Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Night Fright. ( Chapter 14 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

ANCIENT EGYPT, 3000 BC. 9:16 Am
The Supreme King was very pleased when The Commander and his followers had returned from the future with all the new cards, which had strangely reverted back to their old fashioned forums; made of light stone.
The King chuckled sinisterly. “Excellent! With these new weapons at our disposure, nothing shall stop us for achieving our ultimate victory.” Then he gazed at The Commander. “You have done well, My Son. I shall see that you are compensated for your heroics.”
The Commander bowed, “My wish it but to serve you, Father.”
Just then, one of the lackeys came in with the disturbing news that intruders had been sighted approaching their lands. “They are the same strangers who have been outwitting our forces.”
The King and The Commander had already handed a lot of the new cards they got to their other forces. They could just taste their victory celebration now. “By the way… do we know of their location?” asked The Commander, and he was then presented with a map, with a dotted line going across the lands indicating the spies' location. According to the locations, they were treading just into the grave-area which separated the mainland from the Supreme King's forbidden zone.
The King grinned again. Then the grave-lands… will son become their own grave-land as well.” he snickered.
The spies' and Mandy had traveled quite a long way for one day's length, and were already deep within the shadowy-veil of the dark side of the desert. Right now they were all walking instead of riding on their horses and dragging them alongside. Mandy of course was complaining big time. “One more time…! Why are we walking the horses instead of riding them?” she groaned, much to the Spies irritation. Sam explained, for the umpteenth time they were walking so that the horses wouldn't have to carry so much weight for so long and die of exhaustion.
Just then, Mandy screamed, and spooked the horses. “THERE'S SAND IN MY SANDLES!” she groaned. The Spies calmed the horses down. “Are we there yet?” Alex groaned rhetorically.
Sam checked the map, and it turned out that they were only about another half a day or less from the Supreme King's fortress, but they still had a-ways to go, and though the skies were dark with shadow storms, the girls knew that it was already nightfall. So it was best to stop where they were and setup camp… except… “Uh… girls…” cried Clover. “I don't think we've picked the coolest place to crash.”
The others looked up and realized where they were standing. Stones, and spires, and even a few dead corpses in the distant mist. “A graveyard.” whimpered Alex. “I HATE… graveyards!”
That's right… Alex was one of those kids who had those nightmares…; wandering through a graveyard, falling into an open grave, being buried alive. WAKE UP WITH A SCREAM!
…Alex was down in the sand holding her knees up to her chest as she rocked back and forth. On a brighter side, it wasn't her turn to do that night watch. Clover and Mandy were up for it tonight, much to their dismay. “No way… I like, totally need my nine hours of beauty-sleep.” sneered Mandy.
“Oh, please!” mocked Clover, “You'd have to sleep for like a month.”
Sam and Alex decided to settle in and make some food while Clover and Mandy finished blowing off at each other. Eventually, a fire was roaring and food was served. However, supplies were starting to run low. Sam made some calculations and it looked as though the food and water wouldn't last too much longer. “Oh, great! Now I'll really be able to sleep well.” Alex complained.
The only nearest source where they could stock up for the journey back to the village was The Supreme King's territory. There defiantly had to be food and water there, or how else would the slaves and bad guys live, but even Sam was well aware that place would be swarming with danger, still, there was no other way for them to try and find me, and get me back.
Meanwhile, in Hajji's village, pretty much everyone had gone to bed, but Sabrina was too nervous to sleep. She was missing me so incredibly much that anyone would be able to tell she was starting to lose her some of her sanity. To make things worse, The Millennium Necklace was no longer able to show her images of the future, including the part where we were together again with our daughters and newborn son. That could only mean one thing-- DANGER!
She couldn't take this anymore. She just had to go out there; pregnant or not. Luckily her father was a heavy sleeper, and his Millennium Eye couldn't spot her because the necklace was blocking it out. So she slipped out of Hajji's hut, and jumped on the first horse she could find and rode off into he night. “I'm coming for you, Mykan. I will find you!” she thought as she disappeared into the night.
Elsewhere, the girls were settled in. Only Alex was finding it hard to sleep. She couldn't stop shaking in her sleeping-bag. Sleeping in a graveyard, and those howling desert winds, not to mention the shadowing skies above her.
It was, however, a good thing she was awake. For one thing, Clover had already fallen asleep when she was supposed to be watching everyone… and Alex could see someone in the distance. A Human-shaped shadow holding a long object and posing it like a… GUN!
Alex realized that it was up to her. She reached into her card pack and pulled out her Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Then silently crept away from the campsite so not to disturb the others. Then she summoned her dragon and attacked the invader.
The man lost his footing a rolled down the slope. That's when Alex confronted him, and it was confirmed that this man was also one of the Supreme King's minions. “You got a load of nerve sneaking on four girls trying to sleep!” Alex snapped.
The stranger sniggered wickedly. “I am called, Gravekeeper.” he introduced himself. “I have been sent by the Supreme King to eliminate any intruders who cross into his land.” He point out that his land around them was littered with the very bones of those who tried to pass through his turf and failed.
Alex shivered and groaned in disgust, and slight fear. The Gravekeeper noticed this. “I see… you are afraid.” he teased. “Hmm, mm, mm… then crushing you will be easier than I first believed.”
Alex could see that he was forcing her into a duel! As much as Alex didn't like the idea of a dueling in a graveyard, especially now that I wasn't there to give her any confidence, she didn't really have a choice. “Fine… you wanna go? Then bring it!” Alex growled as she readied herself.
The Gravekeeper, however, felt he was really going to enjoy this. He knew Alex was scared of graveyards, and he had just the army to help him ensure his victory. Their cards were drawn, and the field was set. “…DUEL!!”