pace fearing something was very wrong and ran at top speed through the now thickening sheet of snow on the ground.

**************************************************************** *****************************************
The Apartment:

As Rei and Asuka sat on the couch snacking and watching the nature video, a feeling of dread ran through them startling them. They both gasped, holding their hands on their chests as if an invisible hand had put ice cold fingers around their hearts scaring them to death. They also sensed something was not right here.
They looked at each other ... seeing fear in each other's eyes. They felt like a great danger was coming and looked out of the balcony's glass doors. Both then looked at each other again, talked and confirmed what they had just felt. They then both made a decision, that they would go to Okayama as soon as possible.

They also wondered if Shinji had sensed this feeling. Then they started getting very worried as the snow fell heavily and they knew Shinji hadn't returned. They got up and with umbrellas in hand and heavy winter coats on, they went to the balcony. From there they searched up and down the street in search of their one soul friend.
Rei finally spotted a running figure with a plastic bag underneath his arms heading for their apartment building.
They both made their way back inside and as Rei made her way as best she could to the bathroom to start a bath for him, Asuka pulled some clean and dry clothes for him. both hesitant and worried at what they felt about what was to come.
When he finally got to their door, he was greeted by both of them .

The look of concern was evident in their faces, and they hugged him more to calm their own nerves, and then without asking Shinji was lead into the apartment. Both pointed towards the bathroom and he understood, he handed the bag of supplies to Asuka and entered the bathroom where he found a warm bath running, towels to dry with, and clean and dry clothes to change into after he was done.
All these actions by the girls solidified his intentions and he would talk to them now of some of what he wanted to do.
During the time before Third Impact neither of them would have done this for him, let alone cooperated together to do this! He knew his heart , and was going pledge his friendship to them today as soon as he finished the bath they ran for him, and he knew he would propose to both of them as soon as they had made their life in Okayama..

************************************************************** *******************************************

A Pledge of Friendship:

As Shinji dressed he pulled out the ring cases from his damp clothes, and put them in his dry pants.
he knew that the girls were planning on talking to him about something important to them. He could hear them as he took his bath, discussing how to ask him about something. They did seem to know that he could probably hear them so they didn't name it. So, after he got dressed and hid the boxes in his dirty clothes hamper (He'd get them later since he washed all their clothes) he then opened the bathroom door and headed for the living room, after hanging his wet clothes to dry somewhat in the bathroom.
He then saw both girls at the dining room table sipping cups of tea.
They motioned for him to come and sit down, he did. Then Asuka, being her bold usual self started to ask;
Though it wasn't want was mainly on her mind it still was important so,

"Shin-chan, we were concerned that you were hurt while you were out.
Did anything happen to you while you were out?"
Shinji then described his travels that day (proposely not mentioning his visit to the Jewelry store).

"Did you get a feeling of dread when you were walking home today?" Asked Rei in her usual reserved tone.
Shinji answered; "Yes, ... I felt it. It felt like someone was walking over my grave, holding my heart in his hand.
I felt as if you two were in some danger, so Iran home to make sure you two were safe!"

Both girls smiled, Asuka a large grin, Rei a small but bright smile and were happy that he would be concerned.
Rei then said: "It would be wise to take some precautions until we see that there is no danger."
Both Asuka and Shinji agreed. All three would begin carrying side arms from now on.
Asuka then asked the real reason they asked him to sit and talk to them;
"Shin-chan (She took one of Shinji's hand into hers, Rei did the same with the other),
"we were discussing something that we feel you should answer for us."
( Shinji looked at both girls with a sense of anticipation as well as and a feeling of apprehension as well)

Rei then asked the question in her own deadpan delivery;
"When will you be one with us, Shin-chan?" THUMP!
Asuka gave a surprised look at Rei!
"Rei-chan, that wasn't what we were going to ask Shinji-kun!"
Asuka said with a bit of reddish hugh on her beautiful face.
"Isn't being one with us the final goal?" Rei asked innocently.

"There's more to it than that, Rei. You just don't say that to someone without developing a relationship with them." Asuka said, slowly losing her resolve to be patient with her blue haired companion, but she kept her cool ... for now.
"Do we not have a relationship with Shinji-kun?" Rei asked.
Yes, ... but ..." Asuka said.
Rei continued "And have we not had those relationships with him for a long duration of time?"

"Yeah, about a year but Re I ... " Asuka tired to answer.

"And, have we not expressed our feelings of affection, and more for Shinji-kun to each other earlier this day?"

"REI, you can't say that now, he isn't supposed to know that!" said a now exasperated Asuka pointing to asilent Shinji!

"Say what girls?" Said Shinji now standing and looking intently on the two conversing girls!

Shinji got up off the floor where he fell, and dusted himself off.
he calmed down, tried to focus on what the girls had asked him, and of their current conversation.
He knew that this discussion would be coming, but he didn't want it would be this soon.
Maybe Rei's period triggered this but he knew he couldn't run away from this! But, he had to answer them.
At the same time, both girls started to have a worried look on their faces. Did they ask too soon?
Would they drive Shinji away from them by asking this now? They were both now apprehensive as well.

A now calm Shinji took a hold of one of each girls hands and finally, nervously answered their question;
"Now you both know that I care about you both."( They nodded yes, they already knew that!)
"And, you know that we need to stay together in order to survive, right?"
(Again, they shook their heads yes!)
"So, we need to focus on having a secure home first,
then when that's done, we can think about , mmmm other things!"
Both girls shook their heads yes, but they had somewhat disappointed looks on their faces!
They both wanted him to say something more clearer like "I love you",
but they were satisfied enough with the knowledge that he cared for them both.
But then they had underestimated Shinji's newfound resolve,
and that he thought if not now then it might never happen!

The Pledge

So, he then pulled out a black flet covered box. Both girls were stunned into silence (Well Rei was naturally that way!)
Niether had any idea he go this far this fast, but that crisis was averted when he opened the box to show then three rings, two thin women's rings, and a thicker Man's ring. In each there were three colored stones, identical in each way but color. Each ring had a blue, white, and red birthstones. Shinji then explained that they were friendship rings.
Simple yet elegant rings that showed that the wearers to be close friends. Also, by being identical, the rings signified an especially close bond between the wearers. The girls then began to understand the significance Shinji had given
to the rings. Though not engagement rings, Shinji had signaled that he indeed intended to go past this stage after their trip to Okoyama.
But being Shinji, he wanted to take his time in getting there not just because it would be a long trip, but he wanted them all to really get to know each other and hopefully get along enough for him to pursue what he wanted in his heart, the love of them both.

But, he still did not get an answer from them as a veil of silence crept into the room where they sat.
Shinji was beginning to become nervous as the gilrs stared into space lost in their own thoughts.
Hesitantly Shinji finally said "Girls, ... are you two ok?"

Both looked at me braking their consentration. Both then looked down on the hands with the rings now there.
Then, looking at each other, and nodding yes, they both hugged me.
Now words were spoken as we all hugged each other, I could not have thought of a better way to answer.
I knew Asuka would have had a hard enough time saying anything that would have shown her true emotions.
But since they have been together she had opened up more to him and Rei.
He knew that this hug was just as hard for her so, he gladly accepted it and what it entailed.

He also knew that physical contact, especially in front of others wasn't what Rei would normally do.
Knwoing this, he also appriciated the hug from her as well. It had been a hard road all three had travelled,
and now these three lonely and hurt children finally had what they all so desperately wanted.
Someone to care for them, and someone to care ... for!

Then, in silence they all let go of each other, went about the apartment, getting their things ready for tomorrow,
then after a final shared snack in the dining room table, they made their way to their shred bedroom.
With Shinji changing in the Bathroom the girls got ready for bed and were waiting for Shinji who had finished.
They allowed a space between them, and signalled to him to lay down there.
He hesitantly did as they wanted. Then as he laid on his back, both laid on his chest and each wrapped an arm around his middle, with Rei's arm just above Asuka's. Then without warning, the streched up and kissed Shinji on each cheek., laid back down, and sighed.
Shinji was ...speechless, and for a moment zoned out without any reaction.
But then, he gently wrapped his arms around each girls neck, and drew them both closer to him,
where he kissed each girl on their foreheads, the settled down to sleep.
A moment later the two blushing girls then also joined him in the land of dreams.


This would be the last night they would have without nightmares.
The power behind the activation of the MP Evas, had other ways to get to the children,
was also one that could influence someones mind, ... in subtle ways.
The entity then decided that the children's dreams were an excellent way to influence them NOT to come
to Okayama. So it decided that their dreams will be nightmares from now on.
It smiled, and luaghed at it's idea. "Now, children, you will be mine!" it thought as Rei, Shinji, and Asuka slept peacefully in each others arms.

****************************************************************** ****************************************

Well, seems that things have gotten a bit more complicated, and a bit mushy at the end there. And before you say that was too quick,well I think that with everything they had to go through, they would have gravitated to each other.
Also As I said at the beginning this is an A/U and will have a crossover with another series soon.
So that will change this story further. But don't worry, the overland trip in the snow
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Chapter 4. The Journey to a New Life

The Trio's road trip begins, as they finally leave Tokyo-3 and head towards Nagoya and the center of the country. Will their nightmares push them away from Their intended destination,...or not?