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Chapter 3-Stories and Discoveries
The rest of the day went by rather uneventfully for Ed and the girls. They were all looking forward to their meeting in the park after school. Ed was eager to learn more about Clover and her friends, while Clover, Sam and Alex wanted to learn more about Ed and his many mysteries.
As soon as the final bell rang, the spies of WOOHP were out the door. Several students were trampled by what they believed to be a multicolored blur or a comet. As they entered the park, they started looking for a good place to sit and wait for Ed to arrive. But this proved to be futile since he had already arrived.
Stunned, Sam asked, “Hey Ed, how did you get here so fast?”
“Oh, I just rolled downhill very fast,” he retorted. Well, I actually used some modifications that are built into this lovely wheelchair of mine to `rocket' over here. But they don't need to know that. “Actually, witty retorts aside, I've learned to maneuver and roll pretty fast in this chair. I've only been here for a minute, so you ladies must have sprinted from the school.”
“Actually,” Alex responded, “we did. We all want to learn more about you.”
“Well then, I shall be happy to oblige,” Ed declared. “I suppose I should start at the beginning. I was actually born here in Beverly Hills, but both of my parents died in a car accident when I was only a few months old. After that, I went to live with my uncle in Arcadia. He was an architect who built a great deal of the town where we lived. I probably would have lived there for the rest of my life, but he died last month while he was repairing a building. I just had to get out of there, so I came back here to California.” I can't tell them the truth about my past; otherwise I'd have quite a few tales of battle to regale. Maybe one day I will be able to share more with them.
“That's so sad,” Clover sniffled. “You've lost most of your family to accidents before you were even out of school.”
“Yeah, it is a tad depressing I suppose,” Ed replied. “Well, I've told the basics, so what else would you ladies like to know?”
Sam was the first to ask the question on all their minds. “How did you end up in a wheel chair?”
“I figured that would be one of your questions. It's actually a pretty preposterous story. About two years ago, I was helping my uncle on a roofing job. When I reached down to pick up a hammer, there was this girl in a bikini walking by and I just stared at her. I wasn't paying attention to my location or my movements, so I lost my balance and landed in the driveway. Both of my shins were shattered, my kneecaps were split, and a few other bones were all but liquefied. The moral of that story is to look at what you're doing instead of lovely ladies in swimsuits.”
As he told the gruesome tale, all three ladies were cringing. Clover finally recovered from the shock and commented, “That must have been painful.”
Ed just looked at her blankly and remarked, “Well it didn't actually hurt until I tried to stand up. Before I tried that, it actually felt kind of neat. My legs felt like they were encased in Jell-O. I finally noticed something was wrong when I saw my heels next to my ears.”
“Eww…,” was all the trio could manage.
“Well before I can go into more gross details, is there anything else you would like to know?”
Clover was the next one to ask a question. “Why are your arms bandaged?”
Ed's smile disappeared from his face and was replaced with a dark, depressing look. “That is one story that isn't appropriate for such fair ladies. I won't go into details, but believe me when I say that I sincerely hope you never have to learn why I wear these bandages.”
The ladies were shocked to see such a dark side to Ed. Clover, however, was more sad than shocked. “I'm sorry,” she sniffed. “I shouldn't have asked that.”
Ed stumbled to find the right comforting words. He rolled over to her and put him hand around her as he explained. “No, that's okay. You were just curious. Believe me, you haven't been the first to ask about them and you probably won't be the last. It's just a time that I don't really like to talk about.”
Clover wiped away some tears as she looked into Ed's eyes. She had felt so bad about asking that question, but she felt contentment as she stared into his emerald eyes. It was as if he was radiating comfort. No one said anything for a while, but Ed finally broke the silence.
“Well, I've shared a couple of stories, so would you ladies mind telling me something about yourselves?”
“Certainly,” said Sam. “There's not much to tell, but we'll think of something. We were born here in Beverly Hills and have gone to school here our whole lives. We all met each other back in Kindergarten and have been friends ever since.” We can't tell him that we're secret agents for WOOHP; otherwise we'd have all sorts of stories to share.
Before Ed could ask anymore questions, his cell phone began to ring. It had an interesting ring tone that sounded like someone whistling (for those who know what it sounds like, it's Protoman's whistle).
“Oh, pardon me ladies,” he exclaimed. “Hello? Oh, hi Alia. What's going on? WHAT?! That's impossible! Are you absolutely sure? I'll be there immediately. Bye.” This is bad. This is very, very bad! I only hope this is just a mistake. Otherwise, these ladies may become involved. Please be a mistake…
As the girls witnessed his phone call, they were terrified. At first, he seemed jovial and cheerful. But something was said on the other side of the conversation that sent him into another personality. His voice rumbled and growled with shock and fury, while his normally calm green eyes were gone. His eyes were now a swirl of amber and crimson. It was as if bloody, golden hurricanes were swirling within his soul and his eyes were the window.
As he hung up, he looked toward the girls. His eyes were back to their normal color, but he still seemed rather shook up. “I'm sorry girls, but something has come up that requires my immediate attention. I'll see you all tomorrow.” He turned around and began to roll down the sidewalk.
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