Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Sam's discovery ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

After a while of riding out in the desert, it grew dark. Too dark to really do anything now. Made the girls wish they did the smarter thing and set out in the morning. Nevertheless, they had come too far to turn back now, so they merely stopped at nearby oasis and set up camp for the night.
Mandy and Clover couldn't stop complaining though. Camping by a fire instead in a relaxing Jacuzzi. Sleeping with very old styled blankest instead of massaging beds, and even though they had food, Mandy just wouldn't stop calling it “Grody!”
Sam and Alex couldn't take much more of their complaining, they played Rock, Paper, Scissors to take the night watch first, and Alex won. Sam wasn't too thrilled, but fair was fair, and it was smart for at least someone to stay up and keep an eye out for the Supreme King's men, or desert wolves. They all had their Millennium Items to shield them, and their cards to summon forth other means of protection.
Eventually, Mandy and Clover quit complaining and settled in for some sleep. Sam rested up for her share of the night watch. Alex made sure the horses were safe and that no one was coming. She couldn't help, however, but look up at the night skies. The stars were just breathtaking, and really romantic. It was to be expected since she was out in the desert, and in ancient times with no city lights, and the skies were really dark.
“It's so beautiful” she thought quietly. She felt so bad that Supreme King was trying to wipe it all out and cover it in darkness. She gazed down at the Millennium Puzzle round her neck. She knew it was protecting her with all it had, but if only there was some way to bring this all to an end.
Later in the night, Sam and Alex switched places just as promised. Clover and Mandy were sound asleep, and would you believe they were having an actually argument in their dreams and muttering to each other in their sleep?
Still, the night was quiet as ever, until Sam bean to feel the ground beneath her feet give a little rumble. The others didn't feel it, being fast asleep, but Sam decided to check it out.
She ventured forth a little, and the rumbling began to get stronger. She finally recognized the vibration as horses racing in her very direction. Sam moved on a ahead a little further, and could view from up and over a cliff-edge.
She saw a band of what was obviously the Supreme-King's forces, both men and women. “I thought they hated women?” she thought to herself. Nevertheless, there were women down there on those horses, but they and the men were driving slaves around, forcing them to push stones, dig in the ground…
Sam could tell that they were building outposts, obviously for the Supreme King's army to have a place to crash; but near the oasis?! If this happened, the people of Hajji's village wouldn't be able to get their water from their chief supply anymore. “Those rotten rats!” she grumbled.
She began to grow madder as she watched how those ruthless people were treating those poor people. If anyone as much as breathed funny, they got three lashes with a whip, and were forced to work twice as hard. “Back to work, slacker!”
“You there… put some backbone into it, or you shall feel my lance!”
Sam couldn't stand to see this happen any longer, and she surely didn't want the Supreme King to steal more land from more innocent people, as well as make those people suffer more, but what could she do about it? There was no way she could face that force single handed-- or could she?
Suddenly, not realizing it, the ground she was standing on, by the ledge, crumpled and sent her down the bumpy-slope. Sam tumbled about and felt like she was on a very bumping WOOHP ride, and landed with a thud. “Ohh! That really smarts.” she groaned.
Suddenly, she realized she was surrounded by a few of the guards who were aiming their guns at her. “Uh-oh!”
“An intruder!” the guards growled.
“A spy!”
“She must be punished!”
The guns were armed, but of course, Sam was trained well, and leapt up kicking the guards hard and taking good control of the situation. “Gosh, I love being a Super-Spy!” she shouted. This, however, called the entire swarm to try and apprehend her.
Guns were firing, but Sam managed to evade every shot, and any guard that came at her, her martial-arts moves worked like a charm. She didn't even have to summon many of her monsters to help her… until she came to who was obviously the Forman… who was actually a woman!
“Are you the one in charge?” Sam sneered.
The woman hopped down from her throne. “I am…” she hissed. “I am one of the Supreme-Kings finest Forman, and have been order to conquer this rejoin and build campsites for our soldiers.”
Sam narrowed her eyes, and before she could say anything, The Forman admitted she was impressed with Sam's skills, while secretly reaching behind her back for her sack of cards. “Though you are an intruder, you do have great potential. So I shall offer you an opportunity to join my force.”
“What…?” Sam nearly shouted in outrage, “Me, join you?”
The Forman nodded, “With your super-fighting skills that I have just witnessed, together with my resources, we can control the world.”
As was expected, Sam angrily refused and assured her, “The Supreme King's days are numbered!”
“Wrong answer!” growled the Forman, and she reached out and summoned a couple of monsters to dispose of Sam. Sam whipped out the Millennium-Rod to back them off, and summoned her own monsters to dispose of them.
The Forman was annoyed, but impressed further more. “I see… you battle with the magic we use.” she said as she stood up. “Excellent! I shall face off against you.”
Sam's neck stiffened, “You mean, duel you?” she asked. Sam wasn't really all that keen on this, she knew what would happen if she lost, but then she thought, “Maybe I can use this as an opportunity to help set the slaves free.” So she agreed, but she hoped she wasn't making the wrong choice. Though she was skilled, she DID lose a couple of duels in serious situations before.
No! she couldn't think like that now. This was for the people she wanted to protect, and to weaken the Supreme King's court. So she and the Forman stepped outside and into a clearing with plenty of space, and prepared everything.
“If you only knew what you were asking for…” The Forman wouldn't stop saying. “I live for the lands, and to tear up the Earth to build new things.”
Sam felt sick to her stomach. “So that's it?” she asked sternly, “You just live to tear things up without regard to nature, or people's property?”
The Forman laughed as she nodded her head evilly. “Just as the Supreme King rewards me handsomely. The more I continued to destroy and build up, the more he pays me in gold. I have it all!”
Sam had heard just about enough. It was really time to shut this project down. Their cards were drawn, and their life points set at 8000 each. “…DUEL!!”