Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ The Ultimate Duel: Part Two ( Chapter 28 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Estevan was still chuckling and mocked us all wickedly. “You're nothing more than a mere spectator, Mandy. One whom I shall enjoy tearing down bit by bit.”
Mandy was starting to think that even a fruitcake was less nuttier than Estevan was. “Look… you got trapped in that bubble in the sky. Too bad, so sad. Even with all this power I still see you as nothing more than the childish, pathetic loser that you are.” she snapped.
Estevan narrowed his eyes at her. “Hah! You don't know what it's like for me to be trapped up there…” and with hat, Estevan began to explain to all of us what it was like for him during his first days as a Virtual-boy.
Seven year-old Estevan opened his eyes to find that he was in bed. “This is strange.” He said to himself, “The last thing I remember, I was it he hospital…”
It was then that he began to believe that it was all just a dream and that he was okay. However, as he tried to leave his bedroom the door just wouldn't open. “Hey, what's happening?”
Then suddenly, a bright flash of light appeared at the front of the room and when the light had ceased, there he saw a picture of his father, King-Monroe starring back at him. “Hello, Estevan my boy he called to him.
Estevan was never happier than to see his father. “Father! I just had a dream about being stuck in the hospital…”
The King however sadly shook his head, “I'm afraid that it was no dream, son. he said, There was an accident… and your body is… gone!
The young-boy felt heart-struck, and then the King went to on explaining that they had tried everything there was, but Estevan could not be saved. “I'm so sorry my boy… but this was all we could do for you.”
As Time went by Estevan began to understand the ways of the new world that his father had built for him. It was a virtual-reality universe created especially for him and Estevan was able to do almost absolutely anything that anyone could possibly dream up…
But alas… it was still nothing more than an ordinary computer game, filled with glitches. As wonderful as some parts of it were there were still some that could not scratch the itches that Estevan had.
Still… Estevan did have some form of communication. When he returned to his bedroom every time, his father would be there checking up on him, and making sure that he was happy.
One day… about a year later…
It was supposedly Estevan's eighth birthday and his father had come for his routine visit, and it was there that Estevan showed his latest plans to help explained the virtual-world created for him.
The King was most impressed. “Son… I must say… I've never seen anything like this. I may even be able to use this to even forward bits of my Duel-Monster's game.”
Estevan chuckled happily… but that happiness was about to be shattered.
One horrible day… the King had not arrived for his visit, or to discuss plans about Estevan's Virtual-expansion. Then Estevan had received word that his mother had died of a terrible disease, and even the virtual-world couldn't save her.
Estevan felt heart-broken, and that sadness only grew and area as his father had not shown up since. Estevan began to hear rumors that the King had now changed his ways… from kind and gentle spirited to streaming, wrenching, stingy, and cruel.
He also had received word that he was whipping Estevan's younger sister Sabrina into shape so that she would take over the empire. Now Estevan's sadness was replaced by anger and betrayal.
“How could he do this to me…?”
Estevan decided to carry on his projects himself, and managed to hack into the virtual-mainframe. The years passed by and Estevan had successfully managed to hardwire the computer systems to more networks… and even transfer real things into this world.
…that also included the Millennium Key, which he had found with his years of research, and he used it to gain more power and control over everything, and even changed himself into a twelve-year old young-man. “Ha, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah! AH, HA, HA, AH, AH, AH…!!”
“Everything I have today is all thanks to my ingenious mind, and my vast amounts of power.” said Estevan.
The rest of us finally began to understand why Estevan was so crazy. “If I were like that… I'd have totally gone on a killing vendetta.” Clover muttered to herself.
Sabrina also began to realize why Estevan thought of her the way he did now. He thought she was going to inherit their father's empire, and leave him with nothing… Little did he know about Sabrina's true intentions for life.
“Estevan…” she called. “Please… listen to me…!”
“NEVER…!” he roared back. “I've come way too far now, and no one is going to take it away from me now. Especially not any of you.”
As the others began to have their pity for the young-boy, I began to wonder if maybe there was more of a reason that King Monroe had abandoned Estevan…
Mandy however sarcastically pretended to snore. “I hate to interrupt, but can we continue here…?” she said rudely.
Estevan gritted his teeth. “Fine then… your move.”
Back to the duel...
SCORE:(Estevan: 6400/ Mandy: 5300)
Mandy: “About time…”
“Now I play POT OF GREED so I can draw two more cards…”
“And now it's time for my Deck-Master to use his Special-Ability. Kaiser Sea Horse allows me to summon a monster of Light without me having to make a sacrifice, so come forth DIFFERENT DIMENSION DRAGON in defense-mode!”
(Atk: 1200/ Def: 1500)
“Now I'll put three cards face down, and end my turn.”
Estevan: “Is that really all you have, I'm insulted…”
“Ah well… this duel's about to end in my favor anyway, and it starts with this spell card. I play DEEPEST IMPACT!!”(Anime Card only)
(Meteors rain down from the skies)
Alex: “Oh, no… not more?!”
Sam: “Tell me when it's over… Aye-Aye!”
Estevan: “Hmm, mm, mm… ! As most everyone believes, it was a meteor-shower that brought on the end of the dinosaurs, and began the Ice-Age…”
(Field changes to an Ice-Age)
“And of course… that means my King Rex is destroyed.”
(Rex, destroyed)
Mandy: “Hah! You just destroyed your own monster. Mine on the other hand stays, because my dragon can't be destroyed by spells or traps that don't target it only.”
Estevan: “You really should be more concerned about the score, for once our monsters are destroyed, my Deepest impact will cut both of our life point scores in half.”
Mandy: “Huh…?”
SCORE:(Estevan: 3200/ Mandy: 2650)
Estevan: “You see my dear… it doesn't matter whether the world around is real or virtual; Only the strong are meant to survive among the weak!”
Mandy: “Are you calling me weak?”
Estevan: “I'm not only calling you weak… but I'll prove with another spell; ICE AGE PANIC!!(Anime Card only) “Since I have no monsters on my side of the field I can instantly summon one water monster straight my deck…”
“Now… get ready to behold the pride king of the Ice-age… I summon LAST TUSK MAMMOTH!” (Anime card only)
(Atk: 800/ Def: 1200)
Sam: “Arf? What's that kid up to? That Mammoth isn't a match for Mandy's dragon.”
Clover: “Wait… look…!”
Estevan: “He may look weak now, but I'm going to surprise you. See, my Mammoth's special-ability makes it so that both players take the battle damage from an attack.”
Mandy's thoughts: “Ah…?! No way! That means if I attack that Mammoth, I'll lose life points too.”
Estevan: “Now my Mammoth, attack her Different Dimension Dragon!”
(Atk: 800) VS (Def: 1500)
Mandy: “Hah! Sucker… you just fell for my trap, RING OF DESTRUCTION!”
(Mammoth destroyed)
Estevan: “Hmm… quite impressive, but it still matters not. Even though you've destroyed my Mammoth, we'll both lose life points equal to his 800 attack points.”
Mandy: “Oh really…? Well too bad for you I have another trap that can change that. I activate PIKERU'S CIRCLE OF ENCHANTMENT!!”
Mykan: “All right! That trap makes it so Mandy won't take any damage from a card effect for this turn.”
Alex: “Totally… but it looks like Estevan won't get so lucky.”
SCORE:(Estevan: 2400/ Mandy: 2650)
Mandy: “Now it's time for me to finish you off!”
Estevan: “I'd like to see you try it!”
Mandy: “Fine then… I'll start by switching my Different Dimension Dragon into attack-mode…”
(Atk: 1200)
“And now I'll discard a THUNDER DRAGON from my hand to the graveyard where Shinato's Ark will grab it.”
“But by doing this… I'm allowed to take two more Thunder Dragons from my deck and add them to my hand.”
(Takes cards)
“And now I'll activate POLYMERIZATION! My two Thunder Dragons will combine to form TWIN-HEADED THUNDER DRAGON!!”
(Atk: 2800/ Def: 2100)
“You are out of here! Once I attack, you'll be wiped out and exposed as the good for nothing runt that you are…”
Estevan: “You seem confident for someone whose forgotten about my Deck-Master's special ability. Every monster in the graveyard is now aboard Shinato's ark… which means I can summon forth as many of them as I need to block your attacks.”
“So I bring back, GIANT KING REX, and VAMPIRE LORD, both in defense mode.”
Rex… (Atk: 2000/ Def: 1200)
Vampire… (Atk: 2000/ Def: 1500)
Mandy:(Trademark Snigger) You little brat, I never forgot about your overgrown-shipwreck up there… I actually knew that you were going to summon more monsters so I had a trap ready in case. I activate BOTTOMLESS TRAP-HOLE!
Estevan: “Ah…?!”
Mandy: “This trap destroys all monsters that you just summoned with 1500 attack points or more…”
(Monsters destroyed)
“Now you have nothing left to protect you… so once I attack you with my Dragon… you're done for!”
Estevan: “Now so fast…”
Mandy: “Ugh… What is it now?!”
Estevan: “It's true that I haven't got any more monsters, but that does not mean that I'm defenseless in the slightest.”
Mandy: “What are you getting at now?”
Estevan: “Hmm, mm, mm… I'm going to force you to make a decision, once you've seen what I have to defend me. Ah, ha, ha, ah, ah… Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah…!”
Outside the Duel
Estevan raised his Millennium Key, “What's that kid up to now?” Alex asked, and all of a sudden, a portal opened and out popped six familiar people the spies knew too well. “Hey… it's our parents!” cried Clover.
All the parents began to walk in front of Estevan and hold their arms out like a big human-shield. “We can't let you hurt our Master.” Stanley said sounding in a daze.
“Dad…?!” cried Clover.”
“You'll have to go through us before you hurt Estevan.” said Gabi.
Sam was shocked. “Mom… what are you saying? Arf-Arf!”
One by one each of the parents extended their loyalties to Estevan, and that lead me to noticing that they weren't responsible for their actions. “Estevan… what have you done?” I called over to him.
Estevan chuckled wickedly, “Ha, ha, ha… nothing compared to what my new servants are about to do to Mandy.”
“She can go ahead and attack me, if she wants to… but if she does, the her attack will crash right into the spies precious parents. You wouldn't want them to get hurt now, would you?”
“Look kid… don't pressure me out of this!” Mandy snorted. “Those nobodies there aren't my parents, and if they get hurt, it's not my problem.”
The rest of us never heard Mandy speak such disgraceful words, and for the first time ever we could see how little she cared about anyone but herself!
“Mandy! You can't do this…” snapped Alex.
Clover never look so ready to rush over and rip Mandy to shreds. “Mandy you can't hurt our parents. Do you even know how inhuman you're acting?”
Now usually Mandy would argue back about how much she didn't care, but instead… she was speechless. “Huh…?”
Sabrina sneered deeply at the girl. “How can you be so heartless as to put your own needs before other people while have been trying to help you escape all this time?”
As the bad comments continued, Mandy began to feel strange things she never felt before… “Hey! What's going on? I can't possibly think of reconsidering? I'm only one attack away from winning the duel.” she thought to herself.
With Mandy's silence, and stillness… Estevan was resting assured that his little stunt was working. “Heh, heh… I knew brain-washing these fools would help me gain my wishes.” he thought.
“Times running out, my dear.” he called over to her. “What will you do now? Will you attack me, knowing that you could hurt these fine people, or will you just sit there and cower like the sacred kitty-cat that you are?”
For the first time in her life, Mandy didn't know what to do.