Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Break in, out, and up ( Chapter 23 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Meanwhile, at The Supreme King's camp there were more slave drives, prison torturing, and who knew how much worse. In actuality, there was one thing worse, and only The Supreme King knew what it was, though he wasn't willing to tell anyone what it was. It did, however, have something to do with the souls that were sent to the shadows.
The King was sitting on his throne in a relaxing pose, and his Millennium Scale was glowing and tipping back and forth. “I can feel it.” he thought to himself. “The power of every soul sent to the shadows bringing me more and more of what I desire. Hmm, mm, mm… no mater what the outcome of anything that occurs out there, in the end it is I whom walks away with it all.”
He then rang a small bell that was near his throne, and in walked a beautiful, yet tiresome looking woman. She was dressed in rags, and looked as if she had been dragged by her long dark hair.
“Slave, Shepsit… bring me some well broiled tea, AND HURRY!”
Shepsit bowed shakily, “Y-Y-Yes my-lord.” she whimpered. She really didn't like being The Supreme King's slave girl, though she new why he was doing it, she was forbidden from ever mentioning it, or she'd suffer at least thirty lashes with a whip.
It was something, that brought The supreme King great pain and suffering… something that happened many, many years ago. Many more than people realized.
Suddenly, the loud sound of the warning horns was heard, and one of the lackeys dashed into the throne room yelling, “Sire! We have trouble! Those four strange girls have entered our campsite and are battling our soldiers.”
“WHAT?!” snarled The King. “Well… what are you waiting for? CALL OUT THE GAURDS! TO ARMS!”
Outside, the large widen gates were busted down by powerful explosives the girls had brought with them, frightening the soldiers, the girls rode in on their horses, and armed with their riffles and pistols, and summoned as many monsters as they could from their cards. “GET' EM!!” shouted Sam.
“This is gonna feel SWEET!” added Alex.
Even Mandy couldn't wait to kick some serious Egyptian butt! “Stand back! I got manicured nails and I know how to use them” she sniggered with her trademark giggle.
The entire area went wild, with gunfire, and small explosions, not to mention monsters attacking everywhere. It was a complete brawl, and though it was only four against an army, The girls managed to overcome the enemies as if they were moving on slow motion.
Clover even freed many of the slaves, and led them to the passages, and out of the camp, crushing any guards that came her way. Especially when one of them tackled her to the ground and broke one of her nails. She went berserk, kicking and punching all those horrid people. “No one messes with my mani!” she growled.
Meanwhile, Sabrina and Akhenaten were at this moment on their way to The Supreme King's camp to participate in the fight. The camp was not too far away, so they would've have arrived shortly.
Still, Sabrina couldn't help but shake this sick feeling that someone she loved was in trouble. She just hoped it wasn't too late.
but there was trouble ahead.
The Commander had been sent to collect both her, and Akhenaten. “You!” Sabrina growled as she hoped down from her horse. “Princess! No, come back.” cried Akhenaten, but Sabrina was insistent this time. “So you wish to enter The Supreme King's camp?” The Commander asked, “Hmm, mm, mm… I shall be please to bring you there… for your execution!”
Sabrina had aided an escape prisoner, and The Supreme King had orders that she and Akhenaten were to be brought back to the camp immediately for execution. “This is your last warning!” The Commander growled, “Surrender immediately or take the consequences right here. My Father, The Supreme King, will be most pleased.”
Sabrina felt a cold chill run up her spine at the sound of The Commander's voice, and Akhenaten was surprised to hear him call The Supreme King his father. From what he remembered, The Supreme King never had any children, he never had a true love… and he DEFIANLTY didn't force any women to bare him a child.
…So how could he have a son?
Sabrina was losing her patience, and decided to figure out who this guy was once and for all. She focused her Millennium Necklace on The Commander, but strangely her powers weren't able to penetrate through. “Could it be because I hold, THIS!” The commander chuckled as he held up The Millennium Eye, the very one that belonged to Sabrina's father. “What have you done to my father?” she demanded to know, “Where is he?”
The Commander sniggered wickedly, “Poor soul. Met with a grizzly fate in a duel.” That told Sabrina quite enough, “I was on my way and ready to duel him myself, and then… I see his current match ended in a draw. Lucky me!”
Sabrina could feel her knees growing weak, and she could feel her stomach churn. “Daddy…?!” she said in a tearful squeak. “No! He…can't… be!”
The Commander enjoyed seeing her twitch and squirm in pain, he couldn't help but laugh at her anguish. “Stop this at once!” growled Akhenaten, “You are hurting her, and the child she carries!”
The Commander's wicked eyes narrowed, “I am the son of The Supreme King, I may do anything I desire to whomever I please.” he sneered. “And I believe I shall now make things all the more difficult for her, because I challenge the girl to a duel!”
Sabrina gazed up, “What? A duel?” Then suddenly her sadness evolved into fierceness, and anger. This was a chance for her to avenge her father, and hopefully find a way to get him back. “I accept!” she declared as she got to her feet.
“Princess!” cried Akhenaten, “I beg you not to do this. Your child may not withstand the forces.”
Sabrina was aware of that, but she was strong, as well as strong hearted. She was doing this FOR the baby, and she promised she was going to fulfill that image she once saw, about her and I being reunited, and our baby boy being born.
Akhenaten could see there was no talking her out of it, but he had, before, witnessed The Commander's dueling skills, and tried to warn Sabrina. “Ah, ah, ah… I said for you to hold your tongue.” The Commander warned, “If you so much as mutter a word of my power and skills, I guarantee your fate will be far worse than the girl!”
Sabrina assured Akhenaten she would be okay, especially since The Commander allowed one bit of fairness, that neither of them was permitted to use their Millennium Items to cheat. “Agreed!” Sabrina said. Then the field was set, and the shadowy skies grew darker and more violent than ever. “…DUEL!!”