Trinity Blood Fan Fiction ❯ Trinity Blood the Movie ❯ Scene 6- Arrival in Nordvegr ( Chapter 6 )

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“Abel? Abel Nightroad? Is that you?” The man called out and shined a flashlight onto their faces.
Chapter 6 Arrival in Nordrvegr
Abel put his arm over his forehand to block the sudden wave of light and squinted to see the man better. He approached them quickly and soon Abel recognized the man's face. “Jacques? Is that that you?” He said and walked up to the man. “Well, look here it is you, Jacques!”
“Abel! It's so good to see you again! Ion, how have you been doing my boy?” He said with a light wave of his hand toward him. “Hello, Jacques. I've been just fine.” Ion replied.
“What are you going here?” Abel asked shortly after Ion's comment. “After you left Francia to go see someone in Albion, Pierre and I came here to Nordrvegr and opened a inn.” He explained. “Come, you and your friends look tired, you can rest up at the inn. Did you guys swim here?”
“Well, sort of.” Abel laughed. Jacques laughed with him and began to walk down the dock again to the street.
They followed him to a near by inn. It was a cozy three-story, brick red house with a big sign on the front written in some foreign langue. Jacque opened the door and the soft tingling of the entering bell attached to the door was heard.
He let all of them coming inside to the warm house. When they entered, the place looked like it was a restaurant or a café. There were small tables with 3-4 chairs scattered around the room, a bar-like area was in the left side of the room where a man slept with his head buried into his arms behind the counter, a big fireplace with a nice toasty-warm fire, a coffee table next to it and a few couches, and a stair case was in the left corner next to the bar-like area. The place smelled like tea herbs and fresh baked bread.
“Such a wonderful aroma!” Esther thought when she entered into the room.
Jacques walked over to the sleeping man and abruptly awoke him. “Pierre, you fool, quit sleeping! We've got guess.”
Pierre looked up, sleepy-eyed. His pale blonde hair, which was pulled back into a small queue, was rather messy and some of his lose bangs fell into his face and eyes. When he rubbed the tiredness away from his eyes and saw his guess he stood up. He came out from behind the counter and exclaimed, “Abel! Well, I'll be! It's you! Oh look here, Ion is here too! How have you been? It must be troublesome to look after Abel day in and out.”
“Well I'm not that bad, am I?' Abel asked in a sulking manor.
Pierre just ignored him and took notice to the girl next to Ion. “Well, well! What a beauty! What is your name my dear lady?” He said and took her hand gracefully and kissed it as he bowed slightly.
Abel came behind Esther and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Esther jumped slightly but then relaxed when Abel said, “Pierre, Jacques, this is my `wife' Esther.”
“Whoo! Abel so that's why you went to Albion! To get married to your girlfriend.” Jacques yelled and clapped a bit. Pierre sulked at first and muttered, “Another beauty that I cannot woo.” He then smiled at Abel, “Congratulations.”
Abel put on a fake smile and thought, “Good. They are going along with our plan.” He then bent down and whispered into Esther's ear. “Esther, be careful around Pierre. He's…well…how should I put this…he's a womanizer.” His breath tickled her ear. She felt that she had died and gone to heaven. But then, when she heard that Pierre was a womanizer her dreams crashed and she blushed. “I...I see.” She gasped.
“Well, Esther, you must be freezing, no? You should go upsides and take a shower first.” Pierre said and gestured with his hand to the staircase. “I'll show you the way.”
She was hesitant at first and looked at Abel. He nodded her a small nod signifying that it was all right. She followed Pierre up the stairs and down the hallway. He came to a stop at the last door on his left, opened it up, and went inside. Esther followed him inside to a small bathroom equipped with a toilet, a flat shower, and a sink with a counter top, a mirror cabinet over the sink, a towel rack, and a small closet.
“There's towels on the rack and a change of clothes are inside the closet. Soap and shampoo is on the small rack inside the shower.” Pierre said and showed her where they were. Before he left and shut the door he said, “If there's anything you need just yell and one of us will come.” She nodded and he shut the door.
She undressed herself from her cold wet clothes and hung them on a hook on the back of the door. She turned the shower on and waited for some warm water. When it was finally warm enough for her, she went underneath the waterfall of water. “This is nice.” She whispered to herself and began to wash herself.
She was soon done washing herself and turned the shower off. She climbed out and wrapped herself in a white, fluffy towel. Suddenly she saw a long, brown fur ball race pass her feet. “R-R-Raaaaattttttttt!!!!!” She screamed.
The men down stairs heard her scream and raced upstairs to her. Abel was the first to open the door and was startled to see Esther, with nothing on but a towel on, sitting on the counter of the sink. She jumped into his arms and cried, “Abel!! There's a rat!! A big, brown, furry rat!”
Jacques and Pierre made there way into the bathroom. “Rat you say?” Jacques, who was calm as ever, asked. “Yes,” she replied, “Abel, kill it! Kill it now!”
“No!” Pierre said picking up the brown `rat' that was hiding behind the toilet. “Coffeé (c-aw-fé ) , isn't a rat. She's a ferret.”
“A ferret?” Esther repeated and let go of Abel, who was still blushing from the fact that Esther had only a towel on and then she hugged him. Pierre held up the Coffeé to Esther's face. The ferret twitched her nose and smelled Esther. Esther backed up, frightened.
“Don't worry, Esther. It's only way of saying, “hello”. He said and pulled the ferret back.
“Um…Pierre shouldn't we let Esther finish her shower?” Abel, whose cheeks were still red, spoke up.
“Oh, Abel, you're absolutely right. Come on, Pierre.” Jacques said and pulled his friend out of the bathroom. “Continue your shower, Mrs. Nightroad.” He said and closed the door.
Esther nodded and blushed from the fact that he called her “Mrs. Nightroad”. “Man, this is all Lady Catherine's fault! She just had to make Abel and I married! Why couldn't just make us siblings!” She thought as she looked into the mirror.
Soon Esther finished clearing herself up and joined the others down stairs. To her surprise, Father Abel, Father Tres, and Ion had already changed into other clothes. She strode down the stairs in a pair of male's black pants and a male's navy blue, wool sweater.
“Oh, `Madam' Esther! You look very nice. Are you feeling all right now?” Ion said and he smiled.
“Oh, yes, much better, thank you.” Ester said and walked down to the coffee table where everybody sat by the fire on the couches and chairs. “Jacques, I hung my clothes on the porch in the room next door to the bathroom. I hope that all right?” She said and pointed up stairs.
“Yes, that's fine!” He exclaimed and clapped his hands once.
She looked at the coffee table and saw handless, cinnamon-brown colored mugs filled with hot chocolate and tea. There was one that was filled to the brim with sugar and she sighed as she thought, “I take it that one is Abel's.”
“Esther, would you like a hot drink?” Abel asked as he saw her eyeing his tea with thirteen spoonfuls of sugar. (A/N: Yeah when I was writing this I felt that I needed to try drinking tea with 13 spoonfuls of sugar, so I did. But I could only put 11 in because my dad starting yelling at me. Oh well it was good! It could use more though…) Esther hesitated a second and then said, “Yes, please. I'll have a tea with two spoonfuls of sugar and a bit of milk.”
Jacques looked at Pierre, who was drinking his hot chocolate, and elbowed him in his side. He choked a bit on his hot chocolate and gasped, “Hot!” Then he set his cup down and got up to make Esther her tea.
Esther took her seat in the middle of Abel and Ion on the couch. She sighed and leaned back against the couch.
“So Abel,” Jacques started, “what are you doing here in Nordvegr?”
Abel, who was drinking his sugar—err tea, choked on it. He dropped his mug and leaned over his stomach to cough. “Abel!” Ion and Esther yelled and stood up. Esther came closer to him and patted his back.
“I'm…fine! Real…really! I...just…breathed in…some sugar. That's…that's all!” He said in between coughs as tears nipped the corner of his eyes. After his coughing fit was over he sat back down with a big sigh. Esther looked down at the broken mug and spilled sugar and tea; she sighed, “Abel, look at the mess you made.” She bent down and began to pick up the pieces of the mug.
Pierre came over with a wet rag and handed it to her. She took it and then he left to check on the kettle with the hot water for her tea. She put the big pieces on the coffee table and began to pick up the smaller ones. Then a fragment pricked her. She flinched back in pain as blood slowly bubbled out of it. She stuck her finger inside her mouth and began to suck on it to stop the blood.
Abel noticed her as she sucked her finger and smelled the blood. He bent over and took a gentle hold on her hand signaling to remove her finger out of her mouth. She removed it and he said, “Jacques, do you have a small bandage? It seems Esther cut herself.” Jacques nodded and got up to search for it.
“It's okay, Abel. It's nothing really.” Esther said in her defense. “Nonsense, you can't leave it to get infected, now can you?” He told her with his kind, childish smile. Ion got up and finished cleaning up the mess for them.
Esther blushed as he held her wrist. Blood began to drip down her finger. He lifted it up and stuck in to his mouth to clean up the blood. She blushed even redder as he sucked on it.
Soon Jacques came back with a white bandage, and handed it to Abel. Abel re took Esther's finger out of his mouth and rapped the bandage around her cut finger. When it was all done, he let her hand drop, and he smiled back down at her with his childish smile of his.
Esther pulled her hand back, and Pierre came back into the room with two mugs, one filled up to the brim with sugar and tea and the other was just a normal tea.