Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Wonders ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The sun rose over the desert skies. Hajji's village had woken up early to begin their morning chores, as well as watch out for any of the Supreme King's men. Sabrina was very worried about the girls, and about my safety too. She grew scared sleeping by herself at nights without lying in my arms, and feel the warmth of my love.
Still, she gazed down at her stomach, and promised our unborn son that I would come back to them. Sabrina's father read her mind with the Millennium Eye, and cradled his daughter in his big strong arms. “Don't worry, honey.” he said softly to her. “I'm sure Mykan's okay.”
Sabrina smiled softly, and what helped her ease her thoughts was The Millennium Necklace. It showed her an image of me and her together with our baby, as well as Erica and Misty, all safe and sound. Still, it had been years since she used the necklace, and was out of touch with how long I had treated it. She couldn't see images of HOW it was all going to happen, and she wouldn't know what to do.
Meanwhile, The Supreme King was having a word with The Commander, he had a new mission for him. He was going to send him forward to the future where there were new cards, much more improved than the creatures and weapons they had been using. “They shall prove quite formidable in or struggle for greatness.”
The Commander bowed to the King, “My life is but to serve you Father.” he said. Then, with a select few of his followers, all three of them women, they prepared to depart for the future. The Commander really wanted to get his hands on those new cards more than the Supreme King did. “I want those meddlers destroyed.” he hissed.
His followers couldn't understand it. “Highness…?” asked one of them. “What is it about these strangers that ails you so?”
The Commander was silent for a moment, and then answered, “Something… about the way they duel. Something… familiar. That I knew once.” That was all he could figure.
Back in the village, many of the families were pleased to have some of their people back since Sam had freed some of the slaves last night. Still, the war was far from over, but while the day was still peaceful, normal lives carried on.
Sabrina was feeling well enough to help with some of the chores in the village. The way she worked so well you'd figure it hard to believe that she was in fact a princess, and her father, a King.
At that moment, the King was entertaining some of the children of the village, using his Millennium-Eye to show images of funny cartoons. The children of course didn't understand the concept of it at all, but they liked it. They laughed and bounced on the sand all ticklish for all the things they saw. They hated it when the King had no more to show them for the day but he promised to give them a lot of fun the next. “Run along home now.”
The children thanked him again before running off to their respective huts. The King couldn't help but sigh. It made him remember some of the years he had back with Estevan before he died and became virtual, and when Sabrina was little, before he--
He stopped, and hung his head low. All that soaring through memory lane brought on the time he was taken over that evil spirit, and brought great harm and misery to those he loved. For years he had been suffering with the shame and guilt of what happened, and he couldn't escape it. He just stood there feeling ashamed of himself.
Hajji was observing him. “You're father, Sabrina.” He said, “He is not well?”
Sabrina shook her head, “Just another one of his little guilt moments.” she said. She really hated seeing her father like this, and she really wished she could help, but even the best of doctors couldn't make memories go away.
She sighed again.
WOOHP; The Future. 1:47 Pm
Jerry was busy doing his paper work. It had only been about one day since the spies left for the past and he missed them very much. So much, that he almost tired to cheer up by WOOHPING himself.
Estevan dropped by for a visit. He sure knew how to hack into things, and he an Jerry would play chess. In the ten games that were played, Jerry only won twice, and Estevan just clobbered him again, “Checkmate.”
Jerry couldn't believe it. “Perhaps… nine out of eleven?” he proposed, but Estevan shook his virtual head, “That WAS nine out of eleven games. I win.”
GLADIS couldn't help but act all giddy, and excited that Estevan won. “So Estevan… got any free time later? she asked flirtingly.
Estevan rolled his virtual eyes, “Save if for the compiling files, GLADIS, but my answer is still No.”
GLADIS felt like she got her plug pulled again. She had been growing a bit of a soft spot for Estevan, since they were computers and all that, but Estevan just wasn't interested. Besides, with the jobs they had to do, an office-romance was not a good thing.
Ever since I had been abducted by The Supreme King, and the team left for the past, Jerry thought it would be best if he took all the new cards back to safe guard, along with Estevan's help, in case the baddies came back and tried to take them.
“I do hope the girls are okay.” Jerry sighed.
Estevan missed the team as well, but he had faith in them. It still fascinated him how they were able to even overpower he himself during their battles in cyber-space. Suddenly, GLADIS began to flash red as the alarm went off. “Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!”
Estevan even received a report that there was a break in at Duel Academy. “Go!” Jerry said, “We'll handle it here.”
Estevan nodded, and signed off, which he should not have done. For at that very moment, three Egyptian ladies, dressed in black robes and armor smashed through the roof, shattering the glass, and The Commander join them. Jerry shoved his chair aside and stood strictly. “That will not be necessary.” the Commander hissed, “You know why we have come, so I shall give you a matter of seconds to hand over the cards you protect. The Supreme King desires them.”
Jerry snuffed and poised his hands, “If you think for one moment I would do such a thing, you're even crazier than I thought.”
The Commander stood he was and clenched his fist. “Hmm… I sense a strong will within you.” he hissed. “Perhaps you wish to face me in a duel?”
Jerry blinked once, “Beg your pardon?” he asked.
The Commander turned on his heel, “I see… you are a coward.” he insulted. “You do not wish too duel me.”
Jerry felt like his face was turning red, “Now you listen here. I happen to be one of England's most renowned Duelists, and I never turn down a challenge.” He growled as he reached into his desk and pulled out his old deck. He also secretly motioned to GLADIS to seal off the entire WOOHP building, “And try to get Estevan back here!” he whispered.
GLADIS couldn't speak, but she did flash her lights silently meaning she understood. That's when Jerry and The Commander headed for the dojo where there was plenty of room. “I sincerely hope you realize this will not do you any good.” Jerry warned.
The Commander sniggered, “On the contrary. Win or fail, I'll get what I want.”
As they prepared to begin, Jerry couldn't help but feel something very familiar about The Commander. He wondered if it was possible? Right now, though, it was time—Life points set at 8000, and first cards were drawn. “…DUEL!!”