Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ TOTALLY SPIES: Dueling Dramas Season 3 ❯ The Final Fate: Part Three ( Chapter 37 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The alarms were sounding louder as the ship continued to rumble and explode from within. “Self-destruct in twenty minutes and counting…”
“Everyone listen up…” Estevan told us, “The exit to the real world is located at The Groove. Head for the Groove!”
In the virtual-world we took Estevan's advice and began to head for The Groove. “So like… what do we do when we get there?” Clover asked as we all kept running.
“Once you get there… I'll guide you all where to go.” Estevan promised them. “Just hurry and get there. Time's running out!”
I suddenly stopped in my tracks, “Estevan…” I called, “Where's Sabrina? I'm not leaving without her… or without Mandy.”
Estevan explained to me that Mandy would be okay, but Sabrina was in great danger and would need my help. “I'll open a shortcut for you to get to her, but you have to move fast.”
The others all understood, and while they pressed on towards The Groove... I ran through a virtual-doorway that had appeared. “Hang on Sabrina… I'm coming!”
“Well… you going to make your move or what?” Sabrina spat at the spirit, “You're only wasting time.”
“Hah! Pretty big words from such a small young-girl.” The Spirit barked back…
Back to the Duel
SCORE:(Spirit: 7400/ Sabrina: 3700)
Spirit: “It's my draw…”
Sabrina: “Well…”
Spirit: “I won't be beaten by you… not yet. So I' shall activate the Ritual spell. END OF THE WORLD!!”
Sabrina: “Hmm...”
Spirit: “Now I shall sacrifice my Level-6 Dragon and a Dragon dwelling in the cave from my hand… now I shall summon forth the ultimate rule in all duel-monsters!!”
(Field rumbles)
“Behold… his royal majesty. The all-mighty ruler… DEMISE KING of ARMAGEDDON!!”
(Atk: 2400/ Def: 2000)
Sabrina: “AAH!! What a monster!”
Spirit: “Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah! This is the last duel-monster you'll ever see my dear, for my King possesses one of the greatest powers in the entire dueling world, but first I shall reveal my trap-card, INTERDIMENSIONAL MATTE TRANSPORTER!!”
(Vanity's ruler disappears)
Sabrina: “Hey… what happened to your monster?”
Spirit: “Heh, heh, heh… simple. My Trap card allows me to remove one monster on my side of the field from play until the end of my turn… and the reason I did this was because now I'll use my King's super power…”
“At the cost of 2000 of my life points… my King will storm the field and then every single card everywhere shall be destroyed!”
Sabrina: “Uh…! Every card…?!”
Spirit: “Every card… but himself that is!”
SCORE:(Spirit: 5400/ Sabrina: 3700)
“Now my mighty King… DO IT NOW!!”
(Field gets stormed)
Sabrina: “AAH… AAA-AAH!!”
(All other cards, destroyed)
Spirit: “And now that that's been dealt with, Go my King… attack her life-points directly!”
(Atk: 2400)
Sabrina: “Huh…? GARGH…!!”
SCORE:(Spirit: 5400/ Sabrina: 1400)
Spirit: “HEH-HA, HA, HA, AH, AH!! I'm only one attack away from finishing you off. Now that my turn has ended… my Vanity's ruler returns… and you still can't come at me. You are doomed Princess… you hear me! DOOMED…!!”
(Sabrina falls to her knees)
Sabrina's thoughts: “I can't believe it… I just can't. He's really got me cornered now. I can' beat him with these cards in my hand because I still can't special summon anything.”
Spirit: “Ha, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah! Ahh you're finished!”
Sabrina's thoughts: “Maybe he's right… maybe I should just do the right thing and… surrender…”
(Moves her hand over the deck)
Outside the duel
Sabrina was really bout to do it. All she had to do was place her hand onto her cards, and she would have official forfeited the duel, but before she touch the cards… she stopped…
Her eyes had suddenly gazed upon the ring that was on her finger. Her wedding-ring “The ring that… he gave me…” she muttered under her breath. She then began to remember two years ago at that magical ceremony…
There we were… her in that beautiful wedding-gown, and I dressed like Neo The Magic Swordsman… I was placing the ring on her finger, and reciting my vows to her…
“With this royal ring, as a symbol of my love and affection… I give myself to thee, Princess Sabrina.”
The ring glowed on her finger in the moonlight, and Sabrina could barely hold her tears back, but it was at that point that I said a few extra words… from my own heart to her as I held her hands and looked deeply into her tear-filled eyes…
“Sabrina… I love you dearly.” I pledged to her, “I know you'll always be there for me… just I as I'll always be there… for you.”
Sabrina sniffled, “Oh Mykan…”
A tear rolled down her check, and she clenched her fist tight instead of laying her palm on the deck. “You are here for me Mykan… and now for once… I shall be here… for you!”
“What's this…?” the evil asked as he saw Sabrina wipe the tears form her eyes and get back up with a look of sheer determination in her eyes. “I believe in my husband's words… I WILL DEFEAT YOU, YOU MONSTER!!”
Back to the duel
Sabrina's thoughts: “This is for you my dear Mykan.”
Spirit: “Huh…?”
Sabrina: “Now I play the Spell… CARD OF SANCTITY!!”(Rules fudged)
Spirit: “Uh… that means we both have to draw until we both have six cards in our hand.”
(both draw)
Sabrina: “Yes… and I feel sorry for you. I have everything I need to conquer you now.”
Spirit: “You lie… I cannot be conquered!”
Sabrina: “Then I shall have to prove you wrong. I Activate the spell… TRIBUTE TO THE DOOMED!!”
Spirit: “You what?!”
Sabrina: “Now I just have to discard one card from my hand… and I can destroy one monster you have on the field… and I choose to destroy your Vanity's ruler!”
Spirit: “Ah…! No!”
(Ruler, destroyed)
Sabrina: “Finally… that creature is gone, and I can finally use the cards I've been longing to play all duel long. I activate the spell POWER BOND!!I'll use it to fuse my three Cyber Dragons… to form CYBER-END DRAGON!!”
(Atk: 4000/ Def: 2800)
“And thanks to my Power Bond… the attack of my Cyber-end doubles.”
(Atk: 4000) Becomes (Atk: 8000)
Spirit: “No… this can't be!”
Sabrina: “Oh but it is… and don't even think of trying to beat me. Since it's been five turns since you played Card of Demise… now you lose all the cards in your hand.”
Spirit: “AA-AAH…!!”
(Discards his whole hand)
Sabrina: “Finally… after all this time, after so much pain and endurance… Revenge will be mine!”
(Evil spirit gaps)
“Cyber-End Dragon… ATTACK!!”
(Atk: 8000) VS (Atk: 2400)
FINAL SCORE:(Spirit: “0000”/ Sabrina: 1400)
Sabrina: “And normally I would take damage from Power Bond… but this duel is already over. YOU'VE LOST!!”
The evil spirit was acting like he was having a heart-attack. “No! How could I have lost?” he thundered. “I will not stand.. FOR THIS HUMILIATION!!” and he changed back into his energy-form.
“Hey… what about our deal!” Sabrina growled.
“Deal's off! Now You're body is mine!”
Sabrina was cornered with nowhere to run, but before the spirit could grab her, “AAAAARGH…!!” he got shot at by a beam of energy which blinded him and forced him backwards.
Sabrina looked up and saw me standing on the ledge of the tower. “Mykan…!”
I winked at my wife, “Fear not fair Princess I will save you!” I chanted as I rushed over and scooped her up into my arms. “We have to get out of here… this whole place is going to go up at any minute.”
Sabrina agreed, but since there was no faster way out, or any other way past the evil spirit, we decided to jump… right off the castle and into the moat below. We swam for the shore and began to run, but the evil spirit had already rekindled himself and began to chase us. “I'll get you yet… you little pipsqueaks!”
The rumbling was getting so bad that the virtual-world was already starting to collapse. “Self destruct in five minutes and counting…”
The buildings were starting to collapse, and the images were staring to fade. The whole gang was running faster than ever towards the center of The Groove. “Okay… any time now!” Carmen yelled up at the sky.
“All right… listen carefully… you have to head for the fountain and touch the statues hand.” Estevan said, “Only then will you minds be uploaded back into your bodies.”
“Got it… let's go!” cried Corey.
As everyone made their ways towards the fountain, Estevan climbed back into the cyber-pod he crawled out of, but not before he had opened up Sabrina's pod and stuffed a couple of things into her leotard. “I'm sorry for ever having treated you this way Sabrina.” he said sadly, “I know that by doing this I can make things right.”
Then he launched himself back into the virtual-world, while at the same time, the others were starting to wake up. Their virtual-reality-helmets capped off, and their pods popped wide open.
“Whoa… totally freaky much.” cried Clover.
Alex stretched her legs and arms, “Mmm… it feels so great to be back home!”
Sam was back in her own body at last… but she was still making dog noises. “Yeah… Arf-Arf… right!”
The parents were safe too, and then Mandy woke up. “Ow… someone hit me over the head or what?” she moaned, but then suddenly the explosions, flying sparks, and falling rubble told everyone to head for the dirigible.
They all ran up the hallways as more sparks and ruble flew everywhere,. “Self Destruct in two minutes and counting.”
“Wait a minute!” cried Alex, “Mykan and Sabrina.. they're still back there!”
“They'll get out in time… just keep going!” cried Clover.
Sabrina and I had finally outrun the evil spirit and could see The Groove just up ahead. “Just a little further!” I shouted. “Hurry… hurry!”
We found the fountain and tapped the statues hand, and as our bodies began to be uploaded back to the real-world. “Mykan… look there.” Sabrina said. “It's Estevan.”
Estevan was back in his 12 year-old artificial body, in his Digimon-Emperor's suit, and smiling at us. “Thank you for helping me, both of you.” he said to us.
“Estevan… what are you saying?” I said, “Come with us…”
Estevan shook his head and reminded us that he couldn't because he didn't have a body to escape in. “But Estevan, No… you'll be wiped out!” Sabrina cried.
Estevan nodded his head, “Yes… I will be.” He said sadly, “But there is still something I have to do back in Cyber-Space. Yes… I will be gone… but not forever.”
Sabrina almost felt her heart begin to break, “But Estevan… No!” she sobbed.
“When you get home Sabrina… you'll only have to do one thing.” Replied Estevan as he faded out, “Just… look inside!” then he was gone…
Sabrina and I woke up, and leapt out of out pods. “Estevan, No!” cried Sabrina.
I grabbed her arm and urged to come along. “We have to hurry… it's going to blow!” and even though her heart was breaking, leaving her brother all alone… she ran off with me.
“Ninety-seconds to Self-destruct!”
89…88… 87… 86…
The other had already boarded the dirigible which was now free from all obstructions. “Where are they!” cried Gabi, “We have to get out of here!”
75… 74… 73… 72…
“Wait… there they are!” cried Alex. “Mykan… Sabrina… GET YOUR BUTTS OVER HERE!!”
“One minute to self destruct… ONE MINUTE!!”
Sabrina and I, as fast as we could finally managed to get aboard and close the hatch, “But wait a minute…” said Sam, “We're only in a dirigible… and we're floating in outer-space!”
“She's right… how are we going to get out of here?” cried Greg.
Sabrina told them all not to worry and that it's time they learned a secret about her father's airships “Okay… take off now!” Sabrina shouted. “Use the transforming codes!”
The Captain saluted, and as he fiddled with the controls, the dirigible began to transform and change it's shape. Now it was a spaceship and it could take them back to Earth. “All right hang on… HERE WE GO!!”
With a load POW the thrusters fired and the ship shot straight up right through the roof of the decaying spaceship. “30 seconds left!” I cried. “GET US OUTTA' HERE!!”
The whole virtual-world was ready to cave-in, and the evil spirit was growling in anger. “Those wretched fools! They haven't seen the lasts of me. I shall transfer my spirit to another network, and then another. Soon I shall control all the networks of the world, and still take over!”
“Think again!”
“Huh…?” The Spirit looked down and saw Estevan standing there. “I've blocked off all the exits so there's no way you'll be leaving this realm.”
“What makes you think you can seal me in here?” the Spirit growled, and he got his answer as Estevan used all power his virtual Millennium-Key could provide, and trapped the evil spirit on the spot. “What… no… this can't be. I can't move!”
“M Sister and her friends had faith in me all along, and now I'm going to honor that fate… BY SEALING YOU HERE AND DESTROYING YOU FORVER!!”
Our ship was finally at a safe distance, and there was only ten seconds! We all ducked down on the floor away from all the windows, “Brace yourselves… SHE'S GONNA BLOW!!”
5… 4… 3… 2… 1…
The whole ship began to flare up on the inside, destroying all the equipment, and the virtual-world was melting down. “NO… THIS CAN'T BE!!” cried the spirit as the lasts of his force was vaporized. “NOOOOOOOOO…!!”
Flares began to shoot out from the ship, and in a great big, enormous ball of fire…
…it was gone.
All of us were breathing very stressfully for we had just barely managed to escape with our lives, but none of us felt like celebrating much. Sabrina had already thrown her arms around me and let out her emotion. “Estevan…” she sobbed
The spies began cry too.
Even the parents felt awful, “Dumb kid… just had to go and kill himself for us.”
I hugged Sabrina tightly. I seemed about ready to cry myself, but that's when I began to feel something rough in her leotard poking at me. “Huh? Wait… wait a minute.. what's this?”
Everyone watched as I pulled out from Sabrina's leotard what looked like a converter-disk. Sabrina's eyes filled with hope, “You don't think.”
I nodded, and then with the excitement mounting, I inserted the disk into one of our on-board computers, the program started up and there… in a virtual-vortex, “Hi there Folks…”
“Estevan…” Sabrina cried.
Clover sniffled, “We thought that you were…”
Estevan shook his head and told us all how he had saved himself on a back-up file that he gave to Sabrina. “Like I told you… look inside.”
Then, something else fell out of Sabrina's Leotard. It was the Millennium-Key. “Ohh…” she cried as she held it with the deepest of affections. “Thank you Estevan.”
Her brother smiled back at her. Now with the virtual-world behind us, it was time for us to head home to duel-island.