The Wallflower Fan Fiction ❯ Role Reversal ❯ Will the real Sunako please stand up? ( Chapter 7 )

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Author's Note: Sorry for the delay the original chapter for this was erased last year by my hard drive becoming corrupted and I had to wipe everything. T_T I had to start from scratch again when it was half way done. Small warning anyone with dirty minds will probably laugh at some scenes and innocent minds won't know, so I'm not going to explain. Chapter 7 Will the real Sunako please stand up?

The Nakahara mansion was strangely quiet considering the current circumstances. Three boys and one girl held their breath outside the main dining room listening to the murmuring conversation that was inside. They were of course Yuki, Oda, Noi and Ranmaru. All of them were desperately wishing to have a camera to see how Kyohei was coping with a romantic Sunako. They were still trying to form a plan one that would work 100%. For now all they could do was to wait because they had absolutely no idea how the unstable Sunako would now react.

Inside the dining room Kyohei was cursing his house-mates very existence. Why had they left him alone with a psychotic Sunako, one who had basically flipped her personality 180. He felt a tear leak from one of his eyes and tried to shake it off and not let it show. Sunako was pouring the champagne and holding strawberries for him to eat. His stomach cried out in delight and he tried to hide the noise of the growls from his stomach by coughing. Sunako giggled at his efforts.

'My god SHE GIGGLED!' Kyohei thought appalled. 'What kind of monster have I created?'

A very sexy one by the look of it His eyes kept being brought to her cleavage which in the bodice dress made her look very appealing. He cursed his libido as well and was snapped out of his inner war between stomach and libido to have the pursed lips of Sunako near his face.

“You're deep in thought my love,” she purred.

“Yeah, well a lot has happened today, still absorbing it all.” He answered bluntly.

“I can hear your stomach, why don't you eat?”

“I'm having a protest until the real Sunako returns.”

“That's not going to happen; the love potion is still on my body.” Sunako laughed. “I know how to make you eat...”

He watched as she grabbed a strawberry and pulled off the green part. She waved it around in front of Kyohei's face.

'She's not going to do “Here comes the airplane” is she?' Kyohei wondered, 'I'd barf instead of get hungry.'

The strawberry then ended up in the champagne glass, Sunako brought it up the end dripping and took it to her bosom where she lead a silvery trail of champagne, she gasped from the cold sensation.

Kyohei's libido and stomach both rose up in defiance, together food and sexual stimulus and the teenage boy was powerless. His mouth was open before his brain registered what he had done and the wet strawberry was popped in his mouth. He felt incredibly cheap as he swallowed.

“There that wasn't so hard,” She said in a soft voice. “Or maybe...” She rubbed his thigh and Kyohei froze. He shakily grabbed her hand and pushed it away.

“I don't know what you're trying to do but it won't work.” Kyohei said. “No lady has ever seduced me, I always take action.” 'Like running away,' he added in his head.

“Oh so commanding!” Sunako simpered hugging him. “Tell me what you want! I can be your slave!”

“No, no, no, this is PG-13!” Kyohei yelled. “There's no way I would do any of that. It’s not allowed!”

Sunako pressed herself against him and sighed disappointed. “If you say so...”

Kyohei could feel his libido weakening, this had never happened to him before. It was true that he had resisted all the attempts from fangirls and even fanboys to seduce him but with Sunako it was different. He could feel his body relaxing and wanting her to seduce him. He ground his teeth forcing his arm to stay still and not embrace her. He was not going to give in! He could feel her body heat; she was so close to him. A trickle of sweat dripped down his cheek and she moved to lick it away. He jerked back and pushed her away.

“You’re invading my personal space!”

“But there’s a lot more I want to invade, you can even invade me...”

“That’s not going to happen you’re creeping me out quit it!” Kyohei moved his chair further away.

“I’m not going to quit, not ever.” Sunako dipped her head revealing more cleavage, “By the end of today you’ll be mine.”

“As if you’re crazy, return the real Sunako!”

“I’ve told you,” Sunako purred. “I am Sunako; I’ve always been here watching you and that strong body of yours.” She giggled and a trickle of blood dripped from her nose. She noticed and covered it up with a lace handkerchief.

“Hey you got a nose bleed, is that you Sunako?”

“No I’m fine,” Sunako giggled.

‘Damn, more giggling.’ Kyohei thought, ‘Just when I thought I saw a glimmer of the original girl I like.’

The door opened and Sunako winced looking up at the people that entered as intruders.

“Um...Sorry to interrupt Sunako-Chan.” Oda said. “We're a little hungry so I just wonder if we could eat something.”

“Wait here, you're not allowed to touch this food it's Kyohei's!”

The girl left quickly, her instinct to help her other house-mates still seemed to be strong.

“Why aren't you in bed with her?” Ranmaru scolded.

Kyohei leant forward over the plates of food ignoring him. “She's said these are all mine! Back off!”

“Isn't it such a romantic feast?” Noi commented. “Kyohei you're so lucky!”

“MINE!” Kyohei said shoving a fried shrimp in his mouth, with the added competition his stomach won. “Just tell me if you've got a plan.”

“I do, sleep with her.” Ranmaru said quickly before Oda could say anything.

Kyohei almost choked on his shrimp.

“NO! Not that, god knows what Sunako would do when she comes to her senses!” Oda yelled. “Listen, the only way to really help Sunako is to get her two personalities to merge. She needs to accept both sides of herself and become whole again.”

Kyohei looked on confused.

“It's a difficult task even for trained psychiatrist, so we need to be careful we don't want her to be permanently damaged by this.”

“She already is permanently damaged.” Kyohei huffed.

“I've got a theory from listening to you.” Oda said, “You're going to have to be more accepting of her advances.”


“Either that or there's also another...”

“Please I'll do it what is it?” Kyohei pleaded.

“Become more like yourself.” Oda stated simply.


“You know your own character well enough; I'm just saying it would be the perfect antidote to any romantic situation.”

“Is that an insult or a compliment?” Kyohei asked, but before he could get an answer Sunako entered.

She still looked rather cross at being disturbed and glared her death stare at all of the intruders. The 3 boys and girl shuddered under the heated stare as if laser beams had come out of Sunako's eyes. Four plates were placed down in front of them and they stared in disbelief. It was all bread crusts. Deep fried bread crusts but it was still leftovers from Sunako's sandwiches she had made earlier.

“Um...” Ranmaru was trying to say something but he got jabbed in the ribs by Oda.

“Thank you Sunako, we'll eat quickly and leave you to your private time.”

Kyohei couldn't help himself and started laughing. “Look at what you got bread crusts!” He chuckled. “Look here, lets see if one matches.” He waved his sandwich in front of them.

Sunako turned her stare at Kyohei and the boy caught a glimpse of anger from her. 'There, there was Sunako!' He saw Oda winking at him and it finally clicked.

“I see you wanted some food huh!” Kyohei scoffed. “Tough luck smart boy it's ALL MINE!”

“Let me feed you!” Sunako said in her new girly voice.

“NO, MINE!” Kyohei backed off and munched on his shrimp.

Sunako pouted and looked a little annoyed but she tried laughing it off. “Of course it's yours my sparkling darling.”

“Right, mine, mine, mine.” The possessive monster that Kyohei could become had emerged. The food was too much for him, he wanted to eat it all. Sunako tried to pass him another shrimp but it was snatched out of her hand.

“Kyohei you're being rude to your lover,” Ranmaru berated, he had pushed away the bread crusts. “Treat her gently like a flower.”

“I'm not a flower...” Sunako mumbled and grabbed Kyohei and held him in a neck lock.

“Can't...breathe...!” Kyohei choked and Sunako snapped back.

“No, I'm sorry darling.” Sunako said sweetly, the low grumbling voice gone. “Sunako will make it better.” She pressed his head against her chest and rubbed back and forward.

“Can't....breathe...!” Kyohei repeated.

Oda watched the scene carefully. He was sure Kyohei hadn't understood what he had said or at least misunderstood what he was earlier winking at. Although the way things were naturally progressing it looked like he didn't need to understand at all. Kyohei just needed to be himself; the selfish, demanding, stubborn man that could push Sunako to the edge of her anger.

“Get off me!” Kyohei said and he grabbed the plate of shrimps. “I've had enough of this.”

“Wait!” Sunako cried but it was too late, Kyohei had reached his limit. He had to escape, he couldn't take it anymore, and he needed to eat the food without the nauseous feeling of a sweet lovey-dovey Sunako.

He pulled at the table cloth and ran for the window. Sunako gave chase but she was hampered by the long dress. She tripped and gave out a squeal, Kyohei didn't dare look round. He wrapped the tablecloth around him and leapt out the window. The dramatic effect was just like in the movies and Kyohei felt a thrill as he landed. He always wanted to do that, just like an action star. His happiness was brief however as at that time the girl of his nightmares had come.

“My dearest sweet love!” She yelled after him. “Do not run away from this epic love! You cannot escape your destiny.”

“Oh yes I can,” Kyohei snapped back while he broke into a sprint. “Just watch me!” He jumped over the wall and was gone. Sunako ripped at her dress so she could climb the wall but it was too late. There wasn't even a trail of dust. Kyohei had vanished.

“Sunako-chan!” The housemates called up to her. She was standing on top of the wall staring from right to left trying to see if she could see a clue as to which way her shining prince went.

“How could he...” Sunako hissed. “I gave him such lovely food, all his favourites....”

“Sunako are you okay?” Oda asked she seemed angry. “It's alright this is how Kyohei is, you know that.”

“I changed for him....”

“Oh Sunako-chan!” Noi sobbed, feeling her pain as a fellow girl who would do the same for her love.

“I was super nice, I gave him compliments....” She looked down at her hands. “I even painted my nails and put on make-up.”

“You do look charming.” Ranmaru assured her.

“Yet it wasn't enough.”

“It's just his personality.” Oda explained. “Come down Sunako, if you go back to normal we can work out how you can romance this idiot. This isn't the way.”

“No it's not.” Sunako said flatly.

“Sunako...” Yuki squeaked at her. The way she stood on the wall she seemed to be about to commit suicide.

“It's not enough for me to change, he has to too!” She looked up and there seemed to be fire in her eyes. “He’s not going to escape my wrath!”

She flipped down from the wall and broke out into a sprint following Kyohei’s trail.

“Is this what you wanted?” Noi asked her boyfriend.

“Um... no, not like that exactly.” Oda blushed. “Although now I fear we may need a straight jacket for both Sunako and Kyohei.”

Everyone looked at Ranmaru.

He shrugged, “I may have something that would work as restraints.”

“Good, go get them, just don’t explain to us why you have such things.”

Yuki nodded his head, tears in his eyes.


Kyohei was running for his life; he knew Sunako wouldn’t be far away. It was useless, Oda had asked the impossible. There was no way he could act lovey-dovey with her like that. He wanted the more aloof and less scary Sunako back; the one that didn’t care about appearances and treated him like a normal human, most of the time. He jumped over a fence and into the park; he didn’t dare look behind him. He could hear the screams as something was charging through the market place. He didn’t know the true horror that was behind him.

Sunako was now in such a rage with the runaway would be lover that she had given up chasing in such a dainty fashion. She was the warrior Sunako again, the frilly dress was in shreds and her eyes burned with fury. She only had one goal and that was to destroy the selfish image that was Kyohei. For some reason she had acquired a sword from somewhere and was holding it in the Samurai fashion, it was ready to be drawn at any moment.

“Kyohei Takano, you are my prey!” She roared. Birds scattered from the trees and small children cried out in fear.

The local market people that would usually say hello to their “horror girl” kept silent and watched her pass.

“What’s going on dear?” One of the wives asked in a quiet voice.

“Shh...Horror girl is boyfriend hunting.”

“Oh, the handsome guy?”

The tall figure passed the couple her long dark hair flowing behind her.

“Horror girl he went into the park!” The fishmonger called out.

Sunako merely nodded her thanks and broke out into a run.

“Ah to be young and in love!” sighed a middle-aged woman.

Just moments later the three boys and Noi ran arrived and saw the commotion.

“She was here.” Oda said as he overheard the murmurs of “horror girl” and “boyfriend hunting.”

“How are we going to be able to restrain them?” Yuki asked. It had been bothering him more than trying not to think of Ranmaru’s hobbies.

“We’ll have to wait for an opening.” ‘Oda said.

“I’m not fighting,” Ranmaru huffed. “This face of mine must be kept perfect for my ladies.”

“But we can’t fight them anyway; Sunako and Takano-Kun are the best fighters.” Noi added.

“Let’s worry about that till we find them, if they’re still alive.” Oda said. “Sunako was furious. I’ve never seen her as angry as this before.”


In the large park Kyohei was, for not the first time in his life, hiding from a furious and love crazed girl. He never imagined Sunako would change like that. There was no way she was the same person. He shifted his position in the tree and looked down. It had gone silent. The chatter of people who had been watching him climb trees with some amusement had gone away and lost interest. He had hidden his face with a stolen cap.

He was sure that if she did find him he would be either, a: dead or b: raped there was also the awful extra of c: both dead and raped. He shuddered at the thought; if he was going to die he wanted to at least do it with the person he loved. But he never wanted that person to be out of their mind and having some split personality issue. The worst thing was Kyohei knew it was his fault. He wanted to use the potion to bring out a more romantic Sunako. He wanted Sunako to admit to being in love with him. He didn’t want to have to do the horribly embarrassing thing of confessing to anyone.

In the distance a baby cried and in Kyohei’s imagination he thought he could see dark clouds swirling. He held his breath and tried not to make any of the leaves rustle. The breeze blew through the trees and there was a magical whoosh noise breaking the silence. All the people had left the area and even the animals by the sound of it. There was only the wind and the very small breaths from Kyohei. His heart beat increased and he cursed himself for having such a loud heart.


He heard footsteps that silently stepped on the grass, they were hunter’s footsteps careful and avoiding any twigs or leaves.


The sound of something metal made him wince. ‘God she has a weapon.’


There was a loud swooshing noise and the tree he was hiding in suddenly began to fall down. He glanced down and saw Sunako with a large sword unsheathed and a clean slice through the trunk of the tree. ‘Holy *%@!!’ She cut down the tree!’ He jumped and rolled with the fall his hand came up grabbing her hand with the weapon.

“Would this be the wrong time to say, ‘Sorry’?”

She kicked him down giving a violent answer.

“Okay that’s a no then.” Kyohei coughed. He swung a low kick to knock her off balance it worked but she quickly recovered and had him pinned down.


“You know there is a saying of trying too hard.” Kyohei grunted and pushed her off. He ran towards the fountain. Usually this place was filled with people laughing and playing but it was empty. He could see the left over stuff of people that had run away. He spun round and kicked the sword out of Sunako’s hand with a round house kick as she lunged to attack. This didn’t stop Sunako’s lunge and she pushed him down again. For a few minutes they wrestled on the floor, each one trying out a different choke hold. Kyohei coughed, Sunako stank of the perfume oil. Then he had an idea, one of his own, this had to work.

Sunako elbowed his gut and he coughed some more. He stamped down on her foot making her wince and loosen her grip.

“That was cheap!” Sunako cried as she tried to counter but it was too late, Kyohei had her upside down. She gasped in amazement as she was flung backwards straight into the pool.

“Alright, I always wanted to do that!” Kyohei yelled happily as he heard the satisfying splash. “A perfect Gutwrench suplex!!” He started to laugh; the oil should be washing off Sunako’s body now. He had won!

His victory was short-lived. A bedraggled Sunako emerged from the water like an evil sea witch; her cold wet hands grabbed the handsome man and pulled him down with her. A high pitch scream accompanied this but it didn’t come from Kyohei. A very frightened Yuki had arrived with the others to see such a horrific scene.

“Now’s our chance!” Oda said.

In the water Kyohei’s vision was blurred but he saw the dark hair of Sunako swirling around like it had a mind of its own. He pulled her up so she wouldn’t drown and they both gasped for air. Somehow his shirt had loosened and he was almost bare-chested holding onto the girl of both his dreams and nightmares.

“Is that you now Sunako?” He asked.

Her eyes fluttered open and for a minute he wondered if she was back to being romantic. His answer was very quick. A large blood spurt came from Sunako’s nose and he hugged her tight. This made the nose bleed worse and for a moment the fountain had turned into a red shower of water and blood. If she hadn’t been in the middle he was sure Sunako would have appreciated it. However she just wanted to get away.

“Too close, leave me alone!”

This only made Kyohei hug her tighter. Her struggles and bleeding were what he wanted. He made a vow that moment; he was never going to change her again

His joy was short lived, a sharp metal clunk noise made him look up. Oda, Ranmaru and Noi were surrounding the pair. He looked at his wrist were he felt some discomfort. A pair of large fluffy pink handcuffs now attached him to Sunako.

“WHAT!?” Kyohei yelled.

Sunako struggled and fainted from the shock; she was too close to Kyohei and had lost too much blood.

The other three looked smugly down at them. “You’re staying like that till you work out your relationship.”

The words that came out of Kyohei’s mouth after that were not suitable for younger readers.


Author’s Note: More apologies, this time it’s for another cliff hanger and resorting to a cliché of handcuffs.

Oh and for the people that are asking, I’m keeping Takenaga Oda as Oda as that’s easier to type and in the translations I read he’s referred to Oda more. (Only Takenaga by Noi, so it’s especially for her.)