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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 19
"The daily routine in the Pilots cabine"

I remember that I once promised you that I
will describe what we ussually do there

Well so lets begin !
The watch begins at 6:00
this time its mine watch with Lydhia and ussually
it would be her who would wake me up for it
"stasek c'mon get up"said Lydhia
"im up im up already" I said it a bit annoyed

I changed mine cloths to the normal one and together with Lydhia
we went to the pilots cabine together and relieved Demonica and Ikernel
from their watch
"Finally I thought it would never came"said Ikernel and instantly flew to the kitchen
where he helped Eleila
"there wasn't any troubles during our flight till tommorow than"said Demonica
she went to her cabine I set on the captains chair (in the pilot cabine) and
Lydhia sat near me ! on the other chair. I gived mine report
(Lydhia's Idea)
"21 of August 2003 year earths and cosmic time Im making my report Im Stasek the captain
of this ship"I gived my report
"This is Galaxia shuttle I understand"Said Galaxia

This is how each of this watch begins this was how it ussually begun
for an hour we observed the outerspace we were watching the flight cordinating it
it was very silent adleast for this one hour I was fascinated with the space
it was now that I realised how huge it is how many galaxies it holds,how dark
it is and how unfriendly when I was fascinated with he universe Lydhia was
checking the system she loved that it made her feel like at home

It was 7:00 already and Eleila showed up with our food
"Man its 7:00 what a day !" I said it
"Why don't you eat already just an hour have passed we still have a lot to do"said Lydhia
"Thanks for he reminder" I said it a bit anoyed

So Ive eaten and later helped Lydhia checking the main OS it wasn't my kinda
"Press Enter" I said it to Lydhia
"Stop lecturing me"said Lydhia a bit annoyed

After checking all of the system thnx to that an hour has passed
it was 8:00 two hours after our turn has begun
We decided to play chess if there will be any trouble Galaxia will tell us
"Your turn"said Lydhia
"ok"I said it
I made my move
"I won" Said Lydhia
"Man do you always need to win ...tell me how" I said it
"Of course....Its a SECRET"said Lydhia

After playing chess about 145 turns I realized you just cannot
win with Lydhia in this type of games
"6 hours has passed "said Galaxia it was 12:00
"Ok Stasek check files IO.SYS and ILL.DLL"Said Lydhia
"ok......they're files linked to the main OS" I said it

We done this and other not neccesary so logical things.
for example till Dinner we played in a game called "THE AGENT"
The games plot was ! We as a Soviet agents were to get in to the
State ministry of finance (US) and to cancell all of the records about
our agent Jerzy Zeitzweizer having Lydhia on our side we couldn't loose
It was a simple arcade game made under the Soviet regime you were suppose to
use your wisdom and knowledge in this it contained propaganda of course !
This kinda game however couldn't overload the OS !

We ated our dinner we were prepairing for our daily general meeting.
After the meeting Dr Olchiward with chriss went to check the shuttle's behaviour !
and on 6:00 on the next day we ended our watch !
It wasn't to exiting but I did promise it for you

Just wait a while for a totally new brand new adventures that will surelly
suprise you !

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Written by: Stanis³aw Giers (in 2003 )
Translated by: Stanis³aw Giers (in 2009)
All characters belong to Stanis³aw Giers
The Storyline Belongs to Stanis³aw Giers
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