Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ The ultimate Shadoe game: Part Three ( Chapter 29 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

While The Spies were still wandering around in the Shadow-Realm, they began to feel something strange-- as if the entire realm had just been attacked or something. “Okay, this is seriously starting to freak me out here.” cried Clover.
Alex never knew the Shadow Realm to ever act like this before, this made Sam wonder if maybe it was a sign that they'd be getting out soon, and they all soon got their answer when they met up with two familiar people.
Sabrina and her father, which could only mean that they lost their duels, but they were well aware of what was going on. The girls were shocked to learn that I was the Supreme King's Commander of the guards all this time, and could only imagine how upset it made me, just the thought of all the horrible things I did under that psycho's control!
“Mykan and Mandy are dueling The Supreme King?” asked Sam.
Sabrina nodded, and explained that it was their final hope. If Mandy and I could beat The King, since he created the Shadow-Realm, then The Shadow realm itself would be destroyed too, and all the innocent souls cast into its void be released.
The girls began to feel slightly relieved to hear that, but still, they heard the stories. No one had ever defeated The Supreme King in all the five-thousand years he existed. Why, those who even dared to challenge him were executed.
Even though the girls knew that I had taken on some pretty tough opponents before, but never anyone as wicked and diabolical as this before. The Supreme King, was after all, the very incarnation of darkness… the one responsible for all the evil and darkness that I, or anyone of us who played the game had suffered.
They all just hoped Mandy and I were okay, well expect for Clover—Since I was dueling alongside Mandy. “We're… toast!”
If she could only see it right now, she'd change her mind. The Supreme King struggled to his feet and adjusting his armor coating. Yet he looked angry enough to burn right through it again. He had lost two of his monsters, and was still wide open for Mandy and I to attack him with our stronger monsters, and with the Mask of Restrict still in play, no monster could be tributed.
“You might want to give it up no while you can, Supreme King.” I snapped at him. “You'll never stand up to the assault team that we've set up against you.”
Mandy rolled her eyes, “Whatever…! Now That I got my Blue Eyes out, I don't even need you anymore Mykan.”
I turned to face her, “Now, Mandy, don't start that again.” but she already did. “Why don't you just lay off Mykan! I got what I need, and I didn't really need all that much of your help. I could've done it myself easily.”
That wasn't true! It was my Card of Destruction that allowed her to get her Blue Eyes out, and my Dark Magician. Yet Mandy was once again insistent on not helping me much. “Mandy, when are you going to realize I need your help to win this duel?”
Mandy didn't care!
That's when The King finally found his edge again. “So… you both still refuse to cooperate.” He hissed. “Heh, heh, heh… excellent!”
SCORE: (King: 5950 VS Mykan: 1200 and Mandy: 2900)
Now that it was his turn, he drew his next card, and he evil grin widened…
King: “I now cast the magic of, THE PILAGER!”(Anime Card only)
(Mandy's cards glows)
Mandy: “Hey! What are you doing…?”
King: “This magic permits me to gaze upon the cards you hold and steal one. …?! Ahh… CARD OF DEMISE. I believe I shall take that card.” (Anime Card only)
Mandy: “Hey…!”
King: “Now I shall use the magic of Card of demise, which shall allow to draw out five cards.”
Mandy: “Yeah? Well don't forget… in five turns you also have to discard your entire hand.”
King: “It matters not to me. Now, to continue, I shall hide these two cards face down, and I shall call forth a creature to defend me. That will do for now.”
Mykan: “My move…!”
Mykan's thoughts: “This doesn't look good. Even with my Dark Magician out, He still as two cards face down. I could be walking right into a trap. I dare not risking an attack, so I'll play it safe for now.”
Mykan: “I'll place one card face-down, and end my turn without attacking.”
Mandy: “Oh, give me a break! You're even wussier than I gave you credit for!”
Mykan: “Mandy…! I'm simply playing it safe. We don't know what he's holding form us.”
Mandy: “Save it! I know perfectly well what he's hiding, and it's that he's cowering fear for what my Blue Eyes is about to do!”
Mykan: “No, Mandy! …Wait!”
Mandy: “Blue Eyes white Dragon! Attack with White Lightning!”
(Atk: 3000) VS GONOGO: (Def: 1600)
Mandy cheered for joy at the fact that her Blue Eyes broke through, but the King was sniggering. What he was sniggered at was when Mandy destroyed Gonogo, she triggered its effect which forced Blue Eyes to be turned face down into defense-mode.
“Hey!!” Mandy snapped.
“You really should have listened to your partner, My Dear.” The King mocked, “Yet even if you hadn't it would make no difference to me.”
Mandy growled and ended her turn with one card face-down. Now it was the King's turn, and he was finally ready to unleash his wrath at us. “Prepare yourselves…” he warned us after he drew his card. “It is rare that I am forced to unleash my hidden powers to enemies.”
Mandy and I gazed at each other in wonder, and right before we could ask, The King showed us by revealing what he believe to be, “The ultimate trap! PYRAMID OF LIGHT!”
The shadowy skies began to swirls and flare with such force as, from out of nowhere, a very loge structure began to form all around us. The light was almost too bright to see. “What… is this?” I wondered out-loud.
Mandy sweat-dropped, “Okay… seriously giving me a meaning to the word, Fe-reaky!”
The King began to explain to us all about this Pyramid…
He was a descendant from a long line of ancient sorcerers with powers unimaginable. Many times his ancestors attempted to conquer the Earth, but never once did they succeed. There was always some interference or a hero coming along to lift their darkness and ruin everything.
Until he came along, and for many years began to conjure up the Shadow Realm to help his sustain his youth so that he would one day discover a power that would ultimately send his enemies crawling into chaos, and leaving nothing to stand in his way.
That's when the it came to him to devise a special force that used light instead of darkness. “It was incredible. All these ages and lifetimes of light shunning the darkness, to have it now be the source of all evil. Hmm, mm, mm…!”
Mandy and I didn't know what to think of this. The fact that light could be used for evil was just the sickest! Still, we didn't even know what else this power did, besides just trap us inside it.
We suddenly got our answer as the King continued his move…
“The two creatures I now call forth first require me to weaken my life force by 500 for each.”
SCORE: (King: 4950 VS Mykan: 1200 and Mandy: 2900)
“Now behold the creatures I bring forth…! ANDRO SPHINX and SPHINX TELEIA!”
(Atk: 3000)
(Atk: 2500)
Such creatures! Such incredible never seen before monsters. Mandy and I couldn't help but gaze in awe. “Yes, gaze into the faces of defeat.” snarled the King. “These creatures have an amazing power, but unfortunately they are not permitted to attack immediately on this turn, but all that can be changed… with the help of this other trap…”
This was bad. It meant now the present turn was skipped right to the next turn, which meant now the two Sphinx's could attack. To make matters worse, if they were to attack a defensive monster, than its control would take damage equal to half the destroyed monster's defense points… and Mandy's Blue Eyes WAS in defense-mode.
“You wouldn't!” snapped Mandy.
“Oh, I shall…” hissed the King. “Andro Sphinx, prepare for battle!”
Mandy gritted her teeth in fear, and I realized I had to do something. If Mandy's Blue Eyes got destroyed, not only would she lose 1500 life-points, but she'd be wide open and would lose the duel on the next attack. I had to do something!
“Attack, NOW!” yelled the King.
Mandy thought this was it, until The Dark Magician stepped in front of her. “What is this?” snapped The King. He had forgotten that Mandy and I we're dueling together, “And that means I can send my monster to take the hit for her.” I said.
Mandy gazed at me half outraged, and half surprised. “What do you think you're doing?!” she snapped.
I was saving Mandy's Blue Eyes, not just with my Dark Magician but with help of a trap. “MAGICAL HATS…!”
Now my Magician was turned face-down, along with two non-monster cards I fetched from me deck. The King realized that he'd have to try and find my mage first. The only problem was even if he did find it, all the cards were treated as monsters with zero attack and defense.
The King attacked using both Sphinxes, but missed my mage completely and I took no damage. This also meant Mandy's Blue Eyes was saved, much to her delight and dismay. She thanked me for saving her monster, “But the next time I ASK for your help… mind your own business!” she snarled. I growled at her for her harsh words, but the King was angrier than I was.
“You might have escaped me this time, but I shall be ready for you both!” he assured us. “For now, I shall hide one card face down, and conclude my turn.”
This duel was grown more and more intense, and both Mandy and I were still not entirely working together. If we didn't start pulling together soon, this duel was as good as over. Somehow I just had to get through to her!
To Be Continued