Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ A new adventure ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sabrina was taken back to her room. She had to be very careful not to miscarry the baby, but who could blame her? She was absolutely hysterical, but she was very thankful that the children didn't hear what happened yet and were still asleep. she was lying in bed with a damp cloth over her forehead, and refusing to let go of the Millennium Necklace.
“Poor Sabrina…!” cried Alex. She almost felt like crying herself. “What kind of sick freak would want to kidnap Mykan like that?”
The others didn't know, but they had spent a while trying to locate me, but much to even Estevan's surprise, “My computers indicate that Mykan's nowhere on the entire Earth anymore. He's just vanished.
Sam held her chin, “That can't be possible…!” she said. “Did you try the dimensional gateways?”
Estevan tried that, and the King used his Millennium Eye to scout out, but they too were unsuccessful. This didn't make any sense. “If Mykan's not on the Earth, and he's not in another dimension… then where is he?” asked Clover.
Suddenly, Estevan had a sharp idea. “Maybe it's not exactly a where.”
The girls and the King all gazed at him, and then the remembered that Estevan seemed to know something about that Supreme King character. They asked him what it was all about, but at first he wasn't sure it would be right to say so, “It could really distress you.”
Alex gave him THE LOOK, “Either you tell us, or we'll pull your cord.”
Estevan sweat-dropped and decided to tell…
The Supreme King was an evil sorcerer from Ancient Egypt, five-thousand years ago, and he was the evilest of evil. The very source of all that the Shadow Games were, and what they would be in the present.
He and his court of Black-Armored Egyptians, they were more monster than human. They stole from women and children, terrorized the lands, and even killed people for their own cruel pleasure.
Their biggest project was to overthrow the ancient Pharaoh, and turn Egypt into a world of Shadows which they would rule under for eternity. Were it not for the brave Pharaoh's rebellion against the dark ones, the world as everyone knew would not be how it looked today.
The only reason there were no known records of it that existed was because the ancient Egyptians feared the Supreme King so much, and didn't want others and generations of the future to know of him. Only Estevan's knowledge was able to tap into t.
This made a lot of sense to everyone, but it sure did shock them as well. To think, one individual was responsible for all the evil and darkness that haunted the game of Duel Monster's through the ages.
“And I was worried about a bad hair-day.” cried Clover.
“Wait a minute…!” said Alex, “That still doesn't explain why that creep would wanna kidnap Mykan for.”
The King, just then, remembered, “I have come for my son…” he said. “That's what the Supreme King said.”
The girls, and Estevan began to ponder over the same thing. “No way!” exclaimed Sam.
“Okay… seriously going to faint here.” cried Clover.
“It's true…” Sabrina said. Everyone turned to see her out of bed and standing in the doorway with the Millennium-Necklace round her neck. As it was originally her before she gave it to me, she also had the power to use it, and she gazed Five-Thousand years into the past, and she saw The Supreme-King… with Me!
Unfortunately that was all he could see, but it was clear to the others where I was, or rather WHEN I was. The Supreme King had used his Millennium-Scale to teleport me five-thousand years to Ancient Egypt where who knew what he was doing to me and why.
“Uh, wait a minute.” Clover said, “Does this me we have to… ya know...?” but there was no other way. It meant that somehow, the others would have to transport back through time, find me, and get me back to the present. “Easier said than done!” Sam said. “How can we travel through time?”
Jerry had a time machine that the spies used once before, but that Machine only worked on years from one to fifty. “Not even close.” groaned Alex.
“Not to worry…” Estevan said. “I think I may have found one for us, or should I say all of you to make it into the past.”
“Well, what is it then…?” asked Sabrina. She was growing rather impatient.
Estevan explained that everyone could perform their own special gateway to the past. My Millennium Key can open a portal through time, but only on one condition…”
“Tuesdays…?” Alex asked.
“Groundhog's day…?” asked Clover.
“No, and no.” replied Estevan. “It can only work if enough people hold the remaining Millennium Items along with it. their combined energies will produce a wave strong enough to send you all through time.”
Nobody said a thing, as the sounded almost pretty serious. Millennium Items were very powerful weapons. So powerful that if anyone tried to use them, and was not strong enough to withstand the force, all that waited that person was nightmares beyond all imagination.
Sabrina would be able to use the Millennium Necklace, and her father could control the Millennium Eye. This left the Key, Rod, Ring, and Puzzle left. Each of the girls would have to take hold of one of the other three items each to help work the spell, but it was very risky to try.
Sam, however, was willing to go through with it. “Mykan trained us for a long time…” She said to her friends. “He said we're the strongest apprentices he ever had.”
“Uh, reality check…” Clover said, “We're the ONLY apprentices he's ever have.”
Sam didn't care about that. She continued to lecture her friends that they didn't all become the greatest duelists in the world for nothing. “We battled our way through some tough roads before. Who can say we're not strong enough?”
Alex finally stood up and agreed, “I'm with you, Sammy. Mykan's always been there for us, now it's time for us to go and help him.”
Clover was still hesitating, but realizing she couldn't win. “Fine! But if I get a bad hair-day you all are paying for a perm.”
That was settled, but there was still another problem. Someone would have to hold the Millennium-Key up as Estevan was only virtual and wasn't able to join them on the quest.
Which meant, someone else who was strong as the girls would have to join them, and there was only one duelist on the entire island who could fit the description just enough. “No! You don't mean…?” Clover whimpered.
Before they knew it, they were bargaining with Mandy to get her to join us on our quest, especially when she couldn't care less whether I was safe or not. Not even if the whole world was in danger, again, which she still refused to believe even after all she herself had been through.
All she wanted were passing grades and brand new rare cards for her deck. The King was nearly more than outraged at such a blackmail, but realized he had no choice. As in the line of cards, he gave everyone special new decks, which were roughly like their old ones, only added with the new Synchro-Monsters and other various new cards that were made.
Since they were traveling back to Ancient Egypt, a time when Shadows, and battles roamed wilder than ever, they would be sure to run into the deadliest of shadow games. The Millennium Items would protect them from much of the danger, if they worked that is!
The cards would be for if they ever ran into any duels, which was defiantly most certain. They were going to give the past a taste of the future. Now they were all set to go… that is, unless they could get Clover to wake up from her faint.
“Mandy is coming! Mandy is coming!” she just kept murmuring.
Eventually, she came to her senses, and once everyone changed their clothes. Everyone met up in the hidden chamber where the Millennium-Items were all kept. “Are you all ready?” Estevan asked. “And be sure about this, because once you leave here, you won't be able to return unless you have all seven Millennium-Items.”
The Spies gasped as if they had been told the mall was closed. “Wait… you mean… we gotta' beat that Supreme King guy too?” asked Alex, but she had pretty much already gotten her answer before the question was even asked.
“Okay, whoa, whoa… back it up here.” cried Mandy. “You're saying if we don't get that last one of these useless gold pieces…”
Sabrina gazed at her, “It means, that you will never have anywhere to shop again.” she hissed. Mandy turned blue, and wanted to faint. She would've chickened out at the last minute, Bust Estevan and Sabrina locked the doors and held her in place. “You're comin' with us.” sneered the King. “It's high time an adventure did you good. Then you can see just how serious the way we play this game really is.”
Mandy gulped hard, and then… it was time for the test. Clover would take the Ring, Alex, the Puzzle, Sam the Rod, and obviously Mandy would take the Key. “One… two…” Clover cried, “THREE…!” the girls grabbed each of the four other items, causing bright lights to flare and flash all over the place…
The girls screamed as if their lives were about to flash before their eyes, but then… all was quiet. It worked.
“They haven't descended into chaos and madness.” Estevan said. Not even Mandy had, though everyone was much surprised, “Is everyone ready…?” Bravely nodded yes, and with Estevan still behind to get the maids to look after Erica and Misty, it was time.
Mandy raised the Millennium-Key up in the center with everyone standing in a circle around her. The six items all glowed wildly, and after a wild arousing of flashings, flares, and bright lights. The whole gang vanished through time, and were gone. “Good luck, my friends.”