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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 14
"The Cultural fest"

In the dark room of an Cabaret building our new adventure
begun averu violent comversation was just taking place
"I will never agree to that" Said the owner
He was dressed in early twentieth century style he had dark hair
and a black Moustache
"Well you know that your poor cabaret will never survive
like that now the future is only for us the Circus your
Cabaret is in depths it owns money like hell the loaners will
eventually want to take over the property the Cabaret LE COMEDIE
will cease to exist than ......Unless I get to marry Erenia than
I Gerard Divierre am ready to pay that fine" Said The Circus owner
Gerard Divier who was wearing a Golden cylinder and read suit
You know the circus owner eighties ninethen century
"Why do you want to marry Erenia ?" Said The owner of The Cabaret
they both where about 40 years old
"Don't tell me you don't get to have a child so that
the Grande circus du Divier will exist forever
all sons and daughters will work for the Diviere circus"said
Gerard Divier
"And what will happen to my Cabaret ?"said the Cabaret owner
"As long you will live nothing and when you pass away than
it will be merged into the Divierre circus"Said Gerard Divier
"I like your proposition becuse I don't want to see the thing
I worked all my life for to be ruined just like that
however...i have no right to destroy my Daughters happiness
She dosen't love you she loves Rezin" Said the Owner of the
"Rezin this country dumpkin...you're not gonna give
her to him just becuse he loves her. He is just some lazy
country bupmkin he will give you shame think of it Im rich
I'll keep this cabaret alive you will be also able to rest in
peace till the end of your days !!" Said Gerard Divier
"Rezin is not a fool I think you should leave this place
I won't force Erenia to marry someone like you!!" Said the Cabaret
"Loiu I thouht you knew that you have nothing to say in that
matter at midnight my boys will come here they wreak this
place they'll take Erenia and destroy this filthy place
thats how this story ends !! But Since were familly you'll
only become my slave till your life ends that is hahahaga"
Said and left Mr Gerard Divier

It was already afternoon on the planet that was simply named
Cabaret our team was watching the fire works display it was propably
hapenning in the same time that violent conversation took place
It was 12:00 the planet was actually an entire Festival
I was buying Icreams for the whole group
"Wow Stasek an planetary Fest awsome"Said Chriss
"Those what you called it icecream are supperb"Said Demonica who
never was on a cultural fest well she's not the only Lydhia and Ikernel
weren't on this things as well
"So what how about staying here for a week" I said it
Everybody scremed 'Yes' at me so I undestood they were
ok with that
"Dude you have some good ideas once while" Said Skatie
"Just once a while ?" I said it suprised
"hey maybe theres something with culture here you know
Cabaret theater or something like that"Said Dr Olchiward
"Hmm we passed a cabaret called 'Le Comedie'" I said it
"heh you should be more worried about where were gonna stay
have you guys seen any hotels here ?"said Ikernel
"Ikernel is right"Said Lydhia
"I have an idea than lets go to the 'Le Comedie' will talk
with the owner maybe he can hire us for a week " I said it
"Good idea will get paid get to see what we wanna and will
have a place to stay" Said Skatie

We did what we said we will only to meet a blond haired guy
with blue eyes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YES BLUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
he was a ticketer here it was Rezin
"Im sorry were not acting today were busy with repairs"said Rezin

And boy was it that what he needed it seemed the building had
already passed the glory years
"We would like to see the owner"I said it
"im sorry but thats impossible" Said angered Rezin
"But we would like to"said Eleila flirting with Rezin
"oh ok come with me"Said Rezin
He led us to the owner
"oh Rezin my boyfriend ...who are they?" Said the owner
who was interrupted in his daily duties
"these people wanted to se you" Said Rezin
"All righ Rezin leave !!!!" Said the owner
Rezin obeyed the owner
"Who are you what doyou wan ?" Said the Owner
"were not from this planet we came here in the shuttle
called 'Galaxia' my Name is Stanislaw" I said it
"Im Chriss together with Stasek we both are from earth exactly
from Poland more accurate from the town called Szczecinek" Said Chriss
"Poland Szczecinek are names of the regions ?" Said the owner
"Im Eleila my planet was destroyed" said Eleila
"Thats sad" said the owner
"Yo Skatie is me and im from the same planet" Said Skatie
"Im Lydhia Im from militaristic planet called Nivia"Said Lydhia
"Oh that one we know about you but you should be with your army"said
the owner
"Im lost Im traveling with them untill we get to my planet" Said Lydhia
"meow"Said Ikernel
"Im Dr Olchiward an highly specialised scientist from Celestia
Curently an technic Inginer working for the shuttle"Said Dr Olchiward
"Im Demonica" Said Demonica
"Oh ok alright what is it that you want" Said the Owner
"were looking for a job and place to stay" I said it
"What can you do ?" Said the owner
"We can help with the repairs Im also noted to being a very
renowed architect"Said Dr Olchiward
"Fine you can help with repairs"Said the owner
"Can we adleast know your name "Said Dr Olchiward
"Im Lois Desperdeu"Said the Cabaret Owner
And we started our work we decided to work there for a week

MEANWHILE in the circus 'LE GRANDE CIRCUS DIVIERRE' Divier was having
his converation with his workers
"Yes My boys we will destroy this worthless Cabaret at Midnight" Said
"can we destroy what we want or is it just a simple kidnaping action
this time Boss ?"Said one of the strong guys
"No this time you're free to enjoy yourselfs harassments etc
everything there at midnight will be your plaything you can take
all girls except ERENIA that REZIN he should be dead the rest is
for you guys to decide"Said Divier
"uuu so this time we can finally party boss" Said one of the clowns

Meanwhile mr Desperdeu relieved us from our duties at 15:00
he gived us some free time we could see the fest we could ride
the rollercosters etc we returned in the evening
"heres where the mans part of the group will sleep and here
will sleep the ladies before we will go to sleep Im
happy to annouce that we all are invited for dinner by Mr
Desperdeu I don't the reason" Said Rezin
"Why would we need a reason"Said Skatie
"a dinner with Mr Desperdeu always haves a reason"Said Rezin
So we went to eat the Dinner together with Mr Desperdeu
Rezin was sitted near Mr Desperdeu which frankly speeking
suprised him I was sitted next to Rezin so I saw it the best
suddenly a beutifull Girl that also had blue eyes
"Welcome my daughter" Said mr Desperdeu
The Daughter of Mr Desperdeu Erenia was sitted near Lydhia
"Hi my Name is Lydhia"Said Lydhia
"Hi Im Erenia" Said Erenia
"Lets have a toast in honor Of Mr Desperdeu and Ms Erenia" Said Rezin
"Yes my boy you propably are wondering why I decided sit near
you ?"asked Mr Desperdeu
After a while of silence he ended
"Two days ago I accidently heard how Rezin
propposed to my Daughter"Said Mr Desperdeu
"Oh dad...."Said Erenia begun to cry
"I can explain to you ....."said but wasn't unable to
finish Rezin
"Rezin my boy if you want to marry my daughter" Said Mr Desperdeu
"Ill do everything"Said Rezin
"Propose to her in the presence of our witnesses"Said Mr Desperdeu
"ok ... I Rezino Slovani the son of a helper I propose to Erenia
The daughter of the owner of our beutifull Cabaret" Said Rezin
"I accept it"Said mr Desperdeu
"Dad it means ..."Said Erenia
"Not yet ...as your fiaance you should protect her you will
be her bodyguard you will sleep at her doors !!!"Said Mr Desperdeu

And so it happened Rezino was guarding Erenia at 23:00
I had an unexpected conversation with Mr Desperdeu
"Im sorry I disturbed you in your free time but you
need tto help Rezin at midnight we will be attacked
I do not know by whom But I know becuse of who can
I trust you ?" Said Mr Loius Desperdeu
"Yes you can" I said it

And yes you guessed we were attacked at midnight someone
tried to force open the door
"Get up !!" I yelled
"Stasek are you mad !!" Said anoyed Chriss
"Were under attack Im going for the girls and Ikernel find
Rezin !!" I said it I heard the owner screaming
"I wont let you in" Said the owner
"Get out of the way you swine" Said the Clown
I force entered the Girls room
"Stasek you're gonna be killed for that!!!" Said ultra Angry
"Its not the time its time to defend ourselfs!!! "I said it

The Girls belived me and we defended the cabaret we heared the
glass being broken Chriss and the doc reached Rezin
he was wounded but he wasn't giving up
"Die you fool" Said one of the vilians
"Now is that the way gentelmans behave" Said Dr Olchiward
Chriss attacked him with his lasersword and Doctor used his new
invention exploding ball Demonica used force balls and hitted another
two Lydhia shooted very wery well. Eleila kicked those bastards
ikernel used his greatest weapon fear I grapped one of them
Rezin attacked anyone who came to near Erenia doors
soon the local security was here
"Whats going on were from the GXP "said one of the GXP officers
"We were attacked by Mr Diver henchman" Said Mr Desperdeu
"We will check this"Said one of the GXP officers

We were forced to drink an elixir of truth The Galaxy Police
after hearing our version of the story and the version of the
story toled by Mr Divierre henchman finally reached their decision
"The Galaxy Police and the occupational comitee of the planet of
The Jurai guided by the Juraian military codex and articles consernign
autonomy granded to the so called Black Empire were accusing
Mr Gerard Divier of responsibly causing the damage to
the Cabaret 'Le Comedie' he is accused of many others other crimes
by the authorities of Jurai,Dark Planet and Megacivilisation
The Jurai ministry of culture has decided to sponsor
the renovation of the 'Le Comedie' cabaret the guest will
be awarded honors directly by the supreme commander of the Jurai
military ! The Princess of Jurai would also like to convey her
personal message of faith and courage to both of the earthlings
and wishes to incouarage the whole trip with her words
Jurai salutes you as to Mr Gerard Divier he will be taken into
resocialisation process that is all" Said an GXP officer

In the next day we all were invited becuse Erenia and Rezin were
"Do you Erenia Desperdeu take Rezin for your husband untill
death seperates you !" Said the local priest
"I do" said Erenia

"Do you Rezin Slovani take Erenia for a wife till deadth
seperates you " Said the local priest
"Yes I do"said Rezin
I was more interested in the fact that the priest
seemed to be a japanese and I saw a very odd girl with spiky
Anyways thats how the wedding ended Lydhia and Eleila cried all the time
Someone had to wippe their tears
"tse what a story" said Demonica
"yea dude" Said Skatie

And yet again we were at the same place Rezin
propposed to Erenia
"Rezin my boy from this now you're an half owner of the Cabaret"said Mr Desperdeu
"Yea Dad I have to talk to him about 'our strategy'" Said Erenia
" I guess its a good timing " said Mr Desperdeu
a young couple dissapeared
"an strategy oh YA !!!who is going with me ?" I said it
"WE!"said Both Dr Olchiward and Chriss
"No you're not that kinda thing is important" Said Demonica
WE ALL HAD A GOOD LAUGHT it was funny who would think it will
be a happy end after all I think I like stories with an happy end

To Be continued in the Next Chapter of Galaxia tommorow >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>