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Chapter 6

This was a nightmare, it couldn't be happening. Kyohei felt like he was in an unreal world that at some point he would wake up. He pulled up another chair and put it on his barricade. The door to the attic was slammed loudly as the thing behind the door pushed against it.

“Takano, what's all the noise about?” Oda asked as he came out of his room. (Noi was still out cold.)

“Nothing... go back to the safety of your room!” Kyohei advised. There was another loud thud from behind the door.

“Is that Sunako?” Oda said, his curiosity peaked. Kyohei seemed genuinely frightened.

“Uh... maybe...” Kyohei stuttered. “I dunno, she's acting strange again...”

“How strange?”

The thump got louder and a metal 'ching' could be heard.

“Just... different than normal.” Kyohei said sweating.

“You mean angry?” Oda said making an easy assumption. “What did you do to make her so mad at you?”

“She's not angry!”

At that moment a knife blade sliced through the door. Both boys shrieked like girls.

“Are you sure?” Oda cried, he began to help Kyohei with his barricade.

“Positive she's not annoyed with me!” Kyohei answered truthfully.

A knife crashed through the door again.

“Really?” Oda said sarcastically. “You could have fooled me.”

“Well, you see I sort of had an idea...” Kyohei nervously explained. “I took some of the (THUD) love potion bottles... (THUD) ...four to be precise and eh... accidentally on purpose spilled them all on Sunako.” THUD

“You're a bad person sometimes Takano.” Oda scolded. “It's no wonder Sunako's so furious with you.”

“I've told you she's not angry...”

The knife finally broke some wood out of the door and a psychotic eye stared through the hole.

The boys screamed like girls again, the eyeball rotated round looking at them. A fist smashed the hole, making it larger and the white face appeared a crazed smile on her face.

“Here's Sunako!” She chanted. “Did you miss me my darling?” She looked directly at Kyohei and he shook his head tears in his eyes. This couldn't be the real Sunako, something had gone wrong. Something had gone horribly wrong.

“Sunako?” Oda said confused.

“Run for it!” Kyohei cried grabbing Takenaga Oda's hand and moving at full speed away from the very scary girl.

The door was shattered by Sunako as she burst through. “Don't run! Let me embrace your light, I want to smother it in my darkness!”

“Kyohei why are we running she's yours now!” Oda screamed he pulled Kyohei round and he ran straight into the arms of a manic Sunako. “Don't be a coward!”

Kyohei felt himself sweating as the dark girl hugged him.

“You're just like Jason,” Sunako sighed. “I've seen your evil stare, it's so sexy... I bet you could kill people with that stare, how I want to see you kill....”

“Oda help!” Kyohei yelled at his friend. “This is not Sunako!”

Oda thought while watching the love scene. This wasn't normal, no one should say those sorts of things when they were in love. Something bad had definitely happened to Sunako.

Sunako giggled and touched his face. Kyohei blushed his heart beat speeding up. He had only ever seen her like this when she was in a horror museum or surrounded by torture implements. However, it didn't feel natural. Sunako would never act so sappy, even if she was saying all those horror things it was still too romantic. It was also making Kyohei feel slightly queasy.

“My radiant being...” Sunako whispered her mouth coming close to his face. “You must kiss me and let me taste your sweet shining lips.”

“Uh...” Kyohei was shocked. He hated girls that threw themselves at him he usually could push them away but he felt powerless against Sunako's advances. He quickly tried to think of a way to escape. “Hey, look a dead body!”

Sunako turned distracted by the promise of blood and death. Kyohei broke free and ran like his life depended on it. He took Oda's hand and ran down the stair and into the lounge.

“Oh you lied!” Sunako hissed. “A dead body cannot fully take my mind off you. Kyohei's dead body would be the most beautiful of all!”

“Oda, she's really scary now!” Kyohei sobbed hugging his friend. “I want the old Sunako back!”

“Why did you cover her in 4 bottles of love potion anyway?” Oda asked, he was also afraid but his anger towards Kyohei was keeping him sane.

“I just wanted to see her true self...”

“You sly dog, does this mean you wanted to see if Sunako-Chan loved you?”

“N-no way, I just wanted Sunako to act like the lady she really is!” Kyohei badly lied. “I did it for the rent!”

Oda never called him on the lie and the boys continued running.

The boys made it to one of the unused rooms and shut the door. Boxes for storage where piled up, it was the fan girl's presents room. Every box had been carefully labelled which belonged to which boy. Kyohei wondered for a small minute where Sunako found the time to do all these things, then his mind was straight back to the situation as a loud thump woke him up.

“What should we do?” Kyohei asked the smarter boy.

“What should WE do?” Oda yelled. “I think it's more what should YOU do! If this is only a spell it'll wear off or maybe you can wake Sunako up like last time.”

“What with a kiss?”

Kyohei felt disgusted with the idea, if it had been before the potion then he wouldn't have hesitated. But now it seemed like he would be kissing an overly sweet fangirl. That person wasn't Sunako, she couldn't be that romantic. She had to be possessed again.

“Okay...but if this doesn't work, save me.”

Takenaga nodded noting the real fear in the boys eyes. He was the most hounded out of the four Princes, he knew the real depths of desperate devotion. That was all the fangirls really cared about the image of Kyohei, not the inner self. If this new enchanted Sunako was really gone to the side of rabid fangirl then there was no way they could be together.

Kyohei threw open the door and grabbed Sunako by the shoulders. She squealed delighted with the attention and held Kyohei back.

“My darlin...” Before she could utter another syrupy sweet sentence Kyohei's mouth was on hers pressed against her silencing her. Kyohei had his eyes shut inwardly trying to reach the real Sunako, the one he was beginning to think he had feelings for.

'Come back Sunako!'

Oda blushed and turned away. 'Ah I saw it.' He had a brief feeling to go back to Noi, she had to have woken up from her faint. In a way he was glad she only fainted and didn't nose bleed like Sunako, he didn't know how Kyohei coped with that everyday.

The kiss broke and Kyohei searched the violet eyes of Sunako looking for her returned sanity.

'C'mon scream, nosebleed, faint... I want the old Sunako back.'

She smiled back at him and Kyohei cursed himself for dropping all those bottles on Sunako. The love crazed Sunako pulled him close and kissed him again, more forcefully and Kyohei swore he felt the tip of her tongue. He wanted to continue but he shook himself, he had to get her back.

“Sunako...s-stop, this isn't you.”

“Oh but it is,” Sunako purred. “I've been waiting for the day I am truly awaken. I'm very good at surpressing memories but did you know I could surpress my romantic side as well. There were times when I watched horror movies and I wanted the couple who had sex to live, it disturbed me.”

“No, this is disturbing, what ghost has possessed you this time?”

“I am Sunako Nakahara, I am the part of her that thinks it would be nice to date. I'm the one who secretly follows how Noi and Takenaga react to each other. I am the part of Sunako Nakahara that wants to watch a sunset for no good reason. I'm the...”

“I get it, you're her romantic side!” Kyohei snapped.

“No you don't get it do you?” Sunako said. “I have been repressed ever since that time with THAT boy who called me ugly. I was buried under the pits of darkness and the solitude. Then you came along, I've been growing strong for a while...all because of you.”

She placed a kiss on his forehead and Kyohei was stunned into silence. If this was what Sunako really was like then he didn't know her at all. The feeling was more crushing than having to pay rent or loosing money. He felt the stabbing pain in his chest and it sunk lower. He hung his head unable to speak again.

This only made Sunako giggle and she easily lifted him up giving him a friendly slap on the bottom.

“Let's get you changed, none of these jeans and hoodies,”

Oda watched them go silently. He should try to rescue Kyohei but he needed help. Sunako had turned psychotic from what he saw. A repressed personality making its dominance was never a good thing.

“I need to get Noi...” He whispered and ran back to his room. His head was racing, what Sunako had said was reminding him of a book he had read. It was about Multiple Personality Disorder and how it was linked with Repressed memories. The book had gone on about sexual things and parents like a lot of psychology books did, but something about it rung true. What if Sunako, who was always repressing and purposely forgetting her encounters with Kyohei. What if, she was only adding fuel to a burning fire within herself. The junior high school girl who had wanted to date a boy so badly, only to be turned down and called ugly.

'What if she really has MPD?' Takenaga wondered. It would explain a lot of her strange habits and how she would forget the next day. She wasn't schizophrenic he was sure the two conditions were separate. He needed to read up on it.

He opened his bedroom door loudly waking up Noi. She sat up surprised at the desperate look in Takenaga's face.

“Takenaga-Kun?” Noi said quietly. “What's wrong?”

“Emergency, I need to find a book!”

“Oh...” Noi said disappointed. She hugged herself and wondered what had happened when she had been out. 'I can't believe I fainted, Takenaga and I we could have... had...s-s-e-.”

She blushed furiously and tried to hide her naughty thoughts. Oda wasn't paying attention but his nose was in a book. His face look serious.

“What happened?”

“Sunako and Kyohei happened, can you do me a favour?”


“Check the bottle of the love potion, there was a warning I can't remember what it said.”

Noi got up off the bed and picked up the small bottle, the oil had stained the label and it was hard to read. She opened the box and picked up a new one.

“It says only use a small amount.” Noi said. “It doesn't say why.”

“Kyohei's been an idiot and used 4 bottles on Sunako.”

“Really!” Noi gasped excitedly. “Does that mean that he wants Sunako as his official girlfriend?”

“Ummm not sure but at the moment Kyohei has no choice.”


“Sunako, or part of Sunako's personality has kidnapped him.”

“WHAT!” Noi jumped up unsure if she had heard him right. “Sunako has kidnapped Kyohei?”

“Eh.. yeah.”

“So why are you reading a book?” Noi asked sitting close to him.

Oda turned pink and muttered, “I need to research this, Kyohei's safe. It's still Sunako.”

“So what” Noi looked at the cover. “Psychology?”


“You think she's schizophrenic?”

“Well I did at one time but no, it's different it's like she's got Multiple Personality Disorder.” Oda said immersed in the book. “She forgets very easily, she has two sides to her that change quite quickly and now it seems that there's a third more hidden personality.”

“A-huh.” Noi nodded trying hard to follow. She was smart but psychology was not her strong point.

“It says in this book that there are different levels. Everyone has multiple personalities, we all show different sides to ourselves depending on the situation. A kind father can be a bully at work for example. They're still the same person, nothing's changed inside it just seems on the outside like an altered person. However with this condition it's taken to the extreme, the sufferer has amnesia where one personality has taken over. Others believe this is like being possessed or taken over by a spirit.”

“Didn't you say Sunako was possessed once?”

“Yeah, this could be another symptom but it's a bit of a crackpot idea.” Takenaga said. “At the moment it's only a hypothesis. That somewhere inside Sunako she's had a romantic side wanting to get out. Only because of her long term anti-social behaviour and hiding in her own world has made it worse. Kyohei trying to get through to her has helped bring it out. The catalyst had to be this potion.”

“So what do we do?”

“Try to make Sunako realize she should regain control. If she doesn't then this suppressed part of her will continue without social constraints.”

Noi grabbed Oda's arm and squeezed. She didn't know what to say but she wanted Sunako to be normal. “We can do it right?” She said. “We can get Sunako back to normal?”

Oda smiled back and lead her out of the room. “We have to get Sunako to accept everything about herself. I'm not sure how, but we should try and get help.”

They knocked on Yuki's room.

“Yuki we may need some...”

The door creaked open and a shadow fell on them. A small boy stared back under a blanket his blue eyes filled with sadness.

“Machiko can't come over till later...” He whispered. “You're so bright Oda...”

“ you want to help Sunako, she's in trouble.”

Yuki nodded and hugged the blanket close.

On the way down the stairs Oda explained to Noi and Yuki what was happening now and what needed to be done. “But first we need to observe them and see if Kyohei is in any real danger.”


Kyohei stared up surprised at how relaxed Sunako seemed. She was humming a cheerful song but he recognised it from A Nightmare Before Christmas. He had been stripped and put into a goth suit. The girl herself had changed her outfit into a long old fashioned western style dress. It was black and it held up her chest in a way that made Kyohei unable to look away.

He tried to close his eyes and felt her breath on his cheek.

“What are you thinking my Radiant Being.”

“Don't call me that.” Kyohei hissed.

“I've cooked just for you!” She said. “Let me feed you.”

“I can eat fine by myself.” He looked away from the fried shrimp and boiled crab that tempted him. 'Damnit where are you Oda?”

The dining room had been set up with candles and skulls. Even though it wasn't Sunako he could still see her influence.

The girl kissed his cheek and he tried to hid his shiver. He liked her touch, it wasn't too forceful and she seemed to be waiting for something.

“Why didn't you wake up after I kissed you?” Kyohei asked.

“Why would I, the potion is still seeped into my pores, it is what has released me.”

Kyohei nodded he could still smell the strong Jasmine oil. He could still see it on her skin, it glistened especially over Sunako's chest.

'NO, I won't give into my hormones!'

Sunako laughed playfully as she'd seen where he'd been looking. She sat on his lap leaning her chest in closer.

“Maybe I should give you some of this oil,” She said.

“I want to be in control of my actions.”

“But it will make you act like your true self.”

“No, I'm fine the way I am. I act like myself all the time.”

“Then you can understand our anger at you wanting to drug us.” Sunako hissed. “How can you think giving us the love potion would make our feelings clear?”

“Huh?” Kyohei was sure he was hearing 'our' and 'us' as Sunako refered to herself. 'She's still in there!'

“However I forgive you.” Sunako smiled lifting his head. “I don't hold a grudge, the other Sunako is a different matter.”

She kissed him again and Kyohei kept his blue eyes focused on hers. He saw her staring back but she gasped and pulled away.

'Found you!'

The girl stood up and picked up a fried shrimp from the pile trying to hide her flustered actions. She held out the shrimp but Kyohei turned his head, his stomach rumbling in disapproval. He wasn't tied down, Kyohei knew he could leave at anytime but he knew she would only chase after him 'Besides I need to waste time till Oda comes up with a plan.'

The door opened and Kyohei turned hoping for his saviour. However it was only a very happy looking Ranmaru.

“Ah, what is this!” Ranmaru said in a sing-song voice. “At last our sweet maiden and wild boy have come together.”

“Leave us alone!” Sunako hissed, her hair flying up and looking like snakes.

Ranmaru stood back but continued undetered. “Sunako-Chan you look so lovely, Kyohei is this your doing?”

“In a way...” The boy hung his head.

“Wonderful, a true romantic meal but where's the champagne Sunako? The strawberries?”

“Ah!” Sunako looked at her banquet and realized they were missing. “I'll go get them now, please wait my love!”

She dashed off and Ranmaru sat on the seat next to Kyohei winking.

“You look better.” Kyohei huffed.

“I feel so much better, I had a wonderful date and that oil does such interesting things.”

“I thought it only worked when you're with the person you love.” Kyohei said.

“Ah well, for me I love every woman so I naturally acted myself in front of any beautiful lady.”

“So you're naturally a playboy,” Kyohei stated not surprised at all.

“Don't worry Kyohei, we're here to help.” Ranmaru whispered. “I just got back from my date and Oda has explained what you've done. I would punish you but it seems you're suffering enough.”

“What are we going to do?” Kyohei asked but by then Sunako charged back in bring a large bottle of champagne and a big bowl of strawberries.

“In good time, I think this will be good for your relationship” Ranmaru winked. “Till we work this out, I'll let you love birds be.”

Ranmaru waved and Sunako made 'shoo'ing motions with her hand.

“Bye-bye, go, see you...” Sunako said then changed completely as she went back to Kyohei. “Now my sweet, let me pour you a glass of champagne.”

Kyohei leaned back watching the door close, Oda, Noi and Yuki were standing in the door and gave him a thumbs up. He dropped his head and cursed them. 'So much for waiting for Oda, guess I have to do this myself.'

He watched the besotted Sunako pour his drink and tried to come up with a plan. If it didn't work he was going to be left with an overly sappy Sunako forever.

'I want my Sunako back!' He thought unaware of the possesive word he was using.

Outside the room the three boys and girl talked about what they were going to do but for now it was a waiting game.


Author's Note: Sorry if I lost anyone with my psychology babble, I'm not an expert on the subject but I find it really interesting. I thought Sunako was schizophrenic when I first read her in the comics but the memory lapses and lack of paranoia makes me think otherwise. If anyone has any of their own theories I'd love to hear them.

Thank you again for the reviews, they've been lovely and I didn't expect such a response!

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