Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ Two Vs One: Part Three ( Chapter 25 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sabrina had finally made it back from her little sidetrack. “What's going on?” she asked Clover when she got there.
Clover pointed down towards the duel, “Mykan and Alex were setting the score with the LAMOS, but now those guys claim to have something really huge up their sleeves.”
Sam was quivering in her dog body, “Ruff-Ruff! I don't think I want to see this… Aroo-Aroo!” she cried as she buried her face into Clover's chest.”
Back to the duel
(LAMOS: 700)
(Alex: 100)… (Mykan: 2000)
Gus: “Ha, ha, ha… finally, after all this time of getting our butts whooped by the spies, the LAMOS are finally getting the revenge they sought. Oh, if only you two knew the monster you're about to face.”
Mykan: “Tell us… what is this monster?”
Gus: “Oh you'll find out, cuz' I'm summonin' it pronto. Thanks to Altar of Mists, I can now remove it from the field and add any Ritual-Spell to my hand, and I choose the DRAGON REVIVAL RITUAL!! (Anime Card only)“and it lets me summon the fusion monster, FIVE-HEADED DRAGON!!”
Mykan: “The Five-Headed Dragon…?!”
Alex: “Huh…?”
Sabrina: “Oh no… not that monster!”
The others: “Huh…?”
Sabrina: “It's one of the fiercest most dangerous monsters in all the game.”
Gus: “Now, first things first… if I want to use this ritual, I have offer five monsters...”
Alex: “Five monsters? Excuse me… maybe I'm mistaken, but you only have one monster; you're Jinzo.”
Gus: “Hmm, mm, mm… you are mistaken, babe. Jinzo ain't all I got back here.”
Alex: “Huh…? What are you getting at-- Wait a minute! Ah! The other LAMOS… “
Mykan: “Ah! That's right. All five of them are sharing Sam's body, and they each have their own specific Deck-Master monster.”
Gus: “All right gang, lets boogie them together! First up… the unstoppable JINZO!”
Terrance: “Then I summon the all powerful DEEPSEA WARRIOR!”
Helga: “Followed by the cunning NIGHTMARE PENGUIN!”
Myrna: “Next… I shall call JUDGEMAN to the stand.”
Tim: “And finally, I'll summon the superior ROBOTIC-KNIGHT!”
Gus: “Now my five Deck-Masters… Join together to help summon the ultimate monster of unbeatable power!!”
(Sky darkens… and the ground rumbles)
“Ha, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah! AAH, HA, HA, AH, AH, AH!! Behold… our new Deck-Master; FIVE-HEADED DRAGON!!”
(Atk: 5000/ Def: 5000)
Mykan: “There it is!”
Alex: “Whoa…!”
Clover: “Okay… worried a bit much, but look at the size of that thing!”
Mandy: “Th-- That things already got more power than my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!”
Gus: “Heh, heh, heh… and as for you two, just wait until you see what our new Deck-Master has for a Special-ability… it can instantly destroy every card you guys put down on the field.”
(Mykan and Alex wince)
Gus: “Go Dragon… let'em have it!”
(Dragon ROARS!!)
(Cards, destroyed)
Alex: “No way… he destroyed all our monsters.”
Gus: “You bet I did… but unfortunately, by using this effect, our dragon can't attack this turn. So you each get one last move, not that it matters that much. So I'll place one card face-down and end my turn.”
Alex: “Whew… thought I was finished. All right… here goes!”
Gus: “Oh… and one more thing I should lay down… Our Five-Headed Dragon has it's own Special-Ability. It can't be destroyed in battle by monsters of Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, or Darkness.”
Mykan: “Then that means only creatures of Light can defeat it.”
Gus: “No joke about it. You square won't be puttin' us down any time soon. You'll all belong to us as we escape to the real world leaving you all trapped here forever.”
Alex: “What are we going to do? How can we beat something that powerful?”
Mykan: “Don't give up Alex. Just have faith in your cards and trust your Deck-Master.”
Alex's thoughts: “Right… my Deck-Master. Flame-Swordsman came through to me in my last duel. Well… here goes nothing.”
Alex: “All right… first I'll lay two cards face-down, and now I'll call my Deck-Master to the field. FLAME-SWORDSMAN!!
(Atk: 1000/ Def: 1600)
“Go on Mykan… you're up.”
Mykan: “Yes… and I know what I can do.”
“I place one card face down… and now I call my Deck-Master to the field… DARK MAGICIAN!!”
(Atk: 2500/Def: 2100)
Clover: “Whoa! Mykan and Alex just put both their Deck-Masters on the field.”
Sabrina: “If they get destroyed… they'll both lose.”
Sam: “Well they don't have any other monsters. Arf-Arf! That Five-Headed Dragon would've busted them anyways. Woof-Woof!”
Gus: “You two are seriously making it too easy for us. Your Deck-Masters can't even scratch our Dragon, and the sweet dig is… once I crush'em, you'll both lose the duel.”
Alex: “Yeah right? Mykan and I won't let that happen… Right Mykan…?”
Mykan (Nods): “This duel isn't over yet Gus. It's time for us to show you LAMOS what real teamwork is all about.”
Gus: “Yo'… that sure is sweet, but I'd still say that you're a little off the beat. How do you plan to kill our Dragon.”
Mykan: “Just watch… since this is a tag-duel, Alex and I are able to share our monsters. Therefore… I shall combine our Deck masters with POLYMERIZATION… to summon forth DARK-FLARE KNIGHT!”
(Atk: 2200/ Def: 800)
“Observe LAMOS… this is the monster that will help us strike down your dragon, and save Sam.”
Gus: “Yeah right. That monster is a creature of Darkness, and our Five-Headed Dragon can't be lay-down by that kind of monster.”
Mykan: “Perhaps… but Alex and I have faith in our Deck-Masters. Now observe… As Dark Flare Knight attacks your Five-Headed Dragon!”
Alex: “Mykan…?!”
Gus: “Pah… how pathetic. Go my Dragon… counter his attack!”
(Atk: 5000) VS (Atk: 2200)
(LAMOS: 700)
(Alex: 100)… (Mykan: 2000)
Gus: “Hey… what gives? How are you two still up?”
Mykan: “Simple really… Dark-Flare Knight's Special-Ability prevents us from taking any damage, and take a closer look. Since our Deck-Master's are gone Alex and I should be wiped out… but notice that we're both still here…”
Gus: “Whoa… back up here! Are you sayin'…?”
Mykan: “Yes! When Dark Flare Knight is destroyed, it's second special ability activates allowing to summon MIRAGE KNIGHT in it's place.”
(Atk: 2800/ Def: 2100)
Gus: “Pah! Don't make me laugh, Mykan. Even with that new monster as your Deck-Master it still ain't much a match for our Dragon. I don't why you would even bother bringing' in that runt-- Uh! Unless it's got a special-ability as well?”
Mykan: “Looks like you caught on, Gus. Now Mirage Knight, Attack the Five-Headed Dragon NOW!!”
Gus: “Oh no ya' don't! Five-Headed Dragon… Counter-Attack!”
Mykan: “I don't think that's a good idea, attacking like that, Gus. For when Mirage Knight attacks it is able to absorb all the attack-points of the opposing monster.”
Gus: “What?! But that means that Knight gains 5000 more attack-points!”
(Atk: 2800) Becomes (Atk: 7800)
Mykan: “And in case you didn't already know… The Mirage Knight is a creature of Light. Which makes it just what we need to break down your Dragon, and once that's been done, this duel will finally be over!”
Gus: “Ah! Oh no…!”
(Atk: 5000) VS (Atk: 7800)
(Dragon roars in pain… and EXPLODES)
Mykan: “Your Deck-Master is gone… and so are the rest of your Life-points, Gus. This duel is over!”
Gus: “Really...? Well why don't you check the scores…”
(LAMOS: 1900)
(Alex: 100)… (Mykan: 2000)
Mykan: “What's this? Your life points didn't drop to zero!”
Alex: “No way… that attack should've wiped him out!”
Gus: “Heh, heh, heh… AH, HA, HA, HA…! Did you squares forget about the cards I laid face-down before? Well let me show ya'… one of them is a trap-card called NUTRIENT-Z! Since I was about to take more than 2000 points of damage, that card boosted my life points byt4000, givin' me just the edge I needed to stay alive.”
Alex: “But wait a minute! Your Deck-Master was destroyed, so you should still lose.”
Gus: That's where your wrong… cuz' my other card is a quick-play spell called A DEAL WITH DARK RULER!! It can only be played when a monster with 8 or more stars bites the dirt…”
(Ground rumbles)
“… and it lets me summon a new monster as my Deck-Master. The one… the only… BERSERK DRAGON!!”
(Atk: 3500/ Def: 0)
“Looks like you two ain't got what I takes to beat us now.”
(Mirage Knight Vanishes)
(Dark Magician and Flame Swordsman return)
Alex: “Hey! What happened to our Mirage Knight?”
Mykan: “I'm sorry Alex but Mirage Knight only stays in lay for one turn. Then I was forced to remove it from play. So our original Deck-Masters return to us.”
Clover: “Oh just great! Mykan and Alex don't stand a chance against that huge Dragon now.”
Sam: “Ruff! And when they're Deck-Masters go… so do we. Woof-Woof!”
Sabrina: “Mykan…Alex… don't give up!”
Mykan: “We don't plan to Sabrina… I was prepared for this just in case.”
Alex: “All right… I was hoping you'd say that.”
Mykan: “Mmm! Now then… I reveal my spell card, MAGICAL-HATS!!”(Card type… and Card rules fudged)
(Dark Magician hides under hats)
“Now you'll have to find my Deck-Master to destroy it, Gus. Furthermore… I'll activate my Deck-Master's special-ability; I pay 1000 of my life points so my Dark Magician can duplicate the effects of any spell that I just cast…”
(LAMOS: 1900)
(Alex: 100)… (Mykan: 1000)
(Flame-Swordsman hides under more hats)
“Observe… My Magical Hats has hidden both my monster, and Alex's too.”
Alex: “Hey… thanks a bundle Mykan. Now lets hope these freaks can't find them.”
Gus: “Heh, heh, heh… oh, but I will find them. You squares can't hide nothin' from me and my Berserk Dragon. See… it's got this sweet move that lets it attack all the cards in your monsters zones at once.”
Alex: “What?! All our monster zones?”
Mykan's thoughts: “Oh no… that means if Gus attack either side of the field, he can wipe out four hats at once guaranteeing that he hits his target.”
Gus: “Ha, ha, ha… Alex can wait… but I think I'll take you down first Mykan.”
Clover: “Whoa! That dragon's going to hit Mykan's Deck-Master no matter where it's hidden, and he hasn't got any other cards on the field!”
Sam: “Please tell me this isn't happening! Arf-Arf!!”
Gus: “Now Berserk Dragon… destroy all four of Mykan's hats and destroy his Deck-Master too.”
(Atk: 3500)
Mykan: “No… this is it!”
Alex's thoughts: “Mykan! I won't let you go down! It's my turn to help you like you've helped me.”
(Flame-Swordsman leaps in the way)
Mykan: “NO…!!”
Clover: “ALEX…!!”
Sam: “She's going to lose the duel! Arooo-ooo!”
Mandy: (Trademark scream)
Sabrina: “NOOOO…!!”
Gus: “HA, HA, AH, AH, AH! Both you're Deck-Masters are destroyed! WE WIN…!!”
Sabrina (Falls to her knees): “No!Mykan… you can't be gone!” (Sobs into her hands)
Clover: “Huh…? Whoa… hey… he's not gone! Look…!”
(Dust clears)
Mykan: “Huh…? What…?”
The others: “IT'S MYKAN!!”
Sam: “Woof! Wait… where's Alex?”
(Dust clears)
Alex: (Coughing) “Whew… talk about a dusty-desert!”
Gus: “Hey… what's goin' on? The Dark Magician survived… and so did the Flame Swordsman! GRR… this ain't right!”
Alex: “Oh it's right, all right; thanks to my handy trap-card SILVER DOLLAR!!”(Anime Card only)
Gus: “But… but how…?”
Alex: “Heh-heh… I'll be happy to explain. See… first I had my Flame-Swordsman jump in front of the Dark Magician, preventing it from getting hit by your Dragon. Then thanks to my trap, my Flame-Swordsman took no damage from your Dragon's attack.”
Mykan: “But wait… I thought that card only worked on weak monsters with an attack power of 1000 or less-- Ah… wait… of course!”
Alex: “That's right…”
“I weakened my Swordsman attack when I transferred his points to my Rocket Warrior.”
(Atk: 1800) Becomes (Atk: 1000)
“Since my swordsman was already weak, my trap saved it.”
Mykan: “Alex… that was very well played. You managed to save both our Deck-Masters and ourselves.”
(Alex winks)
Gus: “Look here punk-kids… I ain't through with you by long-shot, and neither is my Dragon.”
(Atk: 3500) Becomes (Atk: 3000)
Gus' thoughts: “Man… I forgot that my Dragon gets weaker every turn!”
Mykan: “Alex, look…!”
Alex: “Hey yeah… his Dragon just lost attack points. Just in time for my move.”
“Oh yeah… this is sweet… I play a Spell card, EXCHANGE!”
Gus: “Yo' Fool… why the heck would you play that card to exchange cards with me when I haven't got any cards in my hand?”
Alex: “Somebody's not paying attention. This is a tag-duel which means there's more than one Duelists to exchange cards with. So I'm going to exchange with Mykan.”
Mykan: “Very well Alex…”
(They approach each other)
(They exchange the perfect cards)
Alex: “All right now…here goes. I place one card face down, and now I'm playing my other Face-down card MONSTER REBORN! I think I'll go ahead and bring back an old friend, courtesy of my friend Sammy. Welcome back… GREEN SPY-GIRL!(Mykan card only)
(Atk: 2300/ Def: 2000)
Gus: “You think just because you got a card that resembles your friend's body can save you, you gotta' be kidding me.”
Mykan: “I'm afraid it's no joke. For now it's my move, the one that will finish all five of you criminals at once.”
“I play the Card I received from Alex… OBLIGATORY SUMMON!!”(Anime Card only) “This card forces the other player to instantly summon as many monsters from their deck with the same attribute as the one on the field.”
Gus: “Oh yeah…? And just how do you expect to win by lettin' me summon more monsters to the field?”
Mykan: “Heh, heh… you've forgotten again Gus, That Alex is involved in this as well.”
Gus: “Oh, no… not again!”
Mykan: “Now Alex… summon forth the monsters we need.”
Alex: “You got it… since Green Spy-Girl is a Light monster I only have two other cards that fit her description….RED SPY-GIRL… and YELLOW SPY-GIRL!”(Both Mykan cards only)
(Atk: 2300/ Def: 2000) x2
Gus: “Yo'… no way! It's like facing all three of the spies like before!”
Alex: “Not really it isn't… for now I'm playing the quick-play card I got from Mykan. So get ready to see SUPER-POLYMERIZATION!!”
“Now I'll fuse together all three of the Spy-girls…” (Bright light flashes over the dark) “And I bring forth… the girl who knows her stuff… SPY-WOMAN!!”(Mykan card only)
(Atk: 4000/ Def: 3000)
Gus: “Whoa! Look at that monster!”
Terrance: “Blimey! It's got even more power than our Dragon.”
Myrna: “And worse than that… there's nothing left we have to protect it.”
Helga: “We can't go down… not again!”
Tim: “I refuse to lose to the spies one more time!”
Mykan: “You five are finished. For now I play my final card… CREATURE SWAP!Now Alex and I will each exchange one monster on the field.”
Alex: “I'll take the Dark Magician… and you take Spy-Woman.”
(Monsters switch places)
“And as a going away gift.. I'll transfer almost all of my Flame-Swordsman's attack to Spy-Woman… she is a warrior type after all.”
Flame Swordsman… (Atk: 1000) Becomes) (Atk: 100)
Spy-Woman… (Atk: 4000) Becomes (Atk: 4900)
(LAMOS stutter and whimper)
“Mykan… you do the honors.”
Mykan: “Yes Alex… we make a most admirable team. Thanks to our teamwork, we're about to topple the LAMOS.”
LAMOS: “NO…!!”
Mykan: “Now… Spy-Woman, Attack and Destroy their Berserk Dragon!”
(Atk: 4900) VS (Atk: 3000)
(LAMOS cry and SCREAM in terror)
Mykan: “There goes your Deck-Master, LAMOS, and your life points too.”
Alex: “You fiver are HISTORY!!”
(LAMOS: “0000”)
(Alex: 100)… (Mykan: 1000)