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[TI = Third Impact]

Bonds of Love and Survival


(Shinji's POV)

Journal entry of Shinji Ikari: July-2020.
It's been five years since the "Battle" in Okayama, and many things have changed, most for the better.
I have been married to Asuka and Rei for four years and I am a father of three fabulous children.
I never would have imagined that I'd be married so young or be a father at 20 years old.
But that was before Eva and all the changes it had made. Well, let me tell you about my kids.
What, you think you wouldn't think I would be different, being proud of my children?
Well I'm not my father. Sorry, just letting off some steam.
Well, lets see, her is my 3 year old twin girls Yumi and Yui whom Rei has gifted my with.
Boy they look like her, but are much more open than their mother.
Asuka and I are still working with Rei to get her to open up more to others.
Next, the oldest is my 4-year-old son Tenchi from Asuka. Now he seems to be very protective of his sisters.
Which of course made all three of us so proud of him. But of course, parents in most places do have that pride.
I made sure they all three of my children knew they were loved. I also made sure that their mothers knew that I loved them as much.

Why am I writing this now, well we had planned to do this every year since the battle, but with our new lives in Okayama,
we just hadn't the time. So,this year we finally got the time to visit Tokyo-3's cemetery for Obon,
also known as the Festival of the Dead.
We wanted to remember those who had given their lives, not only before Third Impact, but after as well!
Later I'll note the many changes that have happened since the battle and the coming of the Jurian relief forces.

Well, who came that day you might ask? Well let me list them out for you;
-Me, my wives and our children,
-My and Asuka's mom (who seemed to be both involved with Ayeka's cousin Sagami, but I'll elaborate later!)
-Misato, and Makoto (who seem to be living together, but I don't think even they know what type of relationship they have yet.) -Touji, Hikari, Maya, and Kensuke, also joined us with their broods as well.

We made our way thanks to one of Washu's dimensional portals to an out of the way area
just outside of where the cemetery was located.
Of course were not alone at the cemetery as others did follow the same tradition.
I simply wanted to do as the other families did, picnic and reminisce of the lives of those whom were we were visiting.
We hoped to blend into the rest who were there. I got my wish and no one had recognized us.
We set up a lovely selection of food, with various dishes for all of those who came to enjoy.
We then picnicked before we made our way to our respective relatives' graves.

First, to be visited was my mother's old grave, where another marker was now next to my fathers' grave.
My father, for all his coldness and callousness, had as I saw the focus of his love was my mother.
The head stone was as I had it engraved. I remember the few times that I had visited the grave then.
Most of the time was awkward and mostly uncomfortable. Not because I was afraid of him,
but because of the contrast of his demeanor vs. the way mother's old headstone was beautiful and well kept.

As I sat there thinking of this, my first light of sunshine in my life, Rei had joined me and had taken my hand as I sat there silently. I remember that the last time my father and I had met there, and had that argument.
I did see a fleeting view of a child with blue hair waiting in the VTOL aircraft he was walking towards.
I then asked Rei if she had remembered the incident.
She responded "Yes. I did see the conflict between you and the commander."
I then asked her "How did he react after they took off?"
She answered "He was as emotionless as normal, but he had then held my hand and said,
"Please remind me Rei that I have to love my son for my wife's memory," I was stunned with this revelation.
She continued by saying he turned to me even then and to remind himself to love ME!!

After a long silence as I reassessed my feelings for the man that was my father, I reached up,
held my wife's face in my hands, and gave her a warm, passionate kiss.
Then asked her if she regretted anything that had happened since that day?
She responded with shake of her head, a quiet smile, and she then kissed me back hugging me tightly.

Just then the other half of my heart came and sat down opposite from Rei, asking if everything was ok?
I then pulled her down to us and gave her the same passionate kiss as I gave Rei previously, as Rei looked on warmly.
After gasp and a surprised look from Asuka, I then informed her of what Rei had said, then asked her the same question?
She then preceded to punch me in the arm, then glumped me and kissed me so hard my tonsils felt like they'd be sucked out!
"You Dumbkoph, you have to ask that of me, my lovely baka Shinji?"
Then both women leapt up and away after the children who were trying to dig up a neighboring grave.
As I laughed at how the girls had scolded them and marched them to our picnic blanket, I then turned my attention to my mother's grave marker.

As I reflected there, my mother came and sat next to me. I then told her that if she wouldn't mind, I wanted to talk to her grave as though she was there and asked her to keep silent so I could get all that I wanted to say to her out before I broke down.
She nodded silently, and wrapped her arm around me as I cleared my throat and started.

"Hi mom, I hope you are happy now that we survived Third Impact and now that you're a grandmother three times over!"
(I laughed, as she slapped my arm lightly) Then I became more serious;
"I know you might question why I married Rei? Well, when I first saw her she seemed so cold and aloof, but I saw something within those crimson red eyes that connected with my soul. Then after the fifth angel, I know now I fell for her then.
That smile cut right through my heart. But it took Third Impact for me to realize that I saw her more as a soulmate, as much as Asuka is, than maybe as someone who was just your clone.
To alleviate any fears of genetic mutation, I had Washu check on the twins' DNA make-up and found that they had no predisposition's for any genetic diseases or sickness. It seems that Third Impact had indeed changed Rei's DNA
not just allow her to have children, but to differentiate her DNA enough from yours so as not to cause problems with our offspring.

As for marrying Asuka, Well I now know I had been in love with her since the day I saw her on the aircraft carrier
with that lovely yellow dress and having the wind blowing through that fiery red hair.
God she seemed like a goddess of light and fire.
She's the antithesis of Rei in every way and that's probably another reason why I did marry both of them.
They are my Ying and Yang, both parts of my heart. My blue calm side, and my red and decisive side. Put together to have my love forever."

By then, My mother was crying quietly next to me grabbing my arm as she continued to listen.
"I hope you approve of them and I know your love your grandchildren too. They call them both mommy and I still can't tell how each of them knows which kid is calling them.'(They both chuckled) "Well I need to finish our visit as you and Kyoto will be coming to dinner. That means getting out the earplugs and hoping she and Asuka don't get too loud and boisterous!"

Mom then gave me a rye look as I clapped my hands and twice said a farewell prayer.
I then moved to the grave next to hers. That of Duo Ikari, my clone!
I had him moved here three years ago when mom and I decided to give him her burial plot. We thought it was appropriate.
I made sure that his name was done properly since he made the same selfless sacrifice I would have in his position.
My wives had already moved to his grave and had been silent for a few minutes as they had gathered their thoughts.
My mother and I approached them from behind and saw them both in silent prayer.
Now as I knew both had varying beliefs of god, heaven, and hell, but I knew that they cared for him.
Especially since he helped to defeat the MP EVA's and saved their lives.
So as I put my hands on their shoulders, they made room for me as my mother, and Asuka's mother Kyoto joined them on either side in a prayer of thanks for his soul.
After we finished, I gathered my wives in my arms and I hugged them both.
We then hugged our mother's who were in tears by now.
They knew what he did as well. I remembered how he turned against the other MP EVA's and defended Asuka,
literally saving her from repeating the same type of horrible death she had suffered before.

Now about our mothers and Sagami.
Well as you might have figured out our mothers being that they were still physically in the early 30's went to work for Misato
and met Sagami while working with him on the UN/Jurian Coordinating Committee (UNJCC).
After a few months, both were after him, when he told them that since he was Jurian, he could have more than one girlfriend or wife. Well that went down like a ton of bricks to both women, and they dumped him!
But, after a few months, they changed their minds, not because of the Jurians influence,
but because of how Rei and Asuka had been able to work with each other with our marriage.
Neither of our mothers were at first thrilled with our marriage, since we married before they were revived,
but accepted it after awhile. So, now Asuka may be my step-sister as well as my wife. I'll need to talk to Tenchi about this later.

After a few moments all of us got up, gathered the kids, sat down with the other families visiting their dearly departed,
and ate the fine food we had brought and prepared before.
For the rest of the day we enjoyed ourselves and had the kids rapt attention as we told them stories of our battles and also of the sacrifices made so they will not make the same mistakes.
Later as we gathered our things to leave, I remembered to call Tenchi.
He had invited us to visit him at his home to come and have the use of the onsen.
Rei was looking forward to it since that was one of the places she could relax.

I'm sure Tenchi is doing the same thing were doing now, back up at the shrine. Since I named him my children's godfather,
he and I have stayed the best of friends, since we have so much in common.
You know, multi-wife families, saving the world, and still getting embarrassed by our loved ones.
Well some things never change, but some do! Well, I gotta go since their calling me to join them in the onsen.
I have to say that with all that has happened, I am finally able to say that I am happy, and content.
I have the loves of my life here with me, many good and dear friends, my mother back in my life,
and a world of possibilities in the eyes of my three little ones.

I had wished my father could see what he almost destroyed, what he could have had if he hadn't allowed his obsession to consume him. I will be the father he wasn't to my children. Hopefully if those that follow us do the same, as we won't want to go through this ever again. I leave this journal as a way to tell my story and therefore help those who come after me.
God, I'm getting to philosophical, I gotta get to those hot baths, or I'll freeze my brain!
So long for now, maybe we'll visit the EVA's and show the kids where Daddy and their Mommies worked.
And also show them where we ....died. That would give them the idea of pain and sacrifice we went through.
Hmmm, no, ... later when they're older, yeah!
"Shinji, get you lazy butt up here Baka!!"
"Yes, honey, I'm coming!"

The end???

Well to this story! But if anyone want's to continue this story line, just e-mail me and we'll talk, OK! dennisud