Totally Spies Fan Fiction / Mega Man Fan Fiction ❯ The Stranger in a Chair ❯ Coincidental Missions...or Destiny? ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4-Coincidental Missions…or Destiny?
Sam, Alex and Clover watched as Edward rolled away, still seeming rather frustrated about his phone call. They had only known him for a few days, but he seemed to be a very kind person. But what they had just seen was a person who was filled with unimaginable rage and fear. Whatever had been said had enraged and terrified him.
“What could have been said that could've done that to him,” wondered Clover.
“I don't know,” said Alex, “but it obviously scared him as well.”
“I guess we'll find out the next time we see him,” replied Sam.
As the girls started to walk home, their X-Powders began to ring. As the familiar tone of Jerry toned, Sam pulled hers out of her purse and activated it. As she did, a hologram of their boss lit into view. Anyone who was walking past would simply assume the girls were talking to someone who was physically there instead of a projected version of a leader of spies.
“Good afternoon ladies,” Jerry chimed.
“Same to you,” the girls responded. “What's up today, Jerry?”
“Hopefully nothing, but there may be severe repercussions regarding some recent developments. I can't reveal any details here, so I need you to return home as soon as possible and I'll transport you here for debriefing.”
“Okay, Jerry,” Alex replied. “We're on our way right now.”
“Good,” he replied. “I'll meet you in a few minutes.”
----------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
As the girls started back home, something occurred to Sam that seemed somewhat far-fetched, but not entirely impossible.
“Do you think there could be a link between what just happened with Ed and what Jerry is calling us about?”
Clover and Alex thought about it for a minute before responding. “It's possible,” said Alex, “but I doubt that something WOOHP is responding to is related to what freaked Ed out.”
“I just hope he'll be okay,” sniffed Clover. “I'm really worried about him after that call.”
“You sure do worry about Ed a lot,” observed Sam.
“I think she has a crush on him,” replied Alex.
“I…I guess I do,” stammered Clover. “There's just something about him that is so fascinating and charming. He's just so…mysterious.”
The ladies jogged the rest of the way home in silence. A few seconds after stepping inside the door, they were swept away through the familiar metallic tube slide that transported them to Jerry's office inside WOOHP.
After about ten seconds, they plopped down onto a soft couch covered in a bright red fabric. Seated in front of them was their boss, Jerry.
“Good afternoon, ladies,” he said. “I trust that you have enjoyed the slight break in missions.”
“We certainly have,” answered Sam. “But a big break usually means a dangerous mission is bound to come up.”
“Unfortunately, you're right about that,” Jerry replied. “However, if the current situation continues to escalate, your next mission will put every other `dangerous' mission to shame.” Jerry usually told them the details of their mission in a fairly cheery voice, but this time his tone was low and serious. “I just hope I'm wrong about this.”
All three girls fell silent when they heard this prelude to their next assignment. They had never heard Jerry talk like this. If it was enough to unsettle him this much, there must be some great danger to this mission.
“Twenty-five years ago, a cult called the Rakdos began to form in a small country called Arcadia.”
“That's where Ed's from,” remarked Alex.
“Really,” asked Jerry. “You know someone from Arcadia?”
Sam answered, “Yeah. A new student came to our school this week. He said he was from Arcadia. Well, he's actually from Beverly Hills, but he moved to Arcadia when he was very young and he moved back this year.”
Jerry was quite interested to learn this, but decided to not delve further into the matter at the time. So he continued his explanation of their next possible assignment.
“As I was saying, this cult was mostly a jumble of maniacs and outcasts. The cult's leader was named Jin-E. He and his followers were left alone for many years, since there was no reason to worry about a wandering band of fanatics. But about ten years ago, Jin-E and his followers started a war. They began a campaign to take over the country, which they nearly succeeded in doing.”
“But how could a small group of people like that nearly take over a country,” asked Alex.
“Apparently, they had been training for combat instead of just practicing rituals and sacrificing animals. They had also been improving their technology. They had more advanced weapons and firepower than any of the local militias. A few of Jin-E's minions even learned to utilize mana, the natural power of the land. Many believed that they had received these skills and weapons from an evil spirit or Satan himself. They had also been growing in numbers far more rapidly than anyone had expected. When they started the war, they numbered in the thousands.”
“However, there was one organization that stood against Jin-E and his minions. Little is known about them, but the soldiers from this group are said to have been the fiercest and mightiest warriors since the Spartans of ancient Greece. Their weapons were just as devastating as those of the Rakdos, if not more so. Legend has it that one of their weapons could split a continent in half, but this has never been proven. Most of the information regarding this group has been lost, forgotten, or concealed. The only other record I could find was about their leader. He was called Zero.”
“According to these records, Zero and Jin-E were the most powerful warriors to ever live. Either one of them could defeat any army on Earth. Not even the forces of WOOHP would have stood a chance. Some of the villagers believed that these two warriors were not human, but Titans that had lived since the beginning of time. This isn't true of course, but after witnessing their abilities, I could only imagine what I would think.”
Before Jerry could continue, Clover interrupted him. “The history lesson is very interesting, but what does all of this have to do with our next possible mission?”
“I was about to get to that,” said Jerry. “Five years ago, Zero and Jin-E had a final battle. It was an all out assault on both sides. Jin-E had thousands of soldiers and mages on his side, while Zero had an army of only three hundred soldiers. It was nearly a recreation of the Battle of Thermopylae between Xerxes and the Spartans. Their armies fought for three days, with most of the casualties on Jin-E's side. In the end, only Zero and Jin-E stood. They continued their epic battle for two more days. In the end, Zero believed that he killed Jin-E. However, the battle had taken its toll on Zero as well. He hasn't been seen since that battle. He supposedly died soon after the battle, but there has been no proof of that.”
“So what's the problem,” Sam inquired. “With Jin-E dead, there should be nothing to worry about, right?”
“That's the problem. About half an hour ago, there were some strange incidents in the area where the final battle took place. Strange energies began to gather in the area and cause some changes in the area. After analyzing the energies, we can come to only two conclusions. Either these are just some side effects from the final battle that are just beginning to surface, or Jin-E survived and will return.
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