Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ Sabrina's huge decsion: Part Two ( Chapter 25 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sabrina still couldn't believe this. This was not the way she was hoping to find me, as her enemy, and worse, I didn't even remember her. The Supreme King obviously had done some serious brainwashing and blocked out a strong portion of my memories. Except of course my strong dueling skills, and my knowledge of everyone else's decks and strategies.
“Mykan, you have to believe me.” Sabrina begged.
“Silence!” I roared, “And refrain from calling me that. I have lived here with The Supreme King and my mother Shepsit since my birth.”
Akhenaten's eyes widened, “Shepsit?” he murmured. “Your mother is Shepsit?”
I nodded, and answered, “She is my father's slave, and she obeys his every word.”
Akhenaten was both relieved and confused. His dear Shepsit was alive, but she never bared The Supreme King with a child, although… this DID remind of something long ago…
Finally I lost my patience and demanded that we continued with the duel, and it was my turn. So I drew my card...
SCORE: (Mykan: 4900 VS Sabrina: 8000)
Mykan: “Since you destroyed my monsters this turn, I can now activate this trap card, SOUL ROPE! Now I may weaken my life force by 1000…”
SCORE: (Mykan: 3900 VS Sabrina: 8000)
“Now I may call forth a monster with four stars, and I choose BETA, THE MAGNET WARRIOR!”
(Atk: 1700)
“Now observe, as one Magnet Warrior merges with two others. GAMMA and ALPHA! They merge together to form, VLKYRION THE MAGNA WARRIOR!”
(Atk: 3500)
Sabrina's thoughts: “Oh no! I haven't any cards to protect my monsters!”
Mykan's thoughts: “I should really destroy her Stardust Dragon, but I cannot take the chance. I cannot let her defuse her Cyber Twin Dragon and the try another stunt on me.”
As I kept thinking over my strategy, strange and unexplainable images began to appear in my mind. They were blurry at first, but started to get clearer. It wasn't actually a dream, but more like a memory…
As if I had faced these Cybers, and this girl before.
I quickly shook myself back to reality and ordered my monster to attack, and Sabrina's Cyber Twin Dragon was destroyed.
(Atk: 3500) VS (Atk: 2800)
SCORE:(Mykan: 3900 VS Sabrina: 7300)
“Now I shall hide this face-down, and end my turn.”
Sabrina knew she had to make her move, but she wished there was some way to end this duel and spare the both of us from the Shadows. This was not an easy duel for her. Still, she drew her card.
Sabrina: “Now I activate, POT OF ADVARICE! This means, I can put five monsters in my graveyard to my pack, shuffle up and draw two cards.”
“Perfect! Now I activate the spell FUTURE FUSION!This allows me to send any monsters for a fusion summon straight from my deck to the graveyard, which means in two turns I can summon that monster. So I'll send my three Cyber Dragons to the graveyard, and in two turns, I get to summon my Cyber End Dragon.”
“But for now I'll place one card face down, and end my turn.”
Mykan: “Very well…! My move!”
“You may be trying to stall until you can summon forth your most powerful beast, but I promise you, girl, you will never succeed!”
“I cast the magic of DE-SPELL, Which will destroy your Future Fusion and prevent you from summoning your monster.”
Sabrina: “Don't tell me you've forgotten that I can just send my Stardust Dragon to the Graveyard to negate the effect of your De-Spell and destroy it.”
(De-Spell, negated)
Mykan:“That's exactly what I wanted you to do; now you have no monsters on the field to protect you.”
(Sabrina Gasps)
“But before I do, I shall, I'll sacrifice my Magna Warrior so that I may split it back up into the three monsters I used to create it. The Magnets Warriors… BETA, GAMMA, and ALPHA!”
(Atk: 1700)
(Atk: 1500)
(Atk: 1400)
“Now My Magnet Warriors, attack my opponent directly!”
(Combo Attack: 4600)
Sabrina was hit really hard. Thank goodness she wasn't hit in the stomach, but she was having a few cramps. All this madness wasn't good for the baby. That and she lost a huge amount of life points.
SCORE: (Mykan: 3900 VS Sabrina: 2700)
But she wasn't giving up. Not just on the duel, but also to try and get through to me and get me to remember everything. Since talking to me alone wasn't enough, perhaps her next move would work, but it was still my turn, and I placed a card face down… and my turn was over. “No one defies my father, The Supreme King. I will make you suffer yet, girl!”
Sabrina drew her card, and firstly of course her Stardust Dragon returned to the field.
(Atk: 2500)
She closed her eyes tight, and thought hard and deeply to herself, “I sure hope this works.” She was hoping this move would help me remember. “Now I activate my trap card, PYRO CLOCK OF DESTINY! she growled.“It skips this turn straight forward to the next turn, which means now my Future Fusion will activate… which means I can summon forth CYBER END DRAGON!”
(Atk: 4000)
That all powerful creature gazed at me with it's three heads. I gazed back at it, not only knowing I was bound to face it, but as if I had faced it before. This was what triggered more, and more images to flash through my mind as more memories came back to me.
I HAD faced this monster before, and this girl, I DID know her.
It was a story of my life flashing through my mind. It was becoming so clear...
This girl and I were once in love, and sworn to marry, but fate had other plans for us. So many obstacles, so many foes to fight. Eventually love conquered all, and we did marry.
“NO!” I thundered, as I grabbed my aching head “Why I am thinking like this?”
Sabrina could see it was working, but wasn't quite there yet, she wished she new what it was that was forcing me to continue to think I wasn't the person she remembered…?
It was The Supreme King…!
It was bad enough he had to deal with those rotten girls making a mess of his campsite, but the Millennium Scale was tipping back and forth, and glowing madly, indicating that his mind spell on me was weakening.
“What has gone wrong?” he bellowed, “My son is beginning to recapture his memories. Memories that I had hoped would be wiped out by now.”
Shepsit seemed delighted to see her evil master struggling, and then things got way worse as, POW!! The back wall exploded and the three spies leapt in, without Mandy as she was still out there cleaning up some loose ends.
The girls gazed at The King angrily, “So, you're The Supreme King?” asked Sam.
The King nodded his head, “I must admit, I am quite impressed by how you managed to make it this far.” he complemented them, “But you will all suffer an immense deal for what you have done to my camp!”
Clover flexed her arms, “As if!” she snarled, “You're the one who's going to pay-- right thought he nose.”
The King was losing his patience big time, “You… DARE… to threaten The Supreme King? The master of all darkness?”
Alex took it too far by saying, “And also the biggest bullheaded, buck-shooting, butt-faced, BEAST… we've ever met!”
SNAP!! The Supreme King SCREECHED in the angriest, insulted mood ever. He flexed his muscles, grabbed the scale, and his own duel pack, “PREPARE TO DIE!!” he thundered.
“BRING IT ON!!” snarled Sam.
The King, and The spies raced towards each other, snarling and yelling like knights jousting. The results were… explosive! So explosive, the very ground below quivered and shook the whole camp. “Hey!” snapped Mandy, “What's going on up there. You frizzed my hair!”
She dashed ahead to check out what was going on, but she was in for a terrible sight.
While back at the duel, Sabrina ordered her Cyber End Dragon, and her Stardust Dragon to wipe out my Magnet Warriors, and it worked. Both Beta, and Gamma had had it!
(Atk: 2500) VS (Atk: 1500)
(Atk: 4000) VS (Atk: 1700)
SCORE: (Mykan: 600 VS Sabrina: 2700)
I was knocked off my feet extremely hard, and I was really getting mad. Sabrina, however, was most worried. She almost wiped me out completely, but she figured she just needed to give me one more shock to my head that would trigger the nerves in my brains. Then all my memories would return to me. There was only one monster left that she knew she could summon now that would do that… only… it was a risk of such incredible danger… that it would probably cost her!
For now, she place one card face-down and ended her turn. I drew my card. I gazed down at what I had drawn, and I was just laughing maliciously.
Mykan: “Prepare yourself! Your Cyber End Dragon is about to be vanquished!”
Sabrina: “I'd like to see you try!”
Mykan: “Not only will I try, but I will succeed! First I shall activate the spell, POT OF GREED! So now I may draw two cards.”
“Excellent! Now observe as I sacrifice Alpha the Magnet Warrior, so I may call forth, DARK MAGICIAN GIRL!”
(Atk: 2000)
Sabrina's thoughts: “The Dark Magician girl? What good can she do? Her attack points don't even come close to my Cyber End Dragon's 4000. Not even my stardust Dragon's 2500.
“What's he up to?”
Mykan: “Now to continue, I will cast the magic of DOUBLE ATTACK!This magic requires I give up one monster from my hand…”
(Atk: 2000) Becomes (Atk: 2300)
Sabrina: “It's attack went up? But that can only mean…”
Mykan: “Hmm, mm, mm… The monster I parted with was my Dark Magician. Now that he rests within the graveyard, my Dark Magician Girl can increase her attack by 300. Now before I officially send her into battle, I have one final magic to, my hidden magic on the field is… RIRYOKU!
Sabrina: “Ah! Ri… Riuoku?!?!”
Mykan: “I see you realize then, that now half the attack force of one of your Cyber end Dragon is transferred to my Dark Magician girl!”
(Atk: 4000) Becomes (Atk: 2000)
(Atk: 2300) Becomes (Atk: 4300)
“Now my Magician, Destroy her Cyber End Dragon!”
(Atk: 4300) VS (Atk: 2000)
SCORE: (Mykan: 600 VS Sabrina: 400)
Poor Sabrina fell down, and her stomach hurt a lot. This was not a good thing for her or the baby. What made it worse was the fact that I still could attack her again, and with the way things were, she was about to lose the duel.
“You are doomed, girl!” I snarled at her. “Dark Magician Girl, obliterate her stardust Dragon, and end this!”
The Dark Magician Girl attacked, but just as it collided with Sabrina's dragon, “What's this?!” I bellowed, “My attack failed? And The Dark Magician girl-- she's been destroyed!”
Sabrina, panting heavily, managed to get to her feet and sneered at me, “We're you expecting me to go anywhere?” she mocked. It turned out that her mystery card was a trap called, SYNCHRO DEFLECTOR! When any of her Synchro monsters were about to be attacked she could use the trap to negate the attack, and destroy one monster I controlled.
She survived, just barely! Now it came all down to this turn. It was sure to be the last turn of the entire duel. Sabrina had to find some way to get through to me, but also keep in mind that had absolutely nothing out on the field, except Prohibition. I only had one card in my hand.
She drew one card. It was a POT OF GREED. So now she could draw two more cards. She got what she needed. No matter what happened, she had to make this work. Still, she hoped she was doing the right thing. One of us was about to lose this duel.
It was time for her to summon that one special monster that she knew would help me. It was all up to fate now. “Get ready, Mykan. First I play MONSTER REBORN! I'll use this to revive one of my Cyber Larvas.”
(Atk: 400)
“And now I'll summon a tuner monster known as MAJESTIC DRAGON!”
(Atk: 0)
I was most confused at why she didn't just attack me with her Stardust Dragon, “Ah! Unless…” I exclaimed. Sabrina nodded and she tuned all three of her monsters together to form that special creature, “I summon… MAJESTIC STAR DRAGON!”
(Atk: 3800)
Such a powerful dragon. I never saw anything like it before… or DID I?!
My head was going crazy. It throbbed and ached so much as so many thins came back to me…
It was me, in the future, making that card for Sabrina. Not just because I loved her but because it reminded me of her strength, her will, and her smartness.
“When you play this monster, magical things will happen, not just it's special effects.” I said to her. Sabrina was so flattered by those kind words, and my sweet gesture that she kissed me hard, and wouldn't let go of me.
Then I saw more images…
Sabrina and I falling in love, and then being separated by her father, under the control of Master-Thief. Then fighting my way back I saved her and her father.
Then we were married…
We had two beautiful daughters, and a son coming soon…
And we had many adventures together with The Spies.
My eyes began to look normal again, and shook myself awake. “Sabrina!” I called. It all came back to me now, but I was still confused at where I was, “And what the heck am I wearing?”
Sabrina was relieved that she finally broke the curse on me, but after she explained to me what was happening, we both realized that we were still in a duel and whoever lost this would be sent to the Shadow Realm.
“That's why… I'm letting you do it.” Sabrina said with tears in her eyes. She the removed her card sack and threw it into the center of the field; meaning she surrendered. “Sabrina!” I cried, and I ran over to her as she collapsed. “Sabrina, No! Don't do this!”
Sabrina looked like she was dying, but she really wasn't. She was just exhausted, and she was feeling weak now that she was slipping off into the darkness. Before she vanished she gave me back something that was rightful mine, The Millennium Necklace.
She knew that I would be able to beat The Supreme King and set everyone free. That's why she surrendered. “Mykan… I… Love… you!” she peeped before she completely vanished.
“No… No!” I cried. I fell to my knees and shouted up at the skies, “SABRINA---!!!”