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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 15
"Day to Day life"

We are traveling again today is simply
day which can comsidered normal when Im
looking threw the cosmos by The Galaxia's
window I find it suprising that am actually here
Just a month ago I was still attending My Gimnasium
and now after four weeks Im already at this place
a place from which I cannot return.
Adleast not for now however it seemed to
be obvious for me that I will return someday
to earth to my normal live in Poland
and than everything will be just as a dream
So Im writing about this in my captains Journal
The time (I called it Shuttle time ) Why Im calling
it the shuttle time here we go theory of DR OLCHIWARD:
'Time with its diffrences is created when a star moves so it
dosen't exist in the outerspace becuse the stars don't move
But planets do move when a viewer located on a planet see a star
he thinks it moves this is how time was created The time on a
planet can pass quicker than a filight aboard the shuttle
which can create billions diffrent alternative dimensions
Which show the object at diffrent locations meaning I can land and
still reaching the moon however becuse of things that cannt be explained
The wiever from 1 Minute 2 Seconds 9 Miniseconds cannot meet the wiever
from 1 Minute 2 Seconds 8 Miniseconds.
Of course The time passes faster when Shuttle leaves the planet and slows
down once the shuttle nears the planet thats why the spaceships time on
board matches the time passed on the planet !!
Its up to you to decide how much sense does it really make
anyways lets begin shall we :
22 July 2003
Im begining to decribing our daily routine !!!

Its 6:00 Im ending my watch with Lydhia From now on Chriss
and Skatie begun they're Watch.
Yes its quite a relief when its despite the spaceship
being equiped with its own AI which we affectionally
call GALAXIA we still keep our watch for an entire 24
hours no suprise that after that Lydhia goes to bed to SLEEP
but not for long

On 7:00 in the morning Eleila calls us for breakfast we builded a
special alarm system for the kitchenso that You can call when its time
for : Breakfast,Dinner and Supper

Its 8:15 Im helping the Doctor with his experiments

time between 8:00-15:00 was a free time for everyone that wasn't
on Watch duty you could realise your own hobby or whatever you
wanted. I ussually used this time to help the Doc with his experiments
this one was called 'expanding Laserswords power' these experiments
are important and ussually everyone from our team should participate
in this once a while we were doing this till 12:00 later the Doc
was busy with his chemicall formulas and I was free.
so at 12:00 I went to see Demonica I was curious to see how
she spends her time she told me that she's meditating she said
I can also try this. I din't do that ussually becuse we could see
ourselfs veru often but I wanted to write about something.
Demonica as I once written is a Mega Demon one I won't say
what it exactly becuse I don't want to offend the church
but from the things I know from her I know that God Exists
and that he is the father of the Universe but I won't say nothing
else becuse :
1.The Church will say Im writing herezy
2. You won't understand
But I will give you some interesting details maybe ! I know for
100% that God loves every human beeing and all other things he created
but thats not the bible so lets finish here !

Its 14:00 after mediting with Demonica I went to explore the spaceship
In our Magazine I found Eleila and Ikernewl
They really seemed to like treasure hunting in all my stuffs where for them
they seemed interested they knew the outer space both were born in it
Its only afer we returned that they managed to see the earth !!

Its 17:00 its time for our meeting there should be rules on the ship
said once Lydhia she regreted it later and so we decided to organise briefings
in the Pilots Cabine it was a good pretex to get socialised talk about flight
and all other things that were Important to us as a team
ussually after 18:00 we together with the Doctor went on exploring
the ship inside to see are there any signs of damage

Its 20:00 I hear a beel for supper like on my own home planet
we even here our daily routine consisted of three meals

now you say thats Impossible but it was the truth first I was connecting
with Galaxia via the Telephone line that was conected with the operational
system located in the pilots Cabine
It recorded me than the system digitally send it to eaths
telecomication center as a cellphone number 0601-222-928
My Mum or Dad would pick it up ussually one day after the sending
The Russians really did invent a strong comunicating brodcaster
My Mum and Dad send thei recording to Galaxia thats How I could
later pinpoint my location which was simulated on my PC at home
My parents recording was ussually interrupted

Its 22:00 I hear the hejnal and Galaxia's voice Im going to bed
when it was 22:00 meant the day was over becuse of the banal situation
theres nothing shining in space no weather conditions etc I needed
to think a real good way to know that its time to go to bed we heard
the Hejnal and a message 'Im turning on the Night time the Day Time will
return at 6:00'

And that would be it for a normal day activities
well its never exactly booring Ill write about a day
when Im on a watch some time soon I promise

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