The Wallflower Fan Fiction ❯ Role Reversal ❯ Suanko pushed too far ( Chapter 1 )

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Notes: I first came across this Manga through downloads, I love it so much that I'm buying all the books. So if my references are incorrect it's because of any mistranlations I've read. Also there will be minor manga spoilers.
The Role Reversal
Chapter 1
Sunako Pushed too Far.
It had been 639 days since the radiant beings, the creatures of the light had come into Sunako's life. She hated it, they were too bright it was like having 4 suns walking around the house. They were too close, she would melt. But she hadn't she had survived 639 days of these creatures, not once had she truly had one week to herself.
Three of them she could handle, Yukishijo Toyana the innocent cute one, Takanaga Oda the quiet shy one and Ranmaru Morii the playboy. It was HIM Kyohei! Takano He was the one that she had a hard time scaring away. HE was always touching her, being too close. Why was it she was always set up on dates with HIM! He was too gorgeous, too bright. He was the one that shined the brightest yet he was always near her!
She wiped her brow and scurried away from the breakfast table with her tray. They would be coming down soon. It was always better to try and limit her contact with them. Such bright beautiful creatures should not be seen with her.
“In a rush Sunako?”
She turned, there was the bright angel of Death, the one that could melt her in a look.
“Ehh!” She squeaked, she didn't think she would see him so soon.
“Where are you going?” He asked, the twinkling lights had starting shining Sunako looked up in a daze. “You should eat with us.”
Blood spurted from Sunako's nose and Kyohei moved away from the door blinded by the blood. Sunako made her escape and could hear his chuckle as she ran down the corridor.
'Damn him most of all!'
The day progressed much to Sunako's displeasure as she had to go outside and to that place called school. They used to leave her alone but not now. All the teenagers knew she shared the house with 'The four Princes' as they had been nicknamed. She had to take home the gifts, cards and secret love letters.
She should chuck them in the bin, throw them in the fire but she doesn't she brought all the gifts home everyday. The boys look over them sometimes but not always. There's now three empty rooms in the mansion filled with old gifts.
She looked across as a nervous girl walked up to her. The school girl hid something behind her back.
“Um, Sunako-San?” She said.
“Would you give this to Takano-Kun please?” She smiled and handed over a DVD. “I heard he really liked this movie from my friends brother who's got a friend in the same class that...”
Sunako drifted off from the conversation and looked greedily at the DVD. This was a limited edition Vampire Thriller 13 uncut! This was not in her collection! This was the missing piece that was never in any bargain bins and cost too much for her to import.
She grabbed the DVD, “Okay I'll give it to him,” She added it to the growing pile in her bag and walked off.
“Oh there's a note as well!” The girl cried, “Tell him it's from Asuka-Chan!”
Sunako took the note from Asuka and stuffed it in the bag as well, she grunted and carried on.
'Vampire Thriller 13!' She chanted in her head, 'Vampire Thriller 13!'
After that the day could not pass any quicker, Sunako rushed home as soon as the bell rang. She wanted to be the first to watch the movie. It was a selfish wish she knew but she only wanted to watch the DVD by herself and then hand it over to Kyohei. As she arrived home she slammed the door and chucked the other useless gifts of the day at the side. She grasped her bag and could still feel the bulge that was the DVD.
“Why are you in such a rush?”
It was HIM again, the bright sparkles blinded Sunako and she crawled under the table hissing.
“Are you going to tell me or do I have to get close to you?” Kyohei threatened.
“Leave me alone!”
“You've tried that line too many times Sunako, you're going to tell me what you've got.”
“It's only a new DVD...” She admitted. 'I suck at lying.'
“Okay... and this is worth hiding why?” Kyohei asked. He knew her too well, something was wrong. It had been since lunchtime and he'd spotted her speaking to one of his fangirls. She was one of his scarier stalkers that had some bizarre network of spies. He had honestly thought she had given up, though he could never remember her name..Arika maybe?
“So tell me was it a gift from Arika?”
“Ah, maybe that wasn't her name it starts with an A but she always gives the best presents shame she's a crazy obsessed psycho...Asuma...Asuka! Yeah that's her!”
Sunako grew even paler, he'd seen her!
She looked dejected and handed over the tape not looking at his glittering eyes. Why did he have to be so good at knowing what she was up to?
His eyes seemed to glitter even more and Sunako covered her eyes, she felt like she was going to be blinded.
“Wow! Vampire Thriller 13! This is impossible to get!” He said, “Lets go watch it now!”
“Ah?” Sunako said confused as she peered through her eyes. She went into a daze as Kyohei effortlessly picked her up and carried her to her room. She found herself sitting on her cushion while Kyohei stuck the DVD into the player.
“So this is seriously mine? Cool!” Kyohei said excited. The DVD loaded and the two sat silently watching the anticipated movie.
Downstairs Ranmaru came in along with Yuki and Oda. They had wondered why Kyohei had rushed home, it was strange but they were used to his weird moments.
The boys made a brief inspection to the pile by the side of the door.
“It's slightly messier than usual,” Yuki mentioned. “Doesn't Sunako-Chan have them in a neat pile of who's is who's?”
“Yeah, you're right Yuki.” Oda agreed.
“She must have been in a rush...” Ranmaru said and smiled as he looked down the corridor to Sunako's room.
“Hey what's that dirty smile for?” Yuki asked.
“Sunako was in a rush and so was Kyohei...” Ranmaru said almost to himself.
“No, you don't ,mean they've figure out they're perfect for each other do you?” Oda said disbelieving.
Ranmaru shrugged, “Only one way to find out.”
The three of them walked down to the room it always seemed to get darker down that corridor and Yuki hid at the back.
Ranmaru tested the door and nudged it slightly. There was no hissing or shouting. They could hear a faint sound of a horror movie. They got braver and three heads peered past the door.
There was a disappointed 'tch' from Ranmaru, a sigh from Oda and a sob from Yuki as he noticed how scary the movie was they were watching. They closed the door and Ranmaru smiled.
“They're only watching a movie, how disappointing.” Oda said.
“The....blood...” Yuki stammered.
“Gentlemen I have a plan...” Ranmaru said. “This is the perfect time to push those two block heads together and help Sunako become the lady in love!”
“But how can we do that?” Oda asked.
“Blood....” Yuki cried.
“No, something better than that.” Ranmaru said. “I didn't think I would ever get the opportunity to use this but it's perfect!” The playboy produced a small bottle out of his pocket and showed the others.
“I can't read it well, it's in Chinese...” Oda said. “Dr Chan something Love something?”
“It's a powerful aphrodisiac.” Ranmaru explained.
“And you carry that in your pocket?” Yuki asked waking up from his nightmares.
“Obviously I don't need it,” Ranmaru said, “It was a gift from a lady-friend of mine. She said it was a powerful aphrodisiac and would send us both into a passionate need for each other.”
“What happened?” Oda said.
“Her husband showed up and I ran away with the bottle.” Ranmaru chuckled. “I think we should use it on Mr and Mrs Denial.” He pointed towards the door that a shriek from the movie could be heard.
“I don't know...” Yuki said unsure.
“Free rent.” Ranmaru smiled.
“Lets do it!” The boys said together.
Sunako was slightly happy, she would never be fully happy as Kyohei was beside her. He made her so uncomfortable, she wanted to hide from his shine. She gave a quick glance across to him. He was enthralled in the movie. Good, he wasn't looking at her, she always fainted or bled when he looked at her.
She went back to the movie the main bad guy had come for the girl and there was going to be blood lots of blood. Kyohei gave a quick glance at Sunako, she always seemed different from other girls, different in a good way. It was a shame they had to try and change her, but hey free rent!
He moved his gaze back to the screen, this was such a corny movie and there was so much blood. As the girl screamed her last the door behind the pair opened. A small bowl of steaming water was place on the table by a boy with his face covered.
They didn't notice as the blood gushed out of the female as she died on screen.
The door shut and they never heard the sigh.
The movie was nearing the end and it was getting good. Zombies and vampires where being killed by the main heroes and the blood continued to run. Sunako couldn't concentrate though, as the film progressed she was getting more and more flustered. It had to be HIM, always close to her when she wanted to be alone.
Kyohei was also having trouble, his stomach had butterflies and he felt dizzy. He looked over to Sunako, she also looked uncomfortable but it wasn't because of the horror movie. No, he never felt ill from that he'd seen more blood in Braindead anyway.
He leaned back on his pillow and tried to take deep breaths, Sunako didn't look too good she was sweating.
“Hey, Sunako are you okay?”
She glared at him, the light from the TV making her eyes seeming almost white.
'She sure knows how to pull a scary face,' he thought.
He sat up and moved closer, “You're sweating, are you feeling ill as well.”
“NO.” Sunako snapped.
“Don't you want to lie down on your bed?” Kyohei asked, “I'm going to go lie down myself I don't feel too good.”
He grabbed her arm and the heat he felt on his sweaty skin intensified.
“Ahh... I'll melt!” Sunako cried.
“I will too idiot, you must have a fever.”
“You're the one too hot...” Sunako huffed and flopped forward, she didn't want to look at him. She couldn't it was impossible!
Kyohei struggled lifting Sunako up in his arms the titles began running on the screen. It couldn't be that late in the evening, maybe not even 7pm. Yet he felt the need to lie down and rest, maybe they were both ill.
“Here you're free to hide under the covers,” He sat down on the bed and released his grip but Sunako still held on.
“This is too much....” Sunako gasped.
“You're free stupid go hide now,” Kyohei snapped. “You don't like being with me I understand, but at least come out with nicer ways to put it.”
“You... you only try to seduce me because my Aunt thinks I can be a lady if I'm in love,” Sunako panted, she was feeling really strange.
“Yeah and you keep on saying you can't look at me I'm too bright!” Kyohei snarled.
“Why can't you all just leave me alone.” Sunako moaned.
“Feeling self pity for yourself isn't going to help,”
“I'm a creature of darkness you wouldn't understand radiant being.”
“The name is Kyohei, try saying it!”
“I've said your name before...”
“Say it to my face without bleeding or fainting!” Kyohei challenged.
She looked up at him the fire in her eyes, she was always like this when he challenged her. She couldn't hold back her competitive streak.
“KYOHEI!” She shouted looking straight into his large sparkling eyes. She felt her nose twitch and the familiar feeling of the blood gushing came to her. She gritted her teeth and kept staring at him trying her best to hold the blood back.
“Good Sunako!” Kyohei smiled.
She felt herself weakening, no not the smile. Why did he have to be so bright and alluring, why couldn't she be like a vampire. To take away his brightness, make him a creature of the night. His arms had started encircling her now, he was going to hug her why?
“I knew I could make you look at me even if it's for a little bit.” Kyohei said unaware of the dark thoughts entering Sunako's mind. “I'll go now, I'll let you borrow the DVD again,”
He moved to get up, he wanted to get away if he was truthful. He didn't know why being so close to Sunako made him feel worse. He felt like he needed to kiss her, but she hated him. She always found it hard to look at him.
The drug was starting to take its full effect. Sunako didn't let go of Kyohei, he was so warm and she was a cold dark creature. For the boy it was the same, he hugged her close confused at his reaction to her.
“I'm not a dog you know...” She said quietly, “You can't teach me tricks and expect to be rewarded for it.”
“Why do you keep going on about that?” He smelled her scent it was a strange fragrance of chocolate and soap.
“You don't care about me...” she continued, “All you four ever care about is your free rent, you especially. You hurt my feelings every time we talk like this....”
“Like what?”
“Like I'm someone important to a radiant being, there may be one way I could believe you...”
They're lips where close to each other, Kyohei could feel her breath on his cheek.
“How could I convince you it's not just the free rent...”
'Ah so he does admit its about the free rent.' Sunako thought. 'There's no way a beautiful creature would care about a dark being like me...unless....'
Her mind was spinning, Sunako felt like she was about to faint but her somehow with Kyohei holding her she remained awake. His lips were getting closer and the dizzy sensation seemed to intensify. She didn't want to be seduced, she didn't need him tricking her again.
But he wasn't trying to seduce her, Kyohei wasn't sure what he was doing. He only knew that her words always hurt him. He just wanted to prove that while free rent was a good thing he still wanted her to be happy. If she could just see that people liked her and thought when she wasn't hunched over and being too morbid, she was beautiful.
He leaned in, did he want to kiss her? Maybe, he didn't know the smell in the room was making him too dizzy. Yeah that was it there was a smell in the room. He paused trying to look round the room to see what the cause of the smell was. That was when Sunako finally snapped!
Kyohei held tight as he saw her eyes go white and the hair flair out like an aura around her.
'No... not now!' He thought and tried to pull back and escape. He had gotten too close she was lashing out again. He felt pain as he was pushed off the bed and Sunako landed on top of him. But it wasn't pain from the fall his shoulder stung.
“Ahh!” He looked over to see Sunako her teeth dug into his skin. She had bit him! “Are you insane?”
“Need to take the brightness away...” She panted. “Too much...”
He clutched his neck, it wasn't a deep bite more a graze. It still stung but the words stung the most. She was just like his mother, she was unable to look at him. He was too pretty for his own mother to look at and now it was so obvious that Sunako would feel the same! She wasn't going to change, she was all dark and morbid fantasies.
There was no way she could ever become a lady.
“I'm going...” He muttered and dashed out the room.
Sunako watched him go unsure what had happened. She had given in to the voice that said to bite him, to take the radiance. But whatever sorrow she felt for hurting Kyohei was gone as she finally passed out.
The three boys entered the room not sure what to expect. Kyohei had ran past them he hadn't noticed they were spying on them.
“Lets take the evidence away,” Ranmaru said picking up the bowl.
“I thought it might have worked though...” Yuki said sadly.
“Well, at least we know not to try that again, I don't think that aphrodisiac worked on those two.”Oda said picking Sunako up off the floor and placing her on the bed. “Look she's still bleeding.”
The boys looked at the blood but didn't really notice that there was some on her mouth as well.
“Ah well, next time we'll do it for sure.” Ranmaru said.
Kyohei reached his room and gasped for breath. He needed a bath or a shower. Just something to get these thoughts away from him. She didn't want him, she basically rejected his advances. Not that he was really trying to make any moves on her.
He shook his head, 'No way!' Though he remained slightly depressed about the fact Sunako didn't want him. He fingered the small bite mark and winced it was still sore.
“Damn she has been watching too many horror movies,” He grumbled and got changed for his shower. All the while the dark thoughts still plaguing his brain.
AN: Well hope you like my story, more will be coming soon. I plan to make this last a couple of chapters maybe 3. Please if you see any errors, do tell me as I do not have a beta for this story.