Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Fiction ❯ Blood Type ❯ Chapter One ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Ow!” Tart wailed, staring in shock at his side. Blood welled out of the ghastly wound, spilling down his leg and onto the floor. The young alien pulled the scissors from his side, which had the negative effect of allowing more blood to leave his body and stain the tiles. Dizzy with pain, the boy sank to the coppery, wet ground. “Kish, Pai! He—” the alien passed out as agony and blood lost overwhelmed him.
“Tart!” Kish and Pai came hurtling from opposite ends of the ship to their fallen comrade, having heard his screams. Pai took one look at him and forgot the origami paper he was trying to make out of notebook paper. “We need to get him to the medical center,” Pai assessed. The eldest alien lifted up his younger friend and teleported him to the hospital wing of the ship. Kish, normally so playful and demented, followed with an air of concern.
“Shit!” Pai yelped, beginning to curse in every language he knew. Finally he explained to the confused Kish, “We're out of type O blood.”
“How does that happen?” Kish asked, aghast. “O's the universal donor!” The emerald haired alien brooded over the problem for a moment. “Well, who do we know with type O blood?”
“Let me see…” Pai turned to the computer and accessed his database. “Mew Lettuce,” he said finally. “That's it. But—”
“Okay!” Kish cut him off, seizing a blood-donating syringe. “Close up the wound, I'll be right back!”
“Wait!” Pai cried, but Kish had already shot down to the planet. Pai could think of several reasons not to use Lettuce's blood, but he knew Tart would die without it. The purple haired alien shook his head and began to sew the deep puncture back together. “You baka,” the eldest alien told his companion. “I hope that'll teach you your lesson about running with scissors.”
Tart's even paler than usual—which is nearly impossible!—face contorted. He looked dried out, the offending blood-encrusted scissors still clutched in his hand. The half-conscious boy moaned in pain as Pai stitched the skin back together. “Sorry,” Pai whispered, “but it has to close, or you'll die!” The oldest of the three shipmates refrained from mentioning that the odds were good that time had run out for Tart anyway.
Finally Pai finished sewing and plastered a bandage to Tart's side, all the while trying to remember why he'd even needed the scissors in the first place. Something to do with origami, wasn't it? How stupid! And why, why, why had he sent Tart to get them, the one who lacked all semblance of common sense? He knew that Tart + Sharp Objects Catastrophe! That was why Tart didn't have any sharp edges on his weapon!
And where was Kish? Really, how long did it take to get a simple blood donation?
Lettuce was asleep over her algebra homework, papers scattered all over her desk. Oh come on, the quadratic formula will put anyone to sleep! And she hadn't even had Mrs. Bateman to teach her the oh-so-useful quadratic formula song. This was quite possibly because Mrs. Bateman taught in America…
Kish stared at the work, then at the sleeping mew. “How can you not get it?” he wondered aloud. Shrugging, the alien sat down to do the girls homework, singing the song so that he didn't forget the formula. “X is equal to negative three, plus-or-minus the square…root! Of B squared mi-nus four… A-C! Divided! By…y two-A!”
Twelve problems and five minutes Later Kish had finished the work. Okay, enough crap. Tart was dying, he needed blood really badly, and here Kish sat doing algebra? What kind of friend did that?
Lettuce opened her eyes to see Kish looming over her. “AAAAAAHHHH!” she shrieked, breaking records for the highest note ever hit. “You baka! You're stalking Ichigo, not me!
“Calm down!” Kish hissed. “I just need your blood, that's all!”
“Get away from me!” shrilled Lettuce, slapping Kish as he plunged the ginormous syringe into her arm and extracted at least a quart of blood from her arm. She felt woozy and sickened seeing the red liquid leave her body. She was a seasoned fighter, but Lettuce Midorikawa still hated the sight of blood.
The porpoise mew yelped in surprise and stumbled backwards and Kish teleported away. She had just had a lot of blood forcibly taken from her! That plus her 56 percent in Algebra served to make her quite upset. WHY had Kish needed her blood? It didn't make much sense.
Whatever the reason was, she needed sympathy. Ryou and Keiichiro probably should know about the incident. She really wanted her crush. There was only one solution for the problem: she called Ryou.
“Wah! Shirogane-san!” she wailed without preamble when her boss answered the phone.
“Lettuce! What's wrong?” Ryou asked concernedly. “Did something happen?”
“Yeah, Kish just randomly appeared and took a lot of blood from me! I don't know what he needed it for, he just said he did need it, and now I feel really sick!” Lettuce spilled out, half-sobbing.
“Blood loss,” mused Ryou. “I wonder what they needed the blood for. Hm…” an idea struck the man. “I know this is bad, but if I'm right we can make it work to our advantage. Right now you should get to the hospital though, get your blood replaced. I'll come out and drive you.”