Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Jerry's duel. ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

SCORE: (Commander: 8000/ Jerry: 8000)
Jerry knew he couldn't afford to lose this duel, even though there was no Shadow-Realm this time, as well as the monsters were only holograms in this age. He knew he couldn't lose, he had to bide GLADIS some time to get Estevan back here.
Now it was time to begin. The Commander went first.
Commander:“Let the duel commence!”
“I summon a monster face-down in defence mode, and that will do for now.”
Jerry's thoughts: “That's all? Ah, yes, of course, he's just trying to test my strength. The oldest trick in the book. I'll show him.”
Jerry: “All right, whoever you are-- I summon forth ANCIENT GEAR KNIGHT!”
(Atk: 1800)
“Go my knight! Attack!”
Jerry's monster successfully destroyed the Commander's defense monster, which turned out to be nothing more than a MAGICIAN'S VALKYRIA. Jerry couldn't help but feel something familiar about that monster, still he continued by placing two cards face-down and ended his turn.
The Commander drew his card, and his eyes twinkled wickedly.
Commander: “I place one card face down, and now I summon forth OBNOXIOUS CELTIC GAURDIAN in defense mode.
(Def: 1200)
Jerry: “That monster…”
Commander: “Now I will cast the magic of GAIA POWER!”
The dojo around the them began to warp and transform into a giant forest with rich soils. Jerry knew that this field-spell increases the attack of Earth monsters by 500, and decreased their defense by 400. That included the Celtic Guardian, and Jerry's Knight.
(Def: 1200) becomes (Def: 800)
(Atk: 1800) becomes (Atk: 2300)
Jerry wondered why The Commander did that; weaken his own monster's defense. He began to believe that he was going to spring that face-down on him. “If he believes that will work, he's sorely mistaken.” he thought to himself.
It was Jerry's turn. He drew his card.
Jerry: “If I might point out, my Ancient Gear Knight has a special ability; one which that allows me to re-summon him so that I may unlock his true ability. When he attacks he forbids you from activating any spells or traps until the attack is completed.”
Commander: “Mmm…!”
Jerry: “Ancient Gear Knight, destroy his Celtic Guardian!”
(Atk: 2300) VS (Def: 800)
There was a soft explosion, but The Commander's monster remained where it was. Completely unscathed by Jerry's attack. “What?” cried Jerry, “But how can this be. I don't understand it.”
The Commander couldn't but snigger at Jerry's cockiness. “I never needed to acquire magic or traps.” He explained. “The Obnoxious Celtic Guardian also possesses a secret power. He cannot be destroyed by any creature with an attack-force of 1900 or higher.”
Jerry felt outraged, and tricked, but at least now he could see why The Gaia field spell was so important. Almost all the monsters in Jerry's deck were Earth types, meaning they would become strong, maybe even too strong for their own good. Still, he knew not to worry yet. He still had the upper-hand, so he ended his turn.
The Commander took his turn. He drew his card.
Commander: “I cast the magic, TRIBUTE TO THE DOOMED!”
Jerry: “What? Oh no!”
Commander: “I see that you are aware of what will occur. I send one card from my hand to its demise, in exchange to destroy a creature you have.”
“…Your knight falls!”
Jerry: “Oh dear!”
Command: “And I warn you, for I am not yet through. Now, I cast the magic of my hidden weapon, MONSTER REBORN!So now I may revive my best weapon! THE DARK MAGICIAN!”
(Atk: 2500)
Jerry's jaw dropped open wide. “The… Dark Magician?!” His arms fell to his side. Jerry knew only one duelist in the entire world who not only used the Dark Magician like that, but also every familiar card that was just played. “Show me who you really are?”
The Commander stood where he was for a moment, and sniggered sinisterly. “You wish to look upon my face?” he asked. “Hmm, mm, mm… I suppose I could, but I will not-- unless you can prove yourself worthy and defeat me with honor!”
Jerry gritted his teeth angrily, but then he braced himself for the upcoming onslaught that waited for him. “I await your attack.” he said bravely.
The Commander then switched his Celtic Guardian to attack mode…
(Atk: 1900)
Then ordered both it, and the Dark Magician, “Strike him directly!”
(Combo Atk: 2500 + 1900= 4400)
Jerry got hit SUPER HARD, and fell on his back. Since it wasn't a shadow-duel he didn't lose any energy, but this was still very serious.
SCORE: (Commander: 8000/ Jerry: 3600)
He lost more than half his life-points in just one turn, and was still at the mercy of The Commander's monsters. “Heh, heh, heh! I live to see the weak squirm.” he mocked, but Jerry had had his fill of this. As a spy he knew never to give up, “I've never let anyone get the better of me and let them get away with it, and I assure you I do not intend to start.”
The Commander was impressed by Jerry's courage, and awaited his move, after he placed a card face down and ended his own turn, that it. Jerry drew his card…
Jerry: “Ahh… splendid. I believe I shall go ahead an activate the spell GRYPHON'S FEATHER DUSTER!This spell causes me to destroy all spell and traps on my side of the field, in exchange for 500 life points added to my score for each one.”
Jerry's two cards were destroyed, and his life points went up by 1000.
SCORE: (Commander: 8000/ Jerry: 4600)
“Wait!” gasped the Commander, “Those traps…!”
Jerry grinned cheekily, “Correct. They are STATUE(s) OF THE WICKED!”Since Jerry just destroyed those cards, he was able to summon 2 tokens on his side of the field, which were both essential to his plan.
“Now I shall sacrifice both my tokens, and summon forth my greatest monster.” Jerry declared. “I summon forth… ANCIENT GEAR GOLEM!”
(Atk: 3000)
The Commander gasped in amazement. Not only was this monster also able to stop spells and traps during battle, since it was an Earth type it gained 500 extra attack-points.
(Atk: 3000) Becomes (Atk: 3500)
“Quite Genius, don't you think.” Jerry gloated, “And before I do anything rash, I do have another spell to play. An equip-spell called ANCIENT GEAR FIST!” Once the card was equipped, with no need to worry about spells and traps, Jerry ordered his attack. “Ancient Gear Golem… Destroy Obnoxious Celtic Guardian!”
(Atk: 3500) Vs (Atk: 1900)
The Commander growled and braced himself as the attack struck.
SCORE: (Commander: 6400/ Jerry: 4600)
Just as Jerry thought, The Commander still would lose life-points if the monster was in attack-mode. The Commander was slightly impressed, “It matters not. My monster still stands!”
Jerry just stood were he was, with his arms crossed, and a sneering look on his face. “Perhaps you might want to take a closer look.”
The Commander raised an eyebrow, and suddenly his monster was destroyed. “What?!” he snarled. “How can that be? My Celtic Guardian should never have fallen.”
Jerry shook his head, and point out that his Ancient Gear Golem was equipped with its Ancient Gear Fist. “Any monster that battles with my Golem shall be instantly destroyed no matter what the case.”
The Commander felt outraged that he had been outsmarted. Jerry on the other hand was feeling quite pleased with himself. “Now that we have an understanding, I'll end my turn.”
The Commander still wasn't giving up. He still had his Dark Magician out on the field, and his handy face-down card. So he drew…
Commander:“I now shall turn my Dark Magician to defend me.”
(Def: 2100)
“And that will do.”
Jerry: “I'm afraid that will not do…”
“Even with your monster in defense-mode, my Gear Golem would still do you damage in any case.”
Commander: “Hmm…?”
Jerry: “Before of which I do so, I do have other things to play. Such as this spell card, SMASHING GROUND! “It allows me to destroy one monster you control with highest defense, and since you only have one monster…”
Commander: “What? No! My Dark Magician!”
The commander was wide open now, but he was really angered. He truly treasured the Dark Magician, and always avenged him if he ever fell in battle. “You bile man!” he growled, “You will pay dearly for crushing my Magician!”
“Hmm!” Jerry simply brushed his mustache like a English gentleman who didn't seem to care. “I'm afraid that it only gets much worse!” he promised. Jerry wasn't interested and carried on with his move.
“Now, I shall summon forth another ANCIENT GEAR KNIGHT!”
(Atk: 1800) Becomes (Atk: 2300)
Jerry was going to enjoy this an awful lot. He ordered both his monsters to strike, and still The Commander was unable to defend himself.
(Combo-Atk: 2300 + 3500 = 5800)
The Commander growled and roared as the blasts had hit him.
SCORE: (Commander: 600/ Jerry: 4600)
If this had been an Ancient Egyptian Shadow duel, he would very well had been shot into the wall after an attack like that. Even though that wasn't the case, he was down to his last few points, and Jerry placed his last card face down. He was very confident that his victory was assured, “The Moment that he summons forth any creature, my trap will instantly destroy it, giving me a perfect shot at his life-points.” he thought cockily.
But now it was The Commander's, and he assured Jerry once again, “My Dark Magician shall be avenged!”
He drew his card, and grinned a grin most sinister. “I now hold in my hand just what I need to unleash my greatest weapon.” he declared. “But before I do, my face-down magic will deal with your; MYSTICAL SPACE TYPHOON!”
Jerry's trap was instantly destroyed, but he wasn't all that worried… not yet.
Commander:“Now observe, as I remove my Dark Magician, and Magician's Valkyria out of the duel. Now I am able to call forth a monster of EMMENSE STRENGTH!”
(Field rumbles)
Jerry: “I say…! What on Earth…?”
(Atk: 3000)
Jerry had heard of that card before; and knew it could only be summoned by removing one LIGHT monster, and one DARK monster from the graveyard. “But I never thought I'd actually see it!”
The Commander chuckled, “Then I suppose you know what will happen now…?” he asked rhetorically. “But before that begins I do have one final magic to cast… the power of MEGAMORPH!”
“OH NO…!” cried Jerry. Since his life-points were higher, that meant the Soldier had his attack power doubled. “That makes it nearly twice as powerful as my Ancient Gear Golem!”
(Atk: 3000) Becomes (Atk: 6000)
The Commander clenched his fist and announced his Magician's avenging was now. “Black Luster… I command you, destroy the Ancient Gear Golem!”
(Atk: 6000) VS (Atk: 3500)
SCORE: (Commander: 600/ Jerry: 2100)
Jerry couldn't believe this. “My most powerful creature. Gone!” he cried, but that wasn't his only concern…
“And now, since I have disposed of one monster, my soldier will attack again!” ordered The Commander, and so Jerry's Ancient Gear Knight was destroyed.
(Atk: 6000) VS (Atk: 2300)
FINAL SCORE: (Commander: 600/ Jerry: 0000)
…And that was that!
Jerry couldn't believe it. He came so close, but now he had all the evidence he needed. He knew who The Commander really was, but before he could open his mouth to say anything, The Commander had vanished into thin air, like magic, back through time.
That's When GLADIS and Estevan finally were able to come back, but they had terrible news. “The Commander's followers, they got away, and they took the new cards with them!” Estevan said.
Jerry felt even more stupid than before. All this time The Commander had just been distracting him with the duel so his followers could move around unnoticed. Still, what worried Jerry the most was, he now knew who The Commander really was…
“How on Earth can we warn the spies?” he wondered. Yet, that seems pretty hopeless, not even WOOHP, nor even Estevan himself could send messages through time. All Jerry did wonder now was what the girls would think when they discovered the truth.