Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ Mykan VS Terrance: Part one ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Terrance and I stood exactly where we were gazing at each other with a determined mind to take the other down. “Now then, before we can actually get started…” Terrance said. “You've gotta' build your virtual deck.”
“Virtual deck…?” I asked. “With what…?”
“With these…” replied Terrance as a small screen appeared before me and pretty much every card in the game of duel-monsters began to scroll by. I was rather impressed.
“You see… your cards can't be downloaded into his world. So ya gotta' make a virtual deck to duel from this `ere card-database. It's got every single card ever made, and even those that were never released to the public yet. When you see a card ya want, all ya gotta' do is touch it.”
“You gotta' `ave at least forty cards or so to duel with, but you can take as many as you want. When you're finished choosing, simply touch the red button at the bottom when it glows.”
I looked over all the many cards as they scrolled by and began to see many of the cards I had in my real deck, so I touched them gently causing the cards to vanish, and magically appear in the deck slot of my duel disk.
“Choose carefully, lad.” Terrance teased. “Once you touch a card, you can't send it back. You gotta' duel with it, ya do.”
I simply ignored Terrance's mocking me and continued to select cards until the red button at the bottom of the screen began to glow, and I pressed it to stop the cards and take them away. “All right, I have my deck ready.” I said.
“Good…” Terrance said. “Now then, if you remember from watching my demonstration with the new patented deck-master rules we made, what we both must do now is choose a monster to serve as our Deck-Master for the duration of the duel.”
“And since I've already taken the form of a monster; lucky me, heh, heh… I shall serve as both he duelist and the Deck-Master. Now, you choose a monster for your Deck-Master. Each monster comes with its own special power and effects, but don't think that I'll be tellin' ya what them effects are. You'll `ave to find out for yourself.”
I took a good look at all the monsters I choose in my deck, but it was really hard to decide who to pick for my Deck-Master. So I thought to myself, “Well, my Dark Magician's always been my favorite; why not.”
Suddenly, one of the cards I was holding slipped from my hand and fell to the ground, and as I picked it up, the card began to glow and out popped my Kuriboh. “What? Kuriboh…?” I asked in confusion. The little furry-creature began to float in rings around me in happiness.
“My, my… What an interesting choice.” Terrance said.
My eyes bulged in shock. “Wait a minute! I didn't choose Kuriboh.”
“Sorry, mate…” Terrace replied. “Once a Deck-Master is chosen it can't be changed. That's the rule.”
Suddenly, Kuriboh look mad at me for having said those words. I looked towards the tiny little guy. “Forgive me, but I didn't choose you.” I said. “But it seems now I have no choice. If we're to successfully beat Terrance and save my friends, then we have to work together.”
Kuriboh nodded in agreement, and then took its place beside me. “Kuriboh is now my Deck-Master.” I replied.
“Right then…” said Terrance. “As ya know, I've chosen Deep-Sea Warrior, and he's got his own special powers, but enough of all these explanations. Let's get on with it, shall we?”
We prepared our duel-disks, drew our first five cards, and life points were set to 8000. “LET'S DUEL!!” we both shouted.
SCORE:(Terrance: 8000 / Mykan: 8000)
Terrance: “I'll be going first, if ya don't mind…”
“I summon a monster face-down in defense-mode-- and that's all for now mates and girls, but realize that it's only a matter of time before the other LAMOS and me-self mop the floor with you kiddies for good.”
Terrance's thoughts: “Now that the stage is set, let's see if this rat will take my bait?”
Mykan: “It's my turn now.”
“I shall place one card face down… and now I shall summon BETA THE MAGNET WARRIOR, in attack mode.”
(Atk: 1700 / Def: 1600)
“Go my monster! Attack his face down card!”
(Atk: 1700) VS (Ashinigray; Def: 500)
Mykan: “Oh, no… ASHINAGRAY!”
Terrance: “That's right lad, and being the smart teach that ya are, I'll bet ya remember that since ya flipped it up, you've gotta' discard one card to your graveyard.”
(Mykan discards Dark Magicianof Chaos)
“Now, when it's destroyed by battle, I can special summon a new one face-down in defense-mode, and shuffle me deck.”
(Summon and Shuffles)
“Really now, Professor. I'd expect that that you'd be smarter to avoid such a set-up—Guess I was wrong. Hmm, mm, mm…”
Mykan: “Listen, Terrance! I may be a good teacher at this game, but you shouldn't misjudge me from what I learned from experience; the things that I teach myself.”
Terrance: “Really? Well, then perhaps its time you learned things from another point `a view. So get ready…”
Terrance's thoughts: “Ahh… this monster will do me a world `a good.”
Terrance: “Ya see, Mykan mi-lad, just like me old brother Jerry, I too know `ow to keep mi-self ahead of my opponents, and the first is to build a strong empire, so first I'll summon MASKED SORCERERto increase my army.”
(Atk: 900 / Def: 1400)
“The next step is to disrupt my opponent's strategy, so as not to give them a fighting chance. So… I'll flip Ashinigray from defense to attack-mode which forces you to discard another card from your hand.”
(Mykan growls and discard “Double attack”)
Mykan: “I still have plenty of cards Left Terrance. So I wouldn't be gloating just yet.”
Terrance: “Oh, but I haven't told ya the third and most important bit yet-- always keep my opponents looking weak and unstable, and that's what I'm going to do to you now.”
“I activate a spell card called SECRET PASS TO THE TREASURES. With this card I can select one monster on my field that's got an attack of 1000 or less… and then that monster is allowed to strike you right in the life points.”
Mykan: “Ah!”
Terrance: “Now go Masked Sorcerer, and attack him directly!”
(Atk: 900)
Mykan: “OOF! GRR…!”
SCORE:(Terrance: 8000 / Mykan: 7100)
Terrance: “Heh, heh, heh… and now, thanks to my Sorcerer's special-ability; when he does you damage, I get to draw another card, Ha, ha, ha…”
“I really don't think there's much more a point in continuing on with his little match. I've weaken ya so much you'll barley get at me at all now.”
“Just look at ya! You only have one card in your hand, less life points than me, and what's really pathetic is your puny little Deck Master, Kuriboh.”
(Kuriboh huffs angrily)
Mykan's thoughts: If Terrance keeps forcing me to discard from my hand, I really will have a hard time getting at him. I'm still just trying to even keep up with this new Deck-Master system.”
Terrance: “So… ya give up yet?”
Mykan: “No!”
“Perfect… just what I needed. I activate my face-down card, POLYMERIZATION, fusing together BERFOMET and into GAZELLE KING OF MYTHICAL BEASTS…”
(Atk: 2100/Def: 1800)
“And now your Masked Sorcerer will feel his mighty wrath. Go Chimera, Attack!”
(Chimera charges)
Terrance: “An interesting move, Mykan, but unfortunately it's a very poor one-- and now you're going to pay the price!”
Mykan: “What are you getting at Terrance?”
Terrance: “Glad ya asked. As ya know, I've taken the form of DEEP-SEA WARRIOR… and thanks to my Deck-Master's special ability I can now sacrifice my two monsters to create this…”
(Sacrifices monsters)
(A Block Hole appears and Chimer flies into it)
“Reflector-Hole! I can activate it whenever you try and attack any of my monsters, then I can use reflector-hole to send the attack right back towards you!”
(Chimera heads right toward Mykan)
Mykan: “What?! No!”
(Atk: 2100)
“AAH!! UHN!!”
SCORE:(Terrance: 8000 / Mykan: 5000)
Terrance: “Looks like I just took another bite out of your strength and before long I'll `ave crushed ya like a peeled grape.”
Mykan: (Panting) “You… haven't beaten me yet… Terrance! I'm still well within this match.”
Terrance: “It's only a matter of time, Mykan. Soon, the LAMOS and I will destroy you and your friends in the greatest criminal master-plan even to be created.”
“Speaking of your friends, I wonder just `ow their makin' out in their new environments. Think of it… they should be suffering even greater than you are.”
Mykan's thoughts: “Girls. Mandy. Sabrina! I've got to find a way to help them.”
Outside the duel
Sabrina was beginning to shiver and chatter a bit as she walked through her arctic-zone. “Ooh. I'm cold. S-s-so, c-cold.”
What she would give to have me there with her. She'd be pretty sure that I would let her use my jacket while I froze, but she was alone, and she had to carry on by herself.
Clover and Sam and been dashing down the virtual hallway for almost an hour, and the hallway just seemed to keep going and going. Both of them were looking very tired now.
“That's… it, Clover.” panted Sam. “It's obvious that this hallway was built to go on forever.”
Clover was tired too, but she wasn't willing to give up. “We got to find a way out of here.” she said.
“Look around you.” replied Sam. “There is no way out. We've been running for miles. We're never going to reach the end of this hallway because it doesn't have an end. So if you have any other ideas--”
Clover did have an idea. “If we can't find a way out of here, then we'll just have to make one.” she said. “We'll smash through the walls.”
Sam shook her head. “Like that's ever going to work.” she said in disapproval. “Our Ex-coms don't even function in this world, and these aren't even real walls. Just computerized images to look like walls.”
Clover marched up to Sam and grabbed her hand. “Really…?” she asked rhetorically. “Then how do you explain this?” and she brought Sam's hand right up tot the wall.
Sam was amazed as the softness she felt. She was actually feeling the wall-- and if she could fell it, then it could be smashed through. “Only one thing though-- what are we supposed to break them down with?” she asked.
That's when Clover grabbed a pair of heavy-duty battle axes from the suits of armor in the hall. “Choose your weapon.”
Alex had been wandering around the virtual-mansion for quite some time now. So far she found nobody else was anywhere.
“Geez! If they wanted to duel us, they could at least show themselves.” She muttered to herself, but finally she began to call out into the emptiness around her. “All right, LAMOS, come on out and let's party already!!”
Still, no one came, and Alex had no choice but to keep on looking.
Mandy was still walking along the road-bridge; she seemed a lot more angry than tired. “If I ever get my hands on that nasty little brat, and those overstuffed weirdoes they will so be hearing from my lawyer!” she grumbled. “YOU HEAR ME YOU ROTTEN KID… I'M GOING TO GET YOU!!”
Estevan was still observing us all from his screens in his hidden lair. “Mmm, hmm, mm, mm… ohh, I am so scared.” he chuckled. “I'm afraid that neither of you are in a position to do anything at the moment, except suffer at the hands of me and my associates.”
He kept on gazing at his screens watching all of us struggle to keep up with the virtual-world. “You are all just little, annoying insects caught in my web, and I'm the big ugly spider ready to suck all the life force out of you all.”
“Ah, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah! Heh, heh, heh, ah, ah, ah, ah!!”