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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 17

Six days has already passed since that
pirates thing incident and Demonica was still
locked in that Pilots Cabine I decided to do
something about this
"Am I nterrupting" I said it
"no no come in its your ship" Said Demonica
"Whats with the sulking"I said it
"its about my past" said Demonica
" I shouldn't bugg in in people private affairs
but you think you could tell me ?" I said it
in a very nice way Demonica shoot the door to the Pilots
"All right its yours as well" Said Demonica
"Mine !?!" I said it a little suprised
"Yes but you must promise me you will never say a word about
the things Im gonna tell you now" Said Demonica
"Yea ofcourse" I said it
"Ow right 45 trilions years ago in the cosmos used to exist
a very powerful civilisation. Cosmos was like a giant capsule
building chimney where there was air and was oxygen there were
cities existing right in outerspace it was a place where good
and justice had authority over everything it was ruled by a very
powrfull authority it was God" Said Demonica
"The GOD ?" I said it
"yes I was one of the guardians of this ancient civilisation
there lived inteligent species and not inteligent next to each other
everybody there could use sorcery everyone there was eternally young
however there was a person who din't like this fact" Said Demonica
"The Satan" I said it
"No he was later besides he ussually hates only humans....
this time the demon who opposed the system was called
Master this is a very powerfull demon that needs to exist in
as two beings Dark Master and White Master dressed as the name
suggest in Dark and White clothing" Said Demonica
"We fought with him and we even won it was before we found Lyhia
he said something that about Lydhia being a member of his army
or whatever I don't remember"I said it
"never mind with Lydhia he gived you an easy treating Even I couldn't
defeat him but lets return to the matter at hand. This demon
wanted to create a parrarel universe so he could seal God there
and claim the universe as his own Becuse God is the only person
that could stop him he succeded partially. God is imprissoned
in a dimension you earthlings call heaven and the civilisation
does not exist" Said Demonica
"But you said he almost succeded"I said it
" He wanted to completely destroy our world in order to do that
however he needed to be in the exact center of the universe
but there was an error in his calculations well it wasn't his fault
I sabotaged it and he united in the wrong place and time" Said Demonica
"What does uniting has to do with the destruction of the universe"I said it
"When they united it caused a massive schocwave across the entire universe
it was like a massive atomic explosion it caused the efect you know
as the expanding of the universe" Said Demonica
"Ok I understand what happened next" I said it
"Well when he finally found out that I Sabotagged it he wanted me dead
he was furiuos he had the right to be furious you see bits of the world
survived from this tiny bits life begun to evolve again
there is a new hope now that from this shards a new
Megacivilisation can be build" Said Demonica
" a New one" I said it
"Yes a brick at a time a new one is build where the old is burned
but the master is alive and he will definetly oppose this happy Idea"Said Demonica
"So they caught you" I said it
"ohm I did manage to ecape them for about a 3 trilion years but
but at this time on a certain planet I meet a certain man of course
he drunk he was a real bastard the worst kinda guy you could imagen
but I felled in love you will know if it will happen to you" Said Demonica
"He was a drunk a bastard and you felled in love just like that !!"I said suprised
"Not qute from the first sight no it wasn't definetly like
that actually I hated him for a while he was a rival for me in cards
this one feral day I actually managed to beat him finnally the bastard
lost everything he had but a gambler never gives up so I decided to
tease him I made a gamble I said that if he wons I give him back all
of his money but if he will loose he will be my servant to the end
of his day andactually even longer of course this time I cheated I used a
spell this time and since it was a tease and I wasn't exactly fair I allowed
him 24 hours of free time I thought of him as a normal thief and user
How would I Imagen that he will find me after 2 days on another PLANET !
he apologies to me for him being late I told him I don't need a servant
and that he dosen't need to do it that I lied to him but he promised
and that was a matter of honor of him he said he will drawn him self
he wasn't my servant I viewed him as a troublesome helper assistant
he did change he wasn't the same person he was before even I was schocked
I decided to never judge people only becuse of their appearence" Said Demonica
"You become a pair ?" I said it
" Yes finnally I lived with him and ....Leon was born" Said Demonica
"Yes but the happy times had to end when Leon was just a year old
a servant of Dark Master Iceman came managed to take the battle in space where
he defeated me it was you who defrost me the rest of the story you know
you where there" Said Demonica
"But Leon din't recognise you" I said it
"He propably knows only that Im frozen somewhere so he looks
for the force jewels there nine of them:
1.The Jewel Blaze Master
2.The Jewel Darkness of night
3. The Jewel The Ice King
4. The Jewel Technotron
5. The jewel Mind control
6. the Jewel The power to survive
7. the Jewel Master of Fire
8.the jewel the calmless peace
9 The Jewel of Omega" Said Demonica
"How to find the Force Jewels" I said it
"Every Force Jewel has a life of his own its changed into an very
elite demon serving Dark Master Iceman for example is
The Ice King" Said Demonica
"So you think that someday we will have to fight with this
master?" I said it
" Yes God has already forseen this chaneof events
And the Era of Darkness will come
Two worlds will divide the Darkness and Light
The fight will last until the ones destined to stop it appear
Two mortals, two beings of the Dark Star and those who are neither light nor darkness
They will stand between the Darkness and Light and so they'll end this fight"
" Said Demonica

Thats from who I heard this prophecy
" You're quite open " I said it
"Thnx" Said demonica and she hugged to me

From know we knew the obvious purposse of our adventure but ?

Meanwhile somewhere else !
"Well Thank you Demonica your story was what I needed
to set this chane of motion into action Stasek now
you know your ultimate enemy vilian you are a heroe
will you fight to save this world this was your desire
Ill make it come true Stasek its time for you to enjoy this
its time for your true awakening to begin Stasek !
You will enjoy the things I created for you will you ?
yes you will I know this I know this "Said the secret entity

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