Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ Five for one ( Chapter 22 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Disturbed by the LAMOS disobedience, Estevan had bough the four of them to his secret lair and really gave them a good scolding.
“You four are utterly incompetent!” he snarled at them. “You lost your duels, so you decided to simply take what you wanted by force. This I most certainly will not tolerate, understand!”
The four villains quivered in fear.
“I hired you fools to duel for Me.” replied Etsevan. Therefore by losing, and then cheating, you make me look weak!”
“Lets us explain, please Master!” cried Terrance.
“We understand gratefully that you have laws and orders, but we simply must have our revenge on the spies.” said Myrna.
“And to do this successfully we must take over their bodies.” added Helga.
Estevan pointed out, “You already have one of the bodies. That fool, Sam.”
Boogie Gus shook his head, “There ain't no way we can settle with just one body.” he said, “We got to put all those squares out of the picture so they can never trounce on our beat again.”
Just then, Sam, or rather Tim Scam using Sam's body appeared on the screen. “Greetings, I just came to say goodbye before I leave here.” he said. “With the help of my robots I did win this body… and that's all that I need now.”
The other four LAMOS were outraged. “Tim, you idiot!” growled Helga, “You lost that duel.”
“The lady's right-on.” added Gus, “Those punks still beat you, which makes that body so not yours to take.”
“You sir are breaking rules, and should be punished right here and now.” sneered Myrna.
“Is this `ow ya' show loyalties to your team?” added Terrance.
Estevan was really losing his temper with all the LAMOS arguing. He slammed his fists on his chair capturing their attention. “PEOPLE!! For the last time, stop this bickering or I'll send you all back to the real world, and back into jail!”
The LAMOS hushed up, and Estevan told Tim that he was not to leave just yet. “I have a much better idea… so all of you listen up!”
“All five of you are to share Sam's body in a duel against Sabrina's husband, Mykan. Defeat him, and I'll prove once and for all that I'm better than Sabrina. And you can have the five bodies that you wish.”
The LAMOS each extended their gratitude towards Estevan and left him. “You five had better not fail me again… or else!” he grumbled.
All of us were still wandering around in the desert-canyon still finding it hard to believe that Sabrina and Estevan were siblings. “Well, at least it explains why he brought us here.” said Clover, “He's trying to prove to King Monroe that he can take over his empire.”
I nodded in agreement, “So to show off his powers, Estevan teamed up with the LAMOS to trap us here.” I said,
“The LAMOS also want revenge on us spies for capturing them, and so Estevan's holding our parents prisoners to keep us here.” added Sam, “Finally, things are starting to make sense… Arf-Arf-Arf!”
All of us winced in confusion at the sound of Sam barking like a dog. “Uh, didn't we turn that dog switch off?” asked Alex.
“Yeah…? Sammy, why do you keep making dog noises like that.” Sabrina added.
Sam was most confused, “What are you talking about? Arf… Ruff-Ruff! Huh…?” then suddenly she realized what we meant. “Oh no…! I must be going to the dogs.” she cried. The longer I stay in here, the more I feel like chasing my tail, barking at cats, and chewing on bones. I just have to get my body back! Aroo-Aroo.
Mandy was really starting to get annoyed with all this. “Wake me up when it's all over.” she grumbled rudely.
“There's still something that's troubling me…” said Sabrina. “How can Estevan look like a mere twelve year-old after twenty years have passed… and what does he mean by “He was” the heir to the throne?”
That was something we all wanted to know, but suddenly Mandy shrieked in fear, “Uh, Maybe we should worry about her first!” she cried.
We all turned round and looked up. There standing on a rock-cliff, “Hey, Sam.” called Alex. “Alex… that's not Sammy, remember?”
The real Sam began to growl just like a dog, “GRR! It's Tim Scam, one of the LAMOS. Even though he lost the due he still took my body away. RUFF-RUFF!”
Tim laughed hard and evilly. “You're only half correct, but I'm not alone in here.” he said to us, and that's when we began to here the other voices of the LAMOS.
Terrance… “We got ya' duckies right where we want ya' now.”
Helga… “Today's special shall be five for one.”
Myrna… “The rules are as they must be.”
Gus… “Our combined forces are gonna' clean your clocks.”
“Ah! They're all using Sam's body.” said Sabrina.
“You five give her back right now!” I shouted up at them.
Terrance sniggered through Sam's body, “Listen up `ere, Mykan…” he snapped. “We ain't givin' `er back until you agree to a few terms with us.”
Just then, his voice changed to Helga's voice. “Ha, ha, ah…! And believe us, this is one offer you simply can't refuse.”
All of us were getting pretty disgusted over how the five of them were playing with Sam's body like that, but nevertheless, “All right…” I said, “Tell us what you want.”
“What else…? Duel us of course.” said Gus, “And if you win, will hand you back your square-friend.”
This however began to worry Tim, “Hold on a minute!” he butted it, “Who said we were going to return the body if we win? I won this body, and therefore I decide what to do with it.”
“That's quite enough, Tim.” snapped Myrna, “You heard Master Estevan… this body belongs to us all right now.”
“Will you all get a grip!” barked Terrance, “We're supposed to be battling them, not each other. So let's get on with it.”
With that, Sam's body leapt down with Terrance in control, and a duel-disk appeared. “Come now, Mykan… be a good lad and duel for your friends.”
I nodded my head fiercely, “You five are on!” I growled as I stepped down towards them and armed my duel-disk, “I'll do this… for Sam.”
We were just about ready to begin, when suddenly Alex decided to step in. “Hang on a minute!” she snapped, “Call me pretty crazy, but five against one is so not fair. So I'm coming in too.”
“But Alex…”
“No buts, Mykan.” replied Alex, “You taught me a lot about this game and everyone knows that you and I make the best tag team in the group. So I'm in this, like it or not.”
I smiled proudly at Alex, “Well said Alex… and thank you.” I said to her, “You and I do make a great tag team and other we shall topple the LAMOS once and for all.”
“Very well then…” said Myrna, “Five on two it shall be.”
Sad to say that Terrance disapproved of this little change in plans, “Our orders were to duel Mykan alone!” he sneered.
Myrna just chuckled, “Hu, hu, hu… don't you all realize that Alex is nothing more than an inferior duelist who's bound to hold Mykan back? This duel will be all the more easily to bag.”
The other LAMOS seemed to agree with Terrance more. “If I recall correctly Myrna, that so called inferior duelist shares the title of second-best in the world with the other spies, and she defeated you.” said Gus.
“We all make mistakes…” replied Myrna, “But observe as I am about to put down a good rule. One that would give us the upper-hand...”
She turned Sam's body's attention back to me and Alex, “Now then… as this is a duel of two duelists against one, it would be fairly proper for us to begin with 8000 life points while the two of you each begin with 4000. If you win…then we shall return Sam's body, but fail and you'll all belong to us as we claim control of all your bodies.”
All of us winced in shock and anger, but nevertheless it was time for the duel to commence. First we built up our virtual decks, Alex selected three special cards she had a feeling that would help us.
Then it was time for me and Alex to choose our Deck-Masters. I chose… “DARK MAGICIAN!!” and Alex went with, “FLAME SWORDSMAN!!”
Terrance, who was in control of Sam's body told us “Since there are five of us controlling this `ere body, we shall be rotating our Deck-Master monster. Since I'm first we're going with this monster, DEEP SEA WARRIOR!!”
Up on the rock-cliff, the girls never felt so nervous in their lives. “Whoa… this is it.” said Clover, “If Mykan, and Alex don't win… we're all going down.”
“As much as I like to see these loser squirm… I actually hope they win.” Mandy thought.
“Come on guys…” mumbled Sam, “Beat these guys and get me my body back before I go completely berserk in here. Arf-Arf!”
As for Sabrina, she never felt so confused and afraid in her life before. Alex and I dueling for all our fates, and the mysteries of Estevan still clouding her brain… she didn't know what to think anymore.
Just then… while no one else was looking, a long yellow line appeared by her feet and began to travel its way along the path way leading up a hill to a small hut. She thought about it and decided to follow it. “I have to know what Estevan is keeping from Me.” she thought to herself.
As for me, Alex and the LAMOS, it was time! Our disks prepared, life points set 8000 against two four-thousands, and our cards were drawn… “LET'S DUEL!!”