The Wallflower Fan Fiction ❯ Role Reversal ❯ Opposites Attract ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4
Opposites Attract
Kyohei paused unsure why he wanted to look into Sunako's face. He had been unable to all day as she had looked so beautiful.
“Do you hate me?” He asked.
Sunako shook her head. “Sometimes I do but I can't really hate you.”
“I see...” Kyohei smiled. “I don't hate you either.”
Sunako frowned something was wrong here, Kyohei was being so nice to her. Something about the oil bugged her. She replayed the words in her head, 'If you want to be yourself in front of a man that you care about...'
“Oh no...” Sunako gasped. “This oil, this oil is...”
“Making me feel really nice and wanting to kiss you...” Kyohei said.
“It's another aphrodisiac!” Sunako moaned, she turned her head away from Kyohei and leaned onto his chest. “Ah, sorry I didn't know. You should let go of me it's only the oil making you want to do this.”
“Maybe...” Kyohei sighed. “But what were the actual woman's words about this oil?”
“She said it was a night blooming flower and um I wasn't really listening but I think she said 'if you want to be yourself in front of the man you um... care about.” Sunako stopped and blushed a deeper red. She wanted to rub Kyohei's strong body some more, the oil she'd used was taking effect on her as well. She moaned and leaned onto him.
“Y'know Sunako, I'm a liar.” Kyohei admitted. “I said a while ago that our first kiss meant nothing, that it was passionless but I lied. It meant a lot.” He lifted her chin and kissed her on the lips. He waited for her violent reaction, nosebleed or something just as crazy. What he got was Sunako kissing him back and pushing him back onto the bed.
She sat up shocked at her forward moments. “Ah... I'll go!” She cried.
Kyohei grabbed her hand and pulled her onto his lap. “You're not going yet.”
“But... but....” She was struggling to find the words, she shouldn't be kissing such a beautiful creature!
“I think you're fine just the way you are.” He said kissing her again.
Sunako tried to mumble an objection but she couldn't find the words and Kyohei's kiss was just far too distracting. It was maybe a few minutes of this till she found her sanity again and broke free. She looked at him confused and unsure but she did know one thing, she had to run! She had to get this oil off her, she wasn't as badly affected as the radiant being but she was now just as poisoned!
Kyohei Takano laughed as she fled. His self confidence had completely returned, he now knew her true feelings even if she was running away again. He would just have to wait and help her build up Sunako's self confidence. He knew it would be worth the wait, maybe 15 minutes would do.
Sunako came out of the bath her skin red raw. She had tried to scrub her skin clean of that oil. It had worked though her dark aura had returned as she had almost sank in the bath from mulling over the past event that had happened. They had kissed! They had been kissing for ages, it felt like hours.
She had never stayed so close to the radiant being for so long. Even her nose had remained dribble free, the oil had seemed to make her feel more confident. It didn't last though she could feel her older insecurities returning along with the comfortable dark blanket she had missed. As she thought about what they could have done a dribble of blood came from her nose. The nosebleeds were back. She sighed and thank the dark Gods, Freddy and Jason.
She went to her room and looked across to her mannequins. “Welcome back Sunako.” They said in a chorus.
“It's good to be back you guys,” Sunako sobbed, “I've done something terrible though...”
“Do you really think so?” Josephine asked her.
“We knew this day would finally come when the opposites that are not that different would be attracted to each other.” Hiroshi added.
“You kissed him...” Josephine said in a whisper. “...even letting him touch you, hugging you close.”
“Hmmm...” Sunako relived the moment in her head and a large drip of blood dropped on the floor. “I mean it isn't right!”
“But it is,” Josephine said. “Didn't it feel right?”
“Didn't it feel like you two were the only ones in the universe?” Hiroshi asked.

“Hiroshi-Kun that's a bit mushy.” Sunako said appalled, “I don't like romance, or being all giggly over a boy, that's not me. I'm a creature of the darkness and Kyohei is a creature of the light. We are never meant to be together.”
“Didn't we tell you Sunako...” Hiroshi said. “That opposites attract, it is fate that has brought this moment.”
“NOOOO!!” Sunako yelled and ran out the door, she couldn't believe even her own friends were wanting her to be set up with that gorgeous creature. She ran down the corridor and into the kitchen hiding next to the knifes. They looked so appealing, she could cut these feelings from her. She was not wanting the radiant being!
“There you are...” Came a voice, “What are you doing with that...”
Sunako glared up she had grabbed a knife and was just sitting with it. “I was only thinking something.”
Kyohei smiled at her and took the knife easily from her hands. “You can't hide from me now,”
“You're still under the influence of that oil!” Sunako snapped.
“Minor point Sunako.” He was still smiling and playing with the knife in his hands. For a moment Sunako saw him as Jason without the mask, waiting to kill his next victim with a kitchen knife.
She almost embraced him till her gut told her she was smelling the jasmine oil. Kyohei stank of the stuff and it was affecting her judgement. She dashed away to escape, he was drugged and after her. She felt like a scared rabbit running away from a hawk. This was not how she wanted her life! She was meant to be alone in the darkness. Even her friends had now abandoned her, Josephine, Hiroshi, Akira why did they say she was attracted to that radiant being? It didn't make any sense none of it did.
She fled into the lounge and rolled the sofa over as a barrier grabbing a bag hidden under the sofa. If Kyohei wanted her then it would mean war. She pulled out a helmet from the bag and put it on her head. She had emergency supplies in case something like this happened. The only problem was she had water pistol guns instead of real ones. Sunako guessed this would be better as it would give her a chance to wash off the oil and help Kyohei come to his senses. She took out an AK-47 water pistol and swiped two black war paint across her face. Her target had just entered the room smiling like an idiot.
“Oh Sunako...” Kyohei playfully called.
He was squirted directly in the face by Sunako.
“Direct hit!” She cried.
Kyohei wiped his face and saw Sunako's bag of goodies she'd stashed in the lounge. “Let's not start a fight Sunako.” Kyohei said and rolled over to the bag grabbing a shotgun water pistol.
'Geez, only Sunako would have something as cool as this,' he thought as he locked the double barrel at Sunako. “Hey, Sunako! Take it by the peach!” The shot of water got Sunako's arm and she squealed in rage.
“I thought you didn't want to start a fight!” Sunako yelled and threw a couple of water hand grenades. They exploded in a shower of water. They both were sprayed by the explosion of water. Sunako screamed shrieking with laughter as she forgot about the reason she was running. Kyohei shot his shotgun again while Sunako aimed for his chest with her machine gun replica.
She was tackled by Kyohei and he swiped the water gun from her hand. “Didn't you and I have unfinished business?” he asked.
Sunako struggled and used a judo throw to free herself. “You're not really yourself, that oil has changed you.”
Kyohei sighed, “Didn't you say that it would make you act like yourself in front of the one you care about?”
“Um...” Sunako was lost for words, she had been told that. “I-I'm not sure now...” She picked up the fallen water gun and aimed it at Kyohei. “Just don't come any closer until you go have a bath.”
Kyohei pointed the shotgun water gun and whistled. “Looks to me as if we have a little bit of a stand off. I'm not going anywhere till you admit that kiss meant something to you.”
“That kiss was not meant to happen, it was the oil.”
“Oh Sunako it's always something isn't it, it was a ghost possessing me, I was hypnotised but do you ever think this was just your own feelings coming out?”
He walked towards her slowly. Kyohei knew he was being really emotion but he could feel the oil making his feelings more apparent. He never really understood till now just how special Sunako was to him. He took her for granted too many times and treated her like a free rent ticket. This time he had to show her this wasn't just the oil or something else, he wanted her to know she was the reason he had felt so depressed. Her rejection was the worst thing that had happened to him, he wanted her to show him just how she really felt.
They had been staring at each other for five silent minutes. Kyohei deep in thought about why he was really after her and Sunako trying desperately to stop her nosebleed and think of a way to escape. A click of the front door disturbed them and Sunako dashed for the door emptying her gun at Kyohei, he shot back running towards her to catch her. He grabbed her and they rolled onto the fallen sofa.
“Oh I'm sorry,” A voice said. “I'll just go and find Oda.”
They both looked up Noi was blushing and turning to leave. Sunako smacked Kyohei's arm away from her and run up to Noi.
“Noi, save me!” Sunako said. “If you're here then nothing will happen!”
“Um... Sunako why do you look like you're in a war movie. What kind of weird date are you two on?” Noi asked confused. “And why is the lounge so wet!”
Kyohei merely laughed and Sunako held the tissue to her nose, unsure what to say.
“I think I'll go and find Oda,” Noi said smiling, 'they looked so happy together.' “I'll let you continue your date.”
“No, I'll help you.” Sunako said. She glared at Kyohei who just aimed his shotgun at Sunako and smiled brightly. Sunako had to look away quickly as she had been dazzled. “I... er haven't seen Oda since five 'o clock. He went out with the others.”
“It's strange he isn't answering his cell, I called him a few times to see if he was free,” Noi said. “I wanted to see if he wanted to go on a date tomorrow.”
“Well I can tell him to call you... but it's strange they haven't come back,” Sunako agreed. “I was cooking dinner.”
“Oh Sunako you have to help me find him!”
“He's only been gone 3 hours.” Sunako said dryly, Noi worried too much. Though Sunako gave in and patted her friend on the back.
“He said he was going to find out about that aphrodisiac that Ranmaru had, Oda had a bad feeling about it.” Noi continued.
Sunako winced as she was reminded of the trick that the boys had played earlier, that aphrodisiac had caused nothing but trouble. It didn't help that Sunako felt she'd ended up using one as well. She grabbed her coat and was about to say to Noi that she would help her look for Oda when the front door slammed open again.
“Takenaga!” Noi cried. She ran down the large hall to where the entrance was. The three boys had returned but Noi had to stop and scream when she saw them. All three of them were covered in a blanket and shivering, a dark aura emanated from them. Sunako and Noi carefully stepped forward.
“Oda?” Noi asked, “Yuki? Ranmaru?”
They stared at Noi and squealed, Yuki collapsed fainting. “Ahh too bright, everything is too bright!” Oda muttered.
Ranmaru choked his appearance seemed to blur and he moved towards Sunako. “Fellow dark creature....” He croaked. “Help us... it's too bright...”
“Oh Takenaga-kun!” Noi yelled. She hugged him but he shuddered away into a corner hiding his eyes. Noi started crying afraid Oda was repulsed by her.
Oda tried to look towards the heartbroken Noi but he couldn't bear it. She was so beautiful and bright, it hurt his eyes just looking at her. He wondered for a short moment if this was what Sunako felt all the time when she was in their presence.
“Noi, it's okay. It's not you.” Oda tried to explain. “It was....” He turned to reach out to Noi she looked at him tears in her eyes. “It was that woman...” Oda fell next to Noi, finally overcome by the darkness that surrounded him. Noi pulled him up still crying, something awful had happened to her Oda. She hugged him close sobbing out loud.
“What's all this noise?” Kyohei mumbled as he walked down the corridor. The oil was wearing off and he was feeling really light headed. He glared at Ranmaru as he saw him crawling towards Sunako.
“Morii, what happened?” He asked annoyed. Sunako stayed silent she could feel his light had left him the same way as Kyohei. There had to be a connection.
“It was... the shop lady...” Ranmaru gasped. “She made the aphrodisiac but it wasn't really it has a side effect...” He finally fainted, the walk back home had been a nightmare for him. There had been too much light everywhere.
“Let's move them to your room Sunako.” Kyohei said.
“They need a dark place to recover,” he explained. “Your room will be the best.”
“Sunako... ...Does Takenaga-kun hate me?” Noi sobbed.
“No, they're overcome with darkness.” Sunako said. “Their light is gone just like what happened to Kyohei.”
“Hey this didn't happen to me!” Kyohei snapped.
Both Noi and Sunako stared at Kyohei he was obviously in denial. Sunako sighed and rolled Ranmaru onto his back. She suddenly noticed a card being held in his hand. 'Was this what Ranmaru was trying to give me?'
“What's that?” Noi asked.
“It's a business card,” Sunako said. “From....” She fell silent as she read the shop name. This was like a strange coincidence, but then fate was never kind.
“Who is it?” Noi said, “Who is the woman that did this to my Takenaga?”
“I know her.” Sunako said. “I met her today.” She looked across at Kyohei as he picked up the unconscious Yuki. “Kyohei, will you come with me to pay a visit to this woman?”
He smiled at her watching her face turn serious as her friends were in trouble. This was when he liked Sunako the most when she was wanting to help her friends.
“Sure,” he said. “Just promise we'll pick up where we left off earlier.”
“No promises,” Sunako hissed.
Noi struggled picking up her Oda, Sunako ran to help her before Kyohei could say anything more embarrassing. 'He must be still feeling the effects of the oil.'
“Oh of course the oil!”
“What did you say Sunako?” Noi said confused by the sudden outburst.
“Eh...nothing I just had a thought.”
Miyu laughed out loudly her skin was so smooth and soft! Her face glowed so brightly, she was beautiful. The three aura's from the boys combined was the best effect she had ever achieved from her smelling potion. Her husband had to notice her now, she was like a living jewel. No longer an old middle-aged woman that was a shadow of darkness.
She heard the door slam and she ran into her back room that lead to her home.
“Darling is that you?”
“Yeah...” he appeared in the doorway and stared at her. “You... you've done something to yourself.”
“Maybe...” she giggled.
“Did you go to a beauty salon?”
“You know I can't afford it,” she said happy with the attention. “I only tried out one of my spells.”
“Oh you and your crackpot spells,” Her husband huffed.
“Tadashi you can't complain it's my hobby and business.”
“We've had a talk about this Miyu, you should be a housewife looking after our house.” Tadashi moaned. “I mean look at the shop, there's broken glass back there. Haven't you had enough of this life?”
Miyu stared at him coldly, didn't he want to praise her some more? Why did he always bring up these petty matters. 'Perhaps I can make a spell that will make him forget having me as a perfect housewife?'
“Excuse me?”
“Honey you have a customer!” Her husband shouted.
Miyu nodded and headed through the curtains, “Can I help... oh it's you young lady.” Miyu smiled recognising her previous customer but this time she looked like she was on her way to a Halloween party.
Sunako stood there her eyes full of fury. She was dressed in a witches outfit, behind her Kyohei hid his face but he was in a similar warlock outfit.
“You've taken something that doesn't belong to you.” Sunako said pointing at the woman. She could see the stolen radiance shining from her. She had found the thief.
“I'm sorry I don't know what you're talking about.” She laughed and stepped further into the shop. She didn't want her husband to hear or see any of this.
“Just tell us what you did to our friends, one of them was your lover boy Ranmaru.” Kyohei said loudly.
“Listen... this isn't Halloween and I have no time to entertain cosplayers like you, please leave.”
“You sold me something this afternoon I found it worked as a good antidote to your previous poison.” Sunako said holding up what remained of her jasmine oil. “This is all that's left but I'm sure I remember what you said correctly.”
“Hey Honey, do you need help getting rid of these punks?” Tadashi asked.
“No it's okay darling please return to the back room.” Miyu pleaded. “I'll be fine.”
“Just what kind of spell did you cast on our friends?” Kyohei said.
“Whatever it was we're here to break it, return to your real self!” Sunako flung the bottle at Miyu emptying the contents on her. It hit her chest and arms and she squealed.
“Isn't that what you said earlier?” Sunako demanded standing over her. “This oil will make you act like yourself in front of the one you love? That radiance isn't your true self, reveal it!”
“Wait here, leave my wife alone!” Tadashi yelled running towards her. He grabbed her hand but was shocked at how wrinkled it looked.
“Darling...” she rasped in a harsh voice.
Sunako smiled it was working, she could see the brightness leaving her. “If you're really in love then you're honest with yourself and the one you love. You have to tell him the truth.”
“I'm sorry,” she sobbed. “I'm nothing but a dark being with no inner light of my own I steal it from young men to make my husband look at me.”
“What...” her husband whispered.
“I don't have any true beauty like yours,” she said to Sunako.
“Me...?” Sunako was shocked.
“I'm sorry darling...” Miyu said to her husband. Tadashi just stood there looking at the real face of his wife. He could only turn and leave the room. There was nothing more he wanted to say to her.
Kyohei grabbed Sunako's shoulders. “You did it.” He said. “Now all we have to do is get some antidote for the boys.”
“There is none...” Miyu snarled. “Until now, I never thought my small love spell I created would be turned into this! Here take it away, I never want to see it again!”
Sunako smiled at her. “Thank you.” She held the box of potions tightly to her chest.
The pair of them walked out of the shop leaving the weeping shopkeeper.
“I don't see why we had to dress up.” Kyohei said.
“Hmm, I like dressing up when it's something this cool.” Sunako said showing off her long fake nails that looked like talons.
“Tell me something...” Kyohei asked as they began to walk home. “Did you mean what you said in there?”
“That if you're really in love then you're honest with yourself and the one you love. You have to tell him the truth?”
Sunako blushed and could feel a nosebleed forming. “Ehh...”
Kyohei stopped and held Sunako's arm tight. “You never answer my questions.”
“Let go...”
“Not until you say that our kiss... no kisses meant something.” Kyohei smiled as he saw her face going redder. Maybe he liked this Sunako more.
“It was the oil it was a love spell... that woman said so!” Sunako tried to break free. Kyohei swept his hand down her cheek. She still didn't believe.
“You have to be honest with yourself, I'm finding myself doing that just now.” He explained.
“I'm not changing for you, you're not going to get any free rent from me being a lady!”
“I don't want that.” Kyohei smiled. “I want you just as you are... well maybe with a bit more eyebrow plucking. I can see a hair starting to grow in the middle of your fa...oof!”
Sunako roundhouse kicked him into the wall. She began to walk away but she stopped and helped him back up. She didn't look at him but continued walking.
“You know I can still make you some fried shrimp.” Sunako offered not turning round.
“Sure,” Kyohei said and hugged her tight. “I can't resist your fried shrimp.”
Sunako squealed and felt herself melting into his arms. Was this how she was going to die? She could feel herself becoming more comfortable with this fate. If Hiroshi-kun was right then this was what was always going to happen. That two opposites would be attracted to each other.
“You can't resist...” she whispered.
“Nope.” He laughed, “Hey look we're here.”
He let go of Sunako and she felt slightly disappointed. But she tried to shrug it off and walked to the house carrying the precious antidote. Noi needed this more than anyone. She had been so upset with Oda's condition. She just hoped that they were ready for whatever side effects this antidote would give.
She looked across at Kyohei who was giving her a strange smile. He was planning something she could tell. Strangely she found herself looking forward to it.
“Let's hurry, Noi will be really upset by now.” Sunako said trying to forget about what Kyohei had said. She wasn't going to give into him this easily. If opposites could attract then they could repel just as easily.
Author's Note: I've made up for those evil cliffhangers with a quick update! I was going to finish the story by this chapter but again I ended up making it long and I have enough to make an another. It just means we'll have more Sunako and Kyohei moments, yay!
Though next chapter we'll see the effects the potion creates on the boys. (Especially Oda and Noi.)