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Never forgetting you
Chapter 1 - The 12nd anniversary
There is a world where every species interact daily with each other, different species like demons, angels, aliens and humans…but these humans are special, they are blessed with animal features and thanks to these, their power is just stronger as the demons, the angels and even the aliens powers. In a village, the aliens and the humans live all together, some just friendly, others in love. In that village there is the legend that every hundred years that one human and one alien would fall in love and marry each other, nobody knows if the legend is true or not.
Two children run happily in the fresh water of the river, a young human girl and a young alien boy. The girl had strawberry red hair, caught in two small pigtails, and two warm and cheering chocolate brown eyes, she wore a small white dress, on the top of her head were two small black cat ears and under her white dress popped out a small black tail, this little girl had in her body the genes of an Iriomote Cat, she got that from her mother who had also an Iriomote Cat genes in her while her father had the cat genes of an Andes Mountain Cat (A/N: Yes I got it from Berry's cat genes but you will see later why XP), her age was around the 3/4 years. The boy was an alien; he had forest green hair that was caught in two pigtails in the front of his ears, amber golden eyes and two big and pointy ears like all the aliens had, he was wearing a white shirt and black pants, his age was around the 5/6 years.
“I'm going to catch you!” yelled the little girl who was soaked wet thanks to her friend who pushed her into the river.
“Try, cat girl!” yelled back the young alien as he laughed and run away, both the boy and the girl's parents laughed at the scene before their eyes. Then the strawberry haired girl fell, the green haired alien started laughing but then saw that she wasn't moving at all so he approached her slowly, he didn't notice that her parents weren't concerned that she fell.
“Hey Ichi you okay…?” asked the boy, he got no answer so he kneeled down and was about to touch her arm when she caught his hand and pulled him into the water as well, getting him just soaked as she was, she started laughing along with her parents, that explained why they weren't worried when she fell, probably they were used to her doing this all the time, the young alien's parents also laughed as their son stood up and had his green bangs all over his eyes.
“I gotcha!” said the little girl as she laughed and stuck her tongue out, the alien boy pushed his bangs aside and pouted
“Not fair! You cheated! I thought you were hurt!”
“Awww you were worried about me, Kishi?” said the little girl as she jumped at the boy and hugged him but it was so strong that they both fell in the water again.
“Don't call me Kishi! I told you already its Kisshu!” complained the boy
“Alright, Ki-ssu!” said the girl as she giggled, the alien boy pouted
“Okay let's make a deal Ichigo, you can call me Kish if you let me call you Kitten or Koneko, ok?”
“Humm…okay, Kish!” said little Ichigo and she hugged him again, making him blush slightly, their parents smiling at the scene. Suddenly a man, an alien man, came running towards them and looked like he was in a hurry.
“Ace! Kira! Sakura! Shintaro! It's an emergency!” yelled the man, as he run towards Kisshu and Ichigo's parents
“What's the matter Yuki?” asked the male alien, that went by the name Ace, as he stood up to face the man named Yuki.
“The demons! They declared war and are coming right here! They have got an huge army!”
The alien and cat-human couples widened their eyes in shock and horror, they weren't excepting the demons to turn against them like this.
“Mamma what's the matter…?” asked Ichigo as she and Kisshu stepped out of the water and walked to their parents when they saw Yuki running towards them, Sakura and Kira turned to their daughter and son and hugged them close.
“Something bad is coming my little kitty and we have to go stop them but don't worry, we will be fine, just go with Yuki and he will take you to a safe place, your friends are there too.” She said as she and Kira took them to Yuki's side, who immediately held their small hands ready to walk away.
“But what about you and papa?” asked Ichigo, now feeling scared
“We will be fine, my little kitty, just do as Yuki says and you will be fine” said Shintaro with a smile, trying to calm down his daughter. Silently, Sakura walked over to Kisshu who was being held by his mother at the moment, she kneeled down at him and he stared at her.
“Kisshu, can I ask you for something?” she asked, Kisshu didn't say anything and just nodded
“If anything happens to me and Shintaro, can you please look after my little girl? I trust you enough to know you can protect Ichigo, I know you are just a boy but I trust you to look after her ok? She is my little kitty, she is my everything” said Sakura, Kisshu stared at her for a while before answering
“I promise, I won't let anything happen to her”
Sakura smiled and hugged the alien boy too
“Sakura, it's time, we have to go now, they will be here soon…” said Shintaro once he was done hugging his daughter. Ace, Kira and Sakura nodded and the four of them left while waving at their kids who stared at them until they disappeared. Yuki looked at the kids, took their hands again and whispered:
“Come, I will take you to the others, you will be safe there”
Yuki lead them deep in the forest, where there was a huge woodened house, the other children were already there, babies, children, teenagers and the older people were there hiding. Yuki took Kisshu and Ichigo inside.
“Stay here, you will all be safe if you stay here. They can't find you here because it's deep in the forest”
The youngest children were feeling really scared but nodded and remained in silence once Yuki closed the door and left to go help the others in the battle. Ichigo was really scared and Kisshu noticed that, remembering what he promised to Ichigo's mother, he wrapped his arms around her small body and pulled her close to him in a protective way. And they stayed there for long hours, others just in silence, others sleeping…
Until someone opened the door, they looked up and saw that it was Yuki, he was panting and pretty hurt but he would be fine, the battle was over but too many lives were lost…in the next days, they took care of the children, one part took care of those who lost their families in the battle and checking if they had any member of the family who was still alive, while the other part took care of the children whose family survived to battle and lead them to their families. Kisshu and Ichigo, unfortunately, lost both their parents in the battle, Kisshu remained strong and quiet, trying not to shed a tear, trying to act strong for Ichigo who cried the loss of her dear parents in her friend's arms.
For the next few days, Ichigo remained at Kisshu's house, Kisshu lost his parents but still had his grandfather alive so he took his grandson in and offered to take care of Ichigo as well. She stayed with him until the day, Kisshu was with her in the living room when two men appeared in his grandfather's house and talked to him, the young alien boy didn't know what they were talking about or why they were speaking so low and far away from him and his friend, he only saw his grandfather nodding at whatever the men were telling him and then he took a quick look at them. Then those men and his grandfather approached him, he didn't know why but he felt something was wrong, so he held Ichigo close to him who hide her face in his chest.
“Kisshu, those men are here to take care of Ichigo” said his grandfather
“They don't need to take care of her…I will take care of her, I promised that to her mother and I will do it…” said Kisshu as he felt Ichigo tugging his shirt.
“Kish, she is special and she won't be alone, they have with them children from the village who have nobody and are special too.”
“She doesn't need anyone else, she has me…and if she goes, I go too…”
His grandfather sighed, looked at the two men and nodded. One of the men suddenly grabbed Kisshu's arm and took him away from Ichigo and the other man took Ichigo's hand and started dragging her outside, she tried to struggle against the man's grip and reached for Kisshu who reached for her back. The man took her outside and inside a car where other children were too, Kisshu got rid of the man's grip and run outside in an attempt to stop the man from taking his best friend away from him, from taking her to God knows where.
“No! Ichigo!” he screamed as he run to her but was held tightly by his grandfather
“Kish, they will take good care of her” he told him, as the other man walked past him and went inside the car, the man that was holding Ichigo, who was now crying, pushed her inside the car and quickly closed the door, she keep hitting on the car's window glass and staring at Kisshu while crying.
“No, get her back!” yelled the young alien
“KISH! KISSHU!!!” yelled the strawberry haired girl as the car drove off
Two golden eyes opened suddenly and the figure stood up quickly from the bed, panting, sweating…
`That dream again…' thought the boy as he calmed himself down and sighed. He stood up from the bed and opened the curtains and let the sun inside his room, shining against his pale muscular skin, he put an arm above his eyes to block them from the sun. The teenager boy then turned around to his bedside table and picked up a picture from it, in the picture could be seen two kids hugging each other and four adults smiling in the background, after staring at it for a few moments, he sighed and closed his eyes and murmured…
“It's has been 12 years…Ichigo…”
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