Tsubasa Chronicle Fan Fiction ❯ Forgotten Cherry Blossoms ❯ The Forgotten Cherry Blossom ( One-Shot )

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Forgotten Cherry Blossoms

An empty space rests in my soul
Hidden by an unknown veil
My mind so weak and frail
Binds itself with no control

Pain relieves each passing Spring
Yet still I remain in cold and dark
When you reappear in my lonely heart
I wish to hear the lovebirds sing

Each cherry blossom a memory
Petal by petal riding the wind of time
As the morning church bells begin to chime
I withdraw a feeling of serenity

Soon the forgotten cherry blossoms wilt
Memory by memory fading away
Nothing more would I ever say
As the feeling of balance begins to tilt

A small bird's feather rests in my hand
That which you soon place yours upon
Nothing in life seems right or wrong
As long as I am where you stand

You being always the one I miss
Helping me sprout my long-awaited wings
The lovebird of my dream sings
As I seal the loneliness of we with a kiss.