Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Clover Vs Thief: Part One ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Author's notes:
Remember duelists, not all the cards are REAL in our world.
(Anime Card only): Means they aren't real.
(Mykan Card only) are the cards I made up.
And remember, some of the cards may not be on the duel lists for our games. So research carefully if you get any ideas.
SCORE:(Thief: 8000 VS Clover: 8000)
“Let the punishment commence.” The thief sneered, “Ladies first…”
Clover snuffed, “Don't push me, Pal.” She grunted as she held her hand over the sack on her sash and up came her six cards.
(Atk: 1000)
“And that's my turn.”
Just as was promised, Clover threw her card out onto the open field, causing it to magically enlarge, and her monster appeared. “Hmm… pretty straight forward.” Clover thought. “Now let's see what he's got.”
Thief: “Hah! You not only are a weak and inferior girl, you duel like one as well.”
Clover: “Ah…?! Excuse me…?!”
Thief: “Heh-heh-heh…!”
(Atk: 1500)
“I command you to attack!”
(Atk: 1500) VS (Atk: 1000)
SCORE:(Thief: 8000 VS Clover: 7500)
As Clover's monster was struck, and her life-points decreased, she felt as if she had actually been attacked. “Whoa! What was that all about?” she asked.
The others, who were watching from the sidelines, began to realize that Clover really could've been hurt. “So that's how it works.” said Sam. Since the Egyptians played this game for actual power and to vanquish their enemies, “…as life-points decrease, so do bits of your energy.”
Alex shuttered in fear. “This is almost like that trick Marik pulled on me.” She remembered her shadow-duel with the energy streams, and how she wound up wandering in the darkness for a while.
Mandy, though she understood what was going on, “At least Clover could duel better than that.” she snorted, “What was she thinking leaving out a weak monster just like that?”
The others took no notice.
Thief: “Ha, ha, ha…! Weak, inferior, and unintelligent.”
Clover: (Growls fiercely) “I've had just about enough of your mocking me!”
Thief: “My, such temper. Well, if you insist on being foolish, I shall hide this face-down. That is all.”
Clover: “About time.”
Clover's thoughts: “He may think I'm weak, but I'm about to show him just how stupid I'm not. Leaving Avian out like that was part of my plan.”
Clover: “Okay… I activate the spell DOUBLE SUMMON!This means I get o summon not one, but two monsters this turn.”
Thief: “What…?”
Clover: “So I think I'll go ahead and summon ELEMENTAL HERO NEOS ALIUS!”
(Atk: 1900)
Thief: “I see-- and your second monster is…?”
Clover: “Oh, but that's just it, I'm re-summoning him back to the field again.”
Thief: “You what…?”
The others thought that was smart of Clover to do that. For the special ability of Neos Alius allowed clover to normal summon it again to have it treated as Elemental Hero Neos.
Clover: “All right Neos Alius, attack that swordswoman! Go!”
(Atk: 1900) VS (Atk: 1500)
It worked, Clover destroyed the monster, and managed to deal so damage to her opponent, but as she jumped for joy, “Ah…?! Whoa!” she felt herself lose more strength.
SCORE:(Thief: 7600 VS Clover: 7100)
“Hey! Why did my points drop?” she demanded to know. The thief was laughing maliciously, “As I had said, unintelligent.” he mocked. “My swordswoman's special power causes you to take endure any suffering that I endure as well.”
In other words, it meant that Clover took the same amount of battle damage her opponent did, which still left her down and drained of more strength. Still, she knew she had to press on, and take down this women-mocker.
Clover: “I'll throw down a face-down, and call it a turn.”
Thief: “Very well then.”
“I shall hide this monster from you, just to keep you guessing.”
Clover wondered why he played that monster face down. The chances were most likely that he was setting her up, but there was only one way to know for sure. “My move now.”
“I better not risk my Neos Alius…” she thought, “I'll have to try something different.”
(Atk: 1600)
“And to make things more interesting. I'll give him this Equip-Spell, SPARK-BLASTER!”
The thief was somewhat amazed, “That is a rather unusual object, what is it for?” he dared to ask. Clover chuckled, “Well… when it's equipped to my Sparkman, it lets me change the battle position of one of your monsters.”
“What…?!” snarled the Thief, and to his horror, his monster changed from face-down to attack-mode.
Clover:“Aw, yuck! The GIANT RAT.
(Atk: 1400)
“I hate rats. Sparkman… attack!”
(Atk: 1600) VS (Atk: 1400)
Thief: “Ughrrr…!
SCORE:(Thief: 7400 VS Clover: 7100)
“So you despise my rat? Well then, I am regretful to say that my rat's special power allows me to summon a newer Earth creature with attacking powers of 1500 or less. So, I shall call forth AMAZONESS CHAIN MASTER!
(Atk: 1500)
Clover: “Big deal… I'll just knock her down too. Go, Neos Alius!”
Thief: “Will do no such thing! For now I trigger my trap, PHOENIX WING BLAST!”
Clover: “Ah…?! No, when you send one card in your hand to the graveyard…”
Thief: “…Hmm, mm-- I ma now send your Neos Alius back to your draw-pile.”
Alex was livid. “Man! Talk about a cheap-shot.”
Mandy snuffed, and felt Clover was being typical having fallen into a trap like that, and after all the times she easily trounced her when they dueled too. Still, she wondered why the thief didn't play that card sooner? “It would've given him a much better advantage.”
Sam flicked Mandy's ear. “You're supposed to be rooting for Clover! Not those guys.”
Mandy felt like a scared little puppy.
As for Clover, she saw no other option but to end her turn, but she promised she'd get her monster back, and in it's effect-mode. “It's your move now.”
The thief nodded, and drew from his sack, “I have her right where I want her now.” he thought wickedly. “It would not surprise me if she finally admits that females are weaker than men.”
Thief: “Let the destruction continue. First I shall hide this piece face-down… and now I shall call forth, the AMAZONESS PALADIN!”
(Atk: 1700)Becomes (Atk: 1900)
Clover: “Hey… how did it just get stronger? Wait… don't tell me--”
Thief: “You catch on well for a female. Yes, her special power increase her attack-force by 100 for every Amazoness I call forth. A pity you did not realize that sooner. Go my Paladin, and destroy her monster.”
(Atk: 1900) Vs (Atk: 1600)
Clover: “Whoa! My Sparkman!”
SCORE:(Thief: 7400 VS Clover: 6800)
Thief: “Now I shall teach you just how much stronger the male race really is. I will strike you head-on with my Chain-Master. Unleash your furry!”
(Atk: 1500)
The monster headed straight for Clover. Sam and Alex cried out for her to, “LOOK OUT!” All Mandy could say was, “Oh, boy…!” in a rather low tone, but Clover had a different plan…
Clover: “I don't think so… I activate the trap, A HERO EMERGES!”
Thief: “What is this…?”
Clover: “Mmm-- See, here's the thing. You pick one of these three cards I got, and if you choose a monster I can summon it right away.”
Clover held up her three cards. “Well… go on. Pick a card. Any card.”
The girls began to feel maybe Clover had a chance. Her trap hardly ever failed her before. The thief, however, was starting to feel really challenged. He was wasn't about to let a girl get the better of him. “I chose the center card!” he growled.
Clover's eyes twinkled…
Clover: “Big mistake! Now I can summon, ELEMENTAL HERO BLADEDGE!”
(Atk: 2600)
Thief: “GRR…! Hmm… very well then, I shall continue my attack.”
(Atk: 1500) VS (Atk: 2600)
SCORE:(Thief: 6300 VS Clover: 6800)
Clover: “What? Why did you do that for?”
Thief: “Hmm, mm-- Simple! When my Chain Master is destroyed, all I must do is weaken my life-force by 1500…”
SCORE:(Thief: 4800 VS Clover: 6800)
“Now as a special bargain, I may look at what you hold and steal any monster I choose.”
Clover gasped. She only had two cards in her hand and the only monster was one she couldn't afford to lose. Still she had to reveal her hand.
“Clover, don't do it!” cried Alex.
Sam hung her head low, “She doesn't have a choice Alex.”
The Thief gazed at Clover's cards, and of course he could take the only monster she had. “I shall steal you Command Knight!
Clover's card magically flew from her hand and landed in the hands of the Thief. “Why, thank you.” he mocked. “This creature shall come in great use, but for now I conclude my turn.”
Clover was really starting to get cornered. She drew her next card, but of course it was just her Neos Alius. Now that her opponent had her Command Knight, that was really bad, because it could increase the attack of all warrior monsters on the control's field by 400. Not to mention as long as there was at least one other monster in play, the Command Knight couldn't be attacked.
Clover had to do something before The Thief would take his next turn.
Clover: “It's my move now, and at least I still have my spell-card, GRACEFUL CHARITY! Now I draw three cards, and then discard two.”
(Draws, and discards)
“Now I'm going to kick things up by playing one card face-down, and now I'll attack your Amazoness Paladin. Go, Bladedge! Oh, and incase you haven't noticed, your monster lost 100 points without the Chain-Master.”
(Atk: 2600) VS (Atk: 1800)
The monsters collided, Clover cheered for joy, but when the dust had settled the Paladin was still standing, and there was another monster by her side. “What? What's going on…?” Clover asked. “Why didn't my attack work?”
The Thief explained that he activated “CALL OF THE HAUNTED! Which allows me to resurrect a monster that was lost to me, and I chose, AMAZONESS TIGER! Which I had discarded earlier when I activated my trap.”
(Atk: 1100) Becomes (Atk: 1500)
It was a monster that not only gained 400 additional attack points for every Amazoness, but all Amazonesses couldn't be attacked. Clover did however get a replay, and so she changed her attack to hit the Tiger instead.
(Atk: 2600) VS (Atk: 1500)
SCORE:(Thief: 3700 VS Clover: 6800)
“My plan might have backfired, but at least I'm still at the top of my game.”
The Thief began to chuckle madly, which really puzzled Clover. “Uh, mind telling me what the heck you're laughing about?” she asked. The Thief stopped laughing and his eyes bulged wide in a scary matter. “You would dare to ask?” the thief asked rhetorically, as he drew his next card.
Thief: “Have you forgotten the monster I had taken from you…? The Command Knight? Well, here, let me call him forth!”
(Atk: 1200) Becomes (Atk : 1600)
(Atk: 1800) Becomes (Atk: 2200)
Clover: “Yeah, yeah, it powers up your warriors, and it can't be destroyed… but in case you hadn't noticed, neither one of them has the power to crush my Bladedge.”
Thief: “Very perceptive, but then again… these things can be easily changes with a magic-spell-- BURDEN OF THE MIGHTY!”
Clover: “Huh? What's that do?”
Thief: “Hmm…! Why don't you take a closer look at your monster…”
(Atk: 2600) Becomes (Atk: 1900)
Clover: “Ah! No way! Why did Bladedge suddenly get weaker?”
Thief: “Simple, really—As long as my spell continues to cast over the battle-area, the attack-force of any monster you call forth shall be weakened 100 times by its own class.”
In other words, Clover's monsters would lose 100 attack points for each star in their levels.
Thief: “And now that we have more of an understanding. I shall end my Amazoness Paladin to destroy your Bladedge.”
(Atk: 2200) VS (Atk: 1900)
SCORE:(Thief: 3700 VS Clover: 6500)
Clover: “Oh, boy!”
Thief: “Now, I shall send your own Command Knight to strike you!”
(Atk: 1600)
Clover: “WHAA-AA-AAH…!”
SCORE:(Thief: 3700 VS Clover: 3900)
Clover fell hard on the sand. The Millennium Ring protected her from any real harm, but still, she was starting to lose her edge. “Whoa! Clover's not looking so good out there.” said Sam.
“No joke…!” snapped Alex. “It's bad enough she's got her own monster working against her, but now all her monsters will get weak the minute their played.”
Mandy shook her head in shame, “If I were up there it wouldn't be like this at all.”
“Is that all you can say?!” snapped Alex.
What that it mattered, Clover needed a new strategy, and fast!
To Be Continued