Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Grad Duel: Final Part ( Chapter 35 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

TK and Kari, not even Davis could stop starring at Mandy's new Dragon. They had never seen anything like it before, and this began to strike them, as well as everyone in the crowd just who it was who broke into the factory and stole the new cards that were being made on that night…
Mandy finally admitted that she was indeed guilty. “I only came to this miserable dump heap just to get new cards and become the most powerful duelist known.” she boasted. “And once I crush you losers out of the way in front of all these witnesses… everyone in the world will know it!”
Davis couldn't believe what he was hearing. “Pathetic…!” he snuffed.
Mandy's head twitched, “Excuse me…?” she huffed at her teammate. That's when Davis began to explain why he chose Mandy to be in the match with him as his teammate. “So I can prove to the school just what a real phony you are…!”
“WHAT DID YOU SAY…?” Mandy shouted.
Davis continued to explain that her behaviour was twice as worse than his behaviour ever was; coming to an island just to get stronger without much care in the world. “I may have behaved similar to the way you have, but at least I wasn't all that self centered and as idiotic enough to steal cards.”
Mandy's head throbbed in anger. Teammate or no teammate, at least she now made it clear that she was in this duel for herself and no one else. So she resumed her turn…
(Mandy: 3200/ Davis: 3900)
(TK: 1700/ Kari: 7250)
“I think I'll go ahead and target that miserable excuse of a fairy you got there!” she said to Kari. “Oh and by the way… my Blue Eyes gains an additional 300 attack points for every Dragon monster that's in my graveyard.”
Kari gasped when she realized that Mandy had five dragons in her graveyard, meaning the Shining Dragon gained an extra 1500 attack points just like that.
(Atk: 3000) Becomes (Atk: 4500)
“Blue eyes Shining Dragon… attack that Saturn Agent, now!”
Kari quickly tried to activate her other face-down card, “I activate SAKARETSU ARMOR…! Now I can destroy your Dragon…!”
Mandy sniggered as the forces of the trap encircled around her Dragon, but it wasn't destroyed. “Sorry loser… I didn't mention that my Blue Eyes has another special ability… one that negates the effects of any card that specifically targets it.”
Kari winced as she gasped, and the attack continued…
(Atk: 4500) VS (Atk: 2900)
The force was so strong; Kari got knocked off her feet. “AAH…!”
(Mandy: 3200/ Davis: 3900)
(TK: 1700/ Kari: 5650)
The only other thing that happened was Kari was allowed to place the Sword of Deep Seated back on top of her deck, but she didn't think that would help out as much. Now she was totally defenseless.
At least Mandy's turn was over, but even TK wasn't sure what to do about that Dragon. None of his monsters even came close to that kind of power, and even if he had his Power Bond card… it would be far too risky for him to play it now…
He also kept in mind that after his turn would end; Davis' Future Fusion card would activate and let him summon forth his monster. Which meant both he and Mandy would have super powered cards on the field…
“Look at TK down there…” Sabrina said, “I don't think I've ever seen a more nervous expression in all my dueling experience.”
The spies thought TK's brain was going to blow out; he was thinking and concentrating so hard. As for me, I knew that all TK had to do was believe in himself and in the Heart of the Cards… then nothing would seem all that impossible.
TK drew his card… “Drat… this won't work.” he thought to himself. “I can't use this card on the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon… but maybe…”
TK decided to go for it.
TK: “All right… I place two cards face-down. Now I'll sacrifice my Steamroid… so I can summon this little baby. I summon forth… UFOROID… in defense-mode...”
(Def: 1500)
Davis: “Ah… so it's true… There really is a UFO type Vechriod.”
TK: “There sure is… but for now I'll also turn my Submarineroid to attack-mode.”
(Atk: 800)
“I may not be able to attack the Blue Eyes, but I can attack you Mandy. Go my sub…!”
Mandy: “Mmm…! AAH…! Watch it…!”
(Mandy: 2400/ Davis: 3900)
(TK: 1700/ Kari: 5650)
“If you broke my nails… you're in big trouble mister!”
TK: “Whatever…! I'll end my turn as my Sub switches back to defense-mode.”
(Def: 1800)
Davis: “You may have discovered a weakness in Mandy's strategy, TK…”
Mandy: 0 (2 turns)
“Heh…! But don't think that means that I'm as vulnerable. Now that it's been two turns… my Future Fusion activates. So I can summon forth, SUPER VECHROID JUMBO DRILL…!”
(Atk: 3000)
TK: “Oh! I was afraid of this…”
Davis: “Really…? Well then you'll really be freaked out when I activate this trap card, go CASTLE WALLS…!”
TK: “What? No…!”
From in the box the spies all gasped as TK's Submarineroid suddenly became 500 defense-points weaker…
(Def: 1800) Becomes (Def: 1300)
“Hey… wait a sec…” Clover asked, “Doesn't that Machine have a special ability that takes life points even if the monster's in defense-mode.”
I nodded my head, “It sure does Clover.” I said to her.
This meant that if TK's Submarine got hit… TK's Life points would be completely wiped out! “He's going to lose the match!” cried Sam.
Davis: “This is the end of You TK! Jumbo Drill, attack his Submarineroid!”
(Atk: 3000) VS (Def: 1300)
TK: “No you don't Davis… I activate my face down card… ATTACK GUIDANCE ARMOR…!”(Anime Card only)
Kari: “Huh…?”
Davis: “What…?”
Mandy: “Hey, Copy-Cat! Since when did you get a card that only I have?”
TK: “You're not the only one who has it Mandy…! You could say that from a certain someone, I learned that trying new cards can actually be a good things.”
Davis: “Hmm… I see.”
TK: “That's right… and I should thank you Davis, because now you've allowed me to do a whole lot more. So I'll use my trap's power and make you destroy my UFOroid instead…”
(Atk: 3000) VS (Def: 1500)
(Mandy: 2400/ Davis: 3900)
(TK: 200/ Kari: 5650)
“And when it's destroyed, its special ability activates, allowing me to summon forth a Vechroid machine with 1500 attack points or less. So now I'll call forth… EXPRESSROID…!”
(Def: 1600)
“And when it's summoned I can add two Vechroid machines from my Graveyard to my hand. So I'll take back my UFO… and my Steamroid…!”
Davis never knew TK could ever be such a risk taker, especially seeing as he nearly lost all his point anyway with that last attack. So he graciously decided to end his turn with a card face-down.
Now it was Kari's turn… and she really needed to make this work. “Okay… relax…” she peeped softly as she reached to draw another card from her deck that was nearing empty. Ever so slowly… she picked-up a card…
Finally, she compared the cards in her hand with what she had drawn. “Hmm… Oh…! Heh…!” she grinned. “I think I just may have found something that can help us…” she said to TK.
Mandy and Davis didn't believe her, but Kari intended to prove them wrong…
Kari: “I'll start by playing MOSTER REBORN that I got back a few turns ago. Now I choose to revive… my AGENT OF CREATION- VENUS…!”
(Atk: 1600)
Mandy: “That's it…? That's your big weapon…?” (Trademark snigger)“Don't make me laugh-- Oh wait… you just did.”
Kari: “Laugh all you like… I'm not done yet!”
Mandy: “Huh…?”
Kari: “Now I activate Venus' special ability, by paying 500 life points I can summon forth one MYSTICAL SHINE BALL… and I think I'll summon three.”
(Mandy: 2400/ Davis: 3900)
(TK: 200/ Kari: 4150)
(Def: 500) x 3
“Now… I think I'll sacrifice all three of them, so I can summon forth an extra special Fairy…”
Her three shine-balls disappeared, and then a cloud of mist appeared in the center of where they once were. Sam recognized what Kari was summoning as she watched from the box, “No way… she had that in her hand…?” she asked with excitement.
The others gazed down, and their smiles began to show too.
Kari: “I summon… MOISTURE CREATURE…!”
(Atk: 2800)
Davis: “AAH… Oh no! Not the Moisture Creature!”
Mandy: “What…? What's going on now?”
All the spells and traps on Davis and Mandy's fields were beginning to vanish. That's what Kari's monster ability was. By sacrificing three monsters to summon it, Moisture Creature destroyed all spells and traps on the opponents field.
Not only did this mean that Mandy's Deck Destruction Virus was no longer a threat, but Davis' Future Fusion was destroyed, which also meant that his Jumbo drill would also be gone…
“No…!” Davis shouted, “I won't let this happen, so I activate DE-FUSION!” and he split up his monsters just in time, but that's when TK began to smile. Davis was confused, but Kari got the idea she knew what was going to happen now.
But before she ended her turn, she equipped her SWORD OF DEEP-SEATED onto Venus, and destroyed Davis's Steamroid and Submarineroid; leaving him with only one monster left to defend him.
“Hah…! I'll tell what's going to happen now…!” Mandy snapped. “I'm going to get the both of you out of this match, that's what?” She drew her card and liked what she saw, but before she had a chance to play it…
“Hold it right there…!” TK snarled at her. “Activate trap…! PYRO CLOCK OF DESTINY…!”
All three of the others gazed in wonder. Not only had TK played another Card that normally he never had before, but they all wondered why he played the Pyro Clock…? TK was glad to explain why he played it…
“This skips the turn to one turn ahead…” he said, “Which means… that it's been five turns since Card of Demise was played.”
Mandy yelped, and realizing that mean she had to discard her entire hand to the graveyard leaving herself without anything to play. She was really steamed! “I'll get you for that!” she sneered and I'll start by hurting your little friend over there…! Blue Eyes Shining Dragon… attack Moisture Creature!”
(Atk: 4500) VS (2800)
(Mandy: 2400/ Davis: 3900)
(TK: 200/ Kari: 2450)
Kari however barley seemed phased and was still smiling cheekily. Mandy couldn't understand why, but she had to end her turn, but she promised them both, “Just you two wait… on my next turn, me and my Blue Eyes are going to knock you two losers back to the previous semester.”
But after TK drew his card…
“No you won't Mandy…” he said to her, “This match is over…!”
“What…?” Davis asked.
“You lie…!” roared Mandy.
But TK assured them he was telling the truth. “Thanks to help of Kari and the lessons the both of you have thought me this year, I'm about to wipe out you both.”
“I'll begin by playing POWER BOND…!” and he re-fused his monsters again to form his “SUPER VECHROID JUMBO DRILL…!And it's attack is instantly doubled…!”
(Atk: 3000) Becomes (Atk: 6000)
Davis and Mandy sweat-dropped, and finally TK had one last card to play, “I activate the Equip spell… SWORDS OF FLASHINGLIGHT-TRYCE…!”
(Atk: 6000) Becomes (Atk: 5500)
“You're both finished… because this card lets me attack twice in one turn as long as I discard one card in my hand!”
Davis clenched his fists when he realized it was officially over. There was nothing more he could do, but Mandy didn't think she was out just yet. “Hah… you may destroy my Blue Eyes if you want to… but I won't be knocked out… so you haven't won anything.”
TK laughed. “Who said I'm attacking your Dragon?” he asked. Mandy raised an eyebrow but suddenly she gasped when she saw that her Dark Clown was still on the field. “Wait… No!” she screamed.
TK nodded, “You're Dragon might be unstoppable Mandy… but you're not!” he said to her. “Now it ends here. Jumbo Drill… Destroy the Dark Clown, and Davis' Drillroid…!”
(Atk: 5500) VS (Def: 1200)
(Atk: 55000) VS (Def: 1600)
Mandy couldn't believe it… “NOOOOOOOOOO…!”
(Mandy: “0000”/ Davis: “0000”)
(TK: 200/ Kari: 2450)
Kari and TK cheered for joy. “WE WON…! WE WON…!”
The crowds went wild, and so did the spies. “They did it!” Clover cried for the umpteenth time. “They finally did it!”
Alex wiped a tear form her eye, “Ooh… I've never been so happy before.”
Sabrina, the King, Estevan, and I all nodded at each other, and down below on the stands. Davis was still smiling. “Well guys…” he said to TK and Kari, “I got to admit… that was the greatest match I've had all year.” Then he reached up to his face, “I take my shades off to the both of you.”
Kari and TK smiled at him, but as for Mandy… she just fainted in shame.