Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ The Ultimate Duel: Part One ( Chapter 27 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

As Estevan and Mandy prepared their Duel-Disks and selected their cards, the rest of us were flying over head in the Sam-Plane. “Hey… look down there.” Sam said.
We all gazed down over the edge, and saw two people with duel-disks down in the lava-pond. “It's Mandy…” said Clover, “And it looks like she's going to duel Estevan.”
This didn't look good one bit. We had to get down there and fast. “Hang on girls… we're going in!” I called. The spies however still had their doubts… as I had said before, “I never landed a plane before.”
We began to descend lower, and lower… and I did manage to get us down, but with one huge thump! “Ouch!” Sam groaned.
“Nice landing…” Alex said sarcastically.
“Whatever…” I answered as we climbed out of Sam, and changed her back into a dog. Mandy and Estevan saw us. “Hmm, mm, mm… well… it looks like the whole gang is here at last.” he sniggered.
Mandy just felt more annoyed. She thought she had seen the last of us. “Never mind them… lets get on with this.” she said sternly. “I've already chosen my Deck-Master… KAISER SEA HORSE!”
Estevan had already selected his Deck-Master, but once again he wasn't willing to show it to Mandy just yet. “Now then… lets get this show on the road already.” he grunted.
With that they both drew their first cards, and their life points were set to 8000. “LET'S DUEL!!”
“This is it…” Sabrina muttered to herself, “We're finally facing Estevan.”
Score:(Estevan: 8000/ Mandy: 8000)
Mandy: “All right shorty… I'm going first…”
“Now I summon GIANT GERM!!”
(Atk: 1000/Def: 100)
“Then I'll place one card face down, and end my turn.
Mandy's thoughts: “Heh, heh… this kid's going to be nothing but a pushover. If he thinks about attacking my germ, I'll use my “Crush-Card Virus” Trap and destroy every monster in his deck that has 1500 attack points or more.”
Estevan: “Stand back then… here I come…”
“Heh-Heh… prepare yourself, for I summon CHIRON THE MAGE!”
(Atk: 1800/Def: 1000)
“And I think I'll activate my Mage's Special-ability. I discard one spell card to destroy than face-down trap card you have.”
Mandy: “Ah…!”
(Estevan discards)
(Mandy's card is destroyed)
Mandy's thoughts: “No! My Crush-Card's been destroyed before I could use it.”
Estevan: “Hmm, mm, mm… thought you could try and infect y deck with a virus, did you? Well it's too late now. As for my Mage… Go… and Attack the Giant Germ!”
(Atk: 1800) VS (Atk: 1000)
SCORE:(Estevan: 8000/ Mandy: 7200)
Mandy: “Hah! You just activated my Germ's ability. First you lose 500 life points…”
SCORE:(Estevan: 7500/ Mandy: 7200)
“Then I special-summon another Germ from my Deck.”
(Atk: 1000/ Def: 100)
Estevan: “Hmm, mm… do I look worried to you? Your card is weak.”
Mandy: “Big deal… I didn't bring it back to attack you with…”
“Now I sacrifice my Giant Germ so I can summon my VAMPIRE LORD!!
(Atk: 2000/Def: 1500)
“Now go… attack his Mage!”
(Atk: 2000) VS (Atk: 1800)
SCORE:(Estevan: 7300/ Mandy: 7200)
“And as for you… when my Vampire Lord deals you damage you have to ditch another card from your deck. So you lose another monster.”
(Estevan discards)
“I don't need a crush-card to wipe you out.”
Estevan: “Of course not… you need more than a miracle to beat me.”
“Ahh… time for me to wipe the floor with that fanged-freak of yours. I play the spell card FISSURE!”
(Vampire Lord, destroyed)
(Mandy growls)
“And now that there's nothing left in my way… I summon the GEMINI ELVES!”
(Atk: 1900/ Def: 900)
Mykan: “No! Mandy's wide open to a direct attack!”
Clover: “She's going to get toasted.”
Estevan: “Go my elves… attack Mandy's life points directly!”
(Atk: 1900)
Mandy: “AA-AAH…!!”
SCORE:(Estevan: 7300/ Mandy: 5300)
Estevan: “Ha, ha, ha… had enough yet?”
Mandy: “Keep dreaming, twerp!”
Estevan: “Ooh… name calling, eh? Too bad it won't hurt me. Now I'll place this card face-down and end my turn.”
Mandy's thoughts: “This so cannot be happening? I'd rather have my wardrobe burst into flames than fall at the mercy of this kid. I'm not going to let him make a fool of me…”
Estevan: “Well… are you going to make a move, or just stand there all day?”
Mandy: “Keep your cape on! My move…”
“Since you destroyed my Vampire Lord with a spell-card, he automatically returns to the field.”
(Atk: 2000/ Def: 1500)
“Don't you know that Vampire's can't be destroyed so easily? Well too bad… I also summon this; SLATE WARRIOR!!”
(Atk: 1900/Def: 400)
“And there's even more where it came from. Now it gains 500 extra attack and defense points.”
(Atk: 1900/Def: 400) Becomes (Atk: 2400/Def: 900)
Mandy: “Scared yet…?”
Estevan: “No… if anything I'm bored with your bragging. We're in my world… there's no way I can be beaten, and I'll prove it!”
Mandy: “Hmm…?”
Estevan: “Since you have two monsters in play, I can activate my trap-card, EARTHSHAKER!”
Mandy: “What…?!”
Estevan: “Oh yes… allow me to explain how it works. You have two different attributed monsters on your side of the field; A Wind monster and a Dark monster, and one of those two monsters is about to hit the dirt, but which one is it? That's for you to decide, Mandy.”
Mandy's thoughts: “Oh this is just great! No matter what I choose, one of my monsters is going down.”
Estevan: “I'm waiting…”
Mandy: “Hmm! Fine then… if I have to ditch a monster, it may as well be my Vampire Lord.”
Estevan: “Very well then… Earthshaker activate!”
(Vampire Lord Destroyed)
Alex: “What gives… why did Mandy just do that without thinking it through?”
Mykan: “Actually I think she did think it through. You see, if the Vampire Lord gets destroyed, other than by battle, then Mandy gets to bring it right back on her next turn.”
Clover: “Whoa… usually I don't root for Mandy, but that was slick thinking.”
Mandy: “Now then… Slate Warrior… destroy the Gemini Elf!”
(Atk: 2400) VS (Atk: 1900)
SCORE:(Estevan: 6800/ Mandy: 5300)
Sam: “Check it out! Woof… Estevan's got no monsters left in play. Arf-Arf!”
Mykan: “Maybe… but remember that Estevan's still leading by more than 2000 life points. This duel isn't over yet.”
Estevan: “Hmm, mm, mm… pretty impressive, but lets see what happens when I make my move…”
“Heh-heh… time to wash away our difference, for I play the Spell… GIANT FLOOD!!”(Anime Card only)
(Field rumbles)
Sabrina: “Huh? Look…!”
(Tidal wave approaches)
Alex: “It's a tidal wave!”
Sam: “Aroo… Aroo! We're going to get washed away!”
Mykan: “Hang on!”
Mandy: “AA-AAH…!! Just what do you think you've done?”
Estevan: “Simply really. This spell card destroys all monster on the field.”
Mandy: “No… my Slate Warrior!”
Estevan: “Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah! There's even more yet. Now both of us must discard every monster that's in our hands.”
Mandy: “What… but what good will destroying all of your monsters do?”
(Both discard)
Estevan: “Hmm, mm… just take a look down there.”
(Whirlpool forms)
Mandy: “Hey! What's happening? Every monster in my graveyard is being sucked away.”
Estevan: “Right again… and it's also absorbing all of my monsters as well, and for a very good reason too. For now it's time to reveal my Deck-Master to you!”
(Field rumbles)
Clover: “Oh great… now what's coming?”
Alex: “I don't think we want to know…”
(A huge ship emerges from the water)
Mandy: “Ah…?! What is that thing?”
Estevan: “Say hello to my Deck-Master… SHINATO'S ARK!!”(Card details fudged)
(NOTE: In the real Game… SHINATO'S ARK is really aRitual-Card not a monster)
Mandy: “That thing's your Deck-Master…?”
Estevan: “Heh, heh, heh… yes, and now observe it's Deck-Master's Special-ability. Every monster that's lost in the graveyard is being loaded into my ship.”
(Doors open wide and sucks in all the monsters)
“There they go… and there they shall remain for the remainder of the duel. Also… from now on, every time a monster gets sent to the graveyard it will instantly be pulled into my Ark, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.”
Mandy: “Are you finished yapping yet?”
Estevan: “Hmm!”
Mandy: “In case you haven't realized, your Giant Flood card cost you all your monsters as well… which means if I draw a monster right now, you don't have anything to protect yourself with.”
Estevan's thoughts: “Heh… that's what she thinks.”
Mandy: “Now, here we go…”
“Hah! I summon SPEAR DRAGON!”
(Atk: 1900/ Def: 0)
Estevan: “Is that thing supposed to scare me, because it doesn't! Now get ready to witness another one of my Deck-Master's Special-Abilities… I'll call forth this monster to shield me, VAMPIRE LORD in defense-mode.”
(Atk: 2000/ Def: 1500)
Mandy: “Hey! That's my monster!”
Estevan: “Indeed it is… for you see, with every monster that's been absorbed into Shinato's Ark, I can call upon a monster every time to help me out, even if that monster is your own.”
Mandy:(Trademark Snigger) Big deal… even though you summoned a monster to defend yourself, my Spear Dragon takes your life points even if that monster's defending. Go Spear Dragon… Attack!”
(Atk: 1900) VS (Def: 1500)
SCORE:(Estevan: 6400/ Mandy: 5300)
Estevan: “Heh, heh, heh… it doesn't matter to me if my Vampire was destroy, for now he goes directly back to Shinato's Ark.”
(Vampire gets absorbed)
Estevan: “Don't you get it. We're dueling in my world, where I make all the rules.” (Millennium Key glows)
(Field changes)
Sabrina: “What's happening…?”
Mykan: “The landscape… it's changing.”
Estevan: “Marvelous isn't it? As long as I hold the Millennium Key I can control everything that happens in this world, and that's why I've changed our location from a Lava-domain to the Dinosaur-age.”
“Now I summon GIANT REX!”(Anime Card only)
(Atk: 2000/Def: 1200)
“Your Spear Dragon is about to become ancient history. Giant Rex, Attack!”
(Atk: 2000) VS (Def: 0)
Mandy: “GRR! At least My Dragon was switched to Defense-mode, so I don't lose any life points.”
Estevan: “Perhaps… but don't think that you'll be so lucky next time. Just remember who you're dealing with…”
Outside the duel
Estevan explained that when his mind was digitized, and uploaded into the floating sphere, it seemed that with each passing day his brain-waves gained more and more power.
“I was able to access vast amounts of information through the computer-waves of my father's systems. I was able to gain answers to some of the greatest of mysteries in the world, and I was even able to solve complicated problems people had been struggling with for ages.”
“Before long… I had become a super-human, infused with more knowledge than all the greatest geniuses on Earth. Still all this power… all this wisdom… it wasn't enough. For I still needed one thing that I didn't have…”
“My father's trust.”
All of us still had no idea what Estevan meant by his father's trust. Did the King just all of a suddenly lose faith in Estevan or something or was there more too it?
“Well finally my time for vengeance has arrived. Once I win this duel… I'll prove to my father that he should give his empire to me, not Sabrina and Mykan. Finally, I'll have everything that I deserve… and no one will ever have doubts about my greatness again! Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah! AHH, HA, HA, HA, AH, AH, AH…!!”