Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Darkness or Light ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

In a dark-fortress connected to a few pyramids, out in the desert, the Supreme-King was seated on his throne. Two servant girls were fanning him, and another was peeling him grapes… the greedy soul.
Suddenly, the large doors at the end of the room opened wide, and in marched the leader of the invaders. “Sire… I bring distressful news.” he said as he bowed. “Strangers have a appeared in the village, and they bear the items of the Pharaoh!”
The King's eyes narrowed, and he gazed down at his Millennium-Scale. The ends were tipping back and forth vigorously which indicated trouble. “Are you certain of what you saw?” he asked.
His commander nodded. “Your orders…?”
The King stayed silent for a moment, and then he finally said, “Send them to the shadows. I don't care how, just do it.” The Supreme King was more than just blood-thirsty. He was power-hungry too. “I was on the verge of defeat once before, and I will not allow it to happen again.”
The commander bowed, “As you wish… Father.” Then he turned on his heal and headed out the doors. The King got up and walked up a long flight of stone-steps to the top of his fortress which overlooked the dark-side of all Egypt. “Hmm, mm, mm…! The darkness hungers, and is never satisfied.” He gazed down at his scale, and then he gazed over to the brighter side of the land which was not covered by the shadows. His evil grin grew wider. “But soon, the darkness shall rule over all, and completely shun out the light… FOREVER!”
His evil laugh echoed along the clouds of darkness.
Meanwhile, in the village. Hajji invited the team to his grandfather's house, which was big enough for them all to stay at, as it was the home of the village-elder. They were all treated to some good food. Though Alex really wished she could order a pizza.
Sam was amazed that for such primitive people they could cook really well. Mandy and Clover, of course, through the food looked distasteful and no real gourmet, but of course they tried to put on their prettiest faces to impress Hajji, which of course resulted ina small food fight.
“He's all mine!” sneered Mandy.
“As if… he's so into me!” protested Clover.
Hajji had never known two young-ladies to be so flimsy before, but he believed this was to be expected because earlier Sabrina and her Father did their best to explain things.
“We're from your future. I know it's hard for you to understand.”
Hajji nodded, as it was hard for him to understand. “However, I cannot deny the fact that you are strangers here. You bear rather unusual items.” He referred to their duel-monsters cards, “And that you…” he paused and cleared his throat, “…act rather strange for our people.” he referred to how Mandy and Clover were still wrestling softly.
Hajji couldn't help but laugh, “I only wish that my father could see this now.”
“What happened to him?” Sabrina wanted to know.
Hajji explained that their precious lands were in terrible danger. “The Supreme King has enslaved most of our people, and forcing them to hard labors in the dark side of the lands. He and his army of dark-warriors continue to invade our lands, and create havocs far worse than what you had witnessed.”
Alex thought that was like something out of a horror movie. “Horror movie?” asked Hajji.
Alex shyly rubbed the back of her head, “Never mind…”
What Sam wanted to know was, “How could you let this happen?”
Hajji explained that many sun-shines ago, the lad around them was ruled by a brave Pharaoh who had guarded this world with his life. Everything was peaceful, until the evil Supreme-King invaded their lands with a dark magic so incredible powerful that life was forever changed.
The Supreme-King, with his evil powers, created or unleashed a world of shadows, monsters, and other sorts of evil plots. These monsters began to cause great fear and chaos wherever they went…
Finally, some of the villagers, as well as the Pharaoh, discovered ways to control these creatures to rebel against the Supreme-King and his forces. “But very recently, the Supreme-King has recruited a powerful champion. One whom never gives up until he has won the battle.”
The girls, and King Monroe thought that to be very familiar. “Tell us…” said Sam. “Does anyone happen to know the name of this new guy?”
“Yeah… and what happened to the Pharaoh.”
Hajji wasn't certain of it, as no one had ever even seen the face of this new stranger. All they did know was he was extremely powerful, and now the Supreme-King had the power to rule over the lands with an iron fist. “Already half our lands are bathed in darkness, and eventually our entire world will be shrouded in the shadows, and the Supreme King will rule all.”
As for the case of the Pharaoh, not a soul knew what happened to him. Some believed he was defeated in a battle with the Supreme King. Others say he was just enslaved like everyone else, or rather being held a prisoner in the Supreme-King's fortress. “Many still believe that fate will shine down upon us again, but many more believe we have already lost.”
Sabrina's father felt really awful for Hajji and his village. It also made him wonder if this was what it was like when he himself was under control by the evil Spirit from his Millennium-Eye.
“However, I do believe it is fortunate that you have all come form your strange time and place.” Hajji replied. “I have seen you all in close quarter combat, and you possess the mystical items that the Pharaoh had created to battle the dark ones.”
He didn't have to say anymore, Sabrina assured him. “That's why we're here. The Supreme-King kidnapped my husband, and we want him back.”
Hajji understood quite clearly how she must've felt. “It would seem the Supreme-King has taken a loved one from each of us, and we both seek vengeance.”
Still, nobody was quite sure if it was a good idea; to just bust in on the Supreme-King and battle him without knowing how powerful he really was. Just his Millennium-Scale was bad enough as it would send people to the Shadow realm, and other dimensions simply by judging of how evil they could be.
This exceedingly worried King Monroe. Though he was only a puppet for evil plans, it didn't change the fact that he was once evil. “I guess, that leaves me out.”
“But Daddy…” Sabrina tried to protest, but before she could say another word, her father shook his head softly in the manner which meant “No arguing.”
“Aww… too bad.” Was all Mandy could say. The others knew she was only pretending to care. Then suddenly there was an arouse of panic in the village. More thieves and servants of the Supreme-King were back, without the Commander of course.
“Come on guys!” cried Sam.
Clover and Alex dropped their food and leapt for the door. “Come on, Mandy!” snapped Clover. “Ah, as if… I'd much rather stay here…” she said while trying to flirt with Hajji some more, but Clover and Alex both grabbed each of her arms and dragged her out with them, while Sabrina and her father stayed behind.
Three thieves were storming the villages, stealing goods, and much needed food that the village needed for sustenance. Some of the children were robbed of their valuables, and pushed in the mud. Their cries and wails only amused the villains more.
“Hold it!” snarled a voice from behind. The thieves turned round and snickered wickedly. “Well, if I had not known well… I would swear we were being threatened by weak and inferior girls.” The ring-leader mocked.
The girls gasped hard, “Oh, no you didn't!” snapped Mandy.
“Excuse us!” growled Clover. “Weak? Inferior?”
Sam clenched her fists, “You guys got some nerve. Especially stealing from little kids. How low do slime balls like you go?”
Now the three men felt livid. The ring leader dropped his sack of stolen-goods, “Luckily you are female!” he snarled, “Or we would all make you very sorry for what you have said.”
Alex just snuffed and flexed her hands for a karate-chops. “You obviously don't know who you're dealin' with, Mr. Badly Black-Dressed Goon-Face!”
Mandy was hiding cowardly behind the spies, “Uh, heh… you guys… I really don't think we should make them any madder than they are.”
The thieves just laughed, and the ring leader said, “I'm afraid you are too late, cowardly-one.” He reached for the sash round his waste, and it was revealed that he had a sack filled with tablets. He summoned forth a monster and tired to attack the girls, but remembering what they had seen before, Clover summoned one of her own monsters from the deck, which really surprised the men.
“So… you too duel with the monsters of our kind.” he could see.
“Better than just duel…” Clover remarked. “I make grown men cry in their booties.”
The men, having never heard the term “Bootie” before were confused, but regardless. “Very well then, we shall settle this as true warriors, and pit out creatures and powers against one another. I will show you how weak and inferior a woman really is.”
That sounded like a challenge, and Clover, having officially lost her nerve at those feminine-insults. “Get your game on!” she grunted.
They stood in the village square staring each other down like cowboys ready to draw. Clover wasn't sure she's be able to duel without a duel-disk, but she had no need for one as she soon saw how it worked.
The basic rules were still the same. Life points set at 8000, Monsters, spells, and traps. The only difference was their cards were kept in sacks on their sashes, and would randomly spit out one each turn as if it were a draw. All Clover had to do was simply toss a card out onto the field and it would magically do whatever she wanted, as well as grow in size much like holographic images.
“Careful clover…” Sam reminded her, “Remember, the cards are real here, and they could end up hurting you.”
Clover gasped, remembering that well. She stroked the Millennium-Ring begging it, “Don't let me down now.”
The thief leader was ready. “Is the inferior girl ready to accept punishment?” he mocked.
“Hey! I don't accept punishment, I hand it out.” snapped Clover. “Now let's do this.”
The thief agreed, and the battle was on. “DUEL!!”