Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Sam VS Forman: Part Two ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It was Sam's turn, but she was still being mocked at by The Forman. “Your victory is fading away.” she teased, “I am master of the Earth. It would not surprise me more if The Supreme King offered a larger sum of pay for helping me rid the world of those who defy him.”
Nevertheless, it was still Sam's turn now, and still wasn't willing to give up. Especially if it meant she would be sent to the Shadow-Realm if she lost. “Come on deck, give me something good!”
SCORE: (Sam: 2400/ Forman: 8000)
She drew her next card, then suddenly she remembered a card that she threw into he graveyard last turn. It was one of the new cards we made in the future, and she figured that maybe she'd be able to turn this match around after all.
Sam: “Okay! First I'm playing POT OF GREED. Now I can draw two more cards.”
“Perfect! Now I play MONSTER REBORN, And I think I'll use it to revive this card. FISHBORG BLASTER!”
(Atk: 100)
Forman: “What? That monster has hardly any attack force at all. Do you honestly think that monster can help you stop me.”
Sam: “Hmm! Always remember, good things come in small packages, and every monster can play a vital role. See, since I have a water monster on the field now, I can summon forth my Cyber Shark without an offering.”
(Atk: 2100)
“And now comes the best part, as I tune my Shark with my Fishborg, which combines their levels together… and now I can Synchro summon…BRIONAC, DRAGON OF THE ICE BARRIER!”
(Atk: 2300)
Forman: “Ah! Wh-- What sort of monster is that?”
Sam: (Sniggers) “One that's going to blow you, and you're strategy sky high. See, I'm going to discard these two cards I have left to the graveyard. Now I can return the same number of cards on the field to their owners hand.”
The Forman gasped as both her monsters had back into her hand, and off the field. “No! It cannot be!” she cried. “All my monsters, gone!” Sam's grin grew wider, she ordered her monster to attack.
(Atk: 2300)
“AA-AAH!” The Forman got hit hard.
SCORE: (Sam: 2400/ Forman: 5700)
The problem was, The Forman still wasn't allowed to draw on this turn because of her Reckless Greed she played. She couldn't re-summon those monsters to her field, so he had to pass, which meant Sam got to attack her again! “Go, Brionac!”
(Atk: 2300)
“OOF…!” groaned the Forman as she fell down again.
SCORE: (Sam: 2400/ Forman: 3400)
Sam was right back in the game. “How's you're strategy holding up now?” she just had to mock. “Not too good?”
The Forman was quivering in anger, she refused to let Sam humiliate her like this. At she now she could draw a card. Suddenly, he fear began to fade into and evil grin, and she began to laugh hard. “What's so funny?” Sam asked.
The Forman decided, “If you only knew what was in store for you now, you would never be gloating.” she hissed.
Forman: “Observe, as I activate the spell I just drew… FISSURE!”
Sam: “Ah! Not Fissure…?”
That spell card was one of the most vintage Spell Cards Sam knew, but still very effective. It could destroy any one of her monsters with the lowest attack power, but since Sam's Brionac was her only creature… it was gone. Just like that!
Now Sam was wide open again, but surprisingly all the Forman did was set one card face-down, “To keep you guessing.” she mocked. “Now, proceed.”
This was no good for Sam. With her Brionac gone, she was left on the somewhat defensive again. Still, her opponent was wide open for a direct attack, but did she dare chance it? The Forman seemed to have ways of making it so she could get the upper-hand no matter what Sam did.
Sam drew her card. She decided to play on the defensive. Maybe it would help her figure out how to break the strategy for good. “Okay, I summon CURE MERMAID in defense-mode.”
(Def: 800)
Now it was the Forman's turn, she smiled wickedly, which told Sam that she really should've attacked. “If you had, you would have been one step closer to beating me.”
The Forman drew her next card…
Forman: “Now, observe my trap, ROCK BOMBARDMENT!”
Sam: “Oh, no… not another trick?”
Forman: “Oh yes. Now I have the power to send any rock creature from my forces and banish it to the graveyard. Then I can deal you damages to your life-force by 500.”
SCORE: (Sam: 1900/ Forman: 3400)
Sam was starting to grow tired again. Her energy was fading with her life-points. To make matters worse, “I think I know you just did that…”
The Forman nodded, she was going to revive the monster she just threw out of the deck. “And I have just the magic spell to do so. But first I shall activate the magic of POT OF GREED!”
She drew two more cards, and now she had what she needed. “Now I shall weaken my life-force by 800 to cast the magic of PREMATURE-BURIAL.”
SCORE: (Sam: 1900/ Forman: 2600)
“I revive my monster…HIERACOSPHINX!”
(Atk: 2400)
Sam stood her ground and ready for the supposed attack, but surprisingly, The Forman wasn't planning to attack. The reason she summoned this new monster was because she had a better monster in her hand to summon, one that could only be special-summoned by offering a monster that had SPHINX in it's name.
The ground trembling and the very Earth seemed to thunder and roar with such force as the Forman summoned forth her most devastating creature, “EXXOD, MASTER OF THE GUARD!”
(Atk: 0/ Def: 4000)
Sam had never seen anything so freaky in all her dueling since the God cards. Not only was that monster's defense off the charts, but it greatly resembled Exodia the Forbidden One.
“What secrets does it contain within, you may ask? Perhaps I shall let you figure that out for yourself.” said the Forman. Then she summoned a monster face-down in defense-mode, and ended her turn, leaving Sam puzzled worse than ever in the whole match.
She drew her next card, but it wasn't of much use. Not a single monster she had in her entire deck was strong enough to take on that giant rock. Even though it had no attack-strength, Sam really had a bad feeling about this.
“I can't just stand here and do nothing.” the thought to herself, “I've gotta find some way to take her down so I can try and free the Slaves.
Sam: “I may not be able to attack your monsters but I can still defend myself and gain strength. My Mermaid's special ability grants me 800 life points now…”
SCORE: (Sam: 2700/ Forman: 2600)
“And now, I'll summon ATLANTEAN PIKEMANin defense-mode.”
(Def: 0)
“That ends my turn.”
The Forman's eyes gave an evil twinkle as she drew her card. The time had come to reveal her ultimate strategy. One that was determined to win her the match.”
Forman: “The time has come for you to feel the force of Exxod, and I shall use it by revealing my hidden creature. GOLEM SENTRY!”
(Atk: 800/ Def: 1800)
“He may not appear to be much now, but he does contain a powerful magic that can send one creature back to your hand!”
In a quick flash, Sam's Cure Mermaid went off the field.
SCORE: (Sam: 1700/ Forman: 2600)
“Hey! How did my life points just go down?” she asked. Then suddenly she realized that it was Exxod. “Genius, do you not agree?” mocked The Forman, and she explained that with Exxod out, every time an Earth monster was flip summoned, Sam would lose 1000 life points. The worst part of course was the fact that Golem Sentry was allowed to be turned face-down again.
“Now I shall hide this face-down—though I fail to see why I should bother let you make your move.” mocked the Forman. Sam still refused to give up though. She had to try and break free from this.
Sam: “Here I come!”
“Ah-ha! I may not be able to attack your Exxod, but I can still stop him performing his stuff. So, I re-summon my Cure Mermaid!”
(Atk: 1500)
“And now I'll equip her with this baby; MALEVOLENT NUZZLER! It raises her Attack 700.”
(Atk: 1500)Becomes (Atk: 2200)
Forman: “How very sad? Even with a strengthening, your monster cannot strike down my Exxod.”
Sam: “I'm aware of that, which is why HE'S not who I'm attacking.”
Forman: “Ah…!”
Sam: “I saw your Golem's defense was only 1800, which means my mermaid's gonna blast him to rubble!”
Forman: “No!”
Sam really thought smart there. By attacking the Golem sentry, it wouldn't be flip-summoning it, and Exxod's ability wouldn't activate, except, When Sam called her attack…
“And just as usual, you have fallen victim to my trap!” hissed the Forman. “A FIENT PLAN!”
Sam grunted extremely harshly, for that trap forbade her from attacking nay face-down monsters that turn; so her attack failed! Sam couldn't help but stamp her foot and blow steam through her ears. All these tricks and traps. “What is with you?” she snarled.
The Forman simply snickered wickedly, and stated she was “Master of The Earth! I rule over all grounds, and terrains, and no one stands in my way.”
Since Sam's attack was failed, and she had no other cards to play, the only card in her hand was Green Spy-Girl. The Forman took her turn and drew her card. “Excellent! I have taken another Feint Plan trap, which I hide face-down.”
Sam gasped, and again when the Forman repeated the actions of her previous turn. Flip up the Golem Sentry, causing Sam to lose her Mermaid again, and Exxod took 1000 points off her again.
SCORE: (Sam: 700/ Forman: 2600)
Then the Golem Sentry was turned face-down again, and it was Sam's turn which was defiantly going to be the last. Sam couldn't blame her…
Knowing the trap was a Feint Plan she wouldn't be able to attack the Golem Sentry. She couldn't attack Exxod either with its super-defense of 4000. All Sam had on the field was her Pikeman, and the Cure Mermaid and Green Spy Girl in her hand. If she didn't do something, on her next turn, The Forman would defiantly wipe her out. She needed a miracle. All the slaves were counting on her.
She very slowly reached over her card-sack, and hoped for something really good. Then suddenly she grinned, much to The Forman's confusion, “Hmm…?
“Now you're really in for it.” Sam hissed.
She explained how she knew why The Forman loved Earth so much, but it was for all the wrong things; Tearing it up, and using it to hurt people. Sam on the other hand loved Water, “And sometimes… the Water itself gives life! So I activate the spell, WATER OF LIFE!” (Anime Card only)
A bright splash of water fell from the skies and onto Sam's side of the field. The Forman braced herself, “What is this magic?” she shouted.
Sam was hoping she'd ask that, but she was gong to show anyway. “The Water of life lets me revive one monster in my graveyard in attack-mode, and I know just the one too… BRIONAC, DRAGON OF THE ICE BARRIER!”
(Atk: 2300)
The Forman screamed, “No! Not that monster?”
Sam chuckled with glee, and quickly reminded her opponent about her monster's ability. “All I do is send these two cards from my hand to the graveyard, and your monsters go bye-bye!”
“NO!” cried The Forman as both Exxod and her face-down Golem transported back to her hands. She had no way of summoning them back to the field, her face-down Feint Plan trap was now useless, and… “And both your monsters are lined up to strike me.”
Sam's nodded fiercely. “Consider this a message to all the people you enslaved… YOU LOSE!” she growled. “Pikeman! Brionac… WIPE OUT THE REST OF HER LIFE POINTS!”
(Combo Atk: 1400 + 2300= 4700)
FINAL SCORE: (Sam: 700/ Forman: “0000”)
The Shadow began to consume The Forman, and banish her into the darkness. “I SHALL RETURN TO HAUNT YOU!” she screeched as her voice faded off. The duel was over!
All The Forman's followers dropped their weapons and ran for the hills screaming and cowering so bad, you'd be embarrassed. Nevertheless, the slaves were freed, and they couldn't thank Sam enough.
Sam would've stayed to help, but since pretty much all the bad guys left their horses, and gear, the villagers would be able to make it home themselves with no more worries of the Supreme King, which meant Sam could head back to the campsite.
“SNAP! The Campsite!” she fretted, and dashed off.
As Dawn broke, the other girls awoke, and realized Sam looked pretty beat. “Gee, Sammy.” Alex yawned, “You look like you were dueling in your sleep.”
Sam didn't say a thing. She was just glad to be out of that sticky spot… at least for now.