The Wallflower Fan Fiction ❯ Role Reversal ❯ Repellant behaviour ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5

Repellant behaviour

The grand house was filled with groans as the boys woke up from their nightmare. They were still living it unfortunately. They had awoken depressed and inside Sunako's room.

Yuki squealed and hid under the blanket that was still covering him.

“Stay calm it's only Sunako's room,” Oda moaned, his head hurt as if he'd been staring directly into the sun.

“I'm ruined...” Ranmaru gasped. “My playboy charm has been sucked up by that witch!”

“We did tell Sunako about her...didn't we?” Oda rubbed his head. “Besides she said it would wear off after a week or so.”

“The room is scary,” Yuki said. “I'm going to my own room.” He pulled the blanket over his head and dashed out.

“Oda What are we going to do?” Ranmaru asked tears falling from his eyes. “Without my charming self, what can I do?”

“How about sticking to one girl for a change?” Oda huffed.

Ranmaru stared at Oda as if he'd said that he should wear a duck on his head. Oda stared back he wasn't in any mood to deal with Ranmaru's selfish behaviour.

There was a knock on the door and both boys stopped staring.

“Yes?” Oda called out.

“Oh thank goodness you're all okay!” Noi cried as she opened the door letting in the light. The boys screamed and dove behind Sunako's bed as they felt blinded again. “No, you're still like this!”

“Eh... sorry Noi....” Oda whispered from under his stolen blanket. “It's just your”

“Radiant.” Ranmaru chipped in.

“Yeah, you're a bright radiant creature now...” Oda blushed he couldn't believe he was saying that to his Noi.

“Don't worry, Sunako and Kyohei are back to normal and they've gone to that place.”

“What my ex-girlfriend's place?” Ranmaru asked. “I had a business card, I guess Sunako got it.”

“So what happened to you guys?” Noi said sitting near the bed.

“Ranmaru's ex-girlfriend happened.” Oda snapped.

“Eek! She wasn't another black widow was she?” Noi gasped.

“No... only a witch.” Ranmaru sighed. “I really loved her as well.”

“She used her magic potions to take people's radiance, what we thought was an aphrodisiac was really her draining spell, or maybe a better word would be exchanging spell.” Oda explained.

“Oh Oda, is that what she used on you?” Noi said anxiously.

“I'm afraid so, she used it on all three of us,” Oda said. “We thought we were dying and made a run for it. It gets a bit fuzzy after that.”

“Don't worry, Sunako knew what to do,” Noi comforted her boyfriend. “Kyohei went with her to the address that Ranmaru had in his hand when he fainted.”

“I did not faint! I was overcome!” Ramaru objected in the corner.

“But what if the witch uses that spell again?” Oda said, “Sunako doesn't know what she's capable of!”

“Hey, everything was under control.” A voice said.

The boys looked up to see Kyohei standing in the doorway, they hid their eyes. He was so bright.

“Sunako!” Noi cried. She ran up to where the dark girl hid behind Kyohei. She was still in her witch's outfit. “Oh, you're my hero Sunako you did it, didn't you?”

Sunako nodded and a small smile passed her lips. She handed over the small box.

“In here is all the love potions that the woman made, it's an antidote to her draining potion.” Kyohei explained. He patted Sunako on the head. “Thanks to Sunako, she managed to convince the woman to give us them.”

Sunako looked across to Kyohei and lifted his hand off her head. “I better get food ready,”

“Don't forget the shrimp!” Kyohei yelled.

Noi smiled and nudged Kyohei. “So, did you and Sunako actually do anything?” She asked. “You're acting awfully cute together.”

“None of your business!” He replied. “I'm going to watch a movie and wait for dinner.”

Noi giggled. “Something happened between them.”

Oda muttered and cuddled the blanket close. “Noi, just please give me the antidote.”

“Hmm, there's instructions for this... wait love potion?” Noi exclaimed as she read the label carefully. “Act yourself in front of the one you love, no need for shyness or embarrassment. Let your own light shine through with this love potion.”

“Really?” Ranmaru perked up. “A love potion? I'll be cured.”

“Here, one bottle for you Moori,” Noi said opening the box. “Huh, there's one missing. I thought this was a new box, oh well. Here you...aaaah!”

Ranmaru was holding out his hand the dark blanket covering his face, two eyes could barely be seen. He looked like a zombie and Noi had to shake herself to get rid of the impression.

“Eh, sorry.” She muttered.

Ranmaru lurched out of the room chuckling. “Love potion, love potion!”

“Hey, wait it has a warning on the bottom here, only use a small amount!” Noi called after him.

“Yeah, yeah...” he muttered.

Noi sighed and looked back to her boyfriend, Takenaga. He was shivering and shaking but it wasn't cold. Noi held the box close to her a faint blush appeared on her cheeks. She could finally get to see Takenaga's real self.

“I guess we better get you well again,” Noi said weakly.

“Can we go to my room?” Oda croaked.

Noi's face turned from her faint pink to bright red. “Eep,” she cried out in surprise.

“I just want some privacy,” Takenaga explained. He stood up and shakily walked out of the room the blanket still firmly around him. Noi tenderly took his arm and helped him. “Lets leave a bottle for Yuki-Kun, we don't want him to be left out.”

“He seemed more scared than normal.” Noi said guiltily, she had forgotten about the younger boy.

“Well, he's not used to being in the dark, for him it's really scary.” Oda sighed. They limped up the stairs and stopped outside the room.


“Go away!”

“We have the cure, phone up Machiko and get her over to help.”

“Huh? Why?” Yuki asked quietly.

“It's part of the cure, read the bottle.”

The door opened and a small shaking hand grabbed the bottle. “Thanks Oda-kun, I couldn't live in this darkness for much longer. It's too scary.”

“Good luck Yuki,” Noi smiled, the young boy yelped and quickly closed the door again.

“Lets go Noi, time to work the cure ourselves.”

Noi nodded and secretly squealed like a fangirl inside.


In the kitchen Sunako was busy getting the food she had began to prepare earlier. It wouldn't take her long to make dinner. She doubted the boys would be ready to eat. Noi would be busy caring for Oda. That would just leave her and HIM. She felt her heart beat faster. Sunako didn't know what spell had been cast on her but she was feeling quite ill.

She didn't think she could eat anything. She was still confused about this strange feeling she was getting. It was like the time she watched Jason carve up some careless teenagers or when Freddy tricked that girl and killed her in a really surprising way. It was that stunning a moment for her. Sunako even remembered thinking that she would look forward to what Kyohei was going to try.

She shook her head.

'No, I don't want him!' She thought desperately. 'He was under a spell and not in control. He's an arrogant, selfish, beautiful, bright and wondrous being.'

She sighed it was no good, she was truly stricken with a fever of some sort. A delusion that somewhere in her mind she liked him and it didn't help that that part of her mind also thought he liked her.

'I'll have to do something to repel him.' she thought. 'A dark creature like me doesn't deserve him. Even if my friends say that it is fate, it can't end like this. When opposites attract there is always a way to reverse that and repel.'

She was thinking of magnets as she planned what to do. There was no way Sunako could get a magnet that was large enough to repel the light being or even if it worked but there could be another way.

'He is a being that projects so much light,' she thought. 'If there was a way to reflect it.'

“I've got it!” She cried.

“Got what, a fever?”

“No...” Sunako hissed as she saw the painfully bright being standing at the kitchen door. “I've finished your fried shrimp. No-one else were hungry. There's rice in the rice cooker, just help yourself.”

“So, all for me?” Kyohei asked cheerfully looking at the freshly fried tempura shrimp.

“Yeah... I got to go get changed.” Sunako said quietly. She moved to leave but Kyohei's hand shot out and grabbed hers.

“Come back when you're done, I've got something I want to ask you.” He said looking directly at her.

Sunako shrieked and clasped her hand to her bleeding nose. She ran out of the room, he was truly too much to look upon.

Kyohei shook his head and took out what he had stolen.

'This is what I want right?' he wondered as he munched his shrimp and looked at the small bottle of oil. 'She never acts like herself in front of me for more than 10 minutes. I have to see what she's really like instead of the nose bleeding recluse she usually is.'

He shrugged and turned back to his food. He would go find out after he had eaten. There was no rush.


It had only taken half an hour but Sunako had completed the outfit. This would surely work on a being that project so much light he blinded her.

She threw the cloak over her and covered her head. To complete the look she slipped on her sunglasses that she had found in the back of her coffin. Why they had been there made no sense but she wasn't going to argue against this fortune.

'Now all I need is to hide.' Sunako thought. 'He knows I'm always here.'

She scampered from her room, ignoring any strange noises she heard on her way up the stairs. This was not where she was going. There had to be somewhere in the huge mansion she could hide from him. She had never really ventured up to the attic. It was light and dusty but she never thought about it. It would be perfect, the large sky light windows that she previously hated would aid her in repelling the bright one.

'I will not let the light in.'


Kyohei peered into the dark room, there was no reaction. Usually when he opened this door he would be welcomed by screaming about 'light'. Sunako's room was empty except for her mannequins which had a blanket covering them.

'Now that's strange, have they had a falling out?' Kyohei wondered and then shook his head realised he understood Sunako. He pulled off the blanket and found the three dolls with the same vacant stare.

“Hiroshi-Kun... did you and Sunako have a fight?” He asked.

There was no answer of course, only Sunako could hear the voices in her head. He turned his back and looked around for clues.

“Sunako's gone Light Being, we only told her the truth and she couldn't accept it.”

Kyohei spun round and looked at the empty faces of the mannequins. 'They couldn't have spoken...'

He walked backwards towards the door, the unmoving dolls kept their unblinking stare. “Sunako you here?”

There was silence.

Kyohei turned white and shut the door quickly.


Sunako bathed in the darkness that enveloped her. The blanket was a perfect cover and it had an excellent defence. She heard thumping and stayed quiet. If she sat in a corner quietly no one would notice her. That's how it usually worked but it was only HIM that noticed her.

“Sunako you hiding in here?”

She shuddered and curled into a tighter ball.

“Ah-ha!” A hand landed on top of her head and she sprung up like a coiled spring.


“What are you wearing now?” Kyohei asked in a tired voice.

Sunako had wrapped herself in a dark blanket and sunglasses but there was one difference. Lots of mirrors had been attached to the cloth, glinting and reflecting the light. He squinted as he tried to move closer but Sunako was directly under the skylight.

“Stay away from me!” Sunako snapped. “This is not meant to be!”

“What are you talking about?”


“Take that off and face me,” Kyohei demanded. “Stop being a coward!”

Sunako gritted her teeth, he made her so mad. “I'm not a coward, I'm repelling you!”

“Huh?” Kyohei always felt confused by the strange ideas that filled in this girl's head. He moved forward to whip off the blanket but was blinded by the light. He grunted and made a hasty swipe for the blanket. Sunako dodged and moved under the other skylight the mirrors shining out the light.

'It's working!' She thought. 'The light being is getting repelled!'

“Sunako!” Kyohei yelled and leapt towards were he heard her footsteps. He landed in some dusty sheets and coughed, the dust going into his lungs and eyes. “Damnit, Sunako! Just stand still.”

Sunako was glittering but he knew underneath the cover the girl would melt if confronted with all this light. He was starting to sweat and his eyes watered from trying to see in the brightness.

'Is this how Sunako really feels?' he wondered, he backed out of the attic slowly. Kyohei forming another plan. He needed to find out the truth and with one bottle it probably wouldn't be enough.


In Oda's room Noi was in heaven. She had dreamed about a moment like this and had almost died from the hormone rush. She was alone in Oda's room massaging him with a love cure. She couldn't asked for anything else. The dark shadow that seemed to have fallen over Oda was clearing and he looked up at her smiling. Noi gasped and tried not to shriek in her excitement.

“How are you feeling now Takenaga-Kun?” She asked as she stopped rubbing his skin. Her face was pink and she held her breath waiting for his answer.

“Much better,” He sighed. Oda could now look directly at Noi. He didn't feel shy or awkward, he wanted to say exactly how he felt. If this moment was gone then he knew he wouldn't have another chance. “Noi... I want to say...”

“EMERGENCY!” The door burst open and Kyohei stood there panting.

“Takano!” Oda yelled.

“Sorry, one isn't enough.” Kyohei gasped, still out of breath from running from the attic.

“What?” Oda was confused, he held onto his Noi. Kyohei already had Sunako, “NO Noi is MINE!”

“Eeeh?” Kyohei scratched his head, Oda had that mad possessive look over him. Noi wasn't objecting and enjoying the tight hug. “I meant the potion, I need more.”

He bent down and opened the box that lay on the floor. He selected out a few bottles and stood up smiling. “Don't mind me carry on.”

Both Oda and Noi looked at each other red faced as Kyohei walked out.

“What do you think is going on?” Oda asked.

Noi shrugged and snuggled into Oda's bare chest. “I'm not sure but I don't care at the moment.”

The boy choked but smiled warmly at his girlfriend. He leaned over to her ear and whispered what he wanted to say.

Noi gasped and fainted in his arms. The simple words, “love you,” had been to much for her.

“Noi, don't die, NOI!”


The door creaked open in the attic, Sunako could hear faint footsteps and huddled in the light. The shroud leaving her protected in dark while radiating the reflective repellant. It seemed to be working, why was he still perusing her like this?

“I know you're there.”

There was no answer, she strained to hear any movement but it was silent. She was blind under the protection of the cloak but she knew it would be too bright if she left the cover. A floor board creaked and she turned to face it. Then a rattle came from the other direction. She spun round again and felt the blanket lift.


It had been a trick! Kyohei had thrown something to distract her. She scrambled for safety but she cried out as four bottles tipped over onto Sunako and covered her from head to toe in the oil. The bottles spun on the floor where they landed and Sunako hissed and growled like an animal as she tried to wipe it off. It was too late she felt dizzy and could sense that her ability to control herself was being lost.

Kyohei sighed, he'd done it! Sunako would finally act like herself in front of him. That is if she loved him. He could feel his heart beat faster, Sunako was drenched in the oil. She was growling but it faded away.

“Um... Sunako listen, I only did this to help you get out of your scary girl shell.” Kyohei explained to her. He was still greeted by silence. “Really, just wait till it takes effect. You'll start acting like yourself in front of me.”

Sunako was shaking as she clutched her head. Everything was spinning, the world of darkness that was her cocoon was ripping apart. She could sense that her personality was slipping away. This was different from the last time she had just a little oil on her. Now the effect seemed magnified. She looked over to Kyohei, was he that desperate for her to act like herself? Didn't he know that she always acted like herself in front of him?

'What could have made him do this to me?' She wondered. Her denial was in full flow and she refused to believe that he was in love. She wasn't in love; there was no love between her and Kyohei.


She fell onto the floor clutching her stomach. She felt like she was going to be sick. Something horrible was starting to make an appearance. A creature she had hoped had died long ago. It reacted to one thing... love.


'Yes, love!' Her inner voice cried. Sunako began to shuddered and a now guilty Kyohei grabbed her shoulders.

“I'm sorry I'll take you to the bathroom.” He moved to lift her up and was surprised at the tight grip of Sunako.

“I'm fine.” She whispered in a soft voice. Kyohei moved to let her go, Sunako's grip got tighter.

“Don't let me go.” She hushed at him.

“Are you okay, I said I was sorry.”

“Oh, but there is nothing to be sorry about,” Sunako simpered. Kyohei gulped in shock, Sunako had just simpered and her voice was higher and more feminine. A cold dread that something had gone wrong came upon him.

“I'm happy just being with you my darling!” Sunako sighed and looked into his eyes with sparkles surrounding her. Kyohei threw her onto the ground instantly.

“Ow that hurt sweetie, you better kiss it better!” Sunako jumped up and wrapped her arms around Kyohei's waist. He froze unsure what to do. This type of thing had happened to him before but never like this with Sunako. The only other time was when she had been possessed by that evil ghost. That was the only time that he could think of when she had been so forward towards him.

“You're not Sunako!” Kyohei snapped and made a run for it.

“Wait my darling, I am Sunako!” She called after him. “You've freed me from the repressive bonds of the dark being!” Kyohei kept running, this wasn't his plan at all. What kind of monster had he created by overdosing Sunako with the love potion?

“Let me write sonnets about you and sing them to you my sweet darling!” His stomach twisted in pain, he had created the worst kind of monster! 000 Author's Note: Another Role reversal! Poor Kyohei has unleashed a romantic demon within Sunako, he better be ready to pay the consequences! I ended up thinking about what would happen with an overdose of love potion and this was my idea. No longer acting like yourself but an overdose causes the person to act like their most repressed personality. For Sunako that would be... her romantic side! Heh, heh!