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Chapter 5: Questions and Answers
The girls were shocked by the possibilities of both of these theories. To think that side effects of the battle were just becoming apparent after nearly half a decade was nearly inconceivable, but not impossible. The other thought that Jin-E survived and was soon to return was peculiar as well.
“Why would Jin-E wait this long to return,” inquired Sam.
“As far as we can guess,” Jerry responded, “he was either in a state of suspension and has escaped or was healing his wounds from the battle. I believe that the former is the most likely explanation, since there weren't side effects like these before today. If he were just healing, there wouldn't have been such visible evidence of activity since any phenomena would be occurring over an extended time period.”
Through all the history and theories, one question had been pestering Clover.
“So what happened to Zero after the battle?”
Jerry seemed slightly startled at Clover's abrupt question. “Well, from the data we've gathered, he is presumed dead. But the same was thought of Jin-E at first, so he could be alive as well and may return to investigate and, if necessary, fight him once again.”
As soon as Jerry ended his sentence, a message came over his intercom. “Sir, we have just received an encoded transmission regarding the most recent studies on Jin-E. You might want to hear this.”
“Alright, let's hear it,” Jerry said.
Jerry rotated his chair so that his back was facing the girls. As he did so, a thin television screen lowered from the ceiling of his office. At first, its screen was filled with static, but in a few seconds it sprang to life. In the next instance, a deep, commanding voice began to speak.
Although the television was working, there wasn't a person visible on the screen. In the background was a large golden Z with a rose through it. Apparently whoever was sending the transmission didn't want to be seen.
“Agents of WOOHP, listen closely. I am Zero, commander of the Hunters.”
This seemed to catch the attention of Jerry and the spies. It also confirmed Jerry's earlier theory of Zero's survival, but it did raise questions as to why he didn't want to be seen.
“It has come to my attention that you have been investigating some recent activity regarding Jin-E. While your concerns are quite valid, I must advise that you stay out of this matter. This is for your own safety.”
The girls were taken aback by this comment. WOOHP was only trying to protect the people of the world and prevent an open conflict if possible. Why would Zero scold them for that?
“I do realize that your investigations were in the best interests of many people and were intended to prevent unnecessary bloodshed. The recent activity was quite mild, so there is little chance of an imminent threat. It will be some time before the true danger surfaces, but it is indeed coming. If you still wish to assist in some way, contact me so that we can coordinate our efforts. Acting alone on your part would cause more harm than good due to your lack of intimate knowledge in this area. Thank you for you cooperation.”
With that, the transmission was terminated. Jerry seemed rather disconcerted by this message. Why would Zero contact us? I know that WOOHP wasn't the only organization to investigate the matter. He may have contacted the others without our knowledge, but considering our information network, that is nigh impossible. Then a thought occurred to him. He reached for his intercom to contact the man who had informed him of the message. “Can you trace where the transmission came from?”
After a few seconds of silence, a response came over the speaker. “I'm sorry; sir,” the voice responded, “but we can't obtain any information from the transmission. Location, origin, the signal used to transmit, devices used and voice analysis are all coming up with nothing.”
“That's alright,” Jerry reassured. “With the technologies that Zero was said to have possessed, I didn't expect to uncover any information that easily.”
With that, Jerry turned to the ladies to finish his earlier statement.
“Well, I guess there's not much we can do now. I'll try contacting Zero to see what we can do, but I doubt that he'll allow us to do much. He is right about coordinating efforts, though. A combined effort would be more beneficial than either group acting alone. I'll contact you three later when I obtain more information and if I need you for any other incidents. Until then, continue to enjoy your mission break. Ta ta.”
With that, the girls were sucked back into the steel tube that transported them to the office. As they took their reverse trip, thoughts raced through their minds. Why would Zero react to assistance that way? Did he feel the need to play the part of the lone hero, or was there some unknown reason? Clover was more troubled than the others by something else entirely.
In that message, Zero sounded so lonely. His voice was strong and commanding, but there was a hint of sadness in it. It sounded so…familiar.
-------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
When the girls arrived back home, they were quite exhausted. Between sprinting to the park and listening to the history behind an upcoming mission, they were tired out. The trio was somehow able to wake up in time for school and raced to the building.
But they forgot that it was Saturday. This dawned on them by the time they reached the deserted institution and frustrated them unbelievably.
“I can't believe we sprinted up here before we remembered that it was the weekend,” fumed Alex. “Why didn't you say anything, Sam?”
“Do I look like a calendar? I thought the same thing you did.”
“Oh, well,” Clover sighed. “Since we're up here, why don't we go to the mall? I heard that there was a sale starting today.”
“That sounds like as good a plan as any,” said Sam. “Onward to the mall!”
The trio pulled an about face towards the shopping center and started their trek. They decided to take it easy and walk slow for once, since they weren't in any hurry. After about twenty minutes, the large shopping outlet came into view. As they entered the large glass doors, the scents and sights overcame the group.
It was a magnificent two-story structure filled with shops of almost every imaginable type. On their left there was a fancy restaurant filled with several types of delicacies and dishes for everyone's pallet. On their right was a chain of nail salons, hair stylists, and beauty product stores. To these young ladies, it was a paradise. As they made their way towards the clothing side of the mall, something in Clover clicked.
“What's wrong,” asked Alex. “Did you see something?”
“No, I just had a feeling,” answered Clover. “It must have been my imagination.”
But Clover knew quite well that it wasn't her imagination. It felt like my entire body flooded with energy for a split second. My skin felt like it had disappeared and my mind became unraveled. I even thought there was someone else here that felt the same thing. I suppose I'll find out soon enough if I'm just going crazy or if there's something else going on here.
I was going to make this chapter a little longer, but I am having some trouble deciding what path the story will take. A romance is in the works, and some secrets will be revealed. I will leave you all to wonder about what is in the future. Please review and let me know what you think of this story.