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Chapter 3
The Light overpowers the Dark!
The three boys were locked up in a barricaded lounge.
“She bit him!” Yuki squeaked, “Like a vampire I told you she drained his soul!”
“Y-You're imagining things...” Oda stuttered.
“Of course we must slay her inner demons!” Ranmaru declared with a thunderbolt appearing behind him and a long cloak and wide hat appearing on his hat.
“Uh... no, I think what we really need to do is for you to go to that lady-friend and ask about the bottle,” Oda said shattering his Vampire slayer dream.
“But how?” Ranmaru asked. “She's out there waiting for us!”
“Do you want chicken or pork tonight?”
They all turned to see Sunako behind them.
“Chicken,” Sunako nodded.
“H-How did you get in Sunako-Chan?” Oda asked.
“There's more than one door to the lounge...” Sunako smiled a glittering aura surrounding her instead of her usual dark blur. “Don't worry, I'll give it back.”
She walked off before Oda and the others could ask what exactly she was going to 'give back'.
“You know even though she's bright and sparkling she's still Sunako...” Yuki said.
“She smiled at us, that's not normal,” Oda said. “Plus Noi said she caught Sunako-Chan skipping at school. Ranmaru get over to that woman's house now and find out just what's in that bottle.”
“Hey, the bottle might be fine, what if it's those two's heads that are messed up?” Ranmaru asked.
“Please Ranmaru!” Yuki pleaded, “I want things back to the way they should be.”
“Okay, I'm going,” Ranmaru sighed. “I'll leave you two with Kyohei and Sunako alone in this house.”
Oda and Yuki looked at each other and nodded. “We'll come with you then.” They said together.
Sunako watched them leave, 'So much for dinner.' She set aside the food she had prepared and wrapped it in cling film. She would wait till they returned before she continued with her cooking. She wasn't hungry and if the radiant beings weren't going to be eating there was no point. She had changed out of her school uniform into a vest top and jeans. She had even put on her Aunties apron again to serve up a big meal. Now it looked like none of them would be eating.
She peered into all the rooms downstairs that Kyohei liked to hang around in. He wasn't in any of them. She glanced up the stairs and breathed deeply, hoping to find some courage. She clutched the small bottle of jasmine and sniffed the bottle.
It wasn't too flowery, yet it was quite sweet. She replaced the cork and walked up to Kyohei's room. She needed to somehow find a way to make him return to normal. It was then that the shopkeeper's words repeated in her head, 'rub the oil on your skin and it will help you relax and be your real self.'
She knocked on the door.
“Go away...” Kyohei moaned.
She opened the door ignoring him.
“I've...I've got something that might help,” She said looking as he lay on the bed with his shirt off.
She squeaked and turned her back, “Sorry, I didn't know you weren't dressed!”
“I said go away stupid, that doesn't mean come in,” He said sarcastically. “Okay I'm under the covers it's safe...”
She heard the rumble of the bed sheets and his agitated sigh. She walked up to him smiling.
“I think I've found the cure!”
“It doesn't involve bleeding or being cut or bit in any way?” He asked suspiciously.
She shook her head.
“There's no harm being made to animals or people in any shape or form?”
She shook her head again.
“Fine tell me,” He huffed leaning his head against the wall.
“It's this oil; I picked it up from a shop you have to rub it onto your skin.” She offered it to him.
“Why would that turn me to normal?” Kyohei snapped. “I am normal, I'm just having a bad day and lack of sleep!”
He moved forward in the bed and looked at her. “Hey, the only reason we acted so stupidly last night was because of Ranmaru and the rest of them!”
“What?” A bolt of lightning seemed to flair behind her as she heard this.
“Right, those idiots tried to get us together by poisoning us with aphrodisiac fumes!” Kyohei snapped. “The damn stuff was supposed to make us kiss each other possibly more!”
“But get this they don't even know what the hell was in that stuff!” Kyohei ranted, “It was a bottle Ranmaru had snatched from one of his girlfriends.”
“I'll...I'll kill him!” Sunako snarled, “I'm getting my katana and slice him up!” She turned away from Kyohei she wanted to kill and she wanted to do it now!
Her arm was snatched and she was pulled backwards onto the bed. Kyohei was laughing at her. She growled and turned to punch him. He caught her fist and she saw how he was glittering as he laughed. He wasn't completely gone into the shadows! His light was still there!
“Say, if you want you can rub that stuff on me.” Kyohei admitted, “I think I need a back massage after all the crap I've gone through today.”
“What...” She froze; she hadn't planned on HER rubbing the oil on! He was supposed to do it! “No you have to rub it on!”
“I can't reach my back very well, rub it on there...” He pouted.
Sunako stuck out her lip as well; it wasn't fair Kyohei always made her so flustered. “No, no way! I can't touch you... I'll melt!”
“Fine whatever,” he rolled away from her and tried to close his eyes. He didn't understand why she kept coming back if she really hated him.
“Do you want anything to eat?” she asked.
“Not hungry,”
“I could go out and get you shrimps if you really want. I haven't made any for a while.”
“No, not hungry...”
Sunako looked down shocked, it was worse than she thought he was refusing shrimps. The one thing he could never seem to refuse before. She sat down on the side of the bed. She was a monster that had taken everything away from this radiant being. Though now he was nothing like a radiant being. Was this dark and gloomy aura what the others saw when they looked at her. She touched the top of his head and sighed.
“Sorry, I'll come back later to check on you...”
She walked backwards imagining a long dark cloak, her lips stained with blood. She truly was a vampire that had stolen his light. She felt for a moment her darkness from before but it sparkled away as she hit the back of her head. She had walked into the back of the door.
“Is this the place Ranmaru?” Oda asked.
“Yup, this was the place.” Ranmaru smiled. “She lives up above her shop. It's quite a nice set up.”
“I think it looks scary.” Yuki squeaked. “There're some skulls in the window!”
“Hey, it's a spiritual shop, there're all kinds of stuff for middle aged woman and teenagers to try out love spells.” Ranmaru explained.
“Do you think you could have explained that earlier Ranmaru?” Oda snapped. “This is aphrodisiac is probably one of those so called love spells.”
“Ah... so Ranmaru was dating a witch!” Yuki whimpered.
“I'm sure it's okay really,” Ranmaru said. “We'll just have to ask her what this stuff actually does.”
The boys went inside the shop and looked around. Yuki sighed a little relieved as he noticed it looked more like an incense shop than the magic shop from his nightmares.
“Hello boys, can I ... Oh it's you Ranmaru.”
“Hi Miyu, wonderful to see you again,” Ranmaru said sparkling as he spoke. “I take it your husband is not home just now?”
Miyu the shopkeeper giggled, “No, not just now but why have you come with your friends and not just yourself.”
“I'm sorry,” Oda said. “I asked Ranmaru to bring us here, this isn't a social visit.”
“I see. What can I help you boys with?”
“This so called aphrodisiac...” Oda said. “Is it really what you told Ranmaru?” He held up the small bottle and the woman's face changed from blushing to slightly serious. Oda noticed but didn't say anything.
“It's just an aroma therapy to help lovers shed any inhibitions and do what they always wanted to do.” She laughed. “Don't tell me you've used it on people that have weird imaginations.”
“Sunako would definitely fit into the weird imagination category.” Yuki said.
“I see, so why did you want to use it on Ranmaru?” Oda asked, something still bugged him.
“I just wanted to let the boy do whatever he wanted to me is that so bad?” Miyu sniffed. “Young boys have such active imagination; I only wanted to be with someone that did have an imagination instead of my boring husband.”
“Ah Miyu, such is life's tragedies,” Ranmaru said, flower petals showered down behind him.
“See, you would have been perfect, so bright and radiant!”
“Radiant...?” Oda muttered, something was very strange about the woman.
Sunako moaned as she felt herself coming to. She had walked into the back of the door, what an idiot she was!
She stared up to see the darkness that was Kyohei. He hadn't changed and still looked as depressed as before.
“Ah, sorry I didn't mean to walk into the door.” She looked around she was still in his room except now he was sitting across from her wrapped in a blanket.
“Funny, you're not having a nosebleed.” Kyohei said. “I just noticed I haven't seen your nosebleed since last night.”
“You're not radiant just now so I don't feel like I'm melting.” Sunako sighed. “I seem to be the sparkling one now.” She glanced down at her bright hands, they seemed to gleam.
“You come up with the strangest ideas Sunako.” Kyohei sighed. “Listen why don't you try that oil, it might make your conscious feel better. Besides as I said I've had one crappy day.”
“I can't!” Sunako squeaked. Even if he wasn't bright now there was no way she could touch a radiant being. “You should put it on yourself!”
“Fine, then the next time you fall I'm not going to be the one to catch you!” Kyohei huffed.
“I don't care,” Sunako lied but she picked up the bottle. She guessed it wouldn't hurt completely. He wasn't such a radiant being just now. She had made sure of that by draining the radiance from him. It would be adequate punishment for her to touch Kyohei. If he returned to normal she could die happy.
Kyohei smiled and turned onto his front and exposed his back to her. “Just promise no more bites.” He said.
Sunako winced as she saw the bite mark. She touched it carefully.
“Sorry... I touched the radiant being and this is my punishment,”
Kyohei sighed again; there really was no changing her. “Look I admit I acted weird because of those fumes and so did you.... well you acted more yourself.”
Sunako looked at the bottle and opened it carefully. The dark aura was still surrounding Kyohei; she had to do something to help him. This was her fault. She rubbed the oil in-between her hands. It had such a nice sweet smell, she carefully touched his back and went up and down in a smooth motion.
Kyohei felt the awkward touch of Sunako and relaxed. Her touch wasn't anything special, she was just Sunako. The scary, morbidly obsessed girl who could do the most amazing things. He guessed she was a lot better than any other girl he met. He guessed these last two years he'd taken her for granted. He didn't know what he would do once the three years were finally over. Kyohei moaned as he felt the oil beginning to work on his back. He felt a tingling sensation from his toes to his head. He had to admit that he was beginning to feel really nice.
Sunako was also starting to feel a tingling sensation. Was this the transfer of auras that she wanted? She wasn't sure but she could see Kyohei starting to sparkle a little more. She still didn't see her darker aura coming back. She missed it, the surrounding blanket of darkness kept her safe. She leaned down pushing her hands into the muscle. She smelled the oil on his skin; it was changing with the chemicals in his skin. He smelled good and his boney yet muscular body was relaxing.
“Sunako just a little bit lower...” Kyohei groaned.
Sunako blushed, that was a little bit too close to his butt! She moved down as slowly as she could. She didn't want to touch anything she shouldn't!
Kyohei laughed, “That kinda tickles, I suppose it's a bit too close...” He turned round, Sunako sat back in shock. He was sparkling, not fully his radiant shelf but it was almost there.
“Radiant being...” Sunako gasped.
“How about I do you now.” He smiled. Kyohei had to admit this stuff that Sunako was rubbing on his skin did make him feel a whole lot better.
Sunako pulled back but Kyohei grabbed her arm and the bottle. “Don't worry,” He said, “This is suppose to bring you back to normal. You do want that right?”
“I can rub it on myself...” Sunako mumbled, she was starting to sweat. He was touching her and sparkling! He was getting too bright again.
He laughed at her pathetic struggles. He wiped the oil over her arms and shoulders. He wanted to go further but he knew that she would probably react even worse towards him. He continued laughing, he did feel really good. Sunako smiled back unsure what was happening. She didn't feel the darkness returning instead she felt more like she was getting more confident. She pushed him back onto the bed and rubbed his front.
“You're starting to look more radiant.” Sunako said feeling his naked chest. This was different than his back, there was more contact and she could see his face. Somehow this didn't bother her as much, she could feel his radiance but she felt like she could face it. She had missed this shine; he was not intended to be a dark being. He was too beautiful; this was the way it should be. Once she finished rubbing his chest she would return to her darkness and feel more at ease. The darkness in her mind appeared and she could feel it just a call away. She could mentally bring it back. She was not completely forsaken.
She paused as she felt her hands get to the top of his naked chest. She was touching him; he was giggling and laughing looking so radiant. He was back! She smiled down at him, happy that it had worked. She moved to leave, if she returned to the darkness now she felt she could be forgiven by Hiroshi and the others. Sunako had undone the damage she'd caused.
“So do you want some fried shrimps now?” She asked.
“Maybe later,” Kyohei yawned. “You should stay here for a little bit...”
Sunako flinched, he was radiant again and he was holding out his hand. “Um... I'll let you rest.”
“No, I'm more restful like this...” He hugged her tight and brought her down onto the bed with him. Kyohei had to admit he felt really good now. So good that he wanted to hug Sunako. Her eyes shot open, she hated when he suddenly hugged her like this. She could feel herself getting hotter and more bothered by the closeness. She tried to wriggle free.
Kyohei sighed, disappointed. Sunako really didn't want to be near him. He hugged her tighter she wasn't going to escape. She had to know how important she was to him. He was feeling light headed and dizzy, the same as before. Kyohei didn't care he wanted to show Sunako his feelings. 'Do I even have feelings for her?' he wondered but this thought was shoved away as he drew closer to Sunako's face.
“I'm sorry I'm a bit confused...” Oda confessed. “You said Miyu that the potion worked as a way to unlock imagination.”
“Yes that's right.” Miyu said. “It's a potion that can work as an aphrodisiac.”
“But then why did you not say that to Ranmaru?”
“Hey, Oda I'm sure she just wanted to surprise me.” Ranmaru said defending her.
“That's right it was a surprise!” Miyu said.
“One where Ranmaru might lose his natural radiance?” Oda asked. “You seem to forget we've watched the effects of your potion and it never did as you said.”
“Now that's ridiculous!” Miyu laughed nervously. “Why would I need to drain handsome young men's aura.”
“I never said that.” Oda said.
Miyu looked daggers to Oda, she hissed quietly under her breath. “You're too smart... usually the handsome young men are so dumb and obsessed with their looks they never notice these things...”
“Oda!” Yuki squealed, Miyu was getting darker and more blurry.
“I guess you boys came just in time I need a new exchange to bring back my radiance.” Sabrina growled.
“Ah.... no way!” Yuki said. “This is why we should have brought Sunako or Kyohei... we can't fight!”
“It's going to be alright.” Ranmaru said. “Miyu, there has to be another way.”
“No, this is the only way I can stay beautiful, I have no inner radiance.” Miyu said bringing out a small bottle from her cupboard. “Don't worry the effect isn't permanent and it will only last for a few weeks depending on how strong your aura is.”
“Ah!” The boys all cried together.
The shopkeeper smashed the bottle on the floor and a cloud of potion rose up in the air.
Author's Note: Ooh evil cliffhangers, two of them! I did mean to finish this on chapter 3 but I've got enough for one last chapter. The conclusion will come to this little story of mine next chapter.
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