Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Sam VS Forman: Part One ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sam was given the chance to go first. She figured she would best start out the way she always did; let her opponent get a slight lead then devise a strategy to use against her. “Okay… here goes.”
SCORE: (Sam: 8000/ Forman: 8000)
Sam: “I summon LIQUID BEAST, in defense-mode.”
(Def: 800)
“And that's all for now.”
Forman: “Very well then…”
“Ahh yes… I shall cast a magic-spell across this area. I call it, CANYON!”
Sam's thoughts: “Canyon? I've never heard of that field-spell before. What does it do?”
Forman: “And now I shall place this face-down, and I shall call forth STONE STATUE OF THE AZTECS to defend me.”
(Def: 2000)
She ended her turn, but Sam couldn't understand it. Her own monster was way weaker and she could've easily attacked it, while all the Forman did was just play defense. So far it seemed the Canyon field-spell didn't power up her monster or anything.
Now it was her move, but the Forman was secretly hoping that Sam would take the bait.
Sam: “I'll place one card face down, and now I'll summon forth this big bad-boy; CYBER SHARK!”
(Atk: 2100)
Forman's: “What's this? That creature consists of five stars. You were to have made an offering to call it forth.”
Sam: “Uh-uhn, think again. Since I already have a water monster in play, I don't need to make any sacrifices to summon my shark. Go, Shark! Wash away her statue! Attack!”
Forman: “I think not…! I cast a fast magic-spell, THE RELIABLE GAURDIAN!
Sam: “What? No!”
Sam remembered that Quick-Play spell, it quickly raised any monsters defense-points by 700. Now the Stone Statue was too strong for her attack to break through.
(Def: 2000) Becomes (Def: 2700)
(Atk: 2100) VS (Def: 2700)
As usual, Sam took damage due to her failed attack, however…
SCORE: (Sam: 5600/ Forman: 8000)
After she recovered from her shock of the attack, and her energy going down a little. “Hey! How did I lose that much?” she demanded to know. Then suddenly she had a sick feeling, and the Forman explained that she was right…
The Canyon field-spell; If Sam were to attack a rock monster with a defense higher than her attack then any damage she took would be doubled. “A shame really…” The Forman mocked, “I always had believed it was water that would overpower rock anytime.”
Sam scowled and warned her, “Don't mock me! Just go!”
The Forman agreed, and took her next card…
Forman: “Ahh! Super…! Now I shall hide this face-down, and next… offer my Statue so I may summon forth CRIOSPHINX, so that it may further defend me.”
(Def: 2400)
Sam's thoughts: “Another defense monster? What's with her?
Forman: “And do not think that all I ever do is shield myself from harm. Now I am able to remove my stone statue from this duel completely, so I may call forth a creature known as, THE ROCK SPIRIT!”
(Atk: 1700)
“Now I think I shall dispose of your Liquid Beast-- Attack!”
(Atk: 1700) VS (Def: 800)
At least Sam didn't lose any life points this time, which meant she didn't lose any energy either. Still, she had a bit of a problem. Her Cyber Shark wasn't strong enough to attack the Criosphinx, but it did have the power to crush The Rock Spirit.
“But my Shark's my most powerful creature right now.” she thought deeply, “I can't risk losing him now, I'll have to play something else.”
Sam: “Now I'm ready for you, and I summon my 7 COLOREDFISH!”
(Atk: 1800)
“Now he'll attack your Rock-Spirit!”
Sam's monster dashed toward her opponent's creature, but when the attack collided, was Sam ever surprised. “My attack isn't working?”
The Forman sniggered wickedly, and explained that her Rock Spirit possessed another ability. “The attack force of my monster increases by 300 whenever you prepare to attack me.” In other words, Rock spirit gained 300 attack-points during Sam's battle phase, which gave it 2000 attack-points now.
(Atk: 1800) VS (Atk: 2000)
SCORE: (Sam: 5400/ Forman: 8000)
Sam felt a little pain zap at her shoulder as her life-points went down, but she felt more angry than weak. “At least I still have my Cyber Shark.” She said cockily, “Attack Rock Spirit!”
The Forman's evil grin widened, “Oh, is that the best you have now?” she rhetorically asked. Sam's shark swam towards its target, but then it began to veer off course as the ground began to rumble. “Wh-- what's happening?” asked Sam.
The Forman sniggered, “You have fallen for my trap, CALL OF THE EARTHBOUND! A rather costly mistake!”
Sam watched and was able to guess the effects of the trap just by watching; Call of the Earthbound allowed The Forman to select the target her monster attacked, and the attack was redirected at the Criosphinx. “No…!”
(Atk: 2100) VS (Def: 2400)
“And of course you remember the power of the Canyon spell I cast over the field.” The Forman reminded her. “You attack my stronger defenses, and you receive twice as much damage.”
SCORE: (Sam: 4800/ Forman: 8000)
Once again, Sam had fallen for a devious trick, and her score was way, way down while the Forman's hadn't even been touched. Still, Sam wasn't giving up. If anything, now she had the perfect strategy to help her take a little more control of the duel.
“I'm not done yet, now I play the spell, RETURN OF THE DOOMED! she declared. “Now I discard one monster from my hand, and replace that card with a monster that was destroyed this turn.”
So she took back her 7 Colored Fish, in exchange for discarding something really important. All she had to do now was wait until her next turn. “Now I set one card face-down, and end my turn.”
The Forman nodded in a mocking manner as she drew her next card. She was quite pleased with the way her strategy was working out, and now she was going to give Sam another taste of her sneaky surprises. She drew her next card.
Forman: “Now I shall offer up my Rock Spirit and call forth a creature to hide in the sands, but I shall reveal him to you when the time comes. For now I shall hide my last weapon face-down.”
Sam: “Fine then!”
Was more than certain that The Forman was going to try and trick her again with her face down card. “If she thinks I'm going to fall for another one of her tricks, she's got another thing coming.” She thought to herself.
Sam: “You may think you've beaten me, but you're sorely mistaken. Now I activate my Facedown trap, CALL OF THE HAUNTED!Now I can get back the monster I discarded on my last turn. GREEN SPY-GIRL!”(Mykan Card only)
(Atk: 2300)
Foman: “Hmm? A monster that appears as you are-- very interesting.”
Sam: “Oh you know it, and I'm afraid it's gonna get way worse. All I have to do is pay half my life-points…”
SCORE: (Sam: 2400/ Forman: 8000)
“And now I can destroy every trap and spell card you have on the field.”
Forman: “What?!”
With her life-points already paid, Sam's monster did her thing and wiped the field clean of the Canyon field-spell. However, quickly thinking, The Forman activated her face down trap “RECKLESS GREED” it allowed her to draw two cards, provided she skipped her next two draw phases.
Also, When Sam's monster performed its effect, she was forbidden from setting or activating anymore spells or traps of her own for the rest of the turn, but even though she was still allowed to summon and attack she chose not to. She said she wouldn't fall for another trick, and it seemed like she almost did.
“Well, I must say…” said the Forman, “You really did think wisely, but sadly t wasn't wise enough.” Sam was most confused. By not attacking, she was certain she hadn't set off any tricks.
Even though the Forman couldn't draw this turn, she still had a surprise waiting. “Now observe as I reveal my hidden creature, GUARDIAN SPHINX!”
(Atk: 1700/ Def: 2400)
“Huh?” Sam gasped, and then she suddenly noticed, “Hey! What's happening to my monsters.” Ever last one of her monsters just went back to her hand, just like that. Suddenly she wondered, and the answer was yes…
The Guardian Sphinx had the power to send all monsters back to Sam's hand if it was successfully flip-summoned. To make matters worse, the Criosphinx forced Sam to discard one care from her hand to the graveyard for each monster that was returned to her hand. Since Sam lost two monsters, she lost two cards.
Now Sam was wide open for a direct attack, but thinking quickly. “Stop right there!” she shouted, “I activate the trap card, THREATENING ROAR!”
The roar was so fierce and loud, The Forman covered her ears wailing, “What is happening?” even her monsters were both feeling strange. Sam sniggered and explained that the Threatening Roar prevented her opponent from attacking her this turn. “My life points are safe.”
Now it was The Forman's turn to laugh. “My apologies, but it seems rather humorous. You think you still stand a chance against me and my Earth forces? I should say not.”
Sam knew she had a bit of a point. Her monsters were almost impossible to get past, and her life points were still way, way, down, while the Forman's still hadn't been touched, and worse. “My Guardian Sphinx can also be hidden face-down again.” said the Forman as she turned her monster face-down. This means that on her next turn, if Sam summoned a monster it would be exactly like before, and with a defense of 2400, and her field wide open. Sam needed a whole new strategy and fast!
To Be Continued