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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 18
"Winter Olimpiad"

This time we landed on a Winter planet named SKIA
this is a place where a Intergalactic contest is held
"Now Ski Jumping !?!" Said Chriss
"How come how far I travel I find it more familliar ?" I said it
"If you allow me to explain this it is a fact known to you by now
that what we call the human race exists also on oher planets
Since this is a case there is also a distinctive possibilty that
its behaviour is also somewhat the same for example love of Ski Jumping
which is also loved on earth adleast from the research I done its seems
to be the case" Said Dr Olchiward

After a short while we were aproached by a man who looked like a coach
"Well Finally I found you" Said the coach
"You were looking for us" Said Lydhia
"of course you sign in to participate in this contest" Said the coach
"We ?!?!" Said Suprised Eleila
"Well you were signed in by a young boy I am suppose to prepair you
guys" Said the Coach
"Well Dude there's no point in not going" Said Skatie
"Besides its the only way were gonna find out whats going on" Said Demonica

When finally we decided toparticipate in that contest and went to change cloaths
while thinking who would frame us in this althought the answer was somewhat
kinda obvious

In another place on the planet Dark Master had an audiovisual conference
with yet unknowned enemies ! They called them self 'well prepaired and professional
Head Hunters for hire' they were two boys apparently sixteen and a girl with orange
hair apparently 10 years old the boys were dressed in a black costume they were
twins that could be distinguished only by the color of their hairs Vaclaw hair was
blond yellow blond while Boris had dark Hair The girl had also beeutiful red eyes

and a perfectly matched range costume it appeared she was the brain of the unussual
Head hunter team her name was Lilly
"Are you really the most proffesional bounty hunters in this universe" Said
Dark Master
"Yes please do not be alarmed we already know where our victims are" Said Lilly
and she disconected her device
"Lilly bit were definetly aren't head hunters"Said Vaclaw
"quit your whinig the first task is not so hard we are to kill some
unwanted by standers with an help of an elite demon Ice man our
only propblem is to figure out the sound of our Motto and to find the data"said
"Well I have those" Said Boris
"Go on" Said Lilly
"Dr Olchiward a great scientist from the desroyed Celestia he has a daughter
Eleila a member of so called 'Galaxia team' Eleila Dr olchiward's daughter a member
of the 'Galaxia' Stasek his origin unknown he is responsible of comanding the
operation that lead to the defeat of thiefes from Astora Chris uknown.."Said Boris
"Fine fine were are they now" Said Lilly
"They signed in to compete in todays Skiing contest"said Boris
"Ha what luck !!! they're here so we need to figure out our motto now" said Lilly

When the 'Experienced Head Hunters' where working on their motto we were
in the training hall were the list of presence was checked !
"Stasek" read the coach
"Present" I said it
"Chriss" read the coach
"Present" said Chriss
"Eleila" read the coach
"Present !!" Said Eleila
"Skatie" read the coach
"dude here dude" Said Skatie
"Lady Lydhia" read the coach
"Im present" Said Lydhia
"Ikernel the teams maskot" read the coach
"Team Maskot !?!?!" Said Ikernel
"You were suppose to be quiet !!!!"Said Demonica
"yes yes Dr Olchiward " read the coach
"present" Said Dr Olchiward
"Demonica" read the coach
"here" Said Demonica
"Mr Leon" read the coach
"Is Mr Leon present here ?" Said the Coach
"Was he the ONE who sign us" I said it
"It seems nothing can hide from your incredible intelect Im so
sorry I was busy a little but now Im here to join the olipmpics" Said Leon
who appeared out of nowhere

"Fantastic so everyone is here Ladies and gentelman and you Ikernel
the rules are simle everyone has to ride threw the slaloon if all the
members will be able to do it you'll qualify to the next round" Said the coach

I was first we wre starting off in acording to the check list its nothing intersting
thought !
Finally we were standing on a specially prepaired winter arena
" Now its time for the round 2 of our games" Said the coach
"So this the time when you will take down the mask mr Iceman" Said Leon
"smart boy" Said Iceman and he started to transform into a living Ice statue that reminded a human
"dude whats going on" Said Skatie
"Thats one of the Dark elites that is simply standing in my way Said Leon
"you may leave" Said Leon after a while
"No way I have fight to pick with him also" Said Demonica
"If Demonica fights we all fight" Said Eleila
"Not so fast !!!"Screamed Lilly
"No way who the hell are you" Said Chriss
"'The Experience Head Hunters are we" Said Lilly
"Vaclaw" Said Vaclaw
"Boris" Said Boris
" And I Lilly so bye bye with your life !!!'"said Lilly
"This is really getting complicated leave we do not need your help"Said Chriss
"Help ? our mission is to kill all the members of Galaxia" Said Lilly
"very well said Ill say a word about you !!" Said Iceman
"So we need to divide our team" I said it
"Ikernel,Demonica,Leon you'll take out the Iceman the rest will help me with
these other guys" I said it and so the battle begun
"Vaclaw Boriss show them our cannons !!!!" Said Lilly
And they shooted on us Chriss shooted from his J gun I used a Lasersword
"Hey dude this is my plan" Said Skatie and she told us that we should distract them
and kidnap Lilly we tried to do this but suprisingly enought the girl was aware of
our tactic and repelled me with her own Lasersword !!
We both were dueling and I must admit she did pretty well in hand in hand combat !
we were surrounded by explossions from the guns of Chriss as well as both Vaclaw and Boris

Meanwhile upthere the battle wasn't also going according the plan
"who would you think we would meet again Demonica what a wasted effort" Said Iceman
"you know what its not polite to interrup but "Said Leon
and he attacked with a beam of strong energy Iceman deflected it and it was blasted
near me
"scram kid" Said ice man
"Don't cont on it"said Leon

Ikernel attacked him with his bomb of darkness however Iceman
simply deflected it onto Ikernel

Demonica attacked him with her energy but it hadn't any effect

Knowing how to defeat Iceman I decided to act
"Sorry Lilly but I need to boil the water" I said
"Don't count on me I won't Boil it" Said Lilly and laughted

I jumped away from her and flew up where the gang was fighting with Iceman
"What is he planing ?" said Dr Olchiward
"Isn't it obvious he wants to cook the water...Damn it Iceman !!"said Lilly
Who knew my plan but only now understood the situation !

I attacked Iceman with My lasersword I stucked it in him inabling him to move
"What are you doing you wont win like that !!" Said Iceman
"Demonica fire ball" I said it
Demonica used her fire ball I removed the sword just
moments before Iceman was hit
"Be cursed Demonica"said iceman as he was dissapering and turning into water
then we saw the first force jewel the 'Ice king' when it was only vissible
at once it hitted Eleila she was becoming blue her body temperature was below !
-100 degrees of Celcius
"Eleila !!!" Said Dr Olchiward
"its cold" Said Eleila
"What now ?" Said Lilly
and at tjis moment Eleila sended her a freezing ray that entirelly frooze her
"Eleila is fighting with the force Jewel if she wins she will have a necklase with
a blue stone grabbered onto it " Said Demonica

And thats exactly what happened Eleila's body regained the normal temperature
meanwhile the planet begun to defrost
" Hey Chriss isn't here hot" Said Skatie
After a while we saw a beach we saw the real citizens of this planet
"Welcome to Skia would you like to join our surfing contest" Said one of the citizens
"Sttttasssekkk ittts nnottt gonna ennddd llikikikie tththththis" Said lilly and the
Head hunters left !
"If they the best what our enemies have we have nothing to worry" Said Lydhia
"You're mistaken they're not our real enemies the true enemy is more powerfull than
we could imagen" Said Demonica
"So its time to say Good bye"said Leon
and he dissapeared it wasn't a farewell both him and those Head hunters will be appearing
yet many times adleast that was my feeling kinda anoying isn't !

anyways we do have one of the nine ancient artefacts the 'Ice King' which is
a property of Eleila how did we get into this well theres no escape now !

To Be continued in the Next chapter of Galaxia>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>