Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Final Season ❯ We're going home ( Chapter 31 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The cheering and celebrating just didn't seem to want to quell, and who could blame it. The greatest evil that ever threaten the ages was finally vanquished and would never again torment any innocent souls. As for our duel monster game back home, now it would be free too. No more shadows. No more evil.
A great big banquet was held in my, and my friend's honor. We would all truly go down in history… that is… if we were too allow it, which we couldn't. That would most likely stir up a little bit of trouble in the future for altering a bit of the past.
Still… we all just enjoyed ourselves. Mandy people were reunited with their loved ones who were enslaved, or previously sent to the shadows. Including Hajji and his Grandfather, the village elder.
Hajji didn't know where to begin to thank me and my friends. He truly owed more than his life for our heroics. Yet many others wished to please me since I was now completely understood to be the long lost Egyptian Prince, The son of The Pharaoh, and his wife, Shepsit.
Shepsit hugged me very warmly, “Son… we are so very proud and grateful of you.” she said to me. I hugged her back, “Mother…” I peeped softly. I felt so warm and happy to finally be able to say that word.
My Father congratulated me too. “You have done well, Mykan.” He said, “Your courage, and the support of your friends destroyed The Supreme King, and put an end to his evil reign forever. You truly are… The Prince of Egypt.”
I stood there feeling… well… just plain and wonderful. Until the spies crashed into me in a big group hug and pecked my cheeks over and over for saving them, and for finally actually doing it.
Sabrina and her father were glad to see me again too, but the moment was a little interrupted by Mandy's impatience. “Uh… excuse me…!” she grunted. “We did what we came for, can we please GET OUT of here and go home already.”
That's when we all realized that… it was really time. Still, this was all very big for me. I finally met my mother and father, and finally realized who I was. Could I really just leave them and all that I was born to have.
My mother and father knew what my decision had to be, and they understood completely. “Go in peace my son.” said my father. “Your mother and I understand.”
It was true, I was born in Ancient Egypt, but this simply just wasn't my time, and not where I was raised. My place was in the future, with my other family, and my friends. It was where I belonged.
I could already feel my heart starting to break, but what made me happy as the fact that I finally found my roots and my parents, and for that, I would never be lost, alone, or anything else bad again.
“Mother… Father… I--” I tried to continue my sentence but I just couldn't finish, and I didn't have to. My parents hugged me one last time, and thanked me for everything. Then… it was time. With all seven Millennium Items in our possession, we could return home, five-thousand years.
Everyone else was already standing at the edge of the village waiting for me. The Spies went on and on about how cool it would be to finally get home, but I seemed to be taking my time as I couldn't stop at every step I took to gaze back at everyone else, and my parents.
Eventually, I finally reached the group. Sabrina held my hand, “Are you alright, dear?” she asked. I nodded, “I'll be all right. Now, let's go.”
All Seven of us each held up one of the seven items causing them to flash and flare brightly. It was then that we all were surrounded by tornado of gold light, and POOF… we were gone!
We reappeared in our own time; In the castle on the island, at what had to be the exact night that we left, only a few hours before The Supreme King got to us all, Estevan was there on the hall monitor, and he was most happy to see us, as only he, and Jerry, who was also there by tele-com, were practically the only people who knew what happened to us. “Girls… so glad to see you safe and sound.”
“Not as glad as we are, Jer…” cried Alex
Mandy was still confused by all this, “Just who's that old guy…?” she asked, “You girls mind telling me more about this SPY THING you keep rambling on about?”
The girls sweat-dropped, and the hinted for Jerry to-- But Jerry was already one step ahead of them, and then WOOHP! “YEOW…” Mandy fell through the floor where she wa taken to WOOHP to have her memory cleaned, she wouldn't even remember the adventure or the great victory she helped me achieve, which to me was a bit of a shame because were it not for Mandy's help we never would have all triumphed over the evil.
Suddenly a small glow of orange light began to peek through the windows of the castle. The sun was starting to rise, but it was still pretty early in the morning. “Sunrise…” yawned the King, “Time for bed.”
“I'm so up for that.” Clover said, “I need plenty of sleep to keep me pretty.”
“I could use some rest too.” added Sam. “Night all…”
We all kept bidding each other Good night, and then walked off to our own rooms, and went to bed. The trauma's and adventures were now all behind us, and what was more interesting… the Millennium Items had lost half their magic. Now they had no more powers of the shadow real, or evil bits and things like that, but just their gentle, harmless powers…
No more shadows… no more evil… for once… we could all be at rest and live our lives in peace. Especially me, as I lay in my master bed next to my beautiful wife. “Thank you mother, and father…” I said in my thoughts. “It was wonderful to have met you. Even if it was only brief.”
My life, was perfect, and soon to be even more…!