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Chapter 5 Deadly Encounters
Abel woke from his toasty slumber abruptly. He had `that' dream again. The dream of when Esther first saw his crusnik form. “She was so afraid of me. She called out numerous times, `Monster!' and `Stay back!'.” He remembered her tearstain face and the fright that overwhelmed her causing her to faint. He looked over at the bundled up Esther on the bed next to him. “Esther, I'm not a `monster' anymore like I was. After I met you I made a vow to change my ways. If I would meet a dangerous vampire again, I wouldn't suck their blood. I'll just kill him. But that night I had to drink Ion's blood. Only to protect you Esther! Esther....” Suddenly his crusnik senses kicked in warning him of danger. He left the room after he placed his blanket on Esther to give more warmth.
Esther woke up sleepily after she heard the door shut. She looked at the extra blanket and then she looked at Abel's bed. He was gone. She shot up and yelled quietly, “Abel!” She got out of bed swiftly, slipped her shoes on, and ran to the door. For some reason, she knew something was wrong. She raced down the walkway to the main deck.
Abel, who was already on the main deck, looked around carefully. He was searching for something. Suddenly he saw Caspian and Jasmine at the end of deck by the nose of the ship. He started to walk over to them when they suddenly turn around to him.
Both Jasmine and Caspian were startled. They felt relieved to see Abel and sighed. “Boy, mate, you gave us quite a scare. We thought that you were a Methuselah.”
“That's odd.” Abel thought. “Usually humans call `Methuselah' vampires.”
“How's your wife?” Jasmine asked and that's when Abel noticed something strange about Jasmine's mouth. She had fangs. Methuselah's fangs. Abel looked at Caspian as well. He had them too. Abel gasped, “Wait a second, you guys are Methuselah!”
“Honey, it seems that the Terran figured us out.” Jasmine said as she tugged at her husband's arm. “It seems that he did. Oh well, I have been craving for some blood anyway.” Caspian said as he leaped at Abel. Abel retreated backwards toward the door that leaded to the lower deck. (That wasn't smart Abel.)
Esther opened the door quickly and saw Caspian flying toward Abel and him retreating. “Damn! Esther, get back inside!” He yelled over his shoulder. She went to close the door but it was too late. Jasmine grabbed Esther and brought her to the nose of the boat. “Looks like the little missy here came out to join the feast!” Jasmine said as she examined her face and neck. Esther swarmed and kicked but the Methuselah's grip was too strong for her to break out of. She screamed as Jasmine lowered her mouth to her neck. She extended her fangs out and went to bite Esther.
“Esther!” Abel cried with a scratchy voice and suddenly Jasmine was thrown off of her. Esther looked at Abel with a bit of fright. He had transformed into a crusnik. She managed to calm down after thinking that Abel was somewhere deep instead that monster.
The door to the lower deck was opened once more as Ion and Father Tres rushed out. “Esther! Abel!” Ion yelled. “Are you all right?” He rushed to Esther's side. She nodded and he sighed a sigh of relief.
“Damage report, Father Nightroad.” Father Tres said while loading a gun. He transformed back into his human self. “I'm all right.”
“Looks like we have even more prey. My, my, Master Cain will be pleased this.” Caspian said to his wife. Everyone looked at him with a gasp, “Cain?”
With that name, Cain, Abel transformed back into a crusnik. He flew towards them with a powerful leap and his scythe in his hand. Swoosh! He swung his scythe but the two Methuselah dodge it. “I see you're not human as well.” Jasmine chuckled. “What are you? A monster?” Caspian mocked. Abel looked at them irritatingly.
“No! Abel's not a monster! He's angel!” Esther thought to herself. She wanted to yell out her thoughts but she decided to hold back her tongue. She didn't want to cause more trouble.
Meanwhile, Father Tres began to fire at them. They turned to him and flew toward him. “Hasty fool! We'll dink your blood too!” Caspian yelled and grabbed his arm. Jasmine leaped for his neck. Father Tres tried to shot at her but in was futile. Instead of shooting her he shot a barrel of oil and a fuse box. Oil poured out all over the floor next to the fuse box. Sparks flew this way and that out of the box causing the broken barrel to catch on fire.
The fire spread from the barrel to the oil and soon the ship was into flames. Machine parts began to blow up left and right. “Cursed Terrans!” Caspian yelled and let go of Father Tres. He then kicked the Methuselah and set him flying back a bit.
“Father Tres! Ion! Get Esther off the ship!” Abel yelled in his deep, scratchy voice. Ion nodded and spoke to Esther, “On the count of three we're going to jump, all right?” She nodded and climbed the railing, while she held on to Ion waist for support. “One, two, three!” Ion yelled and they jumped into the semi-freezing sea. They sank a bit and then broke through the water's surface for air. Father Tres followed after. (A/N He's an aroid but his like waterproof or something…)
“There goes our prey!” Caspian complained. “Oh well. We can have a good fight with this monster.” He said and turned to Abel.
Abel stood in the port area as flames surrounded the area. “Nanomachine: Crusnik 02, power input 80 percent acknowledged.” His old, black wings spread out across his back, shielding him from the flames.
The two Methuselah charged at him and when they got close enough, he sliced both of them in haft with two swings of his scythe. Their body, or what's left of them, flew into the flames. With the last of his breath Caspian called out, “Wha-what kind of a being are you?”
“A Crusnik; a vampire who feds on the blood of other vampires. But I'll spare you of drinking your blood. Rest in peace.” Abel said and flew towards the bow of the ship and from there the sea.
Esther, Ion, and Father Tres watch the ship as it started to sink down into the depths of the sea. Esther looked at the ship devastated and said, “Father Tres? Ion? Where's Father Nightroad?”
Ion shook his head; he had no idea where Abel was. Father Tres just said, “Negative, Queen Esther. I cannot detect any known sources of Father Nightroad.” Tears formed in Esther's eyes and se shook her head. “N-No! That can't be! Father Nightroad…” She started to swim back to sinking ship. “ABEL!!!” She screamed and then Ion grabbed Esther's wrist and pulled her back. “Esther's that's too dangerous.”
“Dangerous?” She squeaked in between sobs. “No, I must go and find him Ion! I must save him! He saved me so many times! Now I have to save him! Father Nightroad… Abel!!!” She screamed and began to turn back to the sinking ship. Then somebody said, “Yes, Esther?” She looked and saw Abel, who was cleaning out his ear with a finger because in was now ringing for Esther screaming in his ear, treading water.
“Abel!” She gasped. “Thank goodness!”
“Father Nightroad, Ion, Queen Esther we must get to shore.” Father Tres said breaking the reunion. “Yes, we should. We don't want anybody dying of hypothermia!” Abel joked.
“Abel, don't joke about that.” She reprimanded him like she was his mother. They started to swim to the shore. They were about 50 miles from shore, when Esther became very tired. Abel offered to give her a ride and she willingly accepted it. Her wet body and drenched clothes clung to his soaked back and jacket. Being a crusnik he had no problem in swimming and carrying her. Ion and Father Tres had no problem in swimming far distances either.
Soon all four of them reached a dock in Nordrvegr. They climbed up onto the wooden dock and looked out over the ocean. It was still dark out. Esther sneezed and shivered from the cold.
Suddenly a man, who had a flashlight in his hand and wore black trousers, a silk, white button-down shirt, and a grey-black vest, walked down the dock. The quartet was about to jump off the dock and backing the water to hide when the man called out, “Abel? Abel Nightroad, is that you?” He shined the flashlight onto their faces.
Busted! Or are they safe? You're gonna have to wait for the next chap. to find out! Ja-ne!